3 Photo Editing Software for Photographers


Thanks to Photoshop! Photo retouching or enhancing isn’t that much hard now as it used to be.

Manipulating an image has become very easy and less time-consuming because of some very useful tools in Photoshop. The clone stamp, healing tool, and patch tool can help you deal with any sort of photo that needs to be retouched, effortlessly.

Retouching or restoring process of a photo using Photoshop is a phenomenon that is never-ending. No matter how much you learn about it, the lesson won’t end. As there are infinite things you can do using these simple Photoshop tools.

I’ll keep this as short as possible. So, you don’t get bored reading this article. I also assure you that these tips will help you understand clearly the basic uses of the tools for Photo retouching.

So just open your PC’s Photoshop, open an image, crack your knuckles, scroll the page and Follow my instructions! Here is step by step guideline how to use top 3 photo editing software.

Tool 1

The Clone Stamp:

This tool goes perfect with its name. Clone stamp! It actually clones the object you want to, from the image. To use it you just have to select a source point (the object you are planning to clone) and clone it on the place you want to.


To select the source point, use the ALT+ right mouse button on the source. Then use the right mouse button on the position you want to clone the object. Your object will be cloned, eventually.



Tool 2

Spot Healing Tool: This tool is perfect for the model photographers, who get into mess with skin issues of their models. They want to heal or fix the small acnes and black spots on the skins of the model. By using this tool, they can solve the issue very easily.

To do so, select the healing tool from the left bar in Photoshop. Then select the Healing tool from there and after it Right click on the black spots of the photo. This tool will heal that spot, mixing it with the actual skin tone. You can also increase or decrease the Diameter of the healer as well as the density of it for better use.




You can see that the small acnes and black spots have been healed from the skin. This is what the Spot Healing tool does.

Tool 3

Patch Tool: This tool is magic! I mean you can literally copy an object from the photo and then place it anywhere on it. It will simply place that copied file so smoothly that, recognizing the copied file will be tough. You will think that it is the actual photo.

To do so, choose the patch tool from the Left Bar and draw a path around the object on the photo you want to copy. Then hold that selected object and drag it to the position you want to place it. You object will be placed easily and it will get mixed with the background very smoothly.





While moving the object choose the Destination option from the upper bar. It will help you move the file without removing the background.


See, the object has been perfectly mixed with the background.

So, these are the three tools you need to master in order to retouch your photos attractively with accuracy. Remember, Practice makes a man perfect.

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