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The Importance of Photo Editing: How to Make Your Photos Look Amazing

The Importance of Photo Editing: How to Make Your Photos Look Amazing

Editing your photos is one of the most important things you can do to improve the quality of your images. It can be the difference between a good photo and an amazing one. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips on how to make your photos look their best. We’ll also cover some basic photo editing techniques that everyone should know. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced editor, read on for some helpful tips!

How important is photo editing?

Photo editing is essential if you want your photos to look their best. With today’s technology, anyone can take great photo. But if you want your photos to stand out, you need to edit them.

Photo editing can be as simple as cropping a picture or adjusting the brightness. Or it can be more complex, like removing objects from the background or changing the color of someone’s shirt. No matter how simple or complex your editing needs are, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  • First, don’t be afraid to experiment. There are no rules when it comes to photo editing. So try different things and see what works best for your photos.
  • Second, take your time. Photo editing can be time-consuming, but it’s worth the effort. If you rush through the process, you’re more likely to make mistakes.
  • Third, have fun! Editing photos should be enjoyable, so don’t get too stressed out about it. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to photo editing.
  • Fourth to Remove the Background and clear image,e use the eraser tool.
  • Fifth resizing and Cropping images to perfect shape and size is also important.
  • Sixth use different filters to make your images more beautiful.
  • Seventh focus on one thing at a time.
  • Eighth To Retouch up image and perfect it, Use software like Photoshop and Lightroom.
  • Ninth Save your images in the highest quality possible so you can print them later if you want.
  • Tenth Correct the color of an image by using different color correction tools.
  • Eleventh Creating Realistic Shadows can be created by using the burn tool.
  • Twelfth Be Unique and have fun with your photos!
  • These are just a few tips to help you get started with photo editing. If you’re new to the process, start with some basic edits and then experiment with more advanced techniques. And don’t forget to have fun! With a little practice, you’ll be creating amazing photos in no time.


So there you have it! These are just a few tips to help you get started with photo editing. If you’re new to the process, start with some basic edits and then experiment with more advanced techniques. And don’t forget to have fun! With a little practice, you’ll be creating amazing photos in no time. Thanks for reading

Difference between editorial and commercial photography

Difference between editorial and commercial photography

Commercial and editorial photography is two of the most popular photography genres. However, many people have misconceptions about these two types of photography.

Commercial photography is a type of photography that is mainly used for commercial purposes, such as advertisements, product catalogs, and corporate brochures. On the other hand, editorial photography is a type of photography that is mainly used for editorial purposes, such as in newspapers, magazines, and books.

There are some core differences between these two photography types. From this article we will try to figure out the definition, uses, needs, and types of commercial and editorial photography. Let’s get into the business and dive into detail.

The main difference between commercial and editorial photography

  1. Commercial photography is used to promote or sell a product, service, or brand, while editorial photography is used to tell a story or provide information.
  2. Both commercial and editorial photography have their own set of requirements and standards. For commercial photography, the focus is usually on creating visually appealing and eye-catching images that can help sell a product or service. For editorial photography, the focus is often on creating journalistic images that can tell a story or provide information.
  3. There are many different types of commercial photography, such as product photography, food photography, fashion photography, and architectural photography. There are also many different types of editorial photography, such as news photography, sports photography, and feature photography.
  4. Commercial photography is typically more regulated and controlled than editorial photography. This is because commercial photography is often used to sell products or services, while editorial photography is typically used to provide information or tell a story. Commercial photography also often requires the use of specific types of equipment, such as studio lights and props, while editorial photography typically does not.
  5. Commercial photography is usually done on assignment, which means that a client hires a photographer to take pictures of something specific. Editorial photography is often done on spec, which means that photographers take pictures of whatever they think will be interesting and then try to sell them to publications.
  6. Both commercial and editorial photography can be done using a variety of different cameras, from point-and-shoot cameras to DSLRs.
  7. Commercial photography is usually more expensive than editorial photography. This is because commercial photography often requires the use of specific types of equipment, such as studio lights and props, while editorial photography typically does not.
  8. Commercial photography also often requires the photographer to have liability insurance, while editorial photography typically does not.

If you are thinking about becoming a photographer, you may be wondering if you should specialize in commercial photography or editorial photography. Both types of photography have their benefits and drawbacks. Ultimately, the decision of which type of photography to specialize in is up to you. Consider your interests, skills, and goals when making your decision.

Why do we need commercial photography?

  • Commercial photography has numerous uses for which we need commercial photography desperately. Some of the most important uses are listed below.
  • Printing and digital media advertising. Perhaps this is the most common use of commercial photography.
  • When we want to promote our products and services we need commercial photography to execute promotional and marketing activities properly.
  • People who work in a corporate office need commercial photos. They have to make a presentation using this type of photo.
  • Commercial photos are used in brochures as well. To make a brochure more appealing and practical commercial photos work well.
  • If you have a commercial website, then you must need this. To update your products, display the best products, you need commercial photos.
  • Products that we buy have packaging. That contains little pictures on the surface. That picture is also a commercial photo.
  • The use of commercial photos stretches to the film and television industry as well. The photos of models, products are examples of this.
  • Books and book covers are also ordained with commercial photos.

Why we need commercial purpose behind editorial images?

  • Though there is no commercial purpose behind editorial images, they also have multiple uses. That’s why we need this type of photo as well. Here are some of the most important uses of editorial photography.
  • Mostly newspaper and magazine write-ups need this type of photo to assist the written document by displaying a relevant and true picture of it.
  • In the editorial features of any magazine or newspaper, the editor will need editorial photos.
  • Blogs or websites need editorial photographs for reference purposes.
  • News broadcasts show what is happening in real-life through the use of editorial photos.
  • Documentaries also use a lot of editorial pictures
  • Textbooks are full of editorial pictures to support the context of the lesson so that the reader finds it easy to understand.
  • Essays and journals have a dire need to collect lots of editorial pictures.


What is the difference between commercial and editorial photography?

Commercial photography is a type of photography that is mainly used for commercial purposes, such as advertisements, product catalogs, and corporate brochures. On the other hand, editorial photography is a type of photography that is mainly used for editorial purposes, such as in newspapers, magazines, and books.

The main difference between commercial and editorial photography is that commercial photography is used to promote or sell a product, service, or brand, while editorial photography is used to tell a story or provide information.

What are the different types of commercial photography?

There are many different types of commercial photography, such as product photography, food photography, fashion photography, and architectural photography.

What are the different types of editorial photography?

There are many different types of editorial photography, such as news photography, sports photography, and feature photography.

Is commercial photography more expensive than editorial photography?

Commercial photography is usually more expensive than editorial photography. This is because commercial photography often requires the use of specific types of equipment, such as studio lights and props, while editorial photography typically does not. Commercial photography also often requires the photographer to have liability insurance, while editorial photography typically does not.

Should I specialize in commercial photography or editorial photography?

The decision of whether to specialize in commercial photography or editorial photography is up to you. Consider your interests, skills, and goals when making your decision.

What is the difference between commercial and editorial in Shutterstock?

Shutterstock is a company that provides two main types of stock photos: commercial and editorial. Commercial photos are those taken with the intent to sell, while editorial photos are those taken for newsworthy or artistic purposes.

Shutterstock provides both commercial and editorial photos to its customers. However, there are some important differences between the two types of photos.

Commercial photos are typically taken to sell to businesses or individuals for use in advertisements, brochures, websites, etc. These photos are often staged, and the subjects are usually posed and smiling. In contrast, editorial photos are typically taken for newsworthy or artistic purposes. They may be candid shots of people in natural settings, or they may document a news event. Editorial photos are not typically staged or posed, and the subjects may not be smiling.

While Shutterstock provides both commercial and editorial photos, it’s important to know the difference between the two types before purchasing any stock photos. Otherwise, you might end up with photos that aren’t quite what you were expecting!

What does commercial photography include?

Commercial photography generally refers to a type of photography that is done to promote or sell a product or service. This can include products, services, properties, people, or even ideas. Commercial photography is often used in advertising and marketing campaigns, as well as in other forms of media.

Some common types of commercial photography include:

Product photography: Product photography is used to showcase a product, usually in an advertisement or catalog. The focus is on making the product look appealing and inviting to potential customers.

Food photography: Food photography typically focuses on making the food look appetizing and mouthwatering. It can be used in cookbooks, advertisements, and menus.

Architectural photography: Architectural photography showcases the features and design of a building or structure. It is often used in real estate listings, brochures, and website galleries.

Event photography: Event photography captures the highlights of an event, such as a wedding, concert, or festival. These photos are often used in photo albums, scrapbooks, and social media posts.

Portrait photography: Portrait photography is all about capturing the personality and mood of the subject. It can be used for family photos, headshots, and more.

Landscape photography: Landscape photography captures the beauty of the natural world, from mountains and forests to beaches and sunsets. These photos can be used in travel brochures, websites, and wall art.

What does editorial photography include?

Editorial photography covers a wide range of topics, from politics and current affairs to fashion and lifestyle. As a result, editorial photographers must be able to adapt their style and approach to suit the particular needs of each assignment.

Some of the most common types of editorial photography include:

Portraits: These can be either formal or informal portraits of people involved in the story being covered.

Action shots: These capture moments of high drama or intense action, such as a protester being arrested or a footballer scoring a goal.

Scene-setting images: These help to give readers a feel for the location or atmosphere of a story.

Detail shots: These highlight important details that might otherwise be overlooked, such as a close-up of a politician’s face during a speech or a shot of a model’s shoes on the catwalk.

Behind-the-scenes photos: These offer a glimpse into the everyday workings of a particular institution or organization, such as a newsroom or fashion show.


In the end, I would say that commercial and editorial photography are two different kinds of photography. They need different levels of expertise to execute the job. If you can differentiate these two, then it will be easy to implement your skills in this field. Then you need to focus on the ways to get work. Best of luck.

Photography Hacks You Can Learn to Make Photography Fun

Photography Hacks You Can Learn to Make Photography Fun


Photography is a creative profession. The creativity of not only taking photos but also other things that will help you adapt to every situation. If you know some creative hacks of photography that will alleviate your photography skill to a higher level. Besides, it will grow your confidence as well. In today’s article, I will give you some amazing photography hacks. These are extremely cheap but you will be surprised to see their effects. You can make your photos look better and make photography work less costly. The most effective benefit of photography hacks is, they will reduce the cost of your photography career. You can manage many things despite having a small number of resources.

1.  Create Your Own Lightbox

The most common and easy photography hacks that everyone will need. When you are shooting your own product for selling, you have a little budget. Within this budget, you have to manage everything. In a situation like this, you can collect thick paper and staple them together making it square. Now put white paper using sticky gum on 5 sides of the paper square that you made. Keep one side open so that you can put your products. Now use light inside this. You can shoot photos with perfect amounts of light now.

2.  DIY Soft-Focus Lens Effects

You can surely create a soft lens effect using some basic things. Just make a big square of transparent plastic, elastic band. Now take some vaseline on your hand. Put that vaseline on the transparent plastic paper and take photos. See the photos are having a soft-focus lens effect. Everything is possible when you know the hacks. I think this one will help you a lot.

3.  Shadow Effects With a Tea Strainer

Hacks mean using the most unimaginable thing in favor of your photography. Can you imagine that a tea strainer can be used for making your photos more thrilling? Well, you can do it. Just hold the tea strainer in front of the camera and shoot. Watch out the edges of the strainer should not come inside the photo frame. Use strong and sharp light so that the shadow of the strainer net can be visible on the subject. Otherwise, there is no point in shooting like this.

4.  Make a DIY Flash Diffuser

You can make your own flash diffuser. That can be handy for you and as you are the maker, you can use it best. You will need a camera that has a pop-up flash, ruler, sharp blade, white film container, etc. Measure the thickness of the pop-up flash and Cut it at a measurement that you can insert inside the pop-up flash. Once the setup is done, you can shoot photos in a diffused mode.

5.  Use Your Laptop As Background

This is an amazing yet simple idea to have. You can shoot small products by putting the product on the laptop. Keep the laptop open and keep something bright on the desktop of the laptop. Now focus on the product and see the magic. The laptop desktop has become hazy and the lights of the desktop creating an amazing background for the product. I think you can try this one.

6.  Use Plastic Cup to Improve Macro Photography

Now I am going to share one of the cheapest hacks of photography. You can do it at home without buying a single thing from the shop. Take some plastic cups, your camera, scissors, and gaffer’s tape. Take the cup and attach it to the lens. Now make it secure using the tape. Now place the subject cover with cups. Then shoot.

7.  Create Colored Lens Filter at Your Own

Another extremely easy hack for professional-looking home photography. Take out your lens cap and put it on a piece of paper. Make a round circle using your marker around the lens cap.  Now cut out the circle you made. Now use this shape on a clear plastic sheet. You can attach this to your camera as well.

8.  Create Your Camera Rain Cover

Your camera needs safety from rainwater. If you have no money to buy a rain cover for your camera make it yourself. Buy a zip-lock bag, gaffer tape, marker, and a pair of scissors. Measure the parameter of the lens and make a hole in the bag with the scissors. Put your camera inside it and fix its lens to the hole from inside. Keep the main opening of the bag to hold the camera. Now the camera lens can take photos through the hole and it will be protected from rainwater.

9.  Create DIY Lens Flares

Some hacks are extremely easy and effective that you must learn to do them. If you have old dysfunctional CDs and a DSLR you can do it yourself. Detach the lens hood from the lens because it will prevent the flare of the lens. Flash on the CD from different angles and you will see there are reflections coming out of it. The flare will intensify the angles you can start shooting.

10.  Aluminum Roasting Pan As Beauty Dish

Using just a lambency diffuser, a roasting pan, and a colored lid for the lambency diffuser you can create a beautiful dish. Take the lambency diffuser and attach it to the lid. Now take the aluminum foil and cover the whole pan. If you shoot now there will be light reflection coming back.

11.  Make Bean Bag Tripod by Yourself

Though tripod does not cost much who buys it if he can make it on his own. Yes, you also can make a tripod using the basic things you have. We all know that carrying a tripod is a kind of hassle. By making your own tripod you can save money and prevent the hassle. You will need a pair of scissors, pins, rice or beans for filling, and needle and thread. 

12.  A Portable Photography Background

Well, this one will keep you away from diversified problems. You can carry this wherever you want. To set this up you should have two pieces of the whiteboard, tape, poster board, two metal brackets, and clamps. At first, join two boards at a 90-degree angle and take the white poster and attach it to the board at a vertical angle.

Final Idea

Photography hacks are meant to make your photography work easy and handy in any situation at any place. Just by applying some tricks and tips, you can make different types of hacks that will work at times. To innovate new hacks you also can shuffle different things to use them in favor of taking better photography with less effort and money. Remember one thing, the main purpose of these hacks is to save money and make photography easy for you. Best of luck.

Car Photography Editing Tips – Fix The Retouch

Car Photography Editing Tips – Fix The Retouch


We are in an era where everything has become competitive. Here you cannot do business without giving something up to the mark. For example, you cannot drive your customers to your website through the RAW images of cars. Car photography is something that can be enhanced to a great extent by editing. You can either take a car image editing service or edit your vehicle images by yourself. If you are not expert enough in editing or need some help to improve as an image editor then this article is for you. Read it till the end to get some pro tips about car photo editing.

Follow the Basics of Editing

Editing any kind of photo will need the basic knowledge or expertise of photoshop or other tools of editing. Car photos are no exception. The basics will always be applicable to all the car photos. Whatever you do, the basic photo editing tasks like clipping path, retouching, blemish removal, etc. Don’t try something that is out of your ability. Just follow the basics and do your best. The rest will follow.

Color Adjustment

The color of the car is one of the deciding factors for the buyer. The buyer will decide to buy the car based on the color. As most of the sales happening online nowadays the picture should contain the exact color of the car. As the photographers cannot take pitch-perfect photos all the time, you have to keep in mind there is something to do with color. Because of the sunny day, the color may get distracted. Besides the color of the car, you have to work on the color of the sky as well. You may need a clipping path tool to correct the color. Increase the saturation to make the photos more vibrant.

Utilize Filter

The filter can be very useful for any newcomer. Filters have a default setting. So, it is not difficult to choose what you need. To make your car more attractive, there are many filters in Photoshop software. The major focus should be your car. Don’t overdo it. It might cause a loss of a natural look. Then it will create a bad impression.

Create Shadow

Creating shadows for car photos is highly recommended. Because cars should not look floating in the air. If you don’t give shadow beneath the car it will as if it is off the ground. To create a natural look, the basic idea here is to create a shadow. The shadow may be of two types. One is a drop shadow and another is a natural shadow. Shadows give car photos a depth that is extremely important. Well, creating a natural shadow is challenging when you shoot car photos in the studio. No worries, in that case, Fix the Retouch is here for you with some excellent image editor.

Customizing Background

The background in any type of photo is equally important. For car photos, it becomes even more important. To attract more customers or to increase sales you have to customize the background. You can either fully remove the background to make the photo transparent. The use of the photo will be different in that case. On the other hand, you can change or replace the background with something suitable. Customizing the background according to your wish may drive more traffic to your website.

Dent & Dust Removal

A car dent is something that becomes clearly visible in the photographs. One spot of dent can kick out your potential clients. So, you can never keep dents in the photos. Remove the dent by using the lasso tool from Photoshop. You can do this in another way. Just liquify the area where the dent is. Also, using the quick selection tool, you can replace the dent with the plane areas from other parts of the car.

Mirror Reflection Removal

Car photos that are shot with the flash on have a common issue. That is a mirror reflection. If you are about to edit car photos, you should keep in mind that you cannot keep the mirror reflections. As the body of the car looks shiny, the flash may reflect on the body as well. You have to remove that also. Reflection distracts the viewer. Moreover, the color also gets distorted if there is any reflection.

Sky Retouching

The sky is an integral part of car photos. Most car photos are shot outdoors. According to people’s needs, the photos are shot. However, the car may not always match the sky. So, you should retouch the sky so that it has congruence with the car. It becomes important especially when the car photo is taken in the evening. To retouch the sky you can increase the saturation. The vibration of the sky will increase. Also, you can replace the sky with another sky that is looking perfect. Sky does not behave okay all the time. So, you have to retouch it as you need.

Blur Removal

For moving car photos, blur removal is important editing. Because a moving car can have blurry parts in it. So, you should remove the blurry areas and make them normal. Blurry photos will not be loved by the audience. To remove blur choose the sharpen option. Then go to shake reduction. Your vehicle photos will immediately be improved and loved by the viewers.

Window Retouching

The window is the most visible part of any car. When shooting car photos, the window reflects the outside world in the glass. In that case, you have to retouch the window. Remove the outer world that the window is reflecting. You can also replace them with something better. The plain color looks best for windows. Try to keep the window color the same while editing.


Editing car photos requires a special kind of expertise. Because the body and formation of the car are not like other photos. The ideas I have shared here are applicable for only car photo editing

Top 10 Headshot Background Ideas in 2022

Top 10 Headshot Background Ideas in 2022


Business professionals require to look formal and standing straight. To represent yourself like this, a headshot is the kind of photography you can adopt without thinking twice. A headshot will do not only showcase your style but also reflects your attitude towards your job. As a photographer, we get often a question from the clients that what is the best background for headshot photography. The answer I give them is “it depends” because it has no definitive answer. According to your need and the type of background for your headshot may vary. Here are the 10 best backgrounds for a headshot. If you are a photographer, you can also learn from this.

Plain White

This is a classic background for headshot photos. The basic white color is what most photographers prefer. To get a clean and fresh headshot you should go for it. As a photographer, if you shoot headshot photos with a white background it will keep the subject in focus. You don’t need to remove the background to make the subject visible. The subjects get the most attention when there is a plain white background.

Plain Black

If you are of the opinion that you do not want to spend money on post-processing, you can go for plain black background. Black is one of the most popular colors for headshot photography. There is one problem with a solid black background. The subject must wear another color except for black.  The other color also should be something that will visible from far. If the subject is not visible enough there is no point in taking photos. In the corporate world, the headshot photos should be clear.


Grey is a unique and classy color that creates an eye-catchy background. The Grey background looks less intense to the eyes. Whereas a plain background makes the subject and the background harsher for the eyes, grey background is soothing for human eyes. If the color seems harsh, then it not create a good impression in the mind of the visitor. To attract people with headshots, you have to shoot with a smooth background like grey. That will allow you to impress the viewer.


If you want to add some extra value to your images then try textured background for headshots. Using texture in your photos will prove your creativity. To improve your portfolio there is no other option than to be creative. Many photographers fall into the trap that as headshot photos will be used for corporate purposes, there should be formal things only. You cannot use texture. Well, they are true that things should be formal in headshots. Using a textured background will not reduce the formality. Rather it will increase the fun and formality.

Solid Color

In most cases, we see that headshot photographers become entitled to one single color.  They do not apply the thinking process. To be above others in this profession you have to use your wit. Do not get obsessed with one single color. Use another solid color as well.


The corporate officers are expected to stay in office for the whole day long. However, there are some kinds of professions that allow you to go outside very often. For those professionals, it is suggested that they should take their headshot with a woodlands background. Woodlands background allows you to have unique natural color. Natural color gives freshness to the picture. The subject also looks more professional.


This type of background goes with headshot photos mostly. Because the corporate job holders look best when there is a cityscape in the background. The urban area in the background looks highly professional. If you notice you will find that most western TV show host takes headshot photos keeping cityscape background. The city they are shooting in is shown in most cases. This type of background gives a corporate aura to the subject. Anyone can easily guess from the photo that they are corporate personnel.

Work Place

I recommend this background most of the time. To me, the best way to take headshots is to show the workplace you are doing your job. It is a great opportunity to show your workplace through headshots. It also grows confidence in you. Showing your workplace in the background will motivate you to go ahead in your career.


In cities like Mexico City, Sydney, New York there are thousands of murals everywhere. You can find a mural after every 100-meter walk. Taking photos keeping that mural in the background will be a great idea. For those customers searching for a choice loaded with shading and with a metropolitan curve, a vivacious painting is ideal. In the event that you investigate the focal point of your town or a portion of the popular neighborhoods in your city, odds are acceptable that you’ll discover wall paintings, all things considered.

Office Corridor

It another space that you can choose as a background for your headshot photos. Shoot photos while walking in the corridor or having a chat with colleagues. This type of background especially goes with the university faculty, students, or staff when they take headshots. Usually, universities have a gigantic corridor with arches. So, it looks classic and professional to have something like that in the background.


Taking headshots is really an awesome experience. You can use your 100% creativity as you think you taking headshots with a background that is out of the box. To look professional you have to think of nontraditional headshots. Because traditionally headshots are stiff corporate officers having a chat in between which looks lifeless. To bring the headshot photography to life, you can try these 10 headshot photography backgrounds.

10 Best Headshot Photographer to Get Inspiration from – Fix The Retouch

10 Best Headshot Photographer to Get Inspiration from – Fix The Retouch


Apparently seeing, headshot photography seems to be the easiest of all photography genres. Well, it seems easy because of the great headshot photographers who made it look easy. If you also want to start your career in headshot photography, you should know how they do it. That is really important. Before that, you can have inspiration from the people behind the camera. Who are they and how they do their job so perfectly? Headshot retouching is also important for every headshot photographer. Most importantly who are the best headshot photographers around the world? Yes, in today’s blog I have brought the list of the people who have gained immense popularity as headshot photographers.

1.  Joey Lawrence

He is better known as his career name Joey L. Joey Lawrence is a New York City-based photographer born and raised in Canada. At an early age, he got interested in photography. Just at the age of 7, his father allowed him to get a 1.3-megapixel camera and shoot his first photo. That was a point-and-shoot camera. The photo he took was of a toy dinosaur. DPChallenge opened the door for him to start his career as a photographer in 2004. Gradually he became famous for his headshot photos. Besides photography, he works as a photographer as well. He has taken numerous pictures of Hollywood superstars.

2.  Kirill Kozlov

One of the top-rated photographers from the UK is Kirill Kozlov. Having experience of working as a photographer for more than 20 years allows him to take mostly the best pictures. He has earned fame because of his aesthetic style of taking headshot photos. He knows the secrets of framing in photography. Kirill also has mastered how to make the best use of lights. For this, he can shoot the most remarkable headshots in the current market. He has his own studio in London.

3.  John Clark

John Clark initially worked as a freelance photographer. His niche was the beauty industry. That was the start. Currently, he is the best know headshot photographer in London. For the last two decades, he has been taking photos of celebrities. His natural style of taking headshots has made him stand out in the crowd of headshot photographers. You may wonder that he is the most popular photographer in London. The reason is clear. His photos got many models into casting.

4.  Henry Harrison

Henry Harrison was not a full-stake photographer. Initially, he was working with a casting director. He noticed that the headshot photos can decide the future career of a model. This touched him so hard that he decided to become a headshot photographer. The decision was made just to help the struggling models. This made him take high-quality headshots. Gradually he took headshot photography as his career. The people who worked with him say that he is the most professional photographer.

5.  Amelia Shepherd

Amelia is one of the few multi-talented photographers who specialized themselves not only in headshot photography but also in interior, travel, and documentary photography. She is famous for every kind of photography I mentioned here. She was featured in different magazines, BBC News, and many other news agencies. Her works have been admired by many professionals. She participates in numerous exhibitions to display her photos. She got support from Arts Council England to support her project called Peacehaven.

6.  Alan Howard

This name is a pretty familiar name in the film industry. Even after being in the entertainment industry, he has been taking professional headshots for over 2 decades. Alan is known for using natural lights mostly. He has already achieved great success in this sector.

7.  Michael Wharley

Michael Wharley is a capable London-based headshot photographer. He represents considerable authority in shooting proficient headshots for entertainers just as film and theater banners. Michael Wharley is pleased to be an individual of the British Institute of Professional Photography and APHP Chairman. Likewise, he is a die-hard fan of Liverpool FC and an espresso and outside swimming darling. In 2010, Michael began building up his photography business. He sees that it is so muddled to take an ideal headshot.  That is the reason he tracked down an ideal formula for his work which is a mix of unobtrusive lighting, photography, and course.

8.  Paul Smith

This Singapore-based headshot photographer has own multiple awards for his contribution to this sector. He is none other than Paul Smith. Currently, he is working in London and solely focused on headshot photography. The main clients of Paul Smith are mostly business owners, models, actors. TV Company like BBC has also worked with him. In Kennington, he established his own photography studio. Here he does his creative works.

9.  Vincenzo

Vincenzo is a top headshot picture taken with an astonishing portfolio that incorporates photographs of Jessie Buckley, Hayley Atwell, Paul Nicholas and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. As a photograph retoucher, he says that pictures ought to be improved in an expert manner with the characteristic look protected.  Vincenzo accepts that entertainers should glance in their headshot precisely as they look, in actuality. He claims a studio in London.

10.  Jon Holloway

Jon Holloway has experience of 15 years in photography. And most of his career he spent working as a headshot photographer. He does commercial photography most of the time. However, he has done other projects as well. Many other well-known photographers have collaborated with him. Apart from them, he has worked with many brands. Currently, he is working in his East London studio. He has decorated his studio with ultimate creativity that proves his professionalism in this sector. Whenever he gets free time, he loves to spend time with his family.


Headshot photographers are many. However, very few have been able to grab the attention of people around the world with their great creative works. The photographers who have earned fame have some core things that are common. They are extremely hard-working, creative, and they don’t give up. The above discussion was about the people of such kind. Though it is not possible to jot down everyone in one single article, I have gathered the ones which are most renowned.

Model Photo Editing Tips for Beginners – Fix The Retouch

Model Photo Editing Tips for Beginners – Fix The Retouch


Image editing means the post-processing of photography. Any kind of photo if it is supposed to be used for commercial purposes should be edited by an expert. As our online activities are increasing the need for image editing has also increased. Model photos are not any exception. However, editing model photos is not a piece of cake. One should know the core use of Photoshop tools and implement different types of editing. For model photo editing, you should follow certain rules. In today’s article, I am going to discuss some indispensable tips on model photo editing.

Crop the Image

When a model photographer takes model photos, he includes some extra parts inside the frame. The purpose is to make sure nothing gets missed. So, in every photo, you will find something that is not necessary for the photo. You can cut the photo boundary using the crop tool. Once you cut out the photo you can focus on the subject better. Keep in mind that you cannot overcrop. That may destroy the whole photo.

Work in layers

Models are the sign of perfection. Thousands of people follow them. So, their photos should be looking perfect. To bring that look, you have to work in layers. That will make it easy for you to edit the photo. Every layer will have a separate part of the photo. You can have a look at how the photo was before a particular step. Finally, there will be a final layer that will have the ultimate product.

Fix the Image Background

Image background plays a crucial role. Without a proper background subject never gets its place. Some of the newcomers in image editing ignore the background most of the time. When you can edit the background in Photoshop why you are letting it go unedited? It looks professional to fix the right image background.

Adjust white balance

When a photo gets yellowish or bluish during the time of photography then you need to take care of the white balance. Let me tell you what white balance is and why it is important. When a photographer clicks a photo the tint may not be visible but when the photo comes in front it may ruin the photo. Because without balancing the white balance you cannot focus on the real color. Color is the most important part of model photography. So, adjust the white balance.

Keep exposure and contrast Right

For a photographer, it is important to maintain the exposure right. The digital cameras of today’s world have the feature to do it easily. Despite that, a photographer can make mistakes. That’s why editing becomes important. While editing model photos keep the tonal value correct for high dynamic range photos. The color contrast also has a big impact. If you add too much contrast different shapes of the subject’s body will become invisible. That will be a sign of unprofessionalism.

Look after vibrancy and saturation

To be very direct and frank, vibrance and saturation largely decide how your images will look. As you are editing model photos, skin tone is an important part. So, vibrance and saturation both will play a big role. If you increase saturation too much, it will change skin tone and the model body will look unrealistic. Adjust the vibrancy and saturation perfectly. Select the adjustment button and choose the right adjustment for vibrance.

Sharpen Your Images

To make the edges of an image visible sharpening works fine. How much sharpening your photo will need depends on the quality of the image? Well, sharpening cannot rectify any extremely blurred image. To sharpen your image use a separate layer. Set the blending mode to luminosity so that you can skip color shifting.

The models are the epitome of beauty. So, their photos should also be clean. That’s why you need to use a healing brush tool. You can remove the imperfection easily. The best way to use the healing brush tool is by setting 1% space. That cleans all the imperfections at a quick speed and saves time.

Fix the Wrinkles

Thousands of people follow the models. If their photos contain wrinkles that is shameful for the photographers and image editors. The wrinkles can be on both the body skin and the clothes. Wherever it be, it is not appreciable. So, de-wrinkle the photo carefully. Save your photo as you clean up all the harsh wrinkles.

No matter how many precautions you take, there will be some stray hair or fly-away hair when you shoot models. However, professional photographers fix the fly-away hair before publishing the photos. You can remove the stray hair by using a healing brush. Never forget that the viewers never appreciate fly-away hair in photos.

Use Selective Color Tool

As an image editor, I have often seen that when we edit model photos we need to select a particular place of a photo to rectify the color or tone. This is where the beginners in image editing get stuck. They spend a lot of time here. Well, you can save your time by using the selective color tool to edit a specific area of the photo.

Take care of Eyes & teeth

Models need to look good. A large part of how they look depends on their eyes and teeth. So, when you edit a model photo no matter male or female take extra care of the eyes and the teeth. Both of these express the beauty and elegance of the models.

Don’t Delete the Original File

Some new image editors or designers think their final product is the ultimate goal so why they need the original image. Despite you can do an excellent job with Photoshop, you should never delete the original file permanently. Keep the original file with the edited file so that you can find it at any time. Besides, you never know if you can edit perfectly right away. You may need the original file several times to start over.

Finalize and share

Once you think now it is looking perfect make sure you don’t miss any part. Take suggestions from the people around you. Make cross-checking to get the best result. As you think every spot on the image has been beautified then finalize it and share it with your client.

Take Image Editing Service

Editing any kind of photography is time-consuming. For many photographers, it is not possible to invest time in image editing. So, the best solution is to take the help of image editing service providers. Fix the Retouch is one of the top image editing companies in the world. If you are a photographer, you can rely on them for editing your photos.

Final Verdict

Editing an image is just the process of enhancing the image look. By editing any image you can take the quality of the image to a better position. Model photography editing is a little tricky as far as beauty is concerned. So, you can follow the ways I have mentioned here in this article. I hope your photos will be up to the mark.

Best Photo Editing App for PC in 2023

Best Photo Editing App for PC in 2023


The term photo editing is closely connected with the application or software that is used to edit the photos. As digital technology has improved and widely used, the use of software to edit photos has also increased. Every software comes up with some distinct feature that attracts the image editors. Some software is compatible with mobile phones whereas some other is for PC.  However, not all the software is good for using on PC. Are you looking for some recommendations about the best photo editing app for PC? If yes, then you have to read the whole article. Here, I have gathered some of the best apps for editing images on a PC.

1.  Adobe Photoshop

For many people, the term Photoshop means photo editing. It is easy to understand how influential Photoshop is from its popularity. The name itself has become a verb. Now doing Photoshop means editing photos. A standard photo editing software that is highly preferred by graphic designers around the world. No other photo editing app has had so much impact in the industry that this app.

2.  Adobe Lightroom

Another highly appreciated computer application for editing photos is Adobe Lightroom. Professional photo editors who work with color correction mostly prefer this application. Some consider this as the best program for color correction. Both Photoshop and Lightroom come from Adobe Company. If you are looking for editing sports photos, design high-resolution logos, or do portrait retouching then Lightroom will be the best choice.

3.  GIMP

Primarily you can use GIMP on your PC for free. However, the professional version comes with some amazing features which cost a little amount of money. Many professional designers consider this as a sole competitor against Adobe Photoshop. The features are color adjustment, noise reduction, gradients, cropping, some automatic tools, and customizable brushes. There are ample features for advanced users.

4.  Canva

Canva is one of the most loved image editing software for PC. Canva allows you to do more than just editing. Besides filters, shapes, text adding, frames, and effects, Canva allows you to choose different designs for numerous purposes. You can make text animation, create presentations, brochures, and many more. Canva is a multi-purpose image editing app for PC

5.  InPixio

InPixio is a top-class photo editing app for PC. It has specialized itself as digital photo retouching software in recent years. If you are interested in photo editing then you can choose this superb image editor. This app helps photo editors to delete or cut out unwanted objects, create photomontages, add a background, and many more. For high-quality color correction of your images, you can use InPixio.

6.  Luminar

Keeping the users in mind Luminar has changed itself a lot over the years. In this period it has kept the app interface extremely user-friendly. To enhance any image to a new level there is no comparison of Luminar. It has added smart contrast, smart sky replacement system which allows the users to use their freedom to edit their images.

7.  Capture One Pro

Capture One Pro comes up with everything you ask from an image editing app. If you want to add an image just for your personal use, then you can use Capture One Pro. Similarly, it is compatible with different professional image editing as well. Basic Color Editor, advanced color editor, true-to-life colors, color balance tool, skin tone editing, black and white tool are some of the core features of Capture One Pro. In short, it is an all-in-one photo editor.

8.  Ribbet

Ribbet is one of those image editing apps that brings numerous features to the table. However, the feature that made this app more renowned is selective color correction. Yes, you can select a color to correct. Besides that there is Crop, Rotate, Flip, Resize, Highlights, Shadows, ContrastLocal Contrast, Clarity Colors, Auto-Colors, Temperature, Neutral Picker, Saturation, Boost, Sharpen, Soften, Exposure,  and many more.

9.  Movavi Photo Editor

If you are a beginner in image editing, then Movavi photo editor can be the best choice. The interface will sure attract anyone for its simplicity. Even an unprofessional newcomer will have no problem using this app. It has an advanced face correction system that makes the face even better. Also, you can edit the eye with perfection using semi-automatic eye correction. Movavi Photo Editor makes background editing easy.

10.  Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo editing app is specially made for PC. You can work on pixels. Affinity photo editor allows one to develop RAW files. With the retouching tool, you can do skin retouching faster and more efficiently. There are ample options of adjustments for color, gradients, contrast, etc. You can edit pictures on layers. In short, you will be free to be more creative on this photo editing app.

11.  PhotoWorks

PhotoWorks is perhaps the most convenient as far as using this app on PC is concerned. You will get the latest and updated image editing techniques in this app. If you need to edit a particular area dedicatedly, then this app is the best choice. There is a very handy crop tool, and several brushes to use. You play with colors as well.

12.  PhotoDiva

To make your portrait catchy and beautiful this app is the right pick. You can edit the portrait effortlessly. PhotoDiva allows the user to remove unnecessary things from the photo. If you need to change the facial features you can do it on this. It makes skin smoother and elegant.

13.  Pixlr Photo Editor

Pixlr image editor is another extremely convenient image editing app. It comes up with hundreds of effects. You can surely choose the one you need. You can work in layers which means you can easily get back to the previous version of your photo. You have a lot of brushes and adjustments here. Different kinds of filters allow the user to create something creative. This also helps to do classy image retouching. Also, you can transform objects in this app.

14.  Paint Net

It is best known for its raster graphic editing. The interface design is intuitive so you can easily get what it is. You can edit multiple images at the same time. Has a layer option as well. You will get unlimited history. It is available in different languages as well. So, people around the world can use it on their PC. The app updates automatically.

Final Words

The number of photo editing app is huge. Every photo editing app aims to meet the target of the clients so that the most number of people use them. However, because of not accumulating all the features in one place, there is no monopoly. So, different photo editing apps for PC are popular for different reasons. The above mentioned apps are the top-notch apps for PC.

Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone in 2022

Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone in 2022


Technology is making everything convenient for us. Now we can do almost everything on our phone that was possible on a computer only. One of those tasks is image editing. Currently, we have many mobile apps that enable us to edit photos just like a computer. iPhone is the most upgraded phone in the world. iPhones have their own type of apps that are excellent for editing photos. If you are looking for some apps that work best on iPhone then you are in the right place. This article will talk about the best photo editing apps for iPhone.

1. Snapseed

Snapseed has a wide range of editing tools. If you are looking for an app to edit your everyday photos, then Snapseed is the best choice. You can adjust exposure, change the color look, sharpen, rotate, straighten, and do perspective correction as well. Moreover, you can make vintage photos, black and white photos on this app. The texture filter allows you to make the texture look awesome. This is one of the most renowned photo-editing apps of the iPhone.


VSCO allows the iPhone owner to create elegant photos. It comes up with one-tap preset filters. You can choose any of the filters to create nice-looking photos. There are at least 200 filters on this app. VSCO has a vast collection of filters that allow making photos just as you want. You can create soft or harsh-looking photos on this free app.

3. TouchRetouch

This app is the best choice if you want to remove unwanted objects from your photos. Image editing experts call it a background removal master. It brings a lasso tool for accurate selection. You can also use brushes to remove blemishes, wrinkles. People use this app to focus on object removal. It has made object removal easy. You can do it just by highlighting the part you want to remove.

4. Carbon

Carbon is mainly known for its accurate way of creating black and white images. The black and white filter is best in this app. Besides, you can create vintage-style images as well. By adjusting light and color you can create subtle and artistic photos. With 58 preset filters, it becomes one of the top apps to use on the iPhone. You can also give paint effect on your photos.

5. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is an irreplaceable app when it comes to fine-tuning photos. You can do precise image editing using this app. There are many powerful features available that are easy to use. Even a newcomer can edit images with Adobe Lightroom. It comes up with many advanced features that give a smooth image retouch. Tweak exposure, color adjustment, selective adjustment are some of the few amazing features.

6. Afterlight

You can do any kind of image editing with this app. If you love creative image editing you can do it with this. Changing color gradients, blend modes, selective color, curve, etc are available in this. You can add text to the image and create artwork. Afterlight comes up with a double exposure tool. You will have 130 filters on this app.

7. Mextures

If you are looking for adding texture to your iPhone photos the Mextures is an amazing option. You can add grunge, grain, vintage, and grit textures. You can give your photos a blending effect on layers. A range of editing tools makes it better than other editing apps. Mextures is mostly popular among photographers.

8. Lens Distortions

If you are a fan of different seasonal photography and love to create season focused photos then Lens Distortions is the best choice for you. You can bring different weather effects to your photos with this app. You can add sunlight, snow, fog, and rain effect. To make photos more dramatic by creating an atmosphere you can use this app. You can also edit pictures on layers.

9. Superimpose X

Superimpose X lets the user create exceptional digital art on the iPhone. One of the amazing features of this app is that you can combine multiple photos on it. To create a composition, this app brings a double exposure option. You can also create fantasy-style photos. There are some other editing options like a blur, shadows, and numerous creative effects.

10. Affinity Photo

Affinity photo was mainly a companion to the desktop version of the same app. Many experts believe that if there is anything that can give Photoshop a real fight that is Affinity Photo. They call it Photoshop killer. It has already become an alternative to Photoshop. This app is combined with iPhone lenses that help create magic.

11. Pixelmator

This is a superb app that allows the user to edit photos on layers. The user interface is extremely easy. If you have a primary knowledge of image editing you can use this app. The layer mask, clipping mask, and so on are available on this. It has all the pro or advanced level editing tools.

12. RAW Power

The latest version of RAW Power has auto adjustments. Auto enhances, auto white balance, face balancing and has channel mixer. It is specifically designed for editing iPhone photos. That’s what makes it more reliable when it comes to editing on the iPhone. It can accommodate different RAW camera formats as well.

13. Hyperspektiv

To create glitchy, psychedelic photos Hyperspektiv is the best option. It has gained popularity in recent times after getting published in App Store. This is an easy app to use. You have to just load an image and swipe up the filters and edit the image. You can apply the filters in real-time.

14. Enlight Photofox

Enlight Photofox can be called a free version of Hyperspektiv. It allows the user to edit images on a particular layer, remove the objects in the background, control opacity, resize, reshape, and change the perspective as well. You can flip the layers horizontally or vertically. Moreover, there are many more editing tools as well.

15. Filterstorm Neue

Filterstorm Neue is an amazing app to edit photos on iPhone. You have so many editing options on this. Making photos black and white, controlling color, brightness, contrast also available. You can create photo clones here. Channel mixer is also a part of many features. You will find a histogram display as well.

16. Adobe Photoshop Express

The more we say about photoshop the less it seems. In fact, the idea of image editing has been shaped by this app. Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the creations of Photoshop. Most iPhone photographers love to edit their photos with this app. Almost all the features of Photoshop are available in this app.

Final Verdict

Image editing becomes easy when there is a user-friendly app. For iPhone, there are many apps that do the job perfectly. You can edit your photos as you wish. However, not all of the apps are good at every job. The image editors prefer using the apps I have mentioned above in most cases. Because these apps come up with the most eligible features that have made image editing interesting for the iPhone users.

Easiest way to Change the Background in Photoshop

Easiest way to Change the Background in Photoshop

To be honest, this article only for the photographer who need Background removal service or they want to do it himself. A photograph is incomplete without a beautiful and perfect background. It is been always said that background is the backbone of a photograph. Photographers sometimes shoot photos in their studios or somewhere outside. At a certain point, the post photography, the photographers or the clients may not get happy seeing the background of the photo. They may demand a re-shoot or a change in the background. It may prove costly and time-consuming at the same time. To save time and money, you should know how to change or remove the background of your photo using Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop has some amazing tools and techniques by which anyone can easily change or remove the background of the photograph. Photoshop pen tool works best for making the selection and cutting the objects precisely. But let us say that this job is pretty easy if you know how to use the tools and techniques of Photoshop or removing or changing the background. Here we are presenting you a pictorial tutorial and step by step process of changing the background of a photograph by using Adobe Photoshop PS3 and its tools and techniques easily.

Step 1:

The first step is to open your required photo on Adobe Photoshop. Here, we have selected Adobe Photoshop Cs3 to work in. To start the working process of background changing/removal, we need to have the photo on the Photoshop app. There are 2 ways of opening or bringing the photo in Photoshop. You can just manually go to the menu bar and click on File>Open. Choose your desired photo from the windows and click on select. The photo will appear in Photoshop right after clicking on select. You can also drag the photo from anywhere on your computer to Photoshop. It will just take a few seconds to do.


Step 2:

Since we have the photo on Photoshop now, we can start the process of background removal. There are some techniques for selecting the main object to transform it there. The best way is creating a clipping path. So, create a path named path-1 to start clipping path.


Step 3:

There are some tools in Adobe Photoshop which helps you to make the selection of clipping path. From all the tools, the pen tool is the best for clipping path work. The pen tool helps you to make the clipping path precisely and cut out the object perfectly. So we are selecting a pen tool to work. You can go to the toolbar and click on the “pen” icon to activate the pen tool. You can also activate the pen tool just by pressing ‘p’ on the keyboard.


Step 4:

After selecting the pen tool, you are ready to draw the clipping path. We have drawn the clipping mask around the entire object very carefully. Remember, do not go beyond and under the line, make it perfect. Draw both the outline and the loop with pen tool so that you do not leave any of the areas of your subject for cutting out.


Step 5:

When you are done with drawing the clipping mask around the object, select the masked area to cut the object out from the background. To select the mask areas, click on ‘path 1′ and press ‘ctrl+enter’. Doing that, entire masked areas will be selected. Now, the object is ready to be transformed into another photo background.

Step 6:

After making the selection of the object (clipping path) copy the masked areas. To do that, click on edit>copy or you can just press ‘ctrl+c’ for copying masked areas.


Step 7:

Now open another background photo as per your requirement to transfer the cut out object photo to your desire background photo. Here, we have chosen a beach photo as a background. Open the photo the same way we did on the first photo.

Step 8:

When you have opened the new background photo in Photoshop, we need to bring the cutout photo on this photo. There are 2 ways of bringing the cutout photo. Since we have copied the selected part of our main object, we need to paste that on this new background photo. You can click on ‘Edit>paste’ or press ‘ctrl+v’ to bring the cut out the photo here. The cut out object has appeared when we clicked on paste.


Step 9:

The position of the object is not looking good this way. We need to change the position of the object. To do that, we have to select the move tool from the tool bar. Move tool helps to move the cut out object as per your requirement.


Step 10:

After selecting the move tool, we have moved the object a bit down to match with the photo and make it look perfect. After positioning the object, click enter to complete the work.


Step 11:

At last, you need to save the photo on your computer. To save the photo, go to File>Save as and select your desired format and click ok.

This is how you can change the background just by following these easy 11 steps and using Adobe Photoshop CS3. This service is wanted by many of the companies such as e-commerce companies, fashion industry, product companies, print media, garment industries, beauty industry, jewelry companies, manufacturing industry, and many others. These 11 steps will save your time and money. You can now change your photo background anytime you want to.

Best Photo Editing Software for Beginners in 2022

Best Photo Editing Software for Beginners in 2022


People who want to start a career in photo editing always have some confusion. Some of them ask where to start, while others don’t know which software to use. They are in a fix about which software will be the best for them as a beginner. Today this confusion will end. If you need some guidelines about the best photo editing software for beginners then you are in the right place. Here you will know about some of the best software that has gained popularity for being convenient for beginners in this field. So, here you go.

Luminar AI

Skylum Luminar AI is one of those image editing software that does its job faster than the others. If you are looking for editing your photos in a flash then this will be a great choice. With Luminar AI you can take your photo to a new level. You can play with your photos in terms of editing using exclusive filters available in it. You will surely love sun rays and Orton filters.


Photolemur brings the most updated artificial intelligence to the table. It aims at making photo editing faster and smarter. It believes you should not waste time editing images. You can do it just by uploading it on the app. The rest will be done by the app. You can improve your skin tone with this app. Moreover, there are some other editing tools like automatic blemish removal, teeth whitening, skin smoothening, enhancements, etc. You also can recover color, compensate for exposure on this app. All of these will be done with the help of AI.

Aurora HDR

Aurora HDR comes up with tone-mapping technology. You can create depth while editing in this software even if the photos were not taken with much depth. It allows the user to create more than 80 looks. It has some amazing features that help transform the photo instantly. That’s why professional photographers prefer this app. It can be called a stand-alone software or a plug-in for Photoshop.


A powerful and advanced AI technology empowers AirMagic. It can judge your photo do wherever the editing needs. It enhances the photo as required. Artificial intelligence helps it to find where to edit. This has many preset styles to make amazing photos. This photo editing software is the best for drone photographers. You can drag and drop your file here and edit it easily. Besides basic image editing features, it has many advanced features as well.


If you are a beginner you need software with basic features mainly. You can go for Inkscape. It has diversified basic features. You can draw on the image. Moreover, you can create calligraphy, change shape as well. There is a pen tool to make things easy. You can edit images on layers. Also, there is a grouping option that allows making a group of objects.

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Though this software is mainly for professional-level image editors you can start with this as well. There are many things that you have to learn today or tomorrow. So, start with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. I am referring to this only because it is easy to learn. This software is best for color correction and smart searches. There are plenty of features in it. Advanced customization tools, watermark creation, presets, brushes, etc. are some of the many.

Adobe Photoshop CC

When it comes to image retouching there is no other software that can be compared with Adobe Photoshop CC. The graphic designers consider this as the best image retouching software. If you want to be productive and proficient in your work then Adobe Photoshop can help you. Actions, layers, overlayers, textures, brushes, too many editing tools for beginners.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

People who have no previous experience in image editing are the main target of this software. The features are simple yet effective. The AI-enabled system helps to retouch images automatically. There are some out-of-the-box image editing tools. However, the features are limited as the software targets only beginners.


Photo editing experts take this software as an alternative to Photoshop. However, this one is really amazing software for beginners. It is free software with all the customizable editing features. It comes up with regular updates. It makes this software more flexible for the users. Gimp is extremely user-friendly. It is not inferior to Photoshop in any sense. It can do most of the editing that Photoshop offers.


By Pixlr, you can edit images on your browser. There are superb editing options like image masking, editing in layers, numerous functionalities, and interfaces. It considers the user as an utmost priority. So, it offers editing images for free. You will find RAW file support in this software. Though it is not well synchronized with the browser, you can still give professional image retouching.


Amateurs image editors always look for something that allows them to do the maximum with the least effort. They also love those kinds of editing software that is easy to use. PhotoWorks meets that criteria. You will get many filters here and auto options as well. Just by clicking several times, you can change the background. The interface is so easy that you will not find any difficulty with finding different functions. PhotoWorks comes at a low price which is another reason beginners love this software. Not only this, graphics designers call it an alternative for Photoshop Lightroom.

CaptureOne Pro

If you are looking for software that will offer you a lot of options in a single interface, will not cost high, yet functional, then CaptureOne Pro is the right choice. It works faster and accurately. Photo importing is easy which makes image editing flexible. There is a keyword tagging tool in this software. You can edit images on layers which makes sure you don’t lose the previous version of editing. This software does not offer an online sharing system. However, there is no doubt that this is an all-in-one software.

Paint Net

For beginners, if the software offers the basic image editing tools that are enough. They just look for an easy interface. Paint Net has a well-designed interface that attracts beginners at the first glance. It is handy to use. There are many plugins that help perform different tasks more conveniently. There is a limited brush tool as well. You will not get any dodge effect on this. However, you can do amazing image retouching using this software. You cannot work on the RAW file format. But you can download the file as BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc.

Final Verdict

To be true for beginner’s user-friendly interface is more important than the number of features. They want flexibility, convenience, and software free of cost in most cases. The software I have mentioned above mainly focuses on newcomers in the photo editing industry. If you are a beginner you can start with any of this software.

Steps to Make Transparent Background in Photoshop

Steps to Make Transparent Background in Photoshop

The e-commerce market is growing rapidly. Have you ever imagined why? After researching for hours, I found the answer. It’s because the photos of the products sold by these markets are being posted on various shopping websites and social media pages. The products are being showcased in such an eye-catching way that the customers are getting provoked for buying them. Online Background Change Service provider make your job easier.

How are they doing it?

The answer is quite simple, they are simply Change the Background in Photoshop of the product or you can also say that they are just making the background of the product transparent. They are doing this by using Photoshop.

You can also use Photoshop to make the background of your product transparent. It may sound tough but it is very easy. Most of you use the DIY method nowadays. So, only for your work to get easier, I have presented 5 effortless steps how to make background transparent in Photoshop.

The steps are given below. Just read them out and I assure you that you won’t be able to stop scrolling this page.

Step- 1

The first step is to open the photo of the product on the Photoshop application on your PC. CLICK the file option on the upper TAB of Photoshop, choose the OPEN option on the menu or press (Ctrl+O)


Step- 2

In this step choose the Product photo you want to make the background transparent of. An option will open in the screen from where you can choose the file from your PC. Choose the file and CLICK OPEN.

Step- 3

Next step is to choose the magic wand tool from the toolbar. To choose the magic wand tool, CLICK the Magic wand tool option from the left TOOLBAR.

Step- 4

After selecting the Magic wand tool, you have to click the background you want to remove. The Magic want tool selects the color that matches the selection. So, CLICK the White color background behind the product. Here, I am using the watch as my product.

Step- 5

After selecting the white background, you can see that the selection is being shown by dotted lines. It is around the watch which means it has selected the white background. So, you have to select the watch to remove its background. To do so CLICK the right button of the mouse then you will see an option on the screen. Then, click the INVERSE SELECTION option. Your product photo will get selected this way.



Step- 6

After selecting the inverse your product photo will be selected. Then, again CLICK the right button of the mouse and select LAYER VIA COPY option from the menu. This way you will find a new layer available in your layer tab. That layer will be the transparent background layer.

Step- 7

The last step is to choose the background layer from the layer TAB and CLICK the right button of the mouse. Then, select the DELETE option from the menu. Your old background will be removed and you will now have a new transparent background for your product.

Step- 8

In the end, CLICK the File option from the upper TAB and select the save as option or use (Ctrl+Shift+s). Choose the specific folder you want the photo to be saved in. Finally, your photo with a transparent background will be saved.

By following these simple steps you can make the background of your product’s image transparent. Then you can also post attractive photos of your product in different websites and can increase the turnover of your business by provoking lots of customers.

Moving Car Photography Pro Tips For Master Motion And Camera’s Shutter Speed

Moving Car Photography Pro Tips For Master Motion And Camera’s Shutter Speed


Usual car photography and moving car photography are two different things. Different techniques and plans are applied for these two types of photography styles. The photographer has to take different steps as well to accomplish the photography session with some stunning photos. In moving car photography, he cannot change his plans while shooting. Whereas usual car photography allows the photographer to change his plan according to the situation. In this article, I will discuss only moving car photography. Because I have seen photographers struggling to take satisfactory moving car photos even though they have enough experience. As you complete reading the article, you will know how to take excellent moving car photos. So, without further ado, let’s get down to the business.

Techniques to Take Stunning Photos of a Moving Car

Because of wrong techniques Photographers end up shooting bad, unusable, and blurry pictures. While planning for moving car photography, you cannot make mistakes in techniques. It can be frustrating for you if you follow the wrong techniques for shooting a fast-moving car. So, here are some tips for you to make your car photography better.

  • Shutter Speed

Perhaps the most important part of fast-moving car photography is shutter speed. Maintaining the speed at the perfect ratio is highly recommended. At the start, you can keep the shutter speed and little slow. There will be no problem with that. However, depending on the car’s speed, you have to change the shutter speed as well. You can start with 1/30 second. Later you can go faster as the car is moving.

  • Moving with the Car

One of the best techniques that sometimes the photographer forgets to practice is moving with the car. While you are shooting a moving car, you have to keep in mind that if the car goes past you then the photos will be blurry. So, move if you want stunning photos. Well, you can do that without moving as well. Buy a tripod with a swiveling head. You don’t need to move your body. This will help you take stunning photos. Practice shooting with these tools.

  • Automatic Focus

A camera with an automatic focus can do a great job for you. An automatic focus camera tracks the subject automatically. So, you don’t need to keep the focus right manually. While doing this, keep the shutter button half-pressed.

  • Stay Focused

Well, even if you have an auto-focused camera you cannot be less attentive while shooting. You cannot depend fully on a machine. So, you should keep yourself focused on the moving car. Also, try to understand the motive of the driver. Once you understand what the driver will do next, it will be easier for you to understand how to keep your camera so that the subject gets the full focus. Moreover, being focused will ensure there is nothing unwanted in the frame.

  • ISO

To make photos more exposed and clear to the audiences, you have to use the ISO functionality properly. The photos should not be over or under-exposed. Learn about the moving car photography ISO setting. Change the ISO as your need.

  • Car Speed

Car speed is a deciding factor in moving car photography. Based on the car speed you have to choose the configuration of your camera. Also, the lenses you will use depend on the car speed you will have to deal with. Talk to the driver and tell them to keep the car speed average. 40/45kph is a standard speed that may not create problems shooting great photos. No matter what the car speed is, you have to shoot according to that. If there are multiple cars, ask the drivers to keep the speed the same.

  • Drive Mode

In this kind of photography, there will be many things that will go beyond your plans. However, you have to stick to your plans. Keep the car in high shooting mode continuously. Keep the shutter button pressed long enough to take a series of photos at the highest frame per second.

  • Aperture

Aperture is another thing that you need to focus on. If you need excellent photos, you can use the aperture in your favor. From f/11 to f/13 the focus won’t vary too much even when the distance between the subject car and the photography car changes. In the car photography field, the depth of the field is an important factor. You can create a large depth of field by using an aperture.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

These were the tools and techniques you should use while shooting. Now you will learn about some things that you should keep in mind.

  • Safety

Shooting car photographers especially a moving car can be risky. First thing first. Take enough safety measures before starting the shoot. If you do not take precautions you might fall into a dangerous accident. Never ever overlook the importance of your own safety. If you need to move while shooting the photo, have a look around you then move.

  • Communication

Another important thing that you have to keep in mind is the communication between you and the driver. You have to keep continuous communication with the driver so that you can decide beforehand what will be your aperture, shutter speed, ISO setting based on the speed the car will get. As these all are dependent on the car speed you can not disconnect the communication with the car driver. If direct oral communication is not possible, make a communicative gesture that the driver will understand. Talk with the driver before starting the photography session. It will give both of you a positive understanding of your body language.

  • Location

Location is an important factor in car photography. And when it is about moving car photography then it becomes more important. The background and foreground will affect the things in the frame. So you should choose a place location that will suit the photography session. Otherwise, the result will be upsetting and frustrating for you and your customers as well.


Moving car photography is one of the highest levels of Creative photography to date. The photographer has to work on aperture, ISO, shutter speed, etc. to get the best output. The advice or suggestions I have mentioned above and not Universal for every situation. You may search for more options online. However, the suggestion can help you to a great extent to take the best moving car photographs in your career.

Baby Photography Tips for Beginners = Fix The Retouch

Baby Photography Tips for Beginners = Fix The Retouch

Photography of babies is not an easy thing to master. Baby photography is taking pictures of babies that should look perfect. Babies do not always cooperate with us and they have a lot of mood swings. There are some techniques by which you may get some amazing photos of babies that will blow everyone’s mind. As a beginner you may find it really difficult to get a good shot of the baby, so we are bringing some effective baby photography tips for beginners that will certainly help you in mastering the art of Baby photography. So here are few baby photography tips given below.

1. Getting the posture.

People can give quite good postures to make their pictures look as good as possible, but when it comes to babies, it’s no more the same case. Babies don’t tend to be always ready for a photo shoot session. They make subtle changes in their position at any time. They don’t give you perfect postures whenever you take the camera in your hands. There are lots of cases when people have been holding the camera for hours but they haven’t got even a satisfactory shot due to their lack of common sense in understanding this simple thing. Babies can give a perfect posture, a cute smile, any time, informingly, whenever they are happy.

2. Cheer up the baby.

Forgetting the best shots, the first tip would be to keep the baby happy. Let the baby play, have some fun, let it be joyful. As long as the baby is happy, you won’t have any kind of problem shooting pictures of the baby. But, babies are not always happy. They are masters of tantrums. If they don’t like anything, they can just start crying. What can you do then? Do not worry; there is a solution for that too. Keep someone, whoever the baby likes to be with, close to them. So if the baby feels annoyed, that person can always cheer up the baby and make the baby happy again. Of course, you can’t control the child this way, but trust me, it will help a lot. It is a tricky baby photography technique for beginners

3. Don’t wait

When taking photographs of babies, the biggest mistake you can do is waiting for the baby to give the perfect posture and smile. Always keep the camera ready, and keep shooting. Don’t wait, whenever there is a chance to keep shooting continuously so that you can get at least one nice picture out of many. Waiting for the perfect moment would be baseless, so use the continuous shooting mode in your camera to capture numerals of pictures per second.

4. Keep the camera close

Another important point to keep in mind is to always keep the camera close to you because babies are really unpredictable. There is no specific time when they will give you a perfect look. Happy times come uninvited and uninformed, so you need to always keep the camera ready so that whenever you identify the happy moment, you can just click it right away, and there you get your shot. This particular baby photography tip will help you technically.

5. Got enough Light?

Light is one of the most important things to keep in mind when taking any picture. Light definitely plays a huge role in photography. If you don’t have enough light, you won’t possibly get the perfect picture, and the picture might look lifeless, and if the amount of light is excess, the picture might get destroyed. So you always need to make sure if the amount of light is perfect if you want to get a perfect shot. When talking about lighting, what can be better than natural daylight? Natural light always cooperates with the camera to help you get the perfect one, thus always try to take pictures in daylight. When you’re outdoors, you can get plenty of natural light at daytime, but at home, it’s not always so easy to get light everywhere. Try to shoot in front of a window, so the child can get enough amount of light on its skin. However, natural daylight means the daylight only, not the sunlight. The sunlight can damage the baby’s skin significantly, and also ruin the picture. Taking that you got a good amount of natural daylight, you can choose an ISO of 100-400 and a wide aperture (f/2.8-f/8) for a shallow depth of field.

6. No Natural Daylight?

Suppose you don’t get a sufficient amount of natural daylight inside your house. So you would like to use external flash for a good picture. However, let me clear one thing out that flash can damage the baby’s eyes that can also lead to blindness. As long as you don’t want the baby to lose its eyesight for your photography obsession, you can use another trick that might help you a lot, the bondable flash. Cast the flash indirectly on the baby. It means that you can throw the flash on any ceiling or a gentle reflecting surface that will reflect the light on the baby, without causing harm to the baby.

7. How should the background be?

So, now as you have fixed the lighting, it’s time for getting a gentle background. Just because we are taking pictures of babies, taking too much bright or too much colorful background would look awful. To make the picture look as professional as possible you can use the monochromatic colors such as white, grey and black or also use colors like beige to get both classic and simple background for the picture. Then you can turn the mode dial to AV mode and select your wanted aperture. If the light at your place is not enough bright, you can also push the ISO up. This will give a much more pleasant look to your picture.

8. Finding the Perfect Angle.

Find the best angles to get the perfect picture. Finding the perfect angle really plays a great role in the field of photography. Sometimes you take a picture, but then realize that it has exposed too much of the forehead, or the bottom part of the face, or it did not come out the way you wanted it too. This indicates lack of sensing the best angle. You can try out different angles, such as close-ups, get down low, or take nursed shots, etc.

9. Colors can be taken out

You can get even more classic pictures of the baby when you take out all the color. Converting the babies pictures into black and white will help to remove distractions and deal with any kind of scratches, grubbiness, blotchiness or marks. It will increase the softness of the picture and match it to the softness the baby.

Babies are really adorable objects of capturing. They provide us with innumerable beautiful postures and expressions. The entire photo session should be delicate and you have to have patience while baby photography since they cannot understand your commands. If you can apply some of these baby photography tips for beginners, you can undoubtedly get a perfect shot of your baby.

Best setting for car photography – Fix The Retouch

Best setting for car photography – Fix The Retouch


Car photography is quite different from other types of photography. This genre requires a special kind of setting as well. For standing cars, the settings will be of one type while moving car photography settings is quite different. Though car photo editing has improved a lot, the settings of cameras in car photography are still thriving. The camera settings will define how your photos will be. So, you must work on your camera settings.

It’s not as easy as pointing and shooting – there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you want your photos to look good. In this blog post, we will discuss the best settings for car photography. In this blog post, we will discuss the best settings for car photography. We’ll give you tips on how to capture the beauty of cars, whether they are parked or in motion!


The first thing you need to consider when taking car photos is the location. Where will you be taking the photo? If you’re shooting in a studio then you have more control over the lighting and background. However, if you’re shooting on location then you need to be mindful of your surroundings. Make sure there are no distracting elements in the background and that the lighting is flattering to the car.


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of car photography. The right lighting can make a car look amazing. while bad lighting can make it look dull and uninteresting. If you’re shooting on location, try to position the car so that the sun is behind you or use artificial light to illuminate the car.

If you’re shooting in a studio, you have more control over the lighting. You can use strobes or continuous light to get the look you want.

No matter where you’re shooting, be sure to experiment with different lighting setups to see what looks best.

Camera settings

Once you’ve found the perfect location and lighting, it’s time to start thinking about your camera settings. If you’re shooting in manual mode, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, adjust your shutter speed so that the car is nicely exposed. A good rule of thumb is to use a shutter speed of at least one-hundredth of a second when shooting cars. This will help to freeze any movement and prevent blur.

Next, set your aperture. A lower aperture will give you a shallow depth of field which is great for isolating the car from the background. However, if you’re shooting in low light, you may need to use a higher aperture to let in more light.

  • ISO

Determining the settings of ISO is one of the most difficult tasks. Perhaps this is the most important setup as well. It immediately increases the amount of light captured by the sensor of the camera. It has a direct influence on digital noise. To avoid digital noise, you have to use this setting perfectly. If you are shooting car photos on a gloomy day, then ISO should be higher. The ISO level depends on the amount of light available in the place you are shooting.

  • Mode

The camera mode should be in drive mode while taking car photos. The program camera mode or P mode will help you to take stunning photos of cars in motion. It will set the camera focus to automatic mode which is very important for shooting car photos. However, you also need to have manual control over the mode setting of the camera. To control the shutter speed and aperture, you should learn more about the mode. You can change the camera mode using the main camera wheel or the dial.

  • File Format

If you are shooting photos professionally you should always choose the RAW file format. It is best for editing. No matter how good your photography is, you have to do some post-processing. You have to take the help of a car photo editing service to improve. So, it’s better if you take your photos in RAW format.

  • Focus point

You can use the aperture setting (f/2.8) to focus on the detail. A car consists of different parts. Focus on the details of the whole car body. The viewer should know every detail of the car from the photos. If you find your pictures are blurry or looking darker, then go for a higher ISO. It will make your focus point clear and the photos will be pitch-perfect.

  • Exposure

Exposure means the amount of light you want in your photos. Depending on the availability of natural light you can set your exposure. While shooting cars in the evening, we want to get the gradient of the setting sun in our photos. If you set your exposure right, the car will look stunning in your frame. Otherwise, the background will look okay but the foreground will become darkish.

  • Night mode

Night-time car photo shooting is an amazing idea. In that case, you should turn on the night mode. It helps you to remove the blue light coming out of your screen. As a result, you get the best output. Aperture is an important benefactor of night mode. Set the aperture at f/8 and f/11. This will give you the best result as far as night-time photo shooting is concerned.

  • Motion shot settings

Motion shot means shooting car photos while the car is moving. When you are shooting a moving car, it’s better you keep the autofocus on. This will help you to keep the car body clear. Otherwise, you may have to move your body from here to there to get the perfect shot. Well, you can also do this using a moving tripod.

  • Shutter Speed

Shutter speed is highly connected with exposure. It is highly recommended for the photographer to keep the shutter speed high so that the camera can capture the maximum amount of light. To create photos that are free from the effect of shakiness. In motion pictures, shutter speed is the most important aspect. Set the shutter speed according to your need from the shutter speed dial.

  • Color Balance White Balance

Balancing the color of your photo should be done before you start shooting. Depending on the color temperature the cameras offer some preset modes. You can set the white balance functionality through automatic WB. Though most cameras come up with a default white balancing system, you can set it manually as per your need. To maximize the color accuracy there is no better way than manual white balancing technique. The settings may vary from camera to camera.

  • Image Stabilization

For shooting car photos, this function or setting is highly recommended. When you are shooting by moving from here to there, it’s better you keep the image stabilization on. It will keep your images from becoming blurry. This mode becomes important when you are shooting on a tripod. Also, this setting allows the photographer to shoot handheld slower shutter speed. You can change the setting from the camera menu or if you have a lens then change the settings from the lens body.

  • Take Static Photos

While shooting car photos, you should try static photos at the beginning. It is easier to shoot a parked car than to shoot a moving car. In that case, play with the depth of the field. To take a perfect photo of a parked car, use a wide aperture. It can be (f/5 or less). Well, it depends on your purpose. If you want to show the interesting environment of the car surrounding, then keep the focus on both the background and foreground. If your intention is to keep the car in focus, then control the depth of the field.


Once you have your camera settings sorted out, it’s time to start thinking about composition. When composing your shots, be sure to pay attention to the rule of thirds. This is a simple compositional rule that states that objects should be positioned one-third from the edge of the frame.

When taking car photos, this means that the car should be placed one-third from the side or top of the frame. This will help to create a balanced and pleasing composition.

Another thing to keep in mind when composing your shots is leading lines. Leading lines are lines that lead the eye into the frame. When taking car photos, you can use the car’s headlights, taillights, or even the lines on the road to creating leading lines.

By using leading lines, you can guide the viewer’s eye into the frame and towards the car.

If you keep these compositional tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to taking great car photos!


Once you’ve taken your photos, it’s time to start editing. If you’re shooting in RAW, then you’ll have a lot of flexibility when it comes to editing. You can adjust the exposure, white balance, and other settings to get the perfect look.

If you’re shooting in JPEG, then you’ll still be able to edit your photos, but you won’t have as much flexibility.


There are a few extra things you can do to take your car photos to the next level. First, try using a polarizing filter. This will help to reduce glare and reflections.

Another thing you can do is to shoot in HDR mode. HDR stands for high dynamic range, and it allows you to capture a wider range of tones in your photos. This is great for taking photos of cars, as it can help to bring out the details in the paint and chrome.

Finally, you can try using a long exposure to capture light trails. This is a great way to add some drama and interest to your car photos.


In a nutshell, The settings of the car will depend on the other factors related to the car photography. You have to plan your camera settings based on the car color, shine, background environment, light, etc. However, there are some universal settings that will always be the same. The camera settings I have talked about above will surely help you as a photographer
7 Tips to Optimize Amazon Product Images 2023

7 Tips to Optimize Amazon Product Images 2023

Are your Amazon images optimized? Here are the 7 image mistakes you need to fix

The following steps can help you optimize and edit your Amazon product images. Any E-commerce seller on Amazon, Alibaba, or any other online selling site knows how important it is to have good quality photos for their products. Not only will they convince the potential customers they are legit, but also influence their overall shopping experience. To get better results on Google, you need to optimize your Amazon image.

If you want to have a successful product on Amazon, they must be optimized and high-quality pictures of your items?

You would need to hire a photographer who can capture the right angles, lighting, and everything that will make your product look desirable.

But if you are in hurry or just don’t have the budget for a professional photographer, then here are 7 mistakes you need to avoid while taking the photos.

Optimize Amazon Product Images and Generate More Revenue

What Are Amazon Image Requirements in 2022?

The amazon-image-optimization tag allows you to show amazon product image optimization. It is among the most popular tags that are used in SEO Toaster. It has 5 total instances.

amazon image requirements details


  • Image size on amazon image:

Amazon lets you upload pictures up to 10,000 pixels on the longest side. Make your images bigger than 1000 pixels on the longest side.

Amazon recommends a minimum image size of 1000 pixels wide or tall and 1600 pixels on the longest side. Amazon suggests your image will be less likely to become blurry if it is at least 1000 pixels wide or tall, and 1600 pixels on the longest side.

There are four different ways images can appear in Amazon product listing: Thumbnail Size (150 px), Hero Image (1200-1500px), Zoomed In Image (400px) and Gallery Items Images (~6480px).

All four types of amazon images have an aspect ratio of at least 1.6 (1600/1000). All amazon images have an aspect ratio of 1600px : 1000px.

  • Image frame of amazon image

The size and flexibility of the frame allow for use throughout the entire site and across all devices and platforms (for desktop, tablets, and mobile devices). The product should fill 85% or more of the frame.

No matter what product you are trying to sell on Amazon, the background color of your product photo should be pure white (#FFFFF). This is so when shoppers purchase products they can easily see the true colors in the photo because white isn’t being overpowered by another color in the background.

If any other colors besides white are being used in the background, it can make the product look different or even worse depending on what color is used.

This also helps to ensure that your customers can see the whole image of your product, not just a small portion of it. Using this pure white background for photo backgrounds will help buyers see the true colors and shape of your product. This ensures that they will be getting what they paid for instead of something much different than what they were expecting.

  • The file format and type of the amazon image

The file format of the amazon image is important for amazon images. The best format and size is a JPEG file. PNG files are also supported but you should compress them as much as possible because it will make your amazon image load faster, which can increase sales! In general, amazon prefers JPEGs to pictures with the PNG extension. But if your amazon product has a lot of white space around it, you might consider using a PNG file.

PNGs are better for amazon products that have big amazon images with more translucent colors or textures because JPEG files can compress these amazon images poorly which decreases the quality of amazon images dramatically.

  • The color mode of the amazon image

The color mode of amazon images is an important thing to consider when amazon optimizes images. There are two options to upload amazon images, which are sRGB and CMYK.

1. Using Old or Low-Resolution Images is out of the box on Amazon Image Optimization

To take high-quality photos, one needs a good camera and lighting equipment. Yes, you might be able to mask bad lighting with post-processing tools but that can only do so much. If your image is too dark, you will end up with photos that are not only blurry but also unusable.

So avoid taking photos in low lighting especially if you are selling clothing or fashion products on Amazon or any other e-commerce site.

• Avoid blurry low-resolution photos

• Focus on high-quality images for a better ROI

• Protect your eCommerce business by not having unusable pictures on Amazon

• Sell more products by using professional photography

• Increase conversion rates on your amazon product page

• Provides an edge for amazon sellers against their competitors.

• More customer trust will be gained because of clear photographs

Do not use Old or Low Resolution Images on Amazon

2. Poor Lighting is out of the box on Amazon Image Optimization

 If you want uniform brightness across your product images, then make sure to take them under the same lighting. Different lights will cause shadows and uneven brightness, which can have a negative outcome on your product image quality.

If your current lighting is too dim or has a yellow tint, then it’s time to go shopping for a new one that will help you get rid of these problems.

Do Not Use Poor Lighting on Amazon Image

3. Cropping Images Improperly is out of the box on Amazon Image Optimization

The rule of the thumb while cropping images is to keep them in their original ratios.

Even if you are trying to highlight a single feature or part of your product and others can be cropped out, then don’t do it!

Otherwise, the purpose of taking the photo becomes moot. Remember that people may not be looking for a zoomed-in image of your product — they usually want to see the entire thing and make an informed decision.

• Increase the quality of your images because you are using consistent lighting

• Improve the overall shopping experience for potential customers because they will be able to see all aspects of your product with clarity

• Provide maximum visibility for products because you can take them under controlled, consistent light

• Prevent shadows and uneven brightness

• Save time on post-production editing


Do Not Use Cropping Images Improperly on Amazon Image

4. Using Stock Images is not proper of Amazon image guidelines:

Stock images might seem like an easy fix if you don’t have your images or can’t take any good quality photos on short notice. But doing so will only harm your product ratings.

• You want to show your customers that you care, and seeing similar photos for products like yours will make them feel like they’re not the only ones

• Stock images often don’t give a precise representation of what people should be expecting

• It’s important to take good quality photographs to present your product as accurately as possible

• Photos from different angles will provide an accurate depiction of your product or service across various forms of media

• More authentic photos make the reader believe they know what your phone looks like, not just a photo taken by someone else.

5. Taking Distracting Photos is not perfect for amazon images:

Even something as simple as a shadow, a dirty background, or a half-eaten cookie can have a negative influence on your e-commerce store. So avoid taking photos in mess and also keep the background of your images clutter-free. You can use laptops or TV screens for a nice clean background.

• Keep your e-commerce store looking clean and professional

• Photos with a distracting background can decrease conversion rates

• Use laptops or TV screens as a clean background for your products

• Your products will be the focus of attention, not distractions

• Create a polished and distraction-free look for potential customers.

Taking Distracting Photos is not perfect for amazon

6. Not Optimizing Your Images:

There are several free tools that you can use to optimize your product images before uploading them online. For example, you can use Adobe Photoshop to resize and compress your photos without compromising their quality. In addition, make sure to name them properly as well as add weight and height to your images in HTML or XML.

-Name, resize and compress images for better online performance

– Add weight and height to your images in HTML or XML

-Reduce image file size without compromising quality

-Increase product visibility and sales by optimizing photos

Not Optimizing Your Images

7. Using Dull Backgrounds you will never get SERP on Amazon and Google:

Avoid using plain black or white backgrounds for your product images, unless the theme of the product itself has a minimalistic design. If you are selling any fashion products on Amazon try taking photos against wood, brick walls, or anything that is not too monotonous. Also avoid using studio lights as they can create an over-exposed look, which is not only hard to edit but also makes the product less appealing.

That’s all for now! I hope you found this blog post useful about Amazon photo editing mistakes and if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Please leave your feedback below and let us know what other topics would you like us to write about.

Do Not Use Dull Backgrounds image on Amazon

Amazon Image Optimization FAQ

Get to know the Amazon Image Optimization process better with our frequently asked questions!

An amazon image requirement should have a clean white background. The first thing you need to do is find an actual picture of what your product looks like, not just any old photo but one that shows off its best features and will make buyers want it more than anything else in their shopping experience!


Your Amazon images are one of the most important things when it comes to converting shoppers into buyers. A good photo, in addition to a great product description and price, can help you boost your sales on Amazon or any other online selling site. Here are some final thoughts before you go out there and start taking photos for your products– make sure they have an aesthetic tone that is professional, clear with no blurriness, has plenty of lighting so the colors don’t look washed-out, shows off all angles of the product including close-ups if needed (don’t forget about watermarks!), captioned with what’s included in each package size right next to the image – these few tweaks will take your product photography from mediocre to Amazon bestseller!

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Please leave your feedback below and let us know what other topics would you like us to write about.

How to start photography business as a Teenager

How to start photography business as a Teenager

The world economy is accelerating at a rapid rate. The income of the people is increasing continuously, sources of income have improved. There was a time when the grown seniors used to earn for the family and kids used to play and study. Things have changed nowadays; everyone is earning, the elders, the youngsters, and almost every age group are earning. One of the most rapidly growing age group who are earning is the Teenager group. Teenage is the age group between 13 and 19 years. Nowadays these youngsters are trying different sorts of ways of earning. They want to be “Independent”. They want to earn their own living.

One of the ways of earning for such youngsters is the “Photography business”. Most of the teenagers are using their talents as a photographer and trying to sell these photos on different websites and media companies. Some are planning to start their own business but they are not being able to. The only question that arises in their mind is how do I start my own Photography business?


It sounds a bit difficult but nothing is impossible right!

In this article, I will give you ten very easy and surprising tips on initiating your very own photography trade. So, hold on to your PCs or phones! And let us begin this small little journey of scrolling this page and taking a step forward to your expansion in income.


The first step is to decide which thing to do. Different choices are available in this sort of business. You can either take pictures in any event or you can take different types of random and unique pictures and can sell them to different media companies or online photo buyers. So, it’s all up to YOU.

Focus on a Single Genre

Many people get confused about what to start with. As a teenager, there is the possibility of getting puzzled by lots of genres photography offers. However, you have to remain focused on one single genre. Because it will become tougher for you to handle multiple genres of photography single-handedly. Focusing on a single genre of photography will surely garner a better result. For example, you can start with nature photography or wedding event photography. Keep your focus on one single genre.

Get Prepared with Necessary Things

To start a photography business you need the necessary things. Things like cameras, lenses, websites, are extremely important for a photography business.

Professional Camera

To be a professional photography business owner you have to work using a professional camera. Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony, Olympus, Fujifilm are some of the most popular brands that produce professional cameras. You can buy the best one for you within your budget.

Photography Websites

Having a photography website will allow you to boost your business easily and more conveniently. Investing in making a professional photography website will bring a huge return on investment. You can trade with your photos online. This is the era of the internet. Selling your photos online will be a great idea. You can promote your portfolio online. A website allows you to collect customer information more professionally. It lets you effectively advertise on social media. You can highlight customer feedback and communicate your brand.

Social Media Presence

Social media is a platform that everyone visits for different purposes. The business purpose increasing day by day. It doesn’t make a difference in the event that you run a little nearby shop or a major public organization. Online media is a fundamental piece of your business showcasing procedure.

Social stages assist you with interfacing your clients, increment mindfulness about your image, and lift your leads and deals. Within excess of three billion individuals around the planet utilizing online media consistently, the clients and commitment on significant stages simply continue to increment.

Photo Editing Tools

Image editing is essential for the work in case you’re owning a photography business. Through editing, you can make your all-around staggering photographs considerably more amazing by changing measurements like color balance, white balance, color combinations, etc. If you want to save money from this part then you can give all of your editing tasks to Fix the Retouch. And image editing company that is best in their business. 

Persuade the clients

To get more events, you must show your previous work details and do as much advertisement as possible. It is not necessary to advertise your service in an expensive media, just focus on doing word to mouth advertisement as it is the most useful technique of advertisement. Grab the attention of your audience by giving special offers. E.g. – with 500 raw photos + 100 edited photos, an album will be free. Trust me, clients love offers!


The most widely used word nowadays is freelancing. In short, you can say it is the work you do for others. There are many freelancing sites, where different entrepreneurs are posting their pending works and hiring a person to do that job at a given price. Many photographers are searching for people to click some pictures that for some reasons they aren’t being able to take. So, they may hire some teenagers for doing it for them. Browse these freelancing websites, open accounts and bid for the jobs you can do for them, do it and earn.

Sell stocks

Another most common way is to sell stocks of a photo on various websites. Recently, many websites are providing opportunities to photographers around the world to sell their photos online on their websites. There you can upload the pictures you have clicked, they will pay you at fixed rates per download of your posted photos.

Some of the best websites that are doing such dealing are listed below:

500px Prime –

500px Prime allows you to sell your pictures through online trading. People following your profile can comment and react on your photos. They may even hire you for their events. They can also download your pictures by paying for them.

Shutterstock –

Shutterstock opens a gallery of your photos uploaded on their website and showcases them on their website. They pay you in fixed rates per download of your photo.

iStockphoto –

iStockphoto is the oldest website for this type of online stock photo selling a business. They also showcase your pictures in their website and pay you at a fixed rate per download of your uploaded picture.


If you are serious about starting a business, then you can start with a plan. Talk to the seniors, professional photographers who are in the business now, You will definitely get a clear view of the business.

Photography is an asset, it helps you to explore your imagination as well as use them to create your own business. It covers a vast market in this continuously industrializing world. Teenagers are being the root cause of this growth as they are active and focused on their work.

Business portrait photography Tips – Fix The Retouch

Business portrait photography Tips – Fix The Retouch


Business corporations need photos of their pupils for different purposes. These photos get published on the company website, annual report, various magazines, and newspapers. It helps the people to relate the people with the brand name. So the quality of these photos needs to be addressed.

With a view to having the best quality photos, the company appoints skilled photographers to shoot business portrait photos. That’s why the idea of a business portrait came and became a profitable niche in photography. Many professional photographers are striving to become a corporate headshot photographer. This particular article is about some of the basics that will help you accelerate your career as a corporate headshot photographer.

Business portrait photography Tips

Selecting Location

One of the first things that you should consider in business portrait photography is the place of shooting. You have to look for a place where there is enough light. However, do not shoot in harsh sunny areas. Extreme sunlight makes the face look rough. It’s better if you can find a place where there is soft light. If you are shooting indoors then ask an office member to help find the best place. The subject should feel comfortable in that place as well.

Get Acquainted with the Subject

To make the subject comfortable in front of the camera you have to build a good relationship with them. Especially, the new corporate officers do not feel comfortable in front of the camera. As they are new in the office, they have a shy feeling to stand in front of a camera. So, go and talk to them like a friend. Tell them how you are going to do it step by step. Instruct them and tell them to stay confident. This rapport will give you a better result. Always remember your photos will look better if your subject looks comfortable, okay, and relaxed in front of the camera.

Fix an Exposure

Once you get the subject standstill on the ground, find the right exposure. It may take you a little time. You may need to zoom in to get the right exposure. You must keep the focus on the face. In a corporate headshot photography shooting, you have to get the best look on the face. There should not be any extra bright things around the subject. Otherwise, it will grab the focus of the viewers. 

Work with Camera Settings

The one thing that you have to make sure is correct is the camera setting. Even before the shooting starts you have to check the camera settings. Keep shutter speed at 1/100. If you are going without a tripod then make sure you set the vibration control or image stabilization. Some cameras have this technology by default. In portrait photography, the background should look a little blurry. Besides this, you also have to keep your camera aperture right. Let me tell you one thing. A wide aperture gives an in-focus face and out-focus background. On the other hand, a narrow aperture gives an in-focus background and out-focus face.

Get Up Close

Close shots are best for business portraits. Because the main focus is to shoot the face. To get that you have to get up close. Take some photos getting closer to the subject. If you do not get enough space to get closer, you can zoom in. Be sure zooming in is not harming the pixels of the photo. Because that can destroy the whole look of the photo.

Wait for the Right Moment

Do not rush. For any kind of photography, it is my common tip. You have to stay calm and quiet until the right moment comes. As you are shooting headshots, you have to wait for the smiling faces as well. Keep patience for the right moment. Keep an active eye on the subject. Photography is all about shooting at the right moment. The greatest photographers opine that to be a good photographer you have to keep the timing right. Being a good photographer means shooting good photos. And good photos come at the right moment.

Shooting Indoors

One of the biggest challenges that corporate or business portrait photography comes with is shooting indoors. Because the business offices are mostly decorated with glasses and dim lights beside the walls. So, it becomes a little tougher to get the right exposure always. If you are also shooting indoors, you have to keep the focus on the subject. You have to deal with the scattered light spills. One more thing to add when you are shooting indoors is light. Despite there will be lights here and there, you also have to take some.

Group Portrait

Group portrait is always tough to shoot. You cannot focus on a particular face. Rather you have to focus on the whole group. In that case, you have to add extra light and the camera settings also should go with the location setting. The best way to shoot the group portraits is to shoot outdoors. You don’t need to worry about setting up the lighting.

Use a Tripod and Ladder

You have to invest in a ladder and tripod. A ladder will help you shoot perfectly when there is a large group to shoot. In a business portrait shooting, sometimes the client asks for shooting a whole team together. If there is a small space inside the office, you may face trouble getting them all inside the frame. In that case, a ladder can help you. And a tripod is always handy to shooting non-blurry pictures. It will help your hand stay fixed.

Set a Suitable Background

The background is always important in any kind of photography. Find a place where you have the best background. Try to shoot where there is no extra light in the background. Find a plain background in the office. Otherwise, you can always shoot using a backdrop. Buy a plain or simple color backdrop. That will help you a lot.

Final Thoughts

Last but not least. Stay calm. Don’t get stressed seeing the CEOs of the large business houses. Do not overthink. Just go with the flow and have fun with your clients. Do not get stuck with your own thought. Keep the focus on high performance. Keep calm and do what you need most.

How To Resize Images Without Reducing Resolution

How To Resize Images Without Reducing Resolution

Image resizing has become a necessity to be successful in any sort of business. Whether, it is an ecommerce website or an official presentation, image resizing is vital.

Any ecommerce website needs two things to reach towards its dedicated customers easily. First, thing is the content which needs to be planned for SEO and small size images, which will help the website load in less time. Therefore, it reduces the chances of bounce rates and increases the page authority. In this way, the website becomes perfectly optimized and reaches within the top search lists on Google.


But, resizing an image sometimes destroys its quality. A low-quality image with a small resolution can snatch away lots of customers from you in an instant. A well-presented image will immediately boost up your sales!

There are some very easy and effective ways by which you can resize your images without losing its resolution and quality. In this article, we are going to focus on those effective and effortless ways particularly.

So, just sit back, take a sip of coffee, read this article, enjoy and RESIZE!


After you choose the save for web option, you will see that the image is being displayed in two different tabs. The first tab is the original image and the second one is the image that will be resized according to your settings.

The options that will be available for you at the upper bar for image resizing are:

  • Original- This one shows just the original image and its resolution
  • Optimized – This one shows the clarified or optimized image and resolution of the image
  • 2up – This one shows the image in two divided columns. One is the original image, the other is the image resolution you will set.
  • 4up – This one divides the photo into 4 different columns with 4 different image size and resolution.

Choose the desired image mode and resize your image

There are other options on the side bar of the web page image resize option these are:

  • Present menu – This is the menu where you can set the image quality and file type. Choose the progressive style from there so that the image can be downloaded for multiple passes without the quality getting decreased. Use JPEG images as they have a low size which is perfect for website uses.
  • Image size – This is the option from where you can set the image size. If you know the exact pixels you want the image to become then you can give it on the pixels section or you can just choose the specific percentage from the percentage section to resize the image.
  • Image Quality – It should be bicubic so the image will be of better quality.


Image resizing online:

There are some online applications for resizing images without losing quality. They are very easy to use and you can download the photos in various file type too.

  • Canva – This app is the most used apps for creating any type of blog banner, Instagram posts, logo design, ad banner and many more. You can also resize those images and designs from it easily by just choosing the desired pixels and size.
  • Pixlr – This is another photo editing tool available online. You can resize those images by just choosing your desired resolution from the image compressing option available on the upper bar.

Plugins for image compression:

There are lots of plugins available for compressing the images on websites easily without losing the image quality. Few of them will be much more helpful-

  • WordPress – WP Smash Pro, Short pixel & EWWW image optimizer
  • Shopify – Image Optimizer, SEO photo optimizer, Minifier & Image recycle
  • Magento – Image Magick

Therefore, using these options you can easily resize your images and can use them various business purposes Web designs or PowerPoint or Word presentations and etc. Your customers will be satisfied to see the photos and your revenues will fly high in the air.

Top 6 camera Lens filters for photographer – Fix The Retouch

Top 6 camera Lens filters for photographer – Fix The Retouch

Anything impure can cause damage to anyone. Such as -Impure water can cause lots of internal health issues for countless people. So, cleaning the water becomes necessary in order to get consumed by the local people. In order to clean-up those impurities from that water, it gets filtered using various filtering equipment and in the end, the water becomes pure and can be consumed by general people without any hesitation.

Just like water, a perfect photograph also needs to be filtered while capturing it. So that it can remove all its impurities, which is forcing the photograph to look unnatural and dull. To cancel out different types of impurities or flaws from a different photograph while capturing them, Filters are put on use. These filters are usually connected with the lenses to apply different effects over the photograph. This effect increases the charisma of the photograph and takes it to a different higher level.

In this very article, we are going to describe a few Filters used on the lenses of a camera, which can make a photograph taken by an amateur, look utterly Professional.


Types of filters

To start from scratch, one thing you need to know about these external filters is that they are of two different kinds. Which are:-

1.  Screw-in Filters

These filters fit straightforwardly on top of your lens, in the threads. Just spin the filter on the threads on top of the camera lens and your filter will get fixed on the camera. Every screw-in filter has a specific size or width, so the more lenses with the different size you have the more filters you’ll need. Screw-in filters are best, it makes polarizer and UV filters easy to change in and out.

2. Slot-in Filters

In this type of filter, a holder is placed on the front side of the lens and the filters are placed on that holder. The holder usually has interchangeable sides so that any size of the filter can be placed on it for any size of a lens. The holder normally has three or four channels, so you can easily put more than the single filter in the holder. The main benefit of the slot-in filter is that you can insert or take off filters quite rapidly plus better filters can work on shorter, minor lenses.

The next thing you need to know about filters is that they have a different type of functions. I mean each type of filter performs a different specific function. There are different ranges of lenses that have a different function. Below, we will illustrate those lenses and their functions.


3. Range of Lenses

A. Polarizing Filter

This filter can be used to darken excessively radiant skies. It enhances the contrast between clouds and the sky. It reduces atmospheric vapor as well as mirrored sunlight. The most distinctive function of a Polarizer is to get rid of reflections from water and glass or any transparent object.


B. Color Balancing Filter

A color balancing filter is used to influence a change in the light sources. Though you can use a Color Balancing filter to balance various differences in the photographed color of light the 85B (warm-up/orange filter) and the 80A (cool-down/blue filter) are the two standard filters for reimbursement for color balancing. These filters are mostly used by the photographers to apply artistic effects to the photos.


C. Neutral Density Filter

This filter effectively reduces the amount of light entering the lens and helps to control the exposure accurately according to the need. This also gives a soft motion blurring to the subjects. This type of filter gives the best performance if it gets used for natural photography like Skyscape or Landscape.


D. Soft Focus Filter

This filter does as it sounds. It efficiently produces a soft focus on the subject and makes it look very expressive. This type of filter is mainly used for close-up photographs and it also suits architectural photography too.


E. FUV Filter

This filter is transparent, the main function of it is to reduce the percentage of Ultra Violet ray entering the camera lens. This also reduces the haziness of the atmosphere and makes the photographs look dynamic.


F. B&W Filters

There are several filters available for photo shooting in B&W mode. Each filter has a different color and highlights those colors effectively. And makes the B&W photos look utterly professional.



Filters are very widely used by all types of photographers whether they are amateur or professional. They take out the actual colors from the photographs and make them look completely outstanding. As far as I think, these filters can change the quality of the photographs drastically. And can effectively clean up the photograph from its impurities.

How to change background using Photoshop

How to change background using Photoshop

The latest trend in the marketing of products using Photoshop is to, “Change the background”. Literally, everyone is selling their products online by posting attractive photos of them. They are simply taking photos of their products and changing their backgrounds making the product look more eye-catching. Some people don’t have time and they need background Change Service provider.

Suppose a company that sells Mineral Water, is taking the photo of the water bottle and changing its background to a hot desert. A person who is thirsty will be bound to buy that product anyhow. That photo will surely attract him. Here is another tips how to make background transparent in Photoshop. In this article, I will give some simple tricks on How to how to change background in Photoshop!

Just sit back, take a cup of coffee with you and scroll the page!

Step – 1

The first step is to OPEN the product photo you want to remove the background of on Photoshop. In Adobe Photoshop CS3 you can open the photo by clicking the File menu on the upper Bar. Then select the Open option from the File menu. You can also click [Ctrl+O].

Step- 2

Next step is to choose the file from the Folder on your PC. Choose the file and CLICK open.

Step- 3

Now, Select the Magic Wand tool from the left bar option. Using this magic wand you can select the background you want to remove.

Step- 4

After selecting the magic wand tool, it is time to choose the background. CLICK on the white background to select it.

Step- 5

After selecting the background you have to CLICK on the right mouse button and CLICK the SELECT INVERSE option from the menu to select the water bottle.

Step- 6

After selecting the inverse option and choosing your photo, you have to make the white background disappear and a transparent background appear behind it. So, CLICK the right mouse button again and choose the layer via copy option to create a new transparent background and CLICK the Layer visibility option in the LAYER TAB to make the white background disappear.

Step- 7

After removing the background of the product, it is time to choose a new background for it. So, again CLICK the File option from the upper bar and choose plus open the new background from your PC.

Step- 8

Now, after selecting the new background a new TAB will open in Photoshop. This will be the background tab. So it is time to select the product photo from the old TAB and insert it here.  So, Use [Ctrl+Tab] to change the Tab then SELECT the product layer using [Ctrl+A] then Choose the Copy layer option from the Edit menu on the upper bar.

Step- 9

After copying the product layer, paste it to the new background layer in the new background Tab. So, CLICK the [Ctrl+Tab] then CLICK the Edit menu on the upper bar and choose the Paste option from there. Your product layer will be pasted in the new background layer.

Step- 10

Now after pasting the product layer in the background, it is time to adjust the layer in the background properly. To do so use the move tool from the left bar and position the product layer properly using the mouse. This should be placed in an attractive way to catch the viewer’s attention.

Step- 11

The final step is to add a Text to it so that it describes the product and the viewers can understand what it is about. Use the Text option from the left bar to add text.

And finally, save the image in your PC from the file option.

So, using these simple 11- steps you can change the background of your product photo and can make it more eye-catching. It will attract lots of customers for your product and will definitely increase your sales.

Photo Editing Jobs for any designer

Photo Editing Jobs for any designer

There has been a major growth of professional photo editors in the past few years. As the IT sector is growing the potential growth of a photo editor or graphic designer is also constantly increasing. People now are highly getting interested in expanding their career in this field called photo editing.

Lots of newbies are entering this competitive market of photo editing but are constantly asking themselves a question “ is there a chance of growing a career in this field?”

If you really want to be successful and have the will to work hard then yes there are lots of chances or ways to pursue photo editing as a career. Because there are various kinds of ways to find the perfect Photo editing jobs online and offline which will give you a healthy pay cheque.

How to get a Photo editing job?

There are different ways you can find the most suitable job as a photo editor. There are higher chances of earning a healthy amount of money from this job field. But, I already told you before that this is a very competitive industry with a worth of $36 billion. The projected employment rate of this sector has increased by about 5% from 2016 to 2026. So now you can imagine; that what are the chances to get a job from this field.

The toughest person has the potential to survive and later dominate in this industry. There are a few basic areas where you need to be experienced and knowledgeable about to be a successful photo editor. You should be able to be an expert in the following things to get a photo editing job in less time.

Adobe Photoshop

This is the photo editing tool every graphic designer or photo editor has heard about and knows how to use it. Photoshop is the best tools for retouching, fixing and manipulating any sort of image to make it look more attractive and indulging. A photo editor should be knowledgeable and experienced about each and every function and tool of Photoshop. You should be a master in the image editing techniques like clipping path, beauty retouching, image manipulation, background removing, layer masking, body reshaping, etc. Being a pro in using this application and the methods will help you to get a good paid job as a photo editor easily in this vast market. Always keep in mind that customer wants quality and only a pro can give them a quality work.


Another advanced photo editing tool developed by Adobe is Lightroom. The best friend of a photographer is this tool. If you’re planning to target professional portrait, landscape, wedding, real estate or travel photographer as your future clients then my mate you should be a pro in using a Lightroom. Lightroom is the best tool for enhancing a Photographer’s captures. It has lots of filters, adjustment tools, batch processing, presets, etc only to edit professional photographs of a photographer. If you can learn the uses of this tool and become an expert on it then handling a lot of clients will become easier for you.


There is no limit of the fact that how much effective and helpful the Adobe Illustrator is for a Graphic designer. You can illustrate or design a professional logo, business card, flyers, brochures, web template, cartoon, book cover, etc using an illustrator. This is the tool which can be used to edit images and give them a highly intuitive background. If you’re an expert in using this tool then trust me you can do almost anything you want with an image.

English writing skill (Communication skill)

This is the most necessary skill you should have to impress a client to give the order to you. You should have a good English writing skill which will help you to communicate and persuade the client to work with you or hire you. In an interview the interviewer will choose you by checking your English proficiency and confidence while talking. If you cannot be good in this then handling international clients and working with them will be very much difficult for you. Develop you English writing skills as there are different ways it will help you in your career as a photo editor.


If you want to rule this industry then only creativity can help you. Photo editors nowadays are using the same old tricks again and again while handling a client’s job. If you can find some new and easier techniques to do the same task with more perfection using creativity then the chances of you becoming the best is 90% positive. Start being creative is you want people to hire you and give you your demanded salary.

Places to get photo editing jobs

So far you know that what are the skills required to get photo editing jobs. Now I’ll tell you the places from you can actually get a legit job from. These places are already helping a lot of photo editors and designers to work and earn from jobs that are paying a good amount. The places are as follows –


A marketplace is the best place to get clients that are actually searching for a professional photo editor and are also paying them a healthy amount of money for the service. The buyer is the client and the seller is the person providing the service. You have to build gigs and offer in your seller profile and let clients knock your door after checking your gigs or offers. A gig is simply the portfolio of the service you offer for example your gig should say “Offering Photo editing service”.

You may have to bid on projects available on the service you want to offer like a photo editing service. The marketplace will take a small commission from the sum of money you will get paid from the buyer and you can also withdraw money to your local bank accounts and cards from the marketplace. There different marketplaces to find valid clients from. The best and most highest paying marketplaces are listed below –

• Upwork
• Freelancer
• Fiverr
• Peopleperhour
• Truelancer

Get jobs from Photo editing company

There are some professional photo editing companies that are hiring professional photo editors from around the globe and are paying them a good salary for their work. These photo editing companies are already among the market leaders and are providing services to thousands of clients worldwide every year. Handling this much quantity of clients at a time gets tough for them with the help of their office based designers and editors. To increase workforce they hire home based freelance photo editors and are paying them a good salary based on their quality of work.

Types of work for a photo editor

Now there are different types of photo editing jobs available for you to specialize in. Which one should be best for you? It’s your decision to make.
You should still have a list of the photo editing jobs every client wants. As photo editing has various categories there is a demand for the category listed below. Choose the best one that suits you from this list –
Background removal – This is the type of Photo editing where the client wants the background of the image to be removed or changed into a different background.

• Image retouching – This is the type of photo editing where the client wants the subject or object in the image to have proper color, skin tone, softness, sharpness. And they also want all the spots and flaws or dents to get removed from the image.

• Image manipulation – This is the type of photo editing service where the client would want you to crop someone or something out of the image without making the image look fake. Manipulation has a great demand in the market.

Image Restoration – This is the type of image editing technique where you will need to restore some damaged images to the way it was while clicked for the first time.

Alternative ways to earn money

Marketplaces and Photo editing companies aren’t the only ways by which you can get jobs as a photo editing expert. There are some other alternatives for finding clients for you. It includes self branding or being a helping hand. These ways are –

YouTube Marketing

YouTube has become the fastest way of reaching to the clients you want. Using marketing techniques to get subscribers and views on your photo editing tutorial videos will help you create a brand out of yourself. Open a YouTube channel and keep getting subscribers to increase your revenue from YouTube. YouTube also pays you for your videos getting viewed and shared.


Another way to increase your professional presence in the social world is to create portfolios on Behance. Lots of professional photographers and businesses searches on behance to find a worthy photo editing expert to edit their images. These clients offer a good amount of salary if they love your portfolio.

Facebook page

Facebook as marketers say that is the best place to get legit clients. Facebook has world’s highest users. The market you can target using facebook is huge and getting a job using facebook has also become easy because of their new jobs section page. Still, you can open a facebook page showing offers and your works of photo editing to capture clients through your facebook page.

Creative market

There are some creative markets that help you sell your graphic design mockups and photo editing presets through their website. Such markets are Envato elements, Freepik, Shutterstock, etc. You can sell your designs and other works using this creative market and earn money online as a photo editor/graphic designer.

Help blogger

Bloggers are the person who needs lots of edited images or graphic designs to use them as attractive images on their blog articles. You can find many bloggers from checking out their blogs using Google and can contact them using email or social accounts. If you can arrange a good deal with them then getting a client for a long run will become easy for you.

Related forum

There are lots of forums related to photo editing available on Google. You can find lots of clients searching for a professional image retouching expert. They hire them for a long run as a freelancer and pay them in an hourly rate or sometimes depending on the work. Visit such forums and get inside communities to earn more.


There are lots of scopes for a professional or even an amateur graphic designer or image editor to get a job online or even offline. Earning is very easy in this competitive market if you can work smartly. Less effort plus more conversion is achievable if the above ideas are utilized properly.
Just focus on your work and be confident. Keep data of each and every account and stay engaged to generate a healthy income from this vast market of graphic designing and photo editing.

Still life photography equipment

Still life photography equipment


The emergence of digital cameras gave birth to different types of photography. Every photography genre has a certain demand for equipment to execute the tasks perfectly. Using only a camera cannot produce the best result. You need other accessories as well. Still-life photography is one of those photography types that requires a specific type of equipment. Some are common in every type of photography whereas some others are specifically important for still life photography.

In this article, I am going to share my experience of using different equipment during still-life photography. You will get a guideline about the equipment you should take while shooting still-life photos.

Still life photography equipment

The Cameras

Choosing the right camera is a crucial factor in still-life photography. The quality of the photos changes dramatically according to the camera model, quality as well.  You can choose either a full-frame camera or a cropped sensor camera. You may have to change the budget if you want to move on with a full-frame camera. Or if you buy a cropped sensor camera, then your camera focal length will be different. One more thing to notice, you should be able to shoot RAW images. Only JPEG will not work much.


No matter what type of photography you are up to, a tripod is always a piece of handy equipment to shoot high-quality photos.  A tripod helps you to take non-blurry photos. Well, in case you have no idea about a tripod, it’s a three-leg stand used to keep something standstill. You can easily keep your camera fixed on a certain position using a tripod. Besides helping in this regard, you can get benefitted from a tripod in some other ways as well. For example, you can keep shooting for a long time. Without a tripod, your hands will feel numb at some point.

Especially in still life photos, your purpose is to shoot sharp and clear images. To get that, a tripod is the best shelter for you.


Another significant piece of equipment for shooting still-life photography is the lenses. The camera manufacturer makes several lenses for a particular camera. Some are for the amateur photographer while some others are for the pro-level photographers. However, not all of them are suitable for still-life photography.  100mm micro lens will be the best option for still-life photography. One more thing to remember, keep some spare lenses. Who knows, you might need that.

The Backdrop

A backdrop becomes an important component when you are shooting with an imperfect background. We all know, photography means creating stories without writing a word. A backdrop will help you to clarify what you are trying to present. It describes your subject better than what it looks like without a backdrop. Well, you can create your own backdrop using the things available at home. The plain color wall in the background is also perfect for keeping the focus on the subject.

Soft box

Soft light creates a more welcoming look. Soft light makes your subject look natural and captivating. Most importantly, soft light is charming for the eyes as well. While shooting still-life photography, you should try to make your photos look softer. To make it happen, you have to use a soft box. It will modify the light and make it softer for your photos. For still-life photography, it is one of the mandatory equipment.

Light box

When you shoot still-life product photos, you will need to shoot some products up-close. In that case, you might lose the focus of the whole product because of the imbalance of light. You can take some of the best photos using a light box.

It is a box consisting of a sharp light in it where you can place your product. It will make every part of the subject visible to the viewer. As there is light from almost every angle, the subject becomes completely shadow less. It creates more captivating shots.

A Reflector

If you are shooting indoors and there is light from one or two sides, you will need a reflector. A reflector will take the light of one side and throw it to others. A reflector creates a balance in the amount of light. It diverts the light where it should be. Moreover, a reflector brings out the real color of any subject. That’s why most food photography is done using a reflector. Because food color is an important aspect.

The Flashgun

Another important and specially made for still-life photo equipment is a flashgun. It will automatically fire after clicking. You have to use it when you need to highlight your object. It also creates a shadow behind the subject. As a result, it becomes more natural.

Use a Diffuser

Well, it comes in the field with the flashgun itself. However, you can use it as an external part of your flashgun. It will make the light go dimmer. It makes the light more natural by modifying it.


Tethering becomes mandatory when you shoot food as your still-life photography. Otherwise, your food items may get damaged if accidentally you drop your camera. No one wants such incidents. So, it is safe to keep your camera tethered to your neck.


As a photographer, you will have to be a semi designer as well. You have to edit your photos at least to the basic level. To get that successfully done, you need professional software. I would recommend Adobe’s Light room for you. It works best to edit your whole image. It works as a global image editor. To remove background if needed, to correct color you need Photoshop software as well.

Miscellaneous Things You Need

There are some other basic things that you need. A shutter release, backup drives, back up batteries, several backgrounds, etc.

To Wrap it up

Well, it is easy to buy new stuff for your photography task if you have money. However, most photographers fall into the trap that they need tons of things to get started. However, it is a trap. If you want to start still-life photography you can start with some basic things. However, there is some equipment that is really helpful to execute your job perfectly.

Photo Retouching Jobs – Fix The Retouch

Photo Retouching Jobs – Fix The Retouch

Photo retouching is simply the process of editing or customizing an image using image manipulation tools of Photoshop. In the image editing industry, the number of photo retouchers getting jobs has increased a lot. But most of the new retouchers are facing issues searching for the most suitable photo retouching jobs.

There are various kinds of jobs that are open for such type of newbie and strugglers. Finding the right job is a bit tough due to the competition in the market of graphics designing or photo editing. So in this article, I’ve dug up a few of the best and most flexible ways for finding the perfect photo retouching job online. But before I start giving you the places where you will find the correct jobs for you, I want to help you check that is it in your caliber to do such type of jobs. To check you’re ready or not start reading the next lines which is about the tools you need to start this mission.

What you need for Photo Retouching Jobs:

A soldier needs the weapon to start fighting for his country, a photographer needs a camera and lenses to start his career just like them as a photo retoucher or editor you also need your weapon. This weapon is none other than the photo editing tool and what could be better than Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom for this purpose. Still, there are some other things you may need to get the best retouching job online. These tools and skills will help you achieve your goals for sure.

Adobe Photoshop

Without explaining further I would directly come to the point that Photoshop is the most important tool a professional photo editor needs. With the set of various tools and functions on it retouching and manipulating any sort of image becomes easier and accurate. There are lots of photo editing techniques like removing the background from an image, make a drop shadow effect, masking a portion out of the image, retouching and fixing skins, etc that can be done is minutes using Photoshop. This is why this is the bazooka in your artillery of weapons as a photo retouching expert.

Adobe Lightroom

One of the Great software developed by Adobe is Lightroom. This editor is built mainly to support and enhance the work of a Photographer. Enhancing any sort of image is possible using this software. As a photo retoucher, you need this software for fixing or adjusting the color, contrast, warmth, sharpness, Hue, saturation, vibrancy, blur, etc of the image you will get from your clients. Then you can easily open those photos in Photoshop to retouch and fix the flaws from the image. So this is the best tool for editing a photo.

Proficiency in Speaking or writing English

If you want clients you should better know how to communicate with them. English is an international language which gets used by everyone in the world while signing huge contracts and deals. If you are good in speaking and writing English then finding and convincing a client will become easy for you. Improve your English by watching English spoken and writing tutorials on YouTube and read articles on Google. This way you can improve your English without hiring a professional teacher paying him/her a healthy salary.

Professional Skype account

There is a lot of difference between acting like a professional and actually being a professional. If you really want genuine long term clients then you better start being a professional. Think about the long run, today or tomorrow you may have to talk without clients on a video call or phone call in order to understand what they really want from you. For this ,you will need a professional Skype account. Skype helps you to access international numbers and contact with your clients around the world at very lower cost. It also creates a good impression on the clients mind about you. It shows how professional you actually are. So create a Skype account now and make it professional. Give your contact address, A good picture, a description about who you are and you professional experience. Trust me clients will make lines to give you their orders.

Reach photographer on LinkedIn

As a photo retoucher, your aim should be photographers of different genres. Photographers mainly use photo retouching services. But the tough part is to find such a professional photographer to reach out to. LinkedIn is the social website where you can find professional photographers. You need to find and connect with them and keep a friendly relation with them. Upload and share your work on your profile to attract them. This way you can find clients from LinkedIn.

Reach photographer on facebook

The most used social site of this generation is facebook. Photographers around the world use facebook to showcase their captures. They open various pages and groups. All you have to do is follow their pages and follow them through that. You can contact them from there and can make them your clients by showing your work. If you can reach from facebook then you can find lots of different photographers who want to hire a professional photo retoucher for retouching their photos.

Reach photographer on Mail

E –mail marketing is the most effective method for marketing. You will need to collect emails from as many photography websites of various photographers. You can find these websites and blogs using the Google search engine. Then using some extensions like email hunter in your browser collect emails from the photographer’s website. Then all you have to do is send bulk males using a mail server. Then you will at least find a number of clients to startup your business as a photo retoucher.

Make the retouching focus website

One of the most effective methods for getting organic clients is by using a retouching focus website. Websites help you to rank on search engines and get clients who actually are searching for a professional retoucher. To open a website you will need to buy a domain, server and a theme. Then decorate the website the way you want to. Using the blog and creating a landing page you can get 100% conversions.

Make a freelance profile on Marketplace

Marketplaces help you get genuine clients. Lots of companies and photographers are posting for job offers and projects on various marketplaces. Through marketplaces ,you can become a freelance photo retoucher and can take payments through any sort of online banking system. You will have to bid for a project or create a gig or offer then clients will decide whether to hire you or not. It depends totally on how you’re approaching them. These are the few freelance marketplaces where you can find a legit client easily.

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • Peopleperhour
  • Indeed

Make a portfolio on different social media

  • Portfolios are a great way to showcase the projects you have handled so far or how many types of retouching techniques you have experience on. If you want clients to order you a work, they may need to know how good you’re in it. A portfolio will help you show them your talent and persuade them to place an order to you. There are various social media where you can actually create a portfolio of your own and can attract potential clients. 

These are the most important one –

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Behance

Make a tutorial on YouTube:

Many companies and photographers search for tutorials related to image retouching on YouTube. They want to learn these techniques to edit their own images. If you also create some Tutorials on YouTube then you can persuade these clients to check your profile and if they liked your video then it is possible that they might hire you for handling their work.
To do this sort of marketing you will need to open a channel on YouTube. Then decorate it by using a classy and attractive channel cover. You can also apply for adsense on YouTube. If your videos get viewed then there is a great chance for you to earn via adsense impressions. So YouTube can be a great way to earn money as a photo retoucher.

Focus on Telemarketing:

Nowadays everyone uses a Phone. Smart phones have now become a necessity for everyone. Photographers, businesses, etc are looking for expert designers for photo retouching. You can contact these photographers by collecting their numbers from websites or their social media accounts and using phone calls you can get clients for providing photo retouching service and get some cool photo retouching jobs.


Being in this competitive market is tough and dominating is tougher. It can be made easier if you don’t stop working hard for your goals. To get the best image retouching jobs you will need to concentrate on updating your skills and focus on the marketing techniques. You will have to invest your time and effort in it then you will surely get the sweetest fruit as a reward for it. Always remember, hard work never fails.

Photoshop Tools to Remove Background

Photoshop Tools to Remove Background

You can find plenty of software for cutting off the background of an image. In the list of all those software, Photoshop comes at the top. Photoshop offers you lots of tools by which you can cut off the background off an image, without ruining the image. We will discuss the tools below. Also want to Change the Background in Photoshop that is best for you. This is the best photo editing software for you. Here is another tips how to change background in Photoshop. Here is another helping hand for Background removal job.

Magic Wand Tool

Magic Wand Tool is a wonderful tool to remove the background from images, and it works very effectively in case of simple shaped images. This tool is named the Magic Wand Tool because it works like a bit of magic. It works great if the background is of one color, and the image has a strong outline.

  • At first, open the image in Photoshop from which you want to remove the background.
  • Select the Magic Wand Tool from the left toolbar of Photoshop. You can either click on the tool or also press “W/ Shift+W” simply from your keyboard.
  • Click on the background you want to select. You can find dashed-line blinking around the selected layer.
  • If you feel any kind of disturbance with the selection like blinking dashes, then there is a great option. You can try playing around with Tolerance. This thing will vary in every image.
  • Then click on the Delete button, which will you the background-free image.
  • Go to Select from the top bar, click on Modify, and then click on FeatherYou can carry out the process pressing Shift+ F6 from your keypad. Now, press Delete. The process will remove the hardness from the image edge-line.
  • Press Ctrl+Dto deselect the main subject. Then, create a new layer and place the new layer under the main layer dragging down from the top by going to Layer
  • Then place the background color. Check if the outlines are okay or not. And that is it. You’re done.

Lasso Tool

This is another tool to cut off the background, but if your hands shake during selecting, it might become a challenge for you. Simply follow these steps:

  • Open the picture in Photoshop.
  • Make sure that the image background is not locked, keep it opened before starting to edit.
  • Select the Lasso from the toolbar. By dragging, draw a line around the main subject.
  • After drawing the line, click on the Path Palette from the Layer Palette and then create path clicking on the
  • Then click on the selection tool from the toolbar.
  • If there have been imperfections in the line, the selection tool will find points that will help you repair the line.
  • Press Ctrl+Enter to transform the line into the selection. Head back to Layer Palette.
  • To separate your subject with the background, select Select from the top, and click on You can also do it by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I on your keyboard. Then press Delete to remove the background.
  • Take a new layer under the main layer and provide a background color. In this way, you will be able to leave out the unwanted background.

Color Range

This Background removing technique lets you select the background of the image quicker than any other one.

  • Open your image in Photoshop, and duplicate it so that even if it gets ruined, you can work with another.
  • Go to Select and from the dropdown click on the Color Range option. There you will get a window.
  • Now you will get a color picker. If you want to select the background, click on the background, or else click on the main object.
  • Then click the Color Picker with the plus (+) sign, and click on the places where the background is not thickly black. Make your background completely black.
  • Press OK. You will get the image background selected with a long blinking dashed around your main object.
  • If the main object gets selected even the slightest bit, then take the Quick Selection tool and click on the selected area so that it gets removed.
  • Then, Press “Ctrl+Shift+I” or go to Select and click on the Inverse from the dropdown. The background will be selected as a result.
  • Lastly, press the Delete button from the keyboard to remove the background and press “Ctrl+D” to deselect the product.
  • Now you can give any background of your choice.

Layer Mask

Layer Mask is another easy Photoshop Background Removing tool. It is a photo editing with two layers.

  • Open the image you want to remove the background and unlock it double clicking on the lock icon.
  • Select the Pen Tool and create an outline of the subject.
  • While creating the outline on the main subject, press “Ctrl+Enter” so that along blinking dash will be visible around the selected area.
  • Next, select the layer that contains your subject and click on the Add a Mask from the bottom of the Layer palette. You will be amazed that a mask layer is added to your image layer and by the same time, the background of your image will be removed automatically.
  • So you’ve got a transparent background. But if you want a color background, just take a new layer and provide any color to it by Paint Bucket Tool. Place the new layer just below your image layer so you can have your chosen background color.

Alpha Channel Masking

This process works best for hair masking. If you want to remove the background from hairy images, Alpha Channel Masking method can be helpful for you. Follow these simple steps:

  • Open your image and duplicate the image layer.
  • Go to the channel from the Layer Palette.
  • Select the channel with most contrast in background and duplicate it.
  • Make sure that only this channel is visible and the others are invisible to edit this channel.
  • Press “Ctrl+I” to invert the layer.
  • To remove any white glair, press “Ctrl+L” for level option and move the slide.
  • Then the background will become completely black. Be careful that the small things like flying hair don’t get ruined. If the background is not fully black, then go to Manual work and use Burn Tool.
  • Then, take a Pentool or Lasso tool and draw a line to select the body and face area. Ensure the foreground and the background color white. Press”Ctrl+Delete” to fill the selection with white color.
  • Press “Ctrl+D” to deselect the area. Select the Dodge Tool and select the Highlight from the top bar.
  • Zoom the images and drag the dodge tool to the area that is not highlighted to highlight the rest of the area that you could not select through Pen Tool.
  • Then head to channel and go to RGB To select the four channels having visible the last one on which you have been working.
  • Got to Selection option from the top bar and select the Load Selection option from the dropdown. A box will appear, select the Blue Copy from the option, and click on OK. As a result, you will get the image selected and blinking dashed will be visible.
  • Come back to the Layer Palette To create a layer mask, select the first layer, and click on Add Mask option. You will observe a mask added with the first layer.
  • Lastly, make invisible first layer by clicking on the eye and there you will get a background removed image.

Pen Tool

Pen Tool is often described as the King of all the selection tools available out there in Photoshop. It can create a path and make a selection around an image most precisely. Most of the professionals use this tool. You only need to follow the steps above:

  • Take your photo in Photoshop and unlock it by double-clicking on the lock icon.
  • Create a path to select the main object for removing the background. For creating a path,  you have to zoom the image as you need. Take Pen tool and create a path.
  • Press “Ctrl+Enter” to make this path into a selection. You will then see a blinking dashed line around the image.
  • Then select the main layer, Press “Ctrl+Shift+I” to inverse. After doing this, you can select the background. Now, hit Delete and there you get your image with a completely transparent background.
  • However, if you want a color background, just take a new layer and provide any color to it by the Paint Bucket Tool. Place the new layer just below your image layer so you can have your chosen background color.

Removing Background from an image using Photoshop is not the easiest things to master. It is very tricky work. Many people spend hours and hours working in Photoshop to remove the background. If you become able to master this work, then you will find a huge improvement in your ability and it will benefit a lot. Hope background remove tips for Photoshop Tools to Remove Background will help you improve your work.

Online Photo Editing Jobs From Home

Online Photo Editing Jobs From Home

In this competitive era earning has become quite tough for the newcomers. They don’t know where to start. Getting online photo editing jobs is very tough. Everyone learning photo editing and planning to use this skill for earning but are mostly failing. The only reason behind it is that they lack in marketing themselves. They fail to reach their correct audience while advertising their offers. There are various ways you can actually reach the right clients and get orders easily. In this article, I’ll tell you the accurate ways to get online photo editing jobs from home. Save this page as a bookmark because this may be the key to the gate of your success.


First of all, you need to know about the marketplaces that offer such jobs to the designers. Here is the list of the best marketplaces and how you can get a job offer from them.


It is one the many, biggest and well-known freelancing site out in the world. With over 12 million freelancers and more than 5 million business waiting for you, for their works. It is said to have over 3 million working opportunities are posted annually. There are a few different categories making it easier for you to find the perfect/suitable job. Instead of photo shoots, most of the jobs are about photo editing.


It is the largest freelancing marketplace in the world nearly crossing over 21 million. Most of the works are in freelancing, are nearly half of freelancers do writing work, with 18% of freelancers listing writing as a primary skill, 10% editing/copy-editing, and 10% as copy-writing. 20% of freelancers listed their primary skills as design. Next on the list were translating (8%), web development (5.5%), and marketing (4%) According to 2012.


It is said to be the most successful for online jobs. Although it is not as big as the two biggest freelancing sites above, Guru has over 4 million freelancers. There are thousands of photo editing gigs to work with. Guru shows some serious concern about their payment dealing sector. They provide you with four different CUSTOMIZABLE AGREEMENT that both sides have to sign before working on the project. You can also see if the employee has paid for your work before handing the project to them.


It is the smallest from the list above, but does size matters? NO! They have shown others that size really doesn’t matter as they have a lot of photography jobs waiting for you. Those jobs include some practical works such as wedding/event photography, photo editing, tutorials videos, and many more. The listing is categorized by level, budget, and status. You can also ask for clarification on each job done by you simply by just commenting on its public brand. (no more jumping on a project with the closed eye)

Hub staff Talent

Hub staff Talent is a new platform for talented people to show their talents and it is also relatively smaller than the other listed platforms. Because of the new platform, many people might think that it is based on the short term, but it’s not trueHubstaff talent is more focused on long term run. This may leads to jobs both hourly to one-day jobs. Listing can be based on type, category, skills, experience level, payment-rates & budget. This was recently introduced to make it easier for freelancers to make it to their desired jobs.


Here you will just post your services and at what price. Employees will search through the site and choose their required services. The most important part of Fiverr is you need to grab employee’s attention. This might be a little bit of tricky but you can grab it by providing excellent services at very decent pricing at the beginning. We are not saying that you should charge $5 DOLLAR. While the platforms initiative to provide “five dollar gigs” but later, because of its huge growth and success, they included pricey projects in their lists. So what photography do you have in your pocket?

Design Hill

Design Hill will provide you with a reliable marketplace for graphs design, photo editing, logo design, banners & more. It provides a real-time interference between the buyer and the seller, buyers can also give you real-time feedback and ratings to your work. Customers can also browse through the top sellers on 1 on 1 basic and chose their favorite one. “We provide a great platform for designers to create portfolios, showcase their design works and avail great work opportunities. We also have a ready-made logo store, where customers can buy ready-made logo templates, customized for free within 24 hours. All the logo templates have been carefully curated, so our customers can get the best logo design for their businesses.”

Tips to make a professional profile on market place:

As I’ve told you earlier that to reach the right audience through the marketplace and social media accounts you will need to act like a professional. You need to present your profile in such a way to the audience that they get attracted to your offers and place an order at your door. The following tips will help you to set up profiles as a professional and maintain it for getting clients and jobs –

Make a professional smile photo

Yes, you will need to smile in the photo you will click for your profile. Your posture should also look like a professional photo editing expert. Because this smile and posture will make your clients imagine you as a friendly designer. They will think that you are a person they can trust their work with. So, they will obviously choose you for the job.

Make the audience clear about your job

If the audience who are checking your profile but aren’t clearly understanding what service you actually providing then that can be a very big risk for you. You may lose the chance of turning an audience into your customer. So make sure that you describe your job on the description box properly. Make it clear so that the audience understands that you are providing photo editing service

Build a professional portfolio

A portfolio is a very effective way of showcasing the best works of your life. This helps the clients to decide how much experience you actually are. It helps them decide whether to hire you for the job. This is why building a professional portfolio is very important. Make categories of your works and post images of your works that are attractive on your portfolio account. Dribble and Behance are the two best portfolio creation sites which can be helpful to you.

Upload more sample of your work

Keep uploading samples of your work on your profile. This will help you to stay updated and in a flow of the trends in this photo editing industry. Samples of your works will also strike their minds and it may persuade them to place an order or offer you a professional job. This is why upload your works and stay updated.

Tell them about your work experience

Experience is the first thing after costs that a client checks while deciding whether to give an order to you or not. Tell them about your work experience and how far you have come by focusing on this niche. A person with more experience always gets the client.

Get a positive review from known people

When a Client will want to offer you a work he’ll definitely check the reviews on your profile. A bad review may lose you a customer. So tell a friend to take a service from you and give great reviews. This way you will get reviews and work.

Hire a writer to make a professional profile

It’s not like you don’t know how to write a profile description in English. But, hiring a professional writer to write a profile description for you will let you present yourself as an expert to your future clients. This is why hire them.

Make some cheap photo editing offer

People love getting good services at lower and cheap pricing. The better you will offer the more they will buy. Therefore make some cheap photo editing offer to your clients. This way you will be able to attract more clients.

Make a professional profile on other social media

Social media is definitely the best way to gather a number of traffic to come into your profile and check what you’re offering. The chances of conversion are a lot of people come from social media to your gig. Therefore, open profiles on the following social media sites. These sites have the most responsive clients. The sites are –


Finding an opportunity is what every designer thrives for. But why would you wait for an opportunity when you can create one yourself. As a photo editing expert, you can follow the above tips to get the best photo editing jobs online. These tips will also help you be a professional designer in the future. So best of luck!
Photo retouching NYC

Photo retouching NYC


In today’s digital era, the best way to attract customers by creating an impression is through photographs. The importance of digital photos is increasing day by day. Because most of the business world has already shifted to online platforms. And online platforms work using photos to display products. People make buying decisions based on what they see in the picture. So, showing them the best picture is a crucial matter. For this reason, retouching photos have also become a vital part of online business. My team is ready for retouching services in NYC business owner. We are the Best Photo Retouching service provider in New York. It implies the significance of this service.

In my today’s article, I am going to describe the whole of photo retouching. The types and benefits of retouching will also be there. To know in details, stay with me till the end.

Photo retouching services NYC

Types of Photo Retouching

In the e-commerce business, we need different types of photo retouching. According to that need, we got a diversified variation in photo retouching service. Here are some of those.

We all are born with different types of body shapes. Some are fair, some are dark. Whatever it is, everyone is beautiful anyway. However, when the camera takes our photos, there are possibilities that we may look different from the real look. Sometimes, there is less focus on the body which makes the photo look less nice. In that case, body retouching is something that you can depend on. It will improve the skin tone, remove wrinkles, or any spot your skin might have.

Body-retouching-service provider

Wedding photos are special to everyone. People spend thousands of dollars on perfection in wedding photos. The bride and the groom both should look flawless. However, the photographer naturally makes some mistakes which can be corrected through wedding photo retouching services. Expert image editors can enhance the quality of the dress, stage, the wedding environment, the background, and other people in the wedding program.

Wedding image editing company | Fix The Retouch

Taking newborn photos is one of the latest trends in photography. People want to make memories of their children right from the day they take birth. The skin of newborn babies is not like grown-ups. They are more sensitive and look a little rough. Sometimes, they have skin rashes as well. So, it becomes necessary for the parents to retouch the newborn baby photos.

High end baby photo retouching company

The most important component in the e-commerce business is product photos. And the photo should be attractive enough. Otherwise, the visitors will ignore it. On top of that, e-commerce sites like Amazon put conditions on uploading photos on their sites. One of those conditions is that the photos should be clear and visible. There should not be any distraction to the photo so that the viewer can understand the features of the product. To make a photo look like this, you must take the help of product photo retouching.

product photography color correction

Jewelry usually contains complex designs. If your photos are not clear enough your viewer cannot see the subtle curves that the jewelry has. To display the jewelry product with 100% visibility, you cannot but upload your photos after retouching. Jewelry retouch is one of the most demanding editing services around the world.

Wedding image editing company | Fix The Retouch

We all know that corporate pictures are delicate and formal in look. Headshot photos are extremely important for corporate officers. They publish these photos in different types of promotional functions. These photos must be up to the mark. The only way we can develop corporate headshots is by obtaining headshot retouching.

Commercial headshots editing service

Another important and specially made for still-life photo equipment is a flashgun. It will automatically fire after clicking. You have to use it when you need to highlight your object. It also creates a shadow behind the subject. As a result, it becomes more natural.

High-end beauty retouching service

Go and search for a shoe selling website. You will see the shining shoes everywhere. How do they look so shining and glittering? What is the reason behind this shine? Well, the reason is simple. It is one of the most used photo editing service called shoe retouching services.

Photoshop Shoe Photo Editing Services

Why Retouch Photos for NYC Business owner?

Now a question may arise inside your head, why should you retouch your photos. Be it personal, professional, or e-commerce photos. What are the benefits of retouching images? Well, I have already mentioned some of the general benefits of retouching images. Here is a detailed discussion on the benefits of retouching your images.

  • Branding: Every company wants to build its brand name. But very few are able to do so. To build a brand name the company has to own things that other companies usually don’t. One of them is their own photos. They will upload their own photos on their websites. Retouching images turn the identity of a photo. It belongs to the people who retouched it.
  • Sales Increase: When your photos will look clear, blur-free, and nicely retouched, it will as a result increases sales. Therefore, retouching images have a great impact on increasing sales of your product.
  • Traffic Increase: When a unique photo appears it gets ranked in Google search. Moreover, good looking photos attract more people to the website. As a result, the traffic of the website increases as well.
  • Increase Conversion Ratio: The visitor of any website comes with a purpose. If it is an e-commerce website then the visitor comes to buy something. However, most visitors buy a product only when they get attracted by the photos.
  • Efficient Marketing: The world has gone digital. Old traditional marketing strategies don’t work anymore. Search Engine Optimization is the latest trend in marketing. And a retouched photo helps SEO more than an unedited photo.
  • Helps Social Media Promotion: Social media promotion is impossible without images. The texts found in social media mostly go unread. On the other hand, photos get more noticed than the text. So, social media promoters rely on photos to promote products and services. However, we are talking about photos that are presentable and good to watch. That means, retouched photos.
  • Uniqueness: To make a photo unique there are several ways. The best way is to take photos by yourself. Another way to make a photo unique is by retouching it. Unique photos get ranked on Google easily.

To Sum It up

I would say that the image retouching service has no alternative. To be in the competition in this highly competitive world, you have to upload only skillfully retouched photos.

How to Remove Background From image in Photoshop

How to Remove Background From image in Photoshop

Photoshop is more like a boon for the photo editing and graphics designing industry. It has helped many industries to develop together. For example, an ad agency is dependent on a photo editing company for their banner designs and other ad related print designs. This is why both the ad agency and the photo editing company are making profits from their services by staying interdependent on each other. The most common necessity for both of these company is Photoshop. The most common use of Photoshop is without a doubt the art to remove background from image. A professional photo editor or even an amateur one needs to be great at removing background of image in Photoshop. This is like algebra which you’ll need in every step of your math. Want to make transparent background here is easiest way how to make background transparent in Photoshop. To be honest, Background removal company could make your job very easy.In this article I’ll be showing you the easiest way to remove background of an Image using Photoshop and its tools. It will definitely help you as a designer or photo editor to improve your expertise and become the master of Photoshop. So, let’s see how to remove background from image in Photoshop in just seven steps.
Basically, Photoshop is the software professional designers use to remove the background of an image. Other software like GIMP,, Krita, etc can also be used as an alternative Photoshop. But without a doubt Photoshop is best compared to its substitutes. The tools that you can use to remove background of an image in Photoshop is Pen tool, Path layers, Normal layers, Selection tools, Refine edge tool and channels. In this background removal technique, we’ll be using the pen tool, path layer, selection tool and normal layers.

Yes, without a doubt anyone can Change the Background in Photoshop only if he or she knows this simple technique I will show in the next steps. It is not necessary that the person has to be knowledgeable about Photoshop.

Now let’s start the steps using which anyone can remove the background from image in Photoshop. In summary I can say that we are just simply going to draw a path around our object in the image and select it. Then we will simply isolate it from the background with just a small click. Then let’s not wait and start. Here is another way how to change background in Photoshop.

Step 1 – Open Photo in Photoshop

First this is to open the photo on the Photoshop canvas. If you are using the newest version then you’ll see an option on the left side which says “Open”. Click on that button and it will lead you to your drives from where you can select the image and open it. There are two other simpler ways to open an image in Photoshop. You can simply drag and drop the image from your folder to the canvas of Photoshop and it will automatically open it. You can also press “Ctrl+O” to open the folder and then select the image to open it on Photoshop.

Open Photo in Photoshop

Step 2 – Take a Path layer

Now after opening the image on Photoshop you will have to draw a path around the object. To draw a path, you will need a path layer. You will have to create a new path layer for it. On the left side where the layers can be seen there is another tab called path. Go to that tab and on the bottom, you’ll see an icon which looks like a page. Click on that icon and you will have a new path layer to draw the path of that object in the image.

Take a Path layer

Step 3 – Choose Pen Tool

Now to draw anything you always need a pen or pencil, right? Just like that to draw a path on the path layer you will need a pen tool. The pen tool looks like an ink pen and can be found on the tool bar on the left side of the canvas. You can select it from there using you mouse or you can also press “P” to activate the pen tool with your keyboard.

Choose Pen Tool

Step 4 – Draw a path around the subject

Now let’s start drawing path around the subject. Use your mouse to make an anchor point on the edge of the object then draw path using these anchor points around it. The anchor points will help you anchor your path on the curvy edges of the object. Once you have drawn a path around the object connect the last anchor point with the first one and you will have a complete path around the subject in the image.

Draw a path around the subject

Step 5 – Make a selection of the path

The path you have drawn needs to be selected now. Selection will help you isolate that area of the subject from the image. To select the path simply right click on it and you will get a menu from where you need to choose “Make selection” option. This will create a selection of that path you have drawn. You can also just press “Ctrl+Enter” on your keyboard to select the path using keyboard shortcut.

Make a selection of the path

Step 6 – Choose “Layer Via Copy”

Now after selection you can easily isolate the object from the image using a selection tool. Go to the tool bar and choose the selection tool. It looks like a paint brush drawing something. You can press “W” to activate it easily with the keyboard. Then right click on the selection of the object with your selection tool. You will get a menu, from there choose “Layer via copy” option. This will create a new layer of the selected portion of the object and the object will have a transparent background.

Choose Layer Via Copy

Step 7 – Hide the Background layer

Now just simply go to the layer tab and click on the eye icon on the left side of the background layer. Then you will have an image without a background of the subject. This is how you can make background transparent free. This is how you can remove background of a photo in Photoshop.

Hide the Background layer

This is how the image will look after you remove background from image –

before after remove background from image

Final Words

Therefore, Photoshop is a perfect photo background changer without a doubt. With the technique I just showed you above you can easily remove background from image. All you have to do is now to practice this technique on various images. With a little bit practice you can become an expert in it. So have fun doing it!

Best photo editing software to remove background

Best photo editing software to remove background

Any type of photographer needs a good photo editing software to enhance the beauty of the raw photograph. There are lots of photo editing software out there available online to choose from. But the constant question every photographer ask is that what is the best photo editing software? Well to answer this question I have collected a list of few of the best photo editing software for you in this article. Here is another article how to make background transparent in PhotoshopWith the tools present in this photo editing software you can easily remove background, do color correction, apply filters and many other photo editing stuffs. Not only photographers but a person of any profession can use these softwares to edit their photos and enhance them. So, go ahead and keep reading to see which photo editing software is best for you. If you read this article you will able Change the Background in Photoshop  within 2 minutes. If you are not able to do it yourself Background removal company could be best choose for you.

Yes, the photo editing software I have provided in the list below can remove background of an image smoothly. You can use them easily as they are very much easier to use and hassle-free photo editing software. The set of tools these softwares have are just perfect to remove background from any sort of image with perfect accuracy.

Yes, you can create a transparent background using the photo editing software I have given in the lost below. They all have same sort of tools to remove the background of an image and make it transparent. You won’t need any extra experience to do it. Just go through the small tutorials and you’re good to go.

All of the softwares except Adobe Photoshop is free. But Adobe is actually used by professionals that is why it isn’t free and you can subscribe to use it. It is not that much expensive though and anyone can afford it. It is actually one of the best photo editing software to remove background from images.

These following ones are the best photo editing software -


Without a doubt Photoshop is the best photo editing software for anyone. You can easily remove background with it. You can also improve the color and contrast of the photos. You can make digital art perfectly using Photoshop. You may have to become a subscriber and have to pay monthly to use its feature but it is all worth it. Here is background remove tips article that might help to resolve your problem.


Another Great photo editing software is GIMP. It is also a software that lets you remove background and make it transparent. It is absolutely free and anyone can easily use it without experience. The quality of the final image is very good. If you are a product photographer and you want to remove background of the product photos then this tool is perfect for you.

Teorex PhotoScissors

PhotoScissors is an online photo editing software made for people who want to remove background from image without any kind of hassle. It is easy to use and anyone can use it. It is free of cost and you don’t need to pay anything to use the tool. Anyone with a little bit experience can use this tool to edit the images and make them more attractive than before.

One of the most used online photo editing software to remove background is this tool. is one of the finest online tools to cut out the background of your images. With the set of tools, it offers clipping has become quite easy. You also get this online tool for free.

Clipping Magic

Clipping magic is actually a magical background removing tool. You can remove the background of any kind of image in seconds using this online photo editing software. All you need to do is to upload the image on the site and it will automatically remove the background of the image in less than a minute.


Fotor is a all in one Photo editing software. You can do various types of photo editing using it. You can add filters, remove background, adjust colors, adjust light and many other stuffs. The quality of its tool is professional and the end image quality is exceptional. This tool is available free online.


Malabi is a photo editing software mainly used to remove white background from an image. You can find it online and it is free of cost. All you have to do is to upload the image on the page of the site. It will automatically remove the background of the image with its AI tools. You can also use their touch up function to further edit the image.

Auto Clipping

Auto Clipping is both a free and paid photo editing software. You can use this tool to do bulk image background removal. Their free service doesn’t let you remove background of bulk images. You can only remove background of a single image that too it has to be less than 0.4 MP in size. But this software removes the background with proper accuracy.

Background Burner

It is also a free photo editing software to remove background of an image. It is free of cost and it also automatically removes the background of the image properly with complete accuracy. You can also use its touch up function to further edit the image.

Edit Photos for Free

Edit photos for free is a great photo editing software that can be used to remove background, create graphics and Make typography. It has a great interface and the AI it has inside it helps to properly remove the background of the image. It also is free of cost and anyone with or without experience can use this tool to edit their photos like a professional.

Final Verdict

So, if you want to remove background from an image, Enhance the colors and contrast of it or edit you images properly then the photo editing software’s I have given above in this article is what you really need. These software’s will help you take care of the post processing stuffs of the amazing photos you capture.

Clothing photography tips – Fix The Retouch

Clothing photography tips – Fix The Retouch

Clothing photography isn’t as easy as other types of photography. Clothes are very sensitive material. So you have to be very careful about every detail of it. The photos have to be perfect and clean from every angle. All e-commerce sectors now days hire professional photo shooters for clicking photos of their clothing products.

If you have an idea about starting an online business like clothes and fashion products you have to be keen about your product photos. . If your photos aren’t professional or does not look like it has enough quality buyers won’t be attracted towards it. So here are some basic tips about clothing photography according to us. All you have to do is keep scrolling!

Decide the style of clothing photography you want to use

Every work has it’s in own way. So, you have to decide first about what way you will display your product to your customers. People who have become successful in this business have maintained a consistent style of displaying their clothes. Kick start your brain and think some innovative ideas about unique styles and methods. Merchants and high profile fashion designers have always used their own trend and that’s the main reason behind their success. People actually fall for things that usually don’t exist. So, deciding the style is the key to start a healthy clothing business.

Adjust you clothing products

Adjusting is one of the main factors before starting any work. I have mentioned before that clothes are sensitive stuff. One or two errors and they become worthless. Your clothing products have to be perfect. You have to be sure that it doesn’t have any scratches, torn areas, or areas which are discolored. Before collecting it from garments make sure that your workers have cut all those extra pieces of cloth and thread because people always notice even the minor things when they are buying clothes. After adjusting all of these you can get ready to click them.

Adjust the camera and lens

Camera and lens have their own adjustments. Find the perfect camera and lens for this job. Adjust them so that it becomes easy when you try to click a photo. Notice that your camera is taking focus on the clothes properly. If not! Then adjust the focus. Before you start the work clean the lens first. In this way you will be able to take clear and perfect photos of your product. Professional shooters always maintain these basic ways to adjust their camera and lenses before clicking any picture.

Adjust the tripod

Tripod is the triangular thing photographers use to keep their camera still when they are taking pictures. Tripod helps the photo from not getting spoiled. Besides, if you hold the camera with your hand then there are chances that photo won’t be clear enough to catch attention of customers. So, adjust the tripod first that the camera can focus properly on every inch of your cloth. Try to Keep the tripod in some distance from the cloths spot and adjust it on the right angle. In this way your photos will be perfect!

Adjust the clothing photography lighting

Light matters the most in any kind of photography. Try to keep the shooting spot with as much as natural light you possibly can. Avoid dark places. Use artificial lights like all the studios. If you want to take professional photos you have to adjust this light situation properly. Don’t use camera flashes as the cloth will look like the color of it has changed. Maintain consistent lighting on every angle of the cloth. It will make the picture look much clear.
Use a suitable backdrop

Use a suitable backdrop

The backdrop fells a big impact on clothes. You should create or purchase the perfect and suitable backdrop kit before shooting. The area has to be a little bit higher than the camera spot. Professionals prefer clean white or green background as it doesn’t disturb the clothes color. If you are using mannequins or models then always try to give a shadow effect of it. Don’t use backdrops for clothes which have the same color. In this way buyers will easily not be able spot all the details of it properly.

Use unique angle

Every angle has its own way to display items. Try various angles when clicking your clothing product. Zoom in and zoom out, try focusing on different parts from the top to middle and then the bottom, rotate the view of your camera. In this way find a unique angle. The angle has to be perfect not to wide or nor to narrow. Adjust the camera lenses again and again and try switching the view or background and look for the perfect angle by adjusting the length, size and all the necessary measures. Try taking the photo in such angle that people will get the full view of it.

Try taking 360 degree photography

360 degree photography is the modern way of displaying your clothes. It’s easy for both the customer and seller. In this way buyers will get the full view of your cloth just by rotating the picture from every angle. If you have the certain gear to get 360 degree photo you should always go for it. But always adjust the mannequin or models height and size according to areas length before shooting. Because 360 degree photos calculate all the elements according to their size and then it creates an exact 3D image of them. It’s always a good idea to take 360 degree photos of your clothing product and get buyers.

Show all the details of the clothing

Do not miss any detail or any part of the clothes. Click photos from every angle and focus on every part of the cloth. The customers should get details from every inch of the cloth just by a glimpse of their eye. But do not over do the focus! Because It will expose rash parts of the clothes then.

Go for post processing

Your captured photo won’t be enough. We are humans and not computers. So after taking the photo let the computer handle rest of the job. Use post processing to enhance the images. In this way the details of the clothes will be more accurate.


Use these tips for your clothing photography and make your store look amazing! Your visitors will experience a highly innovative store if you do the photography in this way. All of these are mentioned by our professionals. If you want to hire any professional photographer or editor to do this job you can contact us anytime. We hope that our article was good enough to satisfy you!
Furniture photography tips – Fix The Retouch

Furniture photography tips – Fix The Retouch

Furniture photography is similar to product photography but on a larger scale. It usually requires a lot of space and effort to photograph such things because of its size.

Photos needs to look great, as these would be displayed for getting sales. You won’t get the chance to shoot furniture photos multiple times, these are not so easy to move here and there.

Companies won’t even hire you again if you don’t get it right the first time, so be very careful.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of tips and guide that will help you with your furniture photography.

First, let’s look at the camera and equipment that you might want to consider.

Cameras and Equipment

Camera You don’t need any serious camera setup for furniture photography.

You can use something as simple as smartphone or a normal digital camera to shoot photos, but we won’t recommend it if you are aiming to work on anything professional. For personal photography, it will be fine.

Regarding camera type, use either a DSLR or a Mirror less camera. Both will give similar quality photos; differences are in how they are built. Keep in mind that mirror less camera’s battery life is not as good as DSLR cameras.

What brand should you buy totally depends on personal preference. Go to any camera shop and see which camera suits you the best.

Lenses If you want to shoot lifestyle product photography, having a wide-angle lens might help. But for something like ecommerce, having a telephoto will be a good idea.

Get Some Inspiration

Now a days, competitions in online marketplace have increased significantly. Whoever can visually appeal the clients, tends to get the most traffic. So, we always recommend to check the top competitors on what they are doing, and how it benefits them.

Get some inspirations from their photographs and see if it will work for you or if you can do better than them.

Clean the Furniture before Shoot

This is the most obvious suggestion that you will get, which is to clean your furniture before shooting.

Make sure that you clean any kind of dust, scratches or any other imperfections from the furniture. Remove all the tags and properly polish each part of the furniture.

Customers tends to be very cautious when purchasing furniture products, as these would be used at least for few years and are also quite expensive.

If the product is going to be sold online then it is crucial that it looks pristine. If your products don’t look good, people wouldn’t purchase it. So, cleaning is a must.

If you are photographing used furniture then don’t hide the imperfections, you can’t fix it and it won’t be very ethical. Customers should get the product exactly how they saw it on the photos.

By not giving them what they expected, company will lose those customers. They won’t purchase products from the company again, and also the company won’t hire you to photograph for them again.

Another thing to note is that, if the company is selling new product and on a large scale, and they have given you to shoot the demo unit then it will be find to hide the imperfections.

Customers will be getting the new polished product anyways.

By not polishing, it will only harm the sales, so make sure it looks pristine.

Find a Big Location

You cannot do furniture photography in a small space. These consumes a lot of space by its own.

Try to get a big room with natural light. Furniture photos looks great in natural lighting. If you don’t have natural light than you would have to use artificial lights to compensate for it.

Place your product near the window. If the sunlight is too harsh then it will create solid shadow, in that case, you will need to use reflectors and diffusers to adjust the lighting. Use the reflector on the area where there is a harsh shadow, it will help to fade the shadow. A diffuser will help to balance the light around your product.

Using a soft box will also be a great idea, it can illuminate the complete setup with even light. Try to use a big soft box for better results.

Furniture photography lighting tips

There are various sort of lighting sources that can be used to capture furniture photography. The best lighting is the light from the natural source. Sunlight is very much helpful to show precisely the shape and design of the furniture in the photo. If you’re doing furniture studio photography then I would suggest using some soft box for better and sharp shots.

Use a White Backdrop

If you want a really clean look, use a backdrop, you need a big one for furniture photography. You can buy a large piece of paper or use a large white cloth. Make sure your backdrop doesn’t have any creases, otherwise, it will create a shadow and have a line going behind your product. Whatever backdrop you are using, make sure it doesn’t have wrinkles on it. You can remove wrinkles in post-processing but it may not look very natural. For a lifestyle product photography, you have a lot of freedom when choosing backdrops. Simply, go online and look for the ones that fits your theme.

Use a Tripod for Steady Shots

Consider buying a tripod, it will surely help with the shoot. Tripod will eliminate motion blur that you might have gotten in your photos if you were shooting by holding the camera on your hands.

Tripods are used to keep the camera stand still in the perfect angle. Using tripod will give you accurate photos. You can change the angle to take different photos by using a tripod. So, it is always better to use tripod while doing furniture photography.

Don’t Use Props

Unless you are lifestyle product photography, we would recommend that you don’t use props. Everyone has different tastes. Customers may not like your choice of styling and props may distract customers from focusing on the product.

If the company is not very popular then having props may make them think that you are hiding some defects from the product. There are a lot of scammers online. So, it’s best you don’t use any props.

Get your Angles Right

Selecting the angle is a tough job in any kind of photography. You must notice the angle before you shoot. The angle shouldn’t be much narrow or wide. Even a straight angle sometimes gets bad photos.

Your furniture’s size, length should be taken under consideration. Only after calculating all these variations you will be able to select the perfect angle for your furniture’s photo.

Professional photographers can calculate all these variations and take the perfect photo of your furniture.

Try to show as many sides of the product possible. This way customers will have the chance to get a better view of the product before buying.

Shooting at straight angles will make your photo look flat. Move your camera in various angles to get a better perspective of the product. Customers will be looking at the product through photos, so if you can show them various dimensions of the product, they will surely appreciate it.

Take multiple shots in various positions. You may find something that may make the product look more interesting.

Take multiple shots

One or two shots won’t be enough to satisfy your customers. You have to take photos from different angles and views. Take at least 5 or 6 shots from same angle and select the best ones in the end. Then your customer will believe that your furniture looks good from every angle and be satisfied enough to buy it.

Use Tripod while shooting

Tripods are used to keep the camera stand still in the perfect angle. Using tripod will give you accurate photos. You can change the angle to take different clicks by using a tripod. Besides, clicking photos with your hand can often spoil it. So, it is always better to use tripod while furniture photography.

Take multiple shots

One or two shots won’t be enough to satisfy your customers. You have to take photos from different angles and views. Take at least 5 or 6 shots from one angle and select the best ones in the end. Switch the props and then take multiple clicks of your furniture. Then your customer will believe that your furniture looks good from every angle and be satisfied enough to buy it.

Make it Better in Post-Processing

Post-processing is absolutely, but keep it original. Edit the image to make small adjustments, don’t overdo anything. Edit to improve the white balance, color correction, background enhancements etc.

If you don’t know how to edit or don’t have the time, then consider outsourcing. There are a lot of professional sites that can edit the photos for you.

Consider checking out our site, we provide a wide range of professional photo editing services. We work for a lot of international clients and we also have a great portfolio.

Another useful tip that we can give you is that, when photographing, always shoot in RAW format. This will give you greater flexibility in post-processing.


Furniture photography can be very tricky, but it is also very rewarding. Remember to focus on the details of the product. These details are the things that will catch the attention of the customers and will be the deciding factor of purchasing it. Take shots from multiple angles to give a better view. Some things to keep in mind are, when doing this kind of photography always remember to be ethical.

Background remove tips – Fix The Retouch

Background remove tips – Fix The Retouch

People are most of the times roaming around the internet searching for the best way to do something. Most of the beginner photographers and designers search for many types of photo editing tricks that can help them edit their images. But they get perplexed seeing different tutorials showing different method to do the same thing. Like there different methods that you will find as background remove tips. People show various ways of removing the background of the same image but which one is actually better? In this tutorial I’ll show you the two best ways how to change background in Photoshop. After showing these background remove tips I’ll give a final verdict about which trick removed the background perfectly. Then you can decide which you should use and which one is suitable to you. So take out your best photo editing software – hotoshop and follow me! Here is another article how to make background transparent in Photoshop

Technique to remove background of Image using Select Subject -

Open Photo in Photoshop

First step is to open the photo in Photoshop. There are two different ways of doing this. You can go to file > Open to open a photo or you can drag that image on the canvas of Photoshop to open it. Using both ways you can easily open a photo or image on Photoshop.

Choose a selection tool

Go to the toolbar and choose the selection tool. You can also press “W” to activate the selection tool. We will use this tool to choose the select subject option. That is the option in Photoshop which does the real magic.

Click Select subject

Now look on the options that appear above the canvas. There is a button named “select subject”. Drag your mouse toward it and click on it. It will automatically select the subject in the image. It has AI built in it so it automatically chooses the subject from the images

Choose Layer via Copy

Once you have done a selection, right click with your mouse on the selection. Then choose the layer Via Copy option from the menu you get. It will isolate the selected area of the image which is the subject and it will create a new transparent layer where the subject will be placed.

Hide the Background layer

Now just simply hide the background layer. To hide it click on that eye icon on the left side of the background layer. It will hide that layer. Now you will see that the subject doesn’t have any background and it is transparent. This way you can easily remove background using one of this background remove tips.

Technique to remove background of Image using Clipping path -

Open the photo in Photoshop

Using the same two ways I have explained on the background removal using select subject technique you can open the image here again. After you have opened the image on Photoshop, move on to the next step.

Choose Pen tool

In this method we’ll do the clipping path technique to remove background from an image. To do the clipping path method you will need a pen tool that will help you draw paths around the object. To activate the pen tool go to the toolbar and select the tool which looks like a pen. You can also press “P” to activate it.

Take a Path layer

Now to draw a path you will need a path layer. It is like a blank paper. We’ll draw an outline or path of the object using a pen on it then we’ll simply cut it out from the background. To take a path layer go to the path tab next to the layer tab. Right click on that tab and choose new path layer. You can click on that small paper like icon on the bottom of the tab to take a new path layer.

Draw Path over the subject

Use a pen tool to draw path around the subject. The pen tool helps you draw paths using anchor points. Anchor points help you to curve the path according to the shape of the subject. Using this draw a path around the edges of the subject and connect the final anchor point with the first one to finish the path.

Select the path

Now simply right click on the path on the subject and choose “make selection”. This will help you select the path you have drawn around the subject in the image.

Choose layer via Copy

Now right click again on the selection but make sure you have activated the selection tool using “W” before you make a right click. Now you will get a menu, choose Layer via Copy from that menu. It will create a transparent background of the subject on a new layer.

Hide the background layer

Now using the same method I have explained before Hide the background layer. This will show that the subject now has a transparent background and you have successfully removed the background from the image.
This is a comparison of the before and after image of our second background remove tips –

Final Verdict

So as you can see I have explained two different background remove tips in this article. Using these two methods you can remove background from any type of image. But I personally refer the clipping path technique. It is the best technique to remove background of any sort of image. It is more accurate than select subject. Select subject sometimes selects some unnecessary area from the image. Then removing that selection becomes a bit tough. The subject’s edge also doesn’t look natural after removing the background using select subject. You may have to use the refine edge or select and mask option later on to fix this issue. But using a pen tool and clipping path you can accurately draw what part of the image you want to be in selection. The edge also looks perfect after you remove the background using this technique. This is why I prefer clipping path over Select subject as the best background remove tips.
Automotive Photography Tips – Fix The Retouch

Automotive Photography Tips – Fix The Retouch

Automobile photography isn’t an easy job. You need to maintain proper techniques for this. Automobiles are always special to their owners. Branded automobile sellers and companies use various skills to click photos of their vehicles. To take a perfect and clean photo you must follow some automotive photography tips. In this way your photos will be sharp and clear. Exotic cars, motorbikes every vehicle has its own way of clicking photos.

If you have an automobile for sale or you want to start an online business of selling automobiles. For both of this reason you have to follow certain photography techniques to make your photo perfect enough and attract customers towards it. You need to take care of all the angles, proportions, lenses, cameras and other props to click a unique photo which can catch customer’s eye in a glance. So here are some automotive photography tips suggested by our professional photographers!

How much do automotive photographers make?

Automobile photographers are in good demand these days. As the number of this business is increasing automobile photography rate is increasing day by day. The national income of an automotive photographer is $30.367. The average hourly pay of them is $15.00. So, in this way we can see it’s becoming a productive business.

Camera for automotive photography

When it comes to any kind of photography the camera matters a lot. It’s necessary to always choose the best camera for the job. Automotive photography is difficult work. There are many cameras which are usable for this. Our professionals suggest these cameras more often. Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR camera, Nikon D3400 DSLR camera, Canon EOS 80D digital SLR, Sony a7 Full Frame Mirror less Digital Camera etc. are the best cameras for this kind of photography.

Lens for automotive photography

Lenses are quite efficient in automotive photo shooting. Automobiles pictures need to be clear and focus on different details of it has to be visual to the audience. Only a good quality lens can provide all these requirements. Even though there are a lot of lenses for this. But Sigma100-400 mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM, Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G, Canon EF 70-200 mm F4L USM, Canon EF 70-200 F2.8L IS || USM etc. are the most rated lenses for this job.

Automotive photography lighting

A photo needs enough light to look clear so that it can attract buyers towards it. You need to click the photo at the right time of the day when there is efficient amount of light. Light makes the photo look brighter. You have adjust the lighting well. The environment also matters in this. Choose the proper time to do this work. Choose a sunny bright day to click photos so that every detail can be visual on the photo. You can also use artificial lights for this work even though it’s a bit costly but it can make the photo look better.

Automotive photography backdrops

Backdrops are really important in any sort of photography. You need a large scale of backdrop to shoot an automobile. The place can be in front of a nice house or a popular place. You can also add your own backdrop. The vehicle color also matters in it. You can use white, black or grey backgrounds too. People also add transparent backdrops these days. The backdrop has to be good one because it will affect the automobile and also the whole image.

Automotive night photography

This may sound overwhelming however you will be astounded how simple and amazing this is! The greatest mystery here is to discover a spot where it’s totally dim, any streetlights or even a full moon could make life dubious. At the point when you have discovered this spot, set the camera up on a tripod. Set your ISO to 100, the shade speed on 30 seconds and the gap to f/9. At the point when the screen opens take a solid consistent light source and stroll around the vehicle ‘painting’ the vehicle with your light. A typical family unit burn (electric lamp) works for this. There are no guidelines here, paint the vehicle in various approaches to get various impacts; you will be overwhelmed with the outcomes!

Use different angles

So having set your vehicle up in an extraordinary area and made sense of the lighting. It’s currently time to really begin taking photos! Ideally you’ll realize the vehicle very well presently, however it’s critical to consider how you need to depict the vehicle, regardless of whether there are any highlights that you need to feature and in this way what edge to shoot from. Definitely, begin by shooting from eye level, however to make your shots stick out, you’ll have to abuse various edges and vantage focuses in the shoot. A specific most loved is to shoot from simply over the ground. This gives the vehicle an oppressive threatening look, however examination and see what works for you and your vehicle. When you’ve worked out which edges work best and show the vehicle in the manner that you need, have a go at moving the vehicle to differed positions to get it to function admirably in the setting. Ensure you maintain a strategic distance from interruptions behind the vehicle, for example, trees and telephone links.

Use Tripod for stability

One of the most advantageous purposes behind utilizing a tripod is that it gives strength to the camera. It additionally stays away from camera shake by the administrator, particularly in those circumstances where longer introduction times are fundamental. In the event that you are shooting anything from dusk to starry evenings, firecrackers or the moon, you will require the security that a tripod gives, especially to keep the camera in position.

Take long exposures

Long presentation procedure is ideal for evening time photography too. You can shoot star trails, light trail of cars, light artwork, or even firecrackers. These subjects require a long screen speed which permits the sensor to be presented to the light development. These themes, when doing right, can catch a lovely example of light in the last picture without any problem.

Take photo of the inside of the car

You need to give every detail of your automobile so that everyone can see it. Try taking photos from inside the car. From the front seat to the back seat, steering wheel, all the advanced systems your vehicle has and etc. use your cameras to take clear shots of all the features your car has. The seat mats should also be included.

Automotive photography editing

Photo editing has become an uncommon weapon for making the photographs look outstanding. You need to know some photograph altering tips and systems to alter photographs. Discussing the car photography tips, this tip of photograph altering is uncommon. At the point when you are finished with photography, go for photograph preparing. There are diverse photograph altering systems, for example, foundation expulsion, photograph modifying, shading adjustment, photograph control and so forth are in pattern. These photograph altering procedures lead you to convey some extraordinary vehicle photos. Hence this causes you to support the change pace of the photographs and can expand the deals also.


So, we hope these tips will help you to improve your automobile photography. We have mentioned all the important techniques you will need for this job. In this way you can click your photographs like a pro. All of these tips are highly mentioned by professionals who have done this for a long time.
How to remove a background in gimp – Fix The Retouch

How to remove a background in gimp – Fix The Retouch

After Adobe Photoshop, Gimp is the most reliable photo editing software. It can be said to be the best alternative to Photoshop. You can do almost every type of image editing using this software like Photoshop. You can remove background using Gimp and give the image a transparent background quite easily. The way to remove background on gimp is quite similar to Photoshop. Almost every tool works in the same way. The only difference is that the names of the tools are different. So, if you want to learn how to remove a background in gimp and make the image background transparent then the steps, I’m going to tell you below is what you need. Some people need Background removal service team if they are not able to do it.

Before I start showing the steps to remove image background in gimp or how to delete a background in gimp you should check out the answers to some FAQs about this topic. It will also help you understand GIMP in a better way. These following are the FAQs –

Why Gimp is good for removing background?

Gimp is good for removing background because it works accurately as Photoshop. It gives a good soft edge and a great finishing to the image. The interface is also quite friendly for beginner level photoshoppers.

What tools can I use to remove background on gimp?

There are various tools to remove background on gimp. The best tools you can use to select the object or the background to remove it is the fuzzy selection tool, select by color tool, Paths tool and free select tool. These tools can easily help you select the background and remove it on GIMP.

Is GIMP a free software?

Yes, Gimp is completely free of cost. It is a great alternative to Photoshop and can be found free without any sort of payment.

Where can I get GIMP?

Gimp is good for removing background because it works accurately as Photoshop. It gives a good soft edge and a great finishing to the image. The interface is also quite friendly for beginner level photoshoppers.

These are the steps to remove a background in gimp –

Step 1 – Open image in GIMP

Gimp is good for removing background because it works accurately as Photoshop. It gives a good soft edge and a great finishing to the image. The interface is also quite friendly for beginner level photoshoppers.
Open Photo in Gimp

Choose Fuzzy selection tool

Then go to the toolbar and select the fuzzy selection tool from there. The fuzzy selection tool will help you choose an area from the image to delete the background. This tool looks like a magic wand. You can activate it using “U” key from your keyboard. Activate this tool then step forward to the third step.

Step 2 – Click on the white background

Now we will be selecting the white background of the image. You can choose it simply by clicking on any portion of the background. The fuzzy selection tool will automatically select all the portion of the image that has white color. Then it will be easier for you to delete the background on gimp and make it transparent.
Click on the white background

Step 3 – Choose color to alpha

Now in this step you will have to change the white background to a transparent background. This conversion of a solid color background to a transparent one is known in Gimp as color to alpha conversion. To do this right click with your mouse on the selection then go to Colors > Color to alpha. Then the background will automatically become transparent.
Choose color to alpha

Step 4 – Export it as PNG

Now the most important part is to save the image as a PNG file. A png file will keep the background transparent and you can use this type of image on any sort of background later. To convert this file as a PNG, go to File > Export as. Then from choose the file type column choose PNG. Then click Export to make this image background free and transparent.
Export it as PNG

Step 5 – Before after Gimp background remove

This is how the image will look with a transparent background. This image also shows the before image with white background.


I hope in this tutorial article I have maybe answered all your questions on the topic “how to remove a background in gimp”. Hopefully you can easily remove the background of an image that also has a solid colored background. If you face any problem check the steps again and re do it. Don’t forget to bookmark this content so that you can see the steps later. Have a good luck! And thanks for reading!

How to edit headshots in Photoshop – Fix The Retouch

How to edit headshots in Photoshop – Fix The Retouch

Many corporate business and famous entrepreneurs or influencers and even actors or models use headshot photos to represent themselves to the community. Headshot photography has thus become quite popular and a professional kind of photography type in the Photography niche. But the raw photographs of the headshots have some amount of flaws in them. Like the subject in the headshot photo may have some skin problems like acnes, blemishes, etc. They might also have dark spots, Eye bags, etc. This is why a little bit headshot retouching may be necessary for photographers before they send the final headshot photo to their clients. This is why they do need headshot retouching service to the raw headshot photos before they send the files to their clients. Many photographers take headshot photo editing service from professional photo editing company. Some photographers like to edit these photos by themselves. Professional photographers can easily do this work by themselves but beginners may need some help from the internet to find out “how to edit headshots in Photoshop?”

So to help such photographers find out the best way on, “how to edit a headshot in Photoshop?” I have come up with this short tutorial to retouch headshot photos in Photoshop. Hopefully this tutorial will help you to learn the basic way of retouching headshots. All you need to do is follow the steps properly. So let’s jump off to the steps and learn how to retouch headshots in Photoshop like a Pro.

how to retouch headshots in photoshop

Why to edit headshots in Photoshop after headshot photography?

Headshot photos are generally the photos of the head and shoulders of the subject. The area of his body from head to shoulders gets captured by the photographer in this photo. So it is obvious that all the problems within the face of that person will get captured in details in the photo. These flaws can be acne, blemishes, red eye, eye bags, dark circles, etc. The skin texture might also be rough of some people. This is why it is important to edit headshots in Photoshop after headshot photography. It will fix all the flaws from the skin and will give the headshot a smooth texture.

Steps on - How to edit a headshot in Photoshop

Step 1 - Open image

Open image

The first step is simple. All you have to do is open the headshot photo in your Photoshop canvas. To do that you can either go to File > Open or you can simply drag and drop the image in the canvas. I always use the drag and drop feature it is easy.

Step 2 - Duplicate the background layer name it Retouch

After your photo gets opened by Photoshop you will see that the layer tab on the right will have a layer named background. You have to make a copy that layer from there. To copy the background layer make a right click on it. Then you will get few options choose “duplicate the layer” option from it. After you choose duplicate the layer, you will get a pop up tab where you can rename the layer you just copied. Edit that name and make it “Retouch”. We have duplicated the layer so that we can do a non destructive work and our main layer of the image will be safe.
Duplicate the background layer name it Retouch 1
Duplicate the background layer name it Retouch 2

Step 3 - Use healing brush tool to remove spots

Use healing brush tool to remove spots
Now choose the spot healing brush tool from the tool bar on the left. This healing brush tool will help us remove the spots from the skin and make it spotless. You can press “H” to activate the healing brush using your keyboard. Now after you take the tool, click on all the spots you can see on the face. This will automatically remove them from the skin of the headshot.

Step 4 - Duplicate the retouch layer name is “Blur”

Duplicate the retouch layer name is Blur
After you have retouched the skin of the headshot photo using the healing brush make another copy of the “Retouch layer” this time rename it to “Blur”. This is the layer that will help you to smooth the skin.

Step 5 - Apply Gaussian blur to the Blur layer

Apply gaussian blur to the Blur layer
Now choose the Blur layer and go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur. Then you will get another tab on the screen from where you have to choose how much blur you want in the image. Make sure the blur level you choose evens the skin texture.

Step 6 - Duplicate the Retouch layer again and name it Texture

Duplicate the Retouch layer again and name it Texture
Now Duplicate the retouch layer again and rename the layer into “Texture”. This layer will be on top of all layers so drag in to the top of the “Blur” layer.

Step 7 - Use "Apply image" on the texture layer

Now choose the Texture layer and go to edit > Apply image. In the apply image choose the “blur layer” in the layers option and keep the blending to subtract. This layer will help you to bring out the textures properly.
Use Apply image on the texture layer
Use Apply image on the texture layer 2

Step 8 - Change the blending mode of the texture layer to Linear light

Change the blending mode of the texture layer to Linear light
Once you have applied image on the “texture” layer you will have to change the blending mode of the layer so that you can see how it has made an effect on the image. Change the blending mode to linear light and see how good the overall texture looks on the image.

Step 9 - Create a layer mask

Create a layer mask
Now simply take a layer mask on top of the “Texture” layer. This will help you to smooth the skin of the headshot photo.

Step 10 - Use a Soft Brush tool and draw on the face of the headshot

Use a Soft Brush tool and draw on the face of the headshot
Now take a brush tool and make it soft. Then reduce its opacity to 40%. Start drawing over the rough portions of the face of the subject and you will that those portions are becoming smooth. This technique is known as frequency separation. It is a great technique to edit headshots in Photoshop.

Final step - Use curves adjustment layer to fix the contrast

Now last but not the least is to take a curves adjustment layer on top of all layers. This will help you make the contrast of the image better and the headshot will look very good and beautiful. Take the curves adjustment layer and just drag the curve a little bit upwards from the middle point. This will create a great contrast in the headshot image. Then just save the image on your PC and you’re done with editing headshots.
Use curves adjustment layer to fix the contrast
Use curves adjustment layer to fix the contrast 2


So if you were searching for an answer to the question “how to retouch headshots in Photoshop?” then hopefully now you have your answer. Using the tutorial I have showed you above you can easily edit any headshot very easily in Photoshop. So best of luck and have a great day.
How to soften skin in Photoshop – Fix The Retouch

How to soften skin in Photoshop – Fix The Retouch

Many photographers face problem after taking portrait photos or fashion photos of the models. They also face problems after taking headshot photos. The problem might be that the skin of the model may have some flaws like acne, scar, red eye, rough skin and many more. Some photographers search for ways to soften skin in Photoshop but fail to find the correct method. Some take photo retouching services from bulk photo editing company. Do you know that editing such images and making the skin smooth is very easy if you have Photoshop and if you know the right way of how to soften skin in Photoshop?

Well in this article I’ll be showing some effective steps to do skin retouching in Photoshop and soften the skin like it is natural. I will be showing the before and after image of this tutorial so that you can decide if this technique is effective or not. So if you want to know how to retouch a skin naturally and make it soft then without hesitation read out the complete article. Hopefully you’ll learn a lot from it and it will be a great asset of knowledge for you from the pro in this industry. So without further ado, let’s start!

You can also see this article about headshot retouching for more idea –

How to edit headshots in Photoshop

Why Photoshop CC is best to soften skin in Photoshop?

Photoshop CC is the most updated version of Photoshop. It has tools like Healing brush, Spot healing brush, clone stamp tool, Layer masks, selection tools, Gaussian blur, apply image, blending modes and many other things which are very much professional and gives a great finishing to the editing. If you want to soften skin in Photoshop and retouch the skin then it is a great photo editing software you should definitely use. In this article we have also used Photoshop CC to soften skin of the model photo. It has produced a great texture on the skin and made it completely smooth. This is why I prefer this software for any kind of photo editing.

Steps to soften skin in Photoshop –

Open the Photo

The first step is simple. All you have to do is open the photo in your Photoshop canvas. To do that you can either go to File > Open or you can simply drag and drop the image in the canvas. I always use the drag and drop feature it is easy.
Open photo

Duplicate background layer name it Blur

After your photo gets opened by Photoshop you will see that the layer tab on the right will have a layer named background. You have to make a copy that layer from there. To copy the background layer make a right click on it. Then you will get few options choose “duplicate the layer” option from it. After you choose duplicate the layer, you will get a pop up tab where you can rename the layer you just copied. Edit that name and make it “Blur”. We have duplicated the layer so that we can do a non destructive work and our main layer of the image will be safe.
Duplicate background layer name it Blur
Duplicate background layer name it Blur 2

Apply Gaussian blur to blur layer

Now choose the “Blur” layer and go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian blur. Then you will get another tab on the screen from where you have to choose how much blur you want in the image. Make sure the blur level you choose evens the skin texture.
Apply gaussian blur to blur layer

Duplicate background layer again name it texture

Now Duplicate the background layer again and rename the layer into “Texture”. This layer will be on top of all layers so drag in to the top of the “Blur” layer. It will be used to show the texture of the skin properly.
Duplicate background layer again name it texture
Duplicate background layer again name it texture 2

Use Apply image on Texture layer

Now choose the Texture layer and go to edit > Apply image. The apply image effect will bring out the texture of the skin from the previous blur layer. It will help you even the skin of the model in the image properly.
Use Apply image on Texture layer

Adjust Apply image

In the apply image choose the “blur layer” in the layers option and keep the blending to subtract. This layer will help you to bring out the textures properly.
Adjust Apply image

Change blending mode of the texture layer to linear light

Once you have applied image on the “texture” layer you will have to change the blending mode of the layer so that you can see how it has made an effect on the image. Change the blending mode to linear light and see how good the overall texture looks on the image.
Change blending mode of the texture layer to linear light

Take a layer mask on the texture layer

Now simply take a layer mask on top of the “Texture” layer. This will help you to smooth the skin of the photo. Layer mask will hide all the effects of the texture layer and will help you show the area you brush of the blur layer. This will make the skin smooth of the photo.
Take a layer mask on the texture layer

Use soft brush to draw on the skin

Now take a brush tool and make it soft. Then reduce its opacity to 40% to 65%. Start drawing over the rough portions of the face of the subject and you will that those portions are becoming smooth. This technique is known as frequency separation. It is a great technique to edit photos in Photoshop.
Use soft brush to draw on the skin

This is a sample of how to soften skin in Photoshop cc -

This is how the image will look after you soften skin in Photoshop. I have shown the before and after image so that you can decide which one looks better and how effective this tutorial is. Here is the sample –
This is a sample of how to soften skin in photoshop cc


So if you were searching for an answer to the question “how to soften the skin in Photoshop then hopefully now you have your answer. Using the tutorial I have showed you above you can easily edit any Photo very easily in Photoshop and soften skin in Photoshop. So best of luck and have a great day.
wedding photography equipment – Fix The Retouch

wedding photography equipment – Fix The Retouch

Wedding photography has become quite popular these days. It also has a great demand in the photography industry. Wedding photographers are currently earning a lot because of this demand. Any photographer who has passion can grow pretty fast in this niche of photography. Beginner photographers are choosing the wedding photography sector to start their career. Getting clients for wedding photo shoot is easier than searching clients for other kinds of photography. But everyone knows that in the beginning of any business it is necessary to invest the capital in the equipment’s you’ll need to run it. A beginner photographer like you will also have to invest your capital in purchasing some wedding photography equipment for beginners as well.

I know that there is lots of photography equipment for beginners, but I think most of them are overpriced and as you will have less capital to invest on your photography business, it is better you should buy some good photography gears that are affordable and produces good results. To know what photography equipment you should buy first for your wedding photography business you won’t have to go anywhere else. Because in this article I have listed the most cheap and affordable wedding photography equipment for beginners and I am sure you will not regret buying this to kick off your wedding photography career. So take a look at the photography equipment’s and decide which are best for you. Have fun!

Fix the Retouch International has been in the business since 2007. Even before this, the company founders are associated with related businesses like photo editing, photography studio, etc. Over the past few years, we have expanded our business to an international level. We are currently providing services to more than 35 countries around the world including the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, UAE, and the rest of the countries are from Europe. We cover the major cities of these countries. We provide all kinds of image editing services including retouching, background removal, video editing, 3D Modeling, etc.

About the CEO Molla Basar

What equipment does a wedding photographer need?

wedding photographer basically needs the equipment’s that will help him take perfect photos of the wedding couple. It might be cameras, lenses, tripod, lighting equipment’s, etc. These are mainly the basic equipment’s the wedding photographer should purchase first before he begins his wedding photography business. A wedding photographer basically needs minimalist wedding photography gear.

How much does a beginner photographer charge for a wedding?

Wedding photographers have taken over the photography industry more than anyone else. There are various classes of wedding photographers. The professional wedding photographers charge around \$1000 to \$5000 per wedding and the beginner level photographers charge around \$300 to \$500. A photographer’s portfolio mainly decides of he’s a pro or a beginner.

Best cameras for wedding photography

There are lots of cameras out there available for every class of photographers. You can do all sorts of photography with such cameras. I started my career with Nikon d7200 wedding photography. It was affordable to me back then. Now there are other highly exceptional cameras which you can use to take wedding photos pretty easily. One of the affordable and best cameras for wedding photography is –

Best lens for wedding photography

Lenses and camera should always be of good quality as they will be the asset that will benefit you the most. Only their efficiency will help you take better wedding photos and bridal shots. This will help you impress more clients for your business. These are the best lenses for wedding photography that you should buy to blast off your wedding photography career –

Tripod for wedding photography

Tripod is necessary equipment for any kind of photography whether it’s wedding or landscape. It gives stability to the camera. A stable camera helps to capture sharp photos. Specially in wedding photo-shoot you as a photographer cannot always carry the camera on your and keep taking photos and shaky hands may also destroy the photos. This is why a good quality stable tripod for camera is necessary. These are the best tripod for wedding photography that you may need

Soft Box

Soft box helps a wedding photographer to make the lighting softer from the flash. Soft boxes are available in the market of various prices and they are also of different quality. The best soft box I have seen so far are listed below

Umbrella soft box

Umbrella soft box are also useful specially for taking bridal portraits. This soft box focuses the light on a wider angle and helps to focus the bride properly in the wedding photo-shoot. If you are a beginner I would suggest you to keep at least one good Umbrella soft box. These are the best umbrella soft box you should get –


A flash is one of the most important equipment for wedding photography. It is without a doubt minimalist wedding photography gear. The best flash for wedding photography Nikon is that one which one helps you to produce a good controlled amount on the wedding couple and the wedding stage. Few of the best and must have Flash for wedding photography are –

Mono lights and Reflector

Mono lights are powerful flashes with worked in displaying lights, and the units incorporate at least one heads in addition to reflectors and battery pack. A few picture takers utilize at least two monolight AC units for formal representations, or to illuminate a move floor. LEDs are adaptable persistent light sources that can likewise be utilized for stills or video, and have the special rewards of being vitality proficient and cooler than hot light sources. The Impact Venture TTL-600 Battery-Powered Monolight, is a genuine model. Likewise, the Profoto B1X 500 AirTTL Battery Powered Flash is a fine decision because of its quick execution, high yield, and TTL reconciliation. A case of a strong LED pack is the Genaray SpectroLED Outfit 500 Bi-Color LED Two Light Kit, which incorporates two battery-or AC-fueled LED boards, stands, and cases.

Memory card

4K video is currently the standard alongside ceaseless shooting rates more than 10 fps, which means you are going to require quick, huge memory cards to make sure about that information. For SD cards, the most widely recognized arrangement; we would suggest UHS-II cards evaluated for U3 speeds on the off chance that you shoot stills. This guarantees the quickest compose times and makes it quicker to move to a PC through a card peruse. Video shooters will need to focus on another arrangement of appraisals: V30, V60, and V90. This ensures information rates for nonstop account, explicitly video, and however V90 is the quickest it is likewise the most costly. Try to get a card that your camera maker suggests. CF, or Compact Flash, cards are as yet sticking around, and those haven’t changed such a lot. Go with UDMA 7 cards for best execution.

Spare batteries

Make certain to pack in any event one additional arrangement of completely energized batteries or a force pack equipped for fueling each battery-controlled gadget in your unit including cameras, streak units, lighting hardware, remote remotes, and electric lamps. Force packs additionally give quicker reusing occasions, a major in addition to when shooting activity. Try to pack the best possible links for every battery pack.


Wedding professionals utilize a wide assortment of techniques for conveying gear, including focal point sacks, cases for streak packs, light stands, embellishments, and various sizes of undertaking focused cases, camera shoulder packs, and knapsacks for conveying what they need on the spot. What works for you to a great extent relies upon your work process, the scene, and whether you’re working with an associate. Here are a few recommendations.


While the models recorded in this compact wedding photography equipment’s guide have been deliberately picked and are quite certain, every one likewise speaks to a gear classification, so please don’t hesitate to make replacements dependent on your own needs and inclinations. Having the correct rigging close by will give you an edge in the profoundly serious, quickly growing field of wedding photography. It will likewise make it much simpler for you to hold the activity to the exclusive expectations that set your work apart and bring you individual fulfillment. So best of luck!

Commercial Photography Tips – Fix The Retouch

Commercial Photography Tips – Fix The Retouch


Photography is an exciting profession. Every day new genres are arising and photographers are trying new things out. Business photographic artists are the absolute generally pursued picture takers on the planet as they must be balanced, inventive, and actually sagacious. At the end of the day, they understand what they are doing. For those of you who are simply starting your photography venture, or might want to snap your photographic abilities to a more significant level, here are some tips that will help you generate more professional commercial photos.

Create a Sensational Story

If your photos don’t tell a story then you are taking lame photos. The photos must talk. You have to create a story through your photos. Before the initial shot is taken, one of the basic factors that business picture takers consider is the thing that expected consequences of the photos are. The best business picture takers have delivered pictures for a wide exhibit of customers in an assortment of enterprises, so they realize that being clear about the expected outcomes is critical to making photos that work. The photos should contain all the expected criteria in this.

Shoot from Different Angles

Well, the purpose of commercial photography is to display the products and services through photos. The world is packed with a large number of pictures every day, so it takes a creative photographic artist to catch a photo that makes one stop, look, and feel. As the vast majority simply point, shoot, and catch a central shot, one of the manners in which business picture takers make their work stand apart is by accepting bizarre points. Once in a while are business photos shot in a head-on manner, as points add more noteworthy dramatization and expanded interest to any shot — regardless of what it is in core interest?

Take Your Time

One of the common problems with the newcomers in photography is that they rush to take extraordinary photos. However, you have to invest time in certain things to get better at them. Photography is not different. There is an explanation that a ton of time and assets are gone through thinking of and executing photography crusades — they require them!  You may ask a commercial photographer how long he invested in innovative items of photography.  You might get stunned to hear the timetable. When shooting items for customers, picture takers don’t simply go into the shoot with no earlier exploration, comprehension, or experience. Indeed, it is the direct inverse — a great deal of schoolwork and arrangement have been done before that first camera click.

Gears Are Crucial

If you are thinking of starting commercial photography just with a camera, then you are on the wrong track. You have to buy other photography gear for perfect photos. Every photographer has unique and individual needs and requirements. in this way, will suggest various cameras, focal points, and embellishments. While it can appear to be overpowering to understand what you will really utilize and what your photographs require, the primary concern to zero in on is that your photograph gear is working for you. Just you know how much weight you will haul around, how nosy your arrangement can easily be, and how long you need to get it set up. Some of the common photography gears are backdrop, umbrella, tripod, lenses, etc.

Image Editing

Many photographers take this important thing extremely lightly. They think they can take good photos which will not need to edit. But the reality is different. You have to edit your photos for sure. Otherwise, the commercial photos will have no value. The product photos should be on a plain background, without any distractions. This is possible only by editing your pictures. An edited image can attract more people. As a result, it increases sales. You can meet the intention of your client. So, you should never ignore editing your images. Post-production is also a part of your photography. Never underestimate that.


The most important component in photography is lighting. Without lighting no matter natural or artificial you cannot perform camera work. However, most experts suggest that you should use natural light as much as possible. One thing that isolates the stars from the novices is the capacity to deal with lighting and to use it to set the proper mind-set. Given that (in their most exact sense) photos are renderings of light, it is simply by dominating lighting that you will actually want to deliver remarkable work.

A few experts are known for their capacity to carry a specialist’s touch to their work through brightening, while others are acclaimed for their capacity to recount a story by their lighting decisions.

Follow Your Gut

No matter how many tips I give you, at the end of the day, you are the mentor of your skills. You have to teach yourself. In doing so, you will have a gut feeling. Do not ignore this. Sometimes, great photographic sense does not develop from practicing regularly or getting trained by the professionals. Rather it comes from your gut feeling. How a photo will look best, depends largely on how you feel about the picture.

Create Your Own Style

As you go on with this profession you can create your own style at some point. Then you will not need any professional’s guidelines. You can go on with your own style. In photography, it comes naturally.

Some Commercial Photography to Try Commercial photography is a vast field of photography. You can look for any genre of commercial photography. Here are some core examples of commercial photography.

Product Photography

Mainly what we understand about commercial photography is basically product photography. Yes, this is the most popular genre of commercial photography.

Fashion Photography

Another popular photography genre is fashion photography. Mostly done for magazines, modeling agencies, advertising agencies, entertainment studios, etc.

Food Photography

The popularity of food photography is on the rise for more than a decade. The more restaurants are going for digital marketing, the more food photos are coming out. They need professional food photographers who can shoot with perfect color gradients.

Architectural Photography

Architectural photography means structure photography for the most part implies photography that centers on the building. It can likewise mean shooting buildings ‘inside and outside photography. Likewise, it very well may be spans, cityscape and so forth engineering photography is a great deal more slowly than different fields

Interior Photography

Interior photography is a kind of aesthetic photography. Here you have to be very creative. Because here you are working with people’s loved home. This is also popular commercial photography.

Business Headshot Photography

Business headshots are intended to be used in business promotion. Capturing a headshot can seem like an overwhelming possibility. To have one individual before the camera, seeking you for bearing and inspiration is a serious climate. Some of the time the vibe anxious. Continuously do a pre counsel. There are two sorts of corporate headshots. One is Editorial representation and the second is a proficient picture.

Garment Wear Photography

Well, it is quite similar to product photography. Because garment items are also a kind of product. Garment wear photography is one of the most popular kinds of commercial photography.

Final Thought

There will be ups and downs. Never get demotivated with your work. Getting motivation from proficient picture takers is vital to freeing yourself up to all the various ways a camera can be utilized; in any case, do whatever it takes not to contrast your work and theirs until you are well on your shooting venture.

How to make X-ray photo in Photoshop – Fix The Retouch

How to make X-ray photo in Photoshop – Fix The Retouch

One of the coolest things about Photoshop is that you can many sort of image manipulation using it. An image manipulation is changing the subject or the theme of the image into something different and unreal. You must have seen such photos where the subject is inside a bottle of wine or fish is swimming in the sky. These photos are created through image manipulation. You know you can also do such types of image manipulation using Photoshop. “X ray Photoshop” is one sort of image manipulation technique that you can apply to images and make the photo of that person look like an original X ray photo. Some people use image manipulation services for their promotional uses in the business and some just do it for fun by themselves. If you want to learn the x ray Photoshop effect then this article is something that you should see. In this article I’ll be showing you a very unique and easy way to turn an image into x ray with Photoshop. So without further adieu, let’s start!

Steps to do X ray with Photoshop –

Open image

There are two different ways of opening the photograph in Photoshop. One is manual and other is programmed. To open the photograph, you can go to File>Open, you will get a windows exchange box. Go to the record area and snap on the document. Press alright to open the photograph. The photograph will be opened in Photoshop. You can likewise open the photograph just by hauling the photograph into Photoshop. Go to record area and drag the photograph in Photoshop bar. Doing that, the photograph will be opened in Photoshop inside a second. I have opened the photograph naturally by simply hauling. It is efficient.
Open image

Duplicate Background Layer

The magnificence of Photoshop is that we can deal with various altering taking various layers. So the following thing we will do is to take a copy layer of the Background or the Background layer duplicate. To take the copy Background layer, go to the layer board. Looking down, you will get the chance to see a few symbols. Snap on the Background layer and drag the Background layer to the square symbol close to the erase symbol. Doing that, a copy Background layer will be made naturally.
Invert the new layer

Invert the new layer

Making an x ray of the photograph is very troublesome and imaginative. Some picture taker click the photograph to make the photograph looks imaginative photography as x ray. What we need to do in the wake of making the copy layer is filling the rearrange impact on the photograph. Yet, you need to take a shot at the copy layer. To cause the photograph to modify, go to Image > Adjustment > Inverts. Doing that, the whole photograph will be rearranged. You can likewise cause the photograph to alter by squeezing Ctrl+I on console. Squeezing that, you will see that the photograph has been rearranged naturally.
Invert the new layer

Use black and white adjustment layer

As should be obvious the photograph in the wake of transforming, got some blue impacts more, it isn’t looking that acceptable and the photograph won’t transform into x ray splendidly if the majority of the blue remains. So we have to desiderate blues from the reversed photograph. To desiderate blues from the photograph, click on modification layer. You will get an exchange enclose including numerous choices the modification layer. Snap on the high contrast from the discourse box. Doing that, you will get another case which will have some shading choices and sliders. Snap on the blue slider and modify the sweep into 120.
Use black and white adjustment layer

Merge and create a new layer

In the wake of adding the Cyan photograph channel to the past layer you will see that the picture looks somewhat better pale blue highly contrasting shaded. At that point you should make another layer making this shading somewhat better and shining. This new layer will assist you with adding different channels to the picture to make it appear as though a unique x-beam. To create this new layer press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E. This will make another layer of the picture in the layer box on the left.
Merge and create a new layer

Apply Gaussian blur to it

In the new layer, we made delicateness is required. To make the picture somewhat gentler we will apply a channel known as the Gaussian haze. A Gaussian haze assists with obscuring out the picture equitably. It doesn’t leave any spots and makes the entire layer of the picture smooth. To apply Gaussian haze to this new layer go to the Filter > Blur > Gaussian haze. At that point change the amount of the haze on the layer and hit OK. Presently you should know how much the alteration of the haze ought to be. For making a X ray picture you should take a haze of in any event 50 pixels. It will make the layer equally obscured and afterward you can utilize different layers and changes in accordance with transform it into a totally exact x ray picture.
Apply Gaussian blur to it

Convert the blending mode to soft light

In the wake of utilizing the Gaussian haze on the layer you won’t be capable the subject of the picture. We should keep the subject obvious while giving it a X ray look. To change these impacts basically change the mixing method of this layer. For this layer and impact change the mixing mode from the highest point of the layer tab. Change the layer mixing to Soft light. Along these lines you will get a layer which is delicate and the subject is obvious.
Convert the blending mode to soft light

Increase the contrast

Presently we should fix the difference of the picture. Along these lines the picture will look unique. The inventiveness of the picture will be secure subsequent to applying the splendor and differentiation modification layer. To get this modification layer to go to the base of the layer tab and in the base of the tab, you will see a circle molded symbol. Snap on the circle molded symbol to get the alteration layers. Select the complexity layer and set the difference to 70 and hold the brilliance to 0. At that point you will see that the picture is near a unique x ray picture.
Increase the contrast

Add some noise to it

Noise will assist this with imaging to look like imprinted on a genuine X-ray paper. So we should include a tad of Noise to the layer. So go to the Filter > Noise > Add Noise. At that point utilize the slider to give it a legitimate commotion.
Add some noise to it

Decrease the opacity of the layer

In the wake of applying the above impacts to the picture you will see that it is looking somewhat murky and extra boisterous. We won’t need this much commotion on the picture. To make it look impeccably unique decline the obscurity of the layer. Make the haziness positive for you. At that point spare it as a picture.
Decrease the opacity of the layer


X ray impact is chiefly utilized for no particular reason as a Photoshop client. You can comprehend the various employments of Photoshop apparatuses utilizing the strategies given previously. These tips and ways will assist you with making a genuine looking X ray channel to the picture you need to. Make Photoshop your ally to become familiar with such stunning picture control procedures.
Why Image editing is important for SEO

Why Image editing is important for SEO


Without proper implementation of SEO, it is impossible to survive in this modern business world. All of the business houses have gone digital. And it is getting tougher day by day to do business online. Only the right strategies of SEO can help you. In this reality of online business, setting your SEO strategy on the right track image can be handy for you. However, the image should look up to the mark or you have to make it that way by editing. That’s why some experts believe that image editing is highly recommended for SEO implementation. In my today’s article, I am going to throw lights on the reasons why image editing is important for SEO implementation.

Attractive Images Drive Traffic

Just think like a visitor. Which website would you click to visit? Well, the answer is easy. The website will offer you more pleasing visual content. Individuals are effectively pulled in when they see something excellent. Extensive posts on your online journals could be exhausting and your perusers may lose interest in completing your article.

Another significant factor in choosing the photographs that you will consolidate with your blog entries and web-based media pages so it would allure your clients to really penetrate in. Call me or purchase your item. Be innovative in altering the photographs and choosing the privileged photographs to utilize. Make them look intriguing, dazzling, and stunning

Increases Sales

Online shopping decision is mostly made based on the look of the display images. The main intention of professional SEO is to increase sales. You can influence the sales ratio by editing images. There is no company that does not edit images to increase the sales ratio. Most clients will abandon that deal and proceed onward to an item with better item photography.

The most effortless and most ideal approach to expand deals in your web-based business is to give pictures of your item. The more pictures you have, you increment site traffic by having a superior snap rate. A picture talks considerably more than words with regards to online deals. Think about all the advantages that great photographs can bring!

Increases Engagement

One of the common goals of practicing SEO on your website is to increase engagement. If you keep uploading new images on your social media pages it will not grab the attention of the people. If they cannot attract people they will not like, comment, or share your visual content. In that case, uploading your best images is the only rescue.

Increase Conversion Rate

Raise your transformation rates by making more site traffic, boosting on the web deals, and receiving the rewards of incredible pictures and a business item photography organization that gives you the quality you need. Some successful ecommerce systems are exceptional ones., an online maternity retailer, discovered that by putting resources into pivoting 360° item pictures they had the option to expand their change rate by 27%. Pictures come in numerous shapes and measures, and now and again 3D! Consider what you could be doing any other way to support interest in your online deals.

Improves Trust

Having the trust of the viewer is the ultimate target of any company. If you are working with high-quality products, you should upload high-quality images as well. When people can match your images and products, they can rely on or have faith in your brand. 65% of senior promoting chiefs concur that visual resources are central to a brand story, something that is vital to causing your business to show up more affable and reliable.

Each successful ecommerce planner realizes that to expand deals, construct their ecommerce business, and have incredible site traffic is to fabricate client trust. A return client is an important client and will be the way to development inside your online deals. Item photography is a tremendous piece of building that trust. Pictures that show that an organization cares will effortlessly support the trust of purchasers.

Helps Build Brand

Well, every company thrives on making it a brand. They always crave this level of fame that people will know them by name. When you edit your images, it becomes a unique identity for you. The best method to make a solid and brought together brand picture is with pictures obviously! The advantages of a solid brand are the potential to build deals, site traffic, and compelling ecommerce methodologies.

On the off chance that your image picture isn’t reliable, you will look less dependable and brought together as a brand. Purchasers need dependability, having item photography that is in a brought together style will make your image look sharp. Way of life and white foundation photographs ought to have their own style that your organization embraces for the most appealing business photography use.

Keeps Website Light

Image editing has different types. When we edit a picture we not only make it look beautiful but also we make it lighter by reducing its size. You can do it by compressing the files. That will reduce file size which will help you to keep your website lighter. Light websites are faster websites. If your website is not fast, you cannot get organic traffic. Your website will have more bounce rate. Because the visitors will come and see that your website is taking too much time to load. Visitors are not bound to visit your website. There are thousands of websites providing the same information, services. So, to keep the visitor surfing your website you have to keep your image size under a specific KB limitation. It is possible only by modifying the images.

Makes SEO Practices Easy

When you upload an edited photo it looks good, the size is compatible with the perfect size that is required for the faster website, then implementing SEO becomes easy. It also makes other image optimization tasks successful. For example, if you are optimizing images with an alt tag, alt texts, names, tags, ratings, etc. it will not work until your photos are up to the mark. By editing an image, you can make other SEO practices easy and effective.

Makes Content Meaningful

An image is not just a visual element that shows something. It talks about the content. It works like a spoke person on behalf of the content. An image makes the whole content meaningful. You may ask why this is important. Well, we are doing business using the search engine Google mostly. And the latest updates of Google say that the content should contain unique text and images. If you edit your images you make them unique for you. Besides that, the written content gets a visual look as well.

Final Thought

Editing images has been observed narrowly by the audiences over the years. That’s why people still think that image editing is limited to making images beautiful. However, apart from making images beautiful, image editing makes your images more meaningful, SEO friendly, lighter, and good for the visitors. This is the ultimate goal of any company that is providing good user experiences.

wedding photography lighting equipment

wedding photography lighting equipment

Any type of photography you do requires a good source of lighting. Light is considered as the main factor that makes your photos better. A perfect amount of light makes the photos sharp and colorful. In case of wedding photography good lighting strategies plays an important role. There are various types of methods of setting up a light in wedding photography. All of such methods require lighting equipment’s. There are various types of lighting equipment’s. As a beginner you might get perplexed to see such varieties. You may need some expert advice about which equipment’s to buy. In this article I’ll show you the best lighting equipment for wedding photography that you should buy if you want to start off your career with a good pace in wedding photography niche. So without further adieu, let’s start!

What is the best lighting for wedding photography?

To be honest the best lighting for any kind of photography is the natural light. But it isn’t available all the time especially if the wedding takes place indoor or at night. Most of the wedding party occurs at night in some hall rooms and other places. So it becomes necessary for you to have your own wedding photography lighting equipment setup. So if you really want to know which are the best lighting equipment for wedding photography you should buy then keep on reading.

These following are the best lighting equipment for wedding photography -

Mono Light

A mono light is an independent studio streak, normally yet not constantly fueled by an AC power source, which permits the fitting of light alteration connections, for example, umbrellas. It comprises of a force source and a light head, all contained inside a solitary conservative lodging. Mono lights as a rule have variable yield settings for full, half, quarter power; some go down to 1/32 force. One of the mono light’s most important highlights is a displaying light that permits you to see the impact of the glimmer and whose yield can be changed to coordinate the blaze setting yield. The best moonlights are as follows –

Soft Box

A soft box assists a photographer to create a soft lighting from the flash or a mono light. A soft box helps you create a focused lighting on the exact spot you want the light to be of the subject. It doesn’t spread that much like other open lights. Soft boxes are available in the market at various prices and they are also of special quality. The best soft box I have seen so far are listed below –


Umbrella Light box are additionally helpful extraordinarily for taking marriage Photographs. This delicate box concentrates the light on a more extensive edge and assists with centering the lady of the hour appropriately in the wedding photoshoot. On the off chance that you are a learner I would recommend you to keep at any rate one great Umbrella delicate box. These are the best umbrella soft box you should get –

External flash

Utilizing a camera flash is an unavoidable piece of being a picture taker, particularly since photography is basically worried about light. Be that as it may, to acquire trust in utilizing your implicit and outside flashes when taking pictures, one should initially comprehend its numerous uses. Contrary to what numerous novices think, flash isn’t just used to light up a close by scene or subject. It can likewise set the state of mind, add accentuation to picture components, and make enhancements in your photo, making flash photography fun and very helpful for photographic artists. This is one of the lighting equipment for wedding photography you should definitely buy. These are the best flash for wedding photography –


In case of Photography, a reflector really alludes to two particular bits of hardware. More often than not when individuals allude to utilizing a reflector, they are looking at utilizing a bit of intelligent material to bob light a specific way. This bit of material ordinarily contains a casing that keeps it instructed enough to edge a particular way and thusly control the course of the bobbed light. It has numerous utilizations since ricocheting light gives it an a lot gentler look. That implies we can ricochet counterfeit light off a reflector to get a more pleasant nature of light, or we can utilize them outside to skip daylight back at a subject. Since the light from a reflector is directable, it gives more alternatives when working outside where already you would have needed to depend just on the edge of the sun. With a reflector you can change the edge of the shadows and give some control to the complexities you are making. These are best reflectors for wedding photography –


Regardless of the fact that there are a wide range of approaches to utilize counterfeit lighting and an entire slew of starter and propelled level lighting equipments for you to investigate and put resources into, the starter packs referenced in this article must to get you well on your approach to making brilliant studio pictures in your home or in a hurry studio. In case you will put resources into a lighting unit, we suggest that you purchase in any event 2 light sources so you have plentiful light when you need it. Having a lot of two lights will take into consideration greater adaptability in your lighting arrangements and, by expansion, greater inventiveness and demonstrable skill in your photography.
Best baby photography ideas

Best baby photography ideas

The baby photography sector is growing rapidly. The sole reason for this continuous growth is not just that a parent is having baby but they are now concerned about taking cute and beautiful pictures of the baby. Now baby photoshoot is done in two places one is the photo studio and other ones at home. Most of the times the parents like baby photos at home. The only reason is that the baby is safe and protected in home. Photographers tend to get confused about which type of photos they should take of the baby at home. In this article I’ll show you the most prominent ideas for baby photos at home. Using these amazing baby photography ideas at home you can take some beautiful photos of the baby boy or baby girl. I also prefer every photographer to do baby photo retouching after taking the photos as editing the photos actually enhances its beauty. You can either do it yourself if you know some good image editing techniques or you can take newborn photo editing services from professional photo editing company.

 Well so let’s dive into the best baby photography ideas at home and talk about how you can take some cool baby photos at home like a pro.

Use Natural light

To draw out a characteristic and quieting shade, it’s prudent to utilize regular light while shooting babies. Utilize the regular light leaking in through the windows, ideally during mornings and late nights. Let the light wash over the endearing faces of the baby at a 45-degree angle, this makes for a decent dependable guideline. Abstain from shooting during the evening, as the sun beams will be excessively solid around then and can hurt the child’s skin. The light must have to appear as though delicate shadows hitting the face from a point that doesn’t glare into the eyes, ideally the sort of light that originates from windows.

Use Stunning backdrop

One of the significant components of each photo is the foundation. Because we are taking pictures of infants, taking a lot of splendid or a lot of brilliant background would look horrendous. To make the image look as expert as conceivable you can utilize the monochromatic hues, for example, white, dark, and dark or additionally use hues like beige to get both great and straightforward background for the image. Basic hues really give you an expert look. Generally the white shading background is best. At that point you can turn the mode dial to AV mode and select your needed opening. In the event that the light at your place isn’t sufficient splendid, you can likewise push the ISO up. This will give a significantly lovelier look to your image.

Focus on the eye

Continuously focus their eyes. Make efforts from above, and make the baby gaze upward, and for babies, you can take photos of their eyelashes while they are sound sleeping. Children have tremendous eyes that can illuminate the darkest room, so shoot away, with the camera’s attention being continually on the profundity of their eyes. For this to look great, ensure the foundation isn’t excessively noisy or disorderly.

Use continuous shooting mode

When taking photos of baby, the greatest slip-up you can do trusts that the baby will give the ideal stance and grin. Continuously keep the camera prepared, and continue shooting. Try not to pause, at whatever point there is an opportunity to continue shooting ceaselessly so you can get at any rate one decent picture out of many. Hanging tight for the ideal second would be unjustified, so utilize the persistent shooting mode in your camera to catch numerals of pictures every second. Along these lines you can get the best picture out of a few catches.

Use props like toys

Toys, clatters, delicate fans, baby covers and different baby photography props will help give more components in the photograph. You can likewise utilize blossoms, curiously large garments, and other inventive, innocuous props for the photoshoot. Setting a bloom crown on the child’s head, putting a tie freely around the baby, all work as charming, innovative props that bring out delightful, unadulterated photographs. Simply ensure you don’t utilize all the props simultaneously, as you need to keep it basic and not occupy the concentration from the baby.

Become friendly with the baby

Overlooking the most ideal chances, the primary tip is keeping the newborn upbeat. Allow the infant to play, have some good times, and let it be euphoric. For whatever length of time that the infant is cheerful, you won’t have any sort of issue shooting photos of the child. Be that as it may, babies are not constantly upbeat. They are bosses of fits of rage. On the off chance that they don’t care for anything, they can simply begin crying. What would you be able to do at that point? Try not to stress; there is an answer for that as well. Keep somebody, whoever the child likes to be with, near them. So if the infant feels irritated, that individual can generally perk up the child, and fulfill the infant once more. Obviously, you can’t control the kid along these lines, yet trust me, it will support a ton.

Take photos with the parents

Include the parents of the baby as much as possible in the baby photoshoot. Take a couple photographs with the child alone, and afterward continue to take some photographs with the mother, father and kin. When taking photographs of the baby make sure they look beautiful. Snapshots of delicacy among sisters and siblings, and in the event that they are presenting, get the more established kin to keep a defensive position around their more youthful one, as this acts out well in the photograph. With the guardians, go for close up shots and take a stab at taking photographs when the child is investigating the parent’s eyes; this will keep the feeling veritable and makes for excellent real shots.

Take photos from different angles

In each sort of photography, you need to play with angles. Locate the best angle s to get the ideal picture. Finding the ideal point truly assumes an incredible job in the field of photography. Some of the time you snap a photo, however then understand that it has uncovered a lot of the brow, or the base piece of the face, or it didn’t come out how you would have preferred it as well. This shows absence of detecting the best angle. You can evaluate various points, for example, close-ups, get down low, or make breast fed efforts, and so forth.

Capture candids

Concentrate on all the real to life shots you can get your hands on like Candids. When altering or printing photographs, ensure you center on the ones that are not so much arranged. This particularly helps when there are siblings included. Make the minutes lively, brimming with life and deviousness; the components that give a child photograph shoot its actual embodiment. Watch out for minutes where the infant is on their back, moving around, murmuring or chuckling at their folks, and snap it.

Go for post processing

To make the baby photos caught look progressively proficient and stunning a little bit of photograph altering is essential. Nobody likes crude photos that much; a little sprinkle of Photoshop’s enchantment can make the pictures caught look extraordinary. Presently all the picture takers aren’t that much extraordinary in the altering part and it likewise costs time. Along these lines, to get the baby photos altered in time and superbly a picture taker can redistribute them from photo editing company or some propelled specialists. This will assist them with making their customers upbeat.


Individuals imagine that capturing babies are simple. In any case, you are incorrect on the off chance that you suspect as much. It is the most troublesome undertaking a picture taker does ever. A picture taker needs to resist the urge to panic and need to know the tips we have recently examined. Applying these tips in newborn baby photography ideas at home may give you some extraordinary outcomes. You can likewise work expertly in the event that you know and apply these child photography methods.
Product photography Hacks

Product photography Hacks


Product photography is a type of photography that largely depends on different kinds of gears. To execute a perfect session of product photography you have to come up with a range of photography gears. Some of the gears are so crucial that you cannot even start your product photography without getting them ready first hand. In this article, I am going to introduce the must-need gears for product photography. Some are to be used with your camera, some others are for lighting, and the rests are for assisting your job. Without further ado, let’s start reading.

Lighting Gears

Well, photography is the game of light. Without light, it is impossible to take photos. You have to use light either natural or artificial. No matter what kind of light you are going with, you have to use lighting gears. Here are some of the most important lighting gears in detail.


We all know that when we throw light on the subject the light gets scattered. Your subject will not get the light equally on the whole part. So, it is highly recommended that all photographers must have a set of umbrellas. Photography umbrellas are a kind of lighting modifier. Umbrellas fall under the classification of dissemination. All diffusers make a bigger light source, spreading the light out over a bigger region and making a milder light. Contrasted with an uncovered strobe or glimmer head, the light with the umbrella will have more steady progress between the light and dull. With an umbrella, you can make pictures that don’t have that conspicuous blaze look to them. What’s more, you can create light that is more complimenting to most skin types in pictures.

Flash Lighting

We will begin with a staple of photography: streak. Otherwise called strobes, these are magnificent for photographic artists since they give a lot of force, can help freeze movement, and come in almost any size. Likewise, the different sync strategies—and the way that now many have underlying radio beneficiaries, make multi-light arrangements simple. There are a lot of factors to control your choice, including reuse time, battery versus AC power, embellishments, remote framework, and force, so here’s a solid cause of various kinds to scrutinize.


Any individual who begins an online store realizes how much their deals rely upon incredible item photographs. In case you’re a fresher business, you likely don’t have the assets to enlist an expert picture taker — yet. Perhaps you’ve had a go at taking some photographs of your items all alone yet are baffled with how they ended up. They’re faint, unfocused, and not attractive. On the other hand, you can use a lightbox to make your product photos amazing. 

Any individual who begins an online store realizes how much their deals rely upon incredible item photographs. In case you’re a fresher business, you likely don’t have the assets to enlist an expert picture taker — yet. Perhaps you’ve had a go at taking some photographs of your items all alone yet are baffled with how they ended up. They’re faint, unfocused, and not attractive. On the other hand, you can use a lightbox to make your product photos amazing. 


No matter if you use flashlights, you will still need speed lights. Because the functions of these two are different. Shooting inside a room, in low light conditions, or against a solid differentiation can be a genuine test for any photographic artist. You’ll probably experience issues of insufficient light – or some unacceptable sort of light falling regarding your matter – and issues of camera shake, exorbitant clamor, loss of shadow detail and solid shading projects frequently confine the effect of your picture. In that case, your shelter would be a Speedlight. This is an amazing gear that can help you take clear photos.

Camera Gears

  • Lenses: Lenses are the most important type of gear that any photographer needs. Without the lens, the photographer looks unprofessional.  Each type of photography requires a proper lens. Every lens will vary in quality and different elements. Or if you are up to still life photography, certain lenses will suit your work in a way that is better than others. There are thousands of types of lenses in the market. You can buy any brand you prefer.
  • Tripod: Any professional photographer would not want his photos to have any blurry portion. It is highly possible to have blur on photos when you shoot bare hands. Your hands will shake. As a result, you will have poor-quality photos. Tripod gives consistency and dependability. When you use a tripod you can have control over your camera. Otherwise, it will keep shaking and your photos will be blurry. It is not difficult to wind up with hazy pictures when you attempt to get your whole item in the center while grasping your camera without moving.
  • Backdrop: The backdrop has an essential role in professional product photography. They help to make a photograph critical. A setting can add measurement and profundity to a photograph. A portion of the famous sceneries utilized in photography incorporates; painted material, paper settings, muslin backgrounds, textural scenery, and so on. In modern times, backdrops are profoundly refined and genuine. Subjects in a photograph can seem like they were in an extraordinary area in the Bahamas or they were on a voyaging boat dashing endlessly.
  • Filter: Usually, filters are used to reduce the glaring color of the subjects or their surroundings. Filters help limit glare and reflections, improve colors, diminish light coming into the lenses, and that’s just the beginning. Every lens filter fills a particular need, as everyone is worked to convey a particular impact that can help upgrade the last look of a picture. The filter protects your lens. This is the major job of a filter. Besides that, they can change or enhance colors. Moreover, if you want to have an accurate exposure there is no alternative to filter. Your product photos will require impact.

Final Verdict

Product photography is all about showing the product in the best light. You have to keep one thing in mind. You are shooting products that will be displayed on the e-commerce website which has to attract people. So, do not leave any stone unturned in pursuing perfection in product photography. If you need any gear that will improve the quality of the photo, do not hesitate to use that. The gears I have talked about, are mostly used in product photography. Well, there are some other gears as well. However, these are the most popular ones.

Outdoor model photography tips

Outdoor model photography tips

Model photography isn’t as easy as it looks like. Specially doing outdoor model photography is quite a hectic task for any photographer. But it is filled with fun for sure. In outdoor shoots a photographer needs to keep in mind all the necessary adjustments he needs to make in the Photo-shoot. He needs to make proper plans about the outdoor model photography poses and lighting he needs for his shoot. Outdoor photography can be daunting if you didn’t plan the shot from the beginning. You will have to go full prepared for it. There are some special outdoor model photography tips that you should keep into consideration before you start doing it. These tips will definitely help you take better model photography outdoor. So without further ado, let’s start!

You can also check these fashion photography tips for more ideas –

How to start photography business as a Teenager

How to soften skin in Photoshop

Outdoor model photography lighting

The sun gives so much light you state, for what reason would it be advisable for me to bring more? Since the sun can just give single heading light, and intermittently it won’t be toward the path you need it. Furthermore, you’ll have to fill in shadows on faces from late morning through mid-evening sun. Speed lights are the simplest and generally convenient, activating them utilizing remote/radio triggers like Pocket Wizards is the most dependable. Using modifiers like soft boxes and umbrellas on light stands will rely upon the shoot and your ideal look; yet remember that both transform a speed light on a light stand into a kite if it’s even the slight piece breezy out.

Outdoor model photography poses

Discussing my model photography tips, the thing which energizes me the most is discussing presents. While style photography, don’t stay with one plain posture as it were. Attempt an alternate model postures for your open air design photography. The stances can make your photograph looks incredible or most noticeably terrible. Assume, you are going for design photography of sleek fabrics and the models are presenting twisting their knees, this makes the style outfit looks ratty. So take a stab at learning various postures to apply for style photography. Attempt various stances like remaining with keeping the turn in the hair, keeping one hand close to the jaw and jaw down, grinning, doing a few exercises and so forth.

Choose a good location earlier

While this isn’t constantly conceivable, you should, at whatever point attainable, scout the area you intend to shoot early. Take your camera, shoot a few stills, and perceive how things will be confined in your camera. Likewise attempt to scout the area around the hour of day you plan on shooting. Early in the day appears to be unique than early afternoon, which is altogether different from early night with respect to light, position of shadows and warmth.

Choose the perfect time

There is always a perfect time for everything and so is for model photography. There are some special times when outdoor photography comes great. In the morning when there is excessive white light and in the golden hours. I prefer taking outdoor model portraits in golden hours. These photos comes majestic.

Focus on the eye

The eyes are the windows to the spirit, and ought to be the point of convergence of any great picture. Not exclusively are the eyes the most significant piece of a decent picture, yet they are the most honed component on the face and ought to be left that way. At the point when you are shooting with a wide gap esteem concentrated on the eyes, the focal point’s bokeh will help in mellowing the skin too.

Use Shallow Depth of field

There are many motivations to put resources into a quick focal point able to do wide opening qualities; the most well-known is for shallow profundity of field. Since you can shoot at ƒ2.8 or ƒ4 you should utilize it. Most incredible common light pictures are from wide opening qualities and it is all a direct result of the superb smooth foundation obscure we call “bokeh”.

Use good backgrounds

Other than models, different components of the photograph likewise truly matter. One of the components among those is the foundation. On the off chance that the foundation isn’t sufficiently appealing, the entire design photograph of yours strength go futile. Discussing open air design photography methods, choosing the foundation appropriately is a significant hint. The best open air style photography foundation would choose outside areas. Regular areas as foundation for open air design photography work truly well when you see the style photos. You can likewise make foundation yourselves and do design photography open air.

Shoot in RAW

Raw is an unmodified gathering of your sensors information during the hour of presentation. It is your computerized negative. At the point when you shoot in JPG design, everything except for what the picture processor needs to make a shell portrayal of the picture you proposed to catch is stripped away. For each alter you make to a JPG, you lose more information. With RAW, you can make a huge scope of alters before making the JPG. In what manner would this be able to improve you representation? Consider the last time your white parity was set mistakenly, and you went after for a considerable length of time to expel the shading cast uniquely to annihilate the picture with each endeavor. Raw would have spared you by permitting you to fix the shading before opening the picture for modifying.

Click candids

In this sort of fashion photography, on the off chance that you take some real to life minutes it’ll give you some surprising appealing pictures. Take the genuine pictures while your model is strolling, talking over a telephone or with others, seeing on opposite side or on an abrupt grin. You’ll get some best results through the real photography. Take as much sincere while doing picture one’s.

Go for photo editing

Photography can’t look impeccable without photo editing or post preparing. Road style photography may not come out impeccably subsequent to doing it. It might have a few defects in it. Post preparing is the arrangement of disposing of the considerable number of blemishes. Diverse photograph altering procedures you can apply to expel all the defects in your photography. You can likewise contact with various photo editing company and take help from them in post handling your model portraits. Take help from those organizations and spare your opportunity to accomplish progressively outdoor model photography.


Not all the model photography is same. There are some various sorts of style model photography also. Outdoor model photography is one of those. It is fun yet it is testing. These outdoor model portrait photography tips will assist you with becoming an expert picture taker. Apply these awesome and useful tips on your fashion photography and convey extraordinary style photography outdoor.
Top 10 Full Body Portrait Photography Tips

Top 10 Full Body Portrait Photography Tips

A full body portrait is different than the typical portraits that most of us are familiar with. Full body portrait photography have a variety of use cases. For example, it is often used in corporate businesses for their websites and other advertisement medias, lifestyle photography also often involves full body portraits.There are quite a lot of demand for full body portraits, so knowing how to do it will surely be useful for any kind of photographer. Let us first know what full body portrait actually is.So, what is Full Body Portrait Photography?

The name itself is fairly self-explanatory. It is essentially capturing the whole body of the subject and no body part is cropped. The subject doesn’t necessarily need to be standing. The subject can sit, lay-down or have any other poses. What makes a good full body portrait is that, it should catch audience’s attention as soon as they look at it.

let’s talk about the cameras and equipment that you might need.

Full Body Portrait Photography Tips

Cameras and Equipment

Camera: Beginners often get confused whether to choose a mirrorless or a DSLR camera. Some prefer DSLR and others prefer Mirrorless. But what you have to understand is that both can take equally great shots.

The difference between them is how they are built. Mirrorless tends to be more compact in size, whereas, DSLRs are a bit bulky. DSLRs have optical viewfinders, which doesn’t have any delaying issues and Mirrorless have digital viewfinders that can have delay due to it being digitally rendered. There are more differences, you can do some research to find out more.

Regarding which brand and model to choose, it’s all about preference. Go to any camera store yourself and see which one you like the most. Just remember that expensive models will have more features and better build quality, than the more inexpensive ones.

Some cameras that we recommend are:

  • Nikon Z6 (our top all-round camera)
  • Sony A7 III
  • Sony A6100
  • Panasonic G100

Full body portrait photography lighting

Light is the most important issue in any kind of photography. You know that light always maintains a straight route. Directional lighting is the motivation behind why remaining before a light source will make the subject dull and barely noticeable. Correspondingly, having a light source to the side will make a large portion of the subject light up and the half in shadows. For a completely lit picture, it is additionally simpler to stand confronting a light source. The imaginative utilization of the sun as a light source in open air representation photography can deliver shocking outcomes. A decent picture taker ought to have the option to utilize the accessible lighting furthering his potential benefit.


Lens selection will be very important for Full Body Portrait Photography; we have a dedicated section for it. So, keep on reading to find out more about it.

Use Tripod

Having a tripod will surely help, these will be a good edition to your tool set. You don’t need to buy an expensive tripod; cheaper ones will work just find.

Tripods will help to eliminate motion blur from your photos, especially if the subject is in motion. You can definitely shoot pictures by hand, but you may need to adjust the shutter speed to compensate for motion blur.

Some recommendations for tripods are:

  • Vanguard Alta Pro 263AP
  • Rangers Ultra Compact Tripod
  • JOBY GorillaPod SLR Zoom
  • K & F Concept DSLR Tripod

Lens filters

Having some lens filters are always a good idea. They are small and compact; you can put them in your bag and you won’t even notice it’s there.

Lens filters can help to protect the camera lens, alter the characteristics of your image and can also add special effects. There are various types of filters available, some are: UV Filter, Polarizer Filter and Color Balance filter.

UV Filters prevents ultra-violet rays from entering the lens which helps to protect it from damage. It also reduces haziness from your photos.

Polarizer Filter reduces reflected sunlight. It can be used to make the sky darker and add contrast between sky and the clouds.

We will discuss about lightings in the upcoming sections as it is quite an important topic.

Now, let’s look at the important tips and guide for Full Body Portraits that we have listed for you.

Choose the Appropriate Lenses

For full body portrait photography, you need to choose the correct lens, otherwise you may end up ruining your photos.

Different people have varying opinions regarding which lens choice. Some say wide-angle is better while others prefer telephoto. What we think works best for full body portrait photograph is to use a telephoto lens.

Wide-angle lens tends to create distortion around the edges of a photo. If shot from a closer distance, it will make your subject look odd. You can get some interesting shots with it when shooting something like lifestyle photography, but for something professional, try to avoid it.

Telephoto works best for portraits. It gives a more natural look and has far less distortion.

When choosing lenses, aim for getting the lens with lowest numbered aperture, like f/1.4-.2.8. Remember, lower aperture number lets in more light and higher numbered aperture lets in less light into the lens.

Regarding focal length, popular ones for portraits are 35mm, 50mm and 85mm. Remember if you purchase 85mm you need to stand further away from the subject and with a lower number like 35mm, you need to stand closer to the subject to get similar results.

If you choose to buy Nikon camera then here are some of the lenses that we recommend

  • Nikon 85mm f/1.4
  • Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S
  • Nikon 85mm f/1.8
  • Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8

Body Posture Matters

The way a person portrays their body matters. Getting the posture correct is very important and it is not a very easy thing to achieve in a full body portrait photography.

You should avoid having a boxy look at all times. It gives a very unnatural feel and its not very pleasing to look at, so have your subject relaxed when posing for the shoot.

Try different poses, like having your subject’s shoulders leaning forward and heaps slightly back, to give more aesthetics.

Have your subject put weight on their back leg to free up the front leg. You can have your subject bend their front leg to get different shaped poses.

Hands and head movement is important. Don’t make the head straight, instead tilt it slightly which adds a sense of personality. If the hands are dangling around, it may ruin the photo, instead have them do something. For example, putting hands inside the pocket or have the hands bent upwards to show some dynamic tension.

It is also essential to get the facial expression correct. Subjects facial expression will determine the emotion and feel of the entire photo. If you want a family friendly photo, get your subject to smile. If you are aiming for something serious, have them look confident and maybe egoistic.

Keep your camera at the chest level of your subject which will create little to no distortion. But we recommend that you also try shooting from different angle, maybe you will get some interesting shots.

Working with Lightings Indoor and Outdoor

Having your subject well-lit is very important. Without proper lighting your photos won’t contain much values.

Shooting outdoor is a great idea, but it has its own set of problems. You need to be aware of how intense the sunlight is. If it is too harsh, it will give a harsh shadow on the subject and it also has the tendency to add haziness to the image.

There are various solutions that you can implement. You can either have your subject stand on shade or you can use reflectors.

Use a reflector to redirect sunlight to the shadowed area of the subject. You can also use fill light right in front of the subject to get an even lighting.

You can also shoot in golden hours. If you are not familiar with the term, then it is basically the period of time shortly after the sunrise and before sunset. Sunlight will be less harsh during those times.

For indoor shooting, you need to have additional lighting setup. It is also easy to control lightings in shooting indoors, you have a greater flexibility on how you want your photos to look like.

You can use flash but it is not recommended. Flash tends to give very strong lights and can leave shadows behind the subject. Use studio strobe and soft boxes instead. You can adjust the level of light intensity you want very easily with these tools.

Capture Expressions

Full body portrait photography is tied in with discovering feelings and articulations in portrait pictures. Getting your subject to express feelings is more difficult than one might expect.

A genuine shimmer in the eye, a black out grin, a sure articulation – these are the plans for capturing shots that will sparkle. Work with your subject and give them an opportunity to get into the zone. Compelling or rushing this procedure won’t work.

Maintain Distance

You need to maintain a proper distance while portrait photography. This is an essential full body portrait photography tips you should follow. To make a more fascinating picture, we abstain from shooting representations in mid-run in light of the fact that the pictures look excessively conventional. A large portion of our representations are taken shots at 200mm or 85mm to make excellent picture pressure that a 50mm would not have the option to create. The pressure won’t just compliment your subjects with less element twisting; yet taking shots at a more drawn out central length will likewise make increasingly sensational foundation obscure (bokeh) and carries the foundation closer to your subject. It might be increasingly hard to speak with your subjects while taking shots at 200mm, yet the distinction will be evident and well justified, despite all the trouble. Our answer for this issue was to have one of us collaborate with our couples at short proximity while different shoots from a separation.

Use Different Angle

Level and Vertical framings are not the only ways to shoot pictures. Shoot in different angles to get different perspective. Shooting straight may be nice but try to shoot in different positions to add more interest in your photos.

Use Some Props

Adding props to your body portrait photography is a useful method to include enthusiasm, and effect to the shots. Utilizing props can totally change the looks of the photo. You can build up your style by exploring another people’s work.

Take Candid

Taking candid shots is an excellent way to capture someone’s real emotion. When someone is posing for the camera, they tend to fake the expression, some do good job at faking while others can’t properly pose.

So, don’t turn off your camera after you are done shooting. Stay aware and look for the moments when the model is doing something or expressing any sort of emotion.

Always shoot on RAW

The problem with shooting raw is that it will take more memory space and more processing power than if you were shooting in JPEG. But the main advantage of shooting in RAW is that you will have a greater flexibility in post-processing.

You will have a lot of control in adjusting things like exposure, shadows, highlights, white balance, saturation etc.

You can also adjust JPEG, but it won’t be as significant as editing RAW.

Do Body Photo Retouching

Photos that you have shot might have some small defects or it may contain something unexpected that you would like to get removed. You can do those using softwares like photoshop.

If you don’t know how to edit, try outsourcing it. You will find many professional photo editing companies. We also provide professional editing services and we work with a lot of clients.

Consider checking out our website. We have our services listed along with the price.


Full body portrait photography can be difficult to shoot but if done right, can be very rewarding. Try to experiment with different poses and styles to get something unique, and don’t be afraid to break the rules. You will learn more by trial and errors.

Some suggestions that we can give you is that, make minor adjustments on your subject’s movement. Don’t do make drastically different body placement, it may look odd. Focus on your subject’s facial expression, always avoid having fake expressions, your audience will be able to understand the difference.

Outdoor photography poses for female

Outdoor photography poses for female

Most of the fashion photographers I have met in my life have told me many special things about their career. One thing most of them told me which was common were that they all face problems with model pose. It gets difficult for them to decide which photography poses for female is best for the shoot. They become confused between female poses that might suite their model. Especially when it comes to outdoor fashion shoots getting a unique outdoor photography poses for female is quite a stressful task. Still I managed some great pose for outdoor portrait photoshoot from the fashion photographers and have made a list of the most trending and unique ones in this listicle. Hopefully you will like the article and the poses will help you in taking photos of the models you will work with in your fashion photo shoots. Let’s head on to the poses then!

Female model poses for outdoor photography -

Basic pose for female

This is the basic pose that every female model can give. It’s like simply looking at the camera with her hands on waist. Most simple pose every fashion model can give without any hesitation. A small smile and the basic pose of holding a bag or purse is a part of the basic pose for female.

The sideway look pose

This pose is pretty common nowadays but it is also suitable for fashion photography. In this pose the model has to look on any side not at the camera. This pose is referred as the sideway look pose. This gets highly liked by people who see them and this pose helps to show the fashion dresses properly.

Standing poses

There some other poses for female as well. In such poses they keep standing and give expressions either looking at the camera or looking away from the camera. There are lots of standing poses that women usually have like standing by keeping arms on head looking in the camera is a pretty cool female model poses.

Looking back pose

Another pose is to look back towards the camera. Your body will be on one direction and you’ll be looking back keeping your arms on your hips. This pose is one of the mostly used poses around the world by famous models and fashion companies.

Leaning on wall pose

In this type of pose the model leans her body on a wall. Like bending a leg and using it as a support on the wall or even using side of the arm as a support to lean on the wall. This pose is used and loved by fashion models a lot especially in outdoor fashion photography.

Hand support face pose

One of the best fashion pose while taking portrait headshot is this pose. In this pose the model uses her hands as a support to keep her face. Then the photographer focuses in the face and hands of the model. This is a great way to do fashion portrait photography.

Moving pose

Moving pose is also a great way to show motion is fashion photography. Many fashion photos in fashion magazines use this type of poses in their photos. Mostly fashion product sellers use this poses in their photos to show the products with the model in the photos. This is why moving pose is a great female poses for outdoor fashion photography. If you want your images to be engaging then make sure you use moving pose on it.

Sitting poses

One of the best type fashion photos and the iconic ones are those ones where the model is doing sitting poses. Sitting poses take the fashion photos to another level. In outdoor fashion photos sitting poses are really a great way of bringing the overall atmosphere in the photograph. There are various types of sitting poses you can use in your fashion photoshoot. But the best ones are when sitting on a garden or stairs.

Crossed leg pose

The crossed leg pose is pretty much unique and engaging type of fashion poses. In this type of fashion pose for female, the model stands and keeps her legs crossed one on another. The model has to keep her legs crossed and look at the camera with any expression. Fashion accessories look great with such pose. You can use this pose on your next photoshoot as it is very cool and gets highly liked by people. This is one of the best pose of fashion photography.

Candid pose

Candid photography is the trendiest type of photography nowadays. It gets captured by photographers all around the world. It has become a fun type of activities for everyone. People are taking photos of them and their friends like candids. Candid photography is when anyone takes sudden photos of a person when that person isn’t noticing and doing some activity. In fashion photography the model is told to be walking or doing any activity and the photographer will take photos suddenly without making the model understand when the photo was taken. This sort of photography pose for female is quite popular these days and is very much engaging.

Laying down pose

Some of the best fashion photos come when the model is laying down on green. In this type of pose the model lays on grass or any ground and the photographer takes the photo of her from a vertical angle. This type of photos from a different angle looks amazing and the pose also looks great when shot outdoor.


There are many pose for outdoor photography for female that I have not included in this article. They are good but are also a lot common. I have only given the most unique ones over here. These unique photo poses for female are exactly what fashion photographers need to take some outstanding outdoor fashion photos. If you are a fashion photographer and you need some retouching on such outdoor fashion photos then you should take photo retouching services from professional photo editing company like fix the retouch. They are great and also take fewer prices for their high end retouching services. So best of luck hope these are the poses that you were searching for.
Tips on Commercial Photography Business

Tips on Commercial Photography Business


After doing professional photography for several years, every photographer dreams of having their own commercial photography business. However, not everyone can make it happen. For some reason, they cannot make their dream come true. As an expert in this sector, I have observed why they cannot do it. While investigating the truth I found most of them are clueless about what to do. If you are also one of those who want to start your own e-commerce photography studio but do not have a clear idea about it, this article is exactly for you. Here I am going to tell you about how to start, how to execute, how to get success in this business. Stay till the end.

Determine Your Interest

Well, though you are already determined about starting your commercial photography business, you need to find out the niche you want to work with. As there are many sub-genres of commercial photography, you have to choose one or two niches. Otherwise, you cannot focus on your work. Your performance will be affected. To maintain regularity and quality in your works, you have to work on a specific genre. That will improve your work quality, turnaround time, and customer satisfaction.

Make a Business Plan with a Definite Goal

Every business should have a proper। Without planning it is impossible to do business. Marketable strategies resemble guides; it’s conceivable to go without one, yet it will just improve the probability of getting lost en route. As opposed to setting yourself in where you may need to pause and request headings or even circle back and begin once again, business people frequently use field-tested strategies to help direct them. That is on the grounds that they help entrepreneurs see the master plan, prepare, settle on significant choices, and improve the general probability of achievement.

Collect Investment

Having an idea of business is futile you cannot manage funding to make an interpretation of it into a reality. It is accepted that a business is practically difficult to begin without cash. However, amusingly, you can’t get cash until your business is sufficiently fruitful. Spending your reserve funds is one alternative yet investment funds will commonly run out. That’s why raising assets through different sources is significant to fund all the business exercises. You can ask for a bank loan, take a loan from any rich friend, sell unnecessary things, etc.

Buy Equipment

You will face this issue just after starting your business. You have to buy a lot of stuff. I am going into detail about all these. You should buy a high-quality camera. Along with that, you will need lenses, filters, and flashes. To perform better you have to buy extra batteries as well. To keep files, you must have a laptop or computer. Besides that, you should buy photography accessories like a backdrop, lighting umbrella, etc. Buy this basic equipment to execute your business properly.

Create and Update Website

Nowadays this is impossible to continue business without having a website. Picture result for why you need a site for photography business having a site is an expert method to assemble your image and gives you full control of how you address yourself and your work to your possibilities and customers. Not exclusively will you have an advantageous spot to show your pictures for review, however, everything about your site can be tweaked to fabricate your image.

Outsource Editing

As you are a photographer, you should focus on your skills. You need to develop your photography skills. But some of the photographers tend to take the responsibility of editing on their shoulders. But it should not be the case. You should not take the onus of editing photos. Because you need a professional person to edit. The post-production part should be left to the experts on that side. As you are starting your business, you can initially outsource image editing. There you will get a professional service.

Make Your Portfolio

Building a photography portfolio is one of the initial steps to bringing in cash as a photographic artist. It permits you to flaunt your best work to expected customers and helps other people consider you to be and esteem as a craftsman. Indeed, even the best individuals in the business keep their portfolios refreshed with their latest work, so it certainly bodes well to consider it as a component of your work gear.

Build Strong Network

A strong network will help you get work. If you want to remain busy with your works, then you need people that will inform you where there is any photography event. Systems administration is probably everything thing you can manage for your business. That is all. Individuals work with individuals. Systems administration is an easy approach to advertise your photography business, and on the off chance that you put your heart (and cerebrum) into it, your work will pay off in spades.

Hire Some Professionals

You alone cannot do everything. When you will be busy shooting, there will be a need for setting the studio. Besides that, it is only the professionals that can assist you in photography. They can help you fix the lighting, the backdrop, the tripod, etc. Moreover, they also can shoot with you. To take photos from multiple angles you need other photographers to shoot with you at the same time.

Invest in Marketing

To reach more people, there is no alternative to promoting your business. You have to adopt the latest marketing strategy that will work for you. You have to implement digital marketing. You need to hire an SEO expert to promote your business on digital platforms.

Keep Going on

One of the common mistakes that people make is that they do not continue doing what they started. Hey stop taking risks and goof up. If you want to achieve what you have achieved before, you have to give the effort you have never given before. You have to keep going. That’s why Steve Jobs said “You have to be burning with an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.”

Final Idea

To succeed in the commercial photography business, you have to be ready for anything to come. The world is changing constantly. Keep up with the changes, get adapted, and improve. Otherwise, your business will just be a startup that did not see the light of success.

How to lighten skin in Photoshop

How to lighten skin in Photoshop

In a portrait photograph skin tone of the model is very important. An inappropriate skin tone of a model may ruin your portrait photograph. Sometime a dark skin tone proves unlucky for the photo which may not match with the theme or concept or may not like a dark skin tone. So you may want to get light and a fair skin tone for your portrait photograph. To get a lighter skin tone at home, you need to know how to lighten skin tone in Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop has some amazing tools and techniques that help you to get lighten skin very easily. Again, you have to know some skin lightening tips and techniques and need to know how the tools are being used in terms of skin lightening in Photoshop. Fashion and modeling industries need this technique the most. Even the photographers are needed the skin lightening technique to provide the required photo to the clients. You are just few steps away to know the technique of how to lighten skin in Photoshop. Here we are showing the step-by-step process below.

Step 1:

The first thing is that you have to have Adobe Photoshop application for editing the photo. Open Adobe Photoshop. Then you have to open your desired photo to the application. To open the photo, go to File>Open and select the photo and click on Select. You can even drag the photo to the app. By dragging the photo, you will get the photo opened automatically.

Step 2:

When you have the photo to Photoshop, you are ready to use the tools and work. At first you have to select the skin by making a clipping path. To create a clipping path, you have to choose a tool that helps you to do clipping path. In that case, Photoshop pen tool is the best. Select pen tool from the tool bar.

Step 3:

After selecting the pen tool, now start drawing clipping path. Close the pointer after covering the whole skin of the model by clipping path using pen tool.

Step 4:

Add a new layer for further work. Click on the new layer icon on the bottom of layer panel. A new layer will automatically get created.

Step 5:

After creating a new layer, you have to select the clipping path. To select the clipping path area, press ‘control+enter’ or ‘control+click’ on path 1.

Step 6:

You need to go to the layer panel again and select selective color from the layer panel which is on the bottom.

Step 7:

After selecting selective color, you will get a dialogue box that contains few colors. Choose the colors and adjust the radiance. Adjust the color as per your requirements. After adjusting the radiances, click on ok to finish the work.

Step 8:

When you get your desired result, you need to save the file immediately. Now that you got the lighten skin, go to File>Save As. Choose your required format and click on save.


For every kind of fashion photograph, it is very important to showcase the photo as per demand and requirement. If you do not want your model to showcase with dark skin tone, these steps on how to lighten the skin would help you on your professional projects. Be creative and tentative and enjoy light skin.
How to change dress color in Photoshop

How to change dress color in Photoshop

When you are a photographer and you have no time to shoot your models by changing their cloths, you have to face difficulty with your time and energy. Changing the dresses every time kills yours and the model’s time. You have to choose an alternative way that saves your time and energy. The alternative way for solving your problem is photo editing. There are many photo editing companies who give you various dress color without changing the color of skin tone. To give you a sigh of relief, we are going to show you some steps on how to change the dress color in Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop has some amazing tools and techniques by which you will be able to give various colors to your dresses by following some easy steps. The steps of changing the dress color in Photoshop are very easy to implement. See the step-by-step process on changing dress color in Photoshop below.

Step 1:

The first thing first is you have to have Adobe Photoshop installed in your computer system. So you have to open the file you want to work with in Adobe Photoshop. Select a proper photo to work with. To open the image in Photoshop, go to File>Open and select your desired file from the window and click on select. Apart from that, you can also open the photo by dragging it from the windows to Photoshop. By dragging the photo, your photo will appear on the Photoshop automatically.

Step 2:

After opening the photo in Photoshop, you need to work on the clothing. The dress color changing technique is needed clipping path at the initial stage. You have to make draw a clipping path around the dress of your photograph. There are different tools that help you to create clipping path. Here, we are selecting pen tool for drawing the clipping path. To create clipping path you need to select pen tool. Pen tool is the best for drawing clipping path.

Step 3:

Pen tool gives you the precise clipping path which gives you the perfect shape. After selecting pen tool from the tool bar, you have to draw clipping mask around the dress. Keep drawing the line following the shapes and close the line from where it starts.

Step 4:

When you are done drawing the clipping path of your object, you need to make the selection of the dress. To make the selection, click on ‘path 1’ and press ‘ctrl+enter’. Doing that, the selected areas will be selected and your process for changing the dress color will be started.

Step 5:

To select your desired color, go to Layer panel and click on the adjustment layer from the bottom of the layer panel and select solid color from there.

Step 6:

After clicking on the solid you will get a color panel having various colors. Here, we have selected Dark Blue as a color. When you put the solid color, you will not get the natural color.

Step 7:

To make the color look normal, you have to adjust the opacity to give the perfect color. 100% opacity will give you a very loud color which makes the photo look gaudy. So, decrease the opacity by the slider until you get the desired color.

Step 8:

Now that you are done with coloring the cloth, you have to save the photo. To save the photo, go to File>Save As and save it in your desired drive.


Dress color changing technique in Photoshop is known as color correction technique. By these steps, you will easily get different colors of your cloths by spending a short period of time. It is a very good opportunity for beginners to learn this technique by these 8 easy steps of changing dress color in using Photoshop. So start exploring Photoshop and try cloth color changing color correction.

5 Trouble-free steps for Photoshop face swap

5 Trouble-free steps for Photoshop face swap

Who doesn’t like swapping their friend’s face with something or someone else’s funny face right? I mean it makes them look very much hilarious but it also shows your love for them.
And if you’re new to Photoshop plus you’re learning some cool basic tips on how to use Photoshop? Then, without learning to swap faces your adventure in the world of Photoshop is incomplete.
To be honest, this is one of the coolest techniques ever. It is also quite useful. Most of the magazines, newspaper printers, Funny social pages, Funny social video covers, etc use these swapped photos of different celebrities and famous persons in order to grab audiences and humorous readers for them.
If you’re a freelancer and you can swap faces then don’t just sit back and waste your time, make use of this talent and grab such customers who need swapped photos for their magazine, news, pages or covers.
It can be sometimes useful for you too. Suppose you want to get a new hairstyle or beard style. But, you can’t exactly imagine yourself in that style, and then you can just simply swap those beard styles and hairstyles with your face plus you can also see by yourself that how you may look in that style. You may say “Aye! I look great”-if it suits you or may also say “Nah! I look like a weirdo”- if it doesn’t suit you.
You can use face swapping on Birthday cards, Facebook Timeline posts, Trolls, Memes and many other things that I can’t actually stop saying about. This phenomenon has become extremely famous worldwide.
This technique is very much simple. You can effortlessly apply it on any photo by using some simple steps described below in this article.
So just a coffee! Sit back and scroll! Note: As 2018 is the season of marvel movies, I am using the photos of Robert Downey Jr (aka Iron Man) and Chris Evans (aka Captain America) for swapping.

Steps for Photo Swapping –

Step 1:

The initial step is to open two photos in two different TABS on Photoshop. For, this you can just Drag a photo from your PC and drop it in the TABS section of Photoshop or you can Go to the File menu on the upper bar, then click the Open option on it (Ctrl+O) , then a new pop up option will come on the screen that will show your Hard Disk drives from where you can just choose the photos and open them in different TABS of Photoshop

Step 2:

Now after the first step, Your Photos should be open in two different TABS on Photoshop. It’s time to start clipping and selecting the area of the photo you want to use as the swapping element. Here, I am have clipped the face with beard of Iron man and copied the selected area so that I can paste it on the Tab where the photo of Captain America is. To do so, choose the Pen tool from the left side bar and use it for clipping the desired area from the photo. After clipping paths on the area, right click on the mouse and choose the Make Selection option from the appeared menu. After selecting this option a new pop-up menu will appear on the screen, click Ok on it and your area will be selected. Click (Ctrl+C) from keyboard to copy the selected area and to use it as an element for swapping.

Step 3:

After selecting the swapping element, it is time to paste it on the other picture whose face you want to swap. Here, I will be swapping the face of Captain America with the face of Iron Man as a Swapping element. But, to make the actual image of Captain America safe, I have copied the background layer. This way we can easily fix the accidents that may occur while editing. To copy the layer simply choose the background layer and right click on the mouse then choose the Copy Layer option from the appeared menu and your layer will be copied. Then open a new layer in the layer box by clicking on the Create layer option from the bottom bar on the layer box. After creating the new layer you have to paste the selected area of the element you had copied before. To do so, click on the new transparent layer and Click (Ctrl+V). Then your copied element will get pasted on the Tab.

Step 4:

In this step, we will adjust the element on the copied layer of the subject and we will remove the adjusted area from the background image. Here, the element is the copied layer of iron man’s face and the subject is captain America’s photo. To do this, at first select the layer of the element clicking (Ctrl+Layer) and then decrease its opacity to gently fit the photo or adjust it according to Captain America’s face structure.

Now after adjusting the layer, increase the opacity to 100%. Then Go to the Select menu from the Upper bar, then go to the Modify option on the menu and choose the Contract option from the slide-out menu. A new dialogue tab will show on the screen input 10 on the box and Click OK. Your Photo will get adjusted properly.
Then Click Backspace from your keyboard, but keep your main background Layer hidden. This way the adjusted layer will become transparent.

Step 5:

After contracting the image and making its background transparent. We have to blend the Layers to complete the Process of Image swapping. To do this, select both layer1 and background copy layer pressing the Shift button. Then Go to the Edit menu on the upper bar and select the Auto-blend Layers option from it. Then your layers will get blended and merged accordingly. Click the magic wand tool on any canvas of any layer and the swapping process will be complete.


These were the steps that can easily help you to swap your desired photos and can use them for almost anything you want to. Other applications and tools can also be used for swapping but Photoshop is the best for such cause. I hope you have completely understood the process of swapping so far. These steps are actually very simple and uncomplicated. Therefore, just open a Photoshop, take two photos and Swap!


Becoming a wildlife photographer is no easy job. There’s a lot that goes into it. You need to have a serious level of dedication and patience to be a good wildlife photographer.

To be a master at it, you need to have years of experience and know inside out on how wildlife works.

If you are just starting out or you have some level of experience, then we have some useful tips that will really help you with your wildlife photography journey.

There might be some tips that will look obvious to you but, there is nothing wrong with going through them again. But first, let’s learn what actually is wildlife photography.

wildlife photography tips for beginners

So, what is Wildlife Photography?

Wildlife photography is one of the genres of photography that aims to capture the emotions and habitat of wild animals. Photographers make their career by travelling in various remote locations and captures the activities of the wild animals in their photos and sell them in various platforms. Wildlife photography started as a hobby in early 1900s. Since then, it has grown into a massive business for many people.

1. Get a Good Camera

Normally, we say people that you don’t need an excellent camera, having a decent one will work just fine, but wildlife photography is different.

There are many factors that needs to be considered. You may not always know in what environment you will be in. It maybe raining, windy, sunny or you may even get hit by a sand storm.

You need weather-sealed cameras to shoot in harsh environments. Generally mid-range to high-ranges provide weather-sealed features. But not all will have good build quality. We would highly recommend that you invest in an expensive camera. These will have the best build quality as well as additional features and you will also get better image quality.

For something like wildlife photography, it will definitely be a good investment.

2. Choose Proper Lenses

The most obvious choice for wildlife photography is to use telephoto lenses, as these can shoot from a very long distance.

What focal length of your lens need to be, depends on how close you want to get to the subject. You can shoot an elephant from a distance by using a 300mm but if you want to shoot birds or anything that’s more faraway, you may need something like 400-500mm or higher.

Get the lens that offers the lowest numbered aperture, like f-1.4-2.8. The lower the f-stop number will be, the more light will get in the camera lens.

Try to get a lens that offers optical stabilization. If you zoom too much, you may see motion blur due to shaking, so having an optical stabilization will save a lot of great shots.

Keep in mind that the higher focal length you want, the bigger your lens will get. It will be more difficult to carry them. So, buy a tripod to support the lens.

Consider having a wide-angle lens. While telephoto lenses are great in capturing close shots of the subject, you may want to take a wider view of what’s going on around.

Wide-angle lenses are great for that. It can capture more elements in the frame than a telephoto lens. It also tends to make things appear larger than it actually, which gives more drama to the photo.

For shooting something small, like an insect, you need a macro lens. Try to get at least a 100mm lens with the aperture of f-2.8, or lower will work fine.

3. Plan According to the Weather Condition

Just because the weather is bad, don’t let it stop you from going out and shoot. You can get great shots in any kind of weather and some shots maybe only possible in bad weather conditions.

You need to be ready for any kind of environment and situation you face. Before you go on with your journey, check what the weather will be like and plan accordingly.

If it rains, take a raincoat along with you. Also take Muck boots or hip waders, as it may be muddy. Use a good water proof camera bag to keep your equipment safe.

For sunny days, use a boonie hat and wear white cloths. Black absorbs more heat, so it’s best to avoid during harsh sunlight.

For cold weather, wear jackets and layered cloths. Cold weather also drains battery life faster, so try to keep your camera in a warm place and take more extra batteries than usual.

Definitely take lens filters with you. Even if the weather is good use it, lens filter will keep away dust particles from clogging up inside the lens. Also, it will stop any debris that might hit the glasses.

There are various types of filters for different purposes.

UV Filters: It stops ultraviolet rays from the lens which protects it from damage. It also reduces haziness from the photos.
Polarizer Filter: It reduces glare from the photo. Also, it can be used to make the sky darker by adjusting the dial.

There are many other types of filters that do different things. Do more research and see what suits your purpose.

4. Learn Adjust your Setting Quickly

A good photographer will always be familiar with how their camera works. If you don’t know, then you might miss some great shots.

You need to know things like:

  • how much ISO you can increase before your camera starts to introduce digital noise
  • you need to be able to toggle through your settings very quickly
  • Know how much distortion your lens will add to the image
  • And much more

You need to be very quick; some moments may last just a few seconds. For example, a group of cheetahs approaching a crocodile.
Let me give you some general ideas regarding camera settings.

Aperture: When you buy lenses, try to get one with the least number of f-stop, for example, f-1.4-2.8. Lower f-stop will let in more light.

Shutter Speed: If you are shooting fast moving object then increase your shutter speed. Otherwise, you may get motion blur. The faster your object is, the higher your shutter speed needs to be.

ISO: It is generally a good idea to keep your ISO low. You would need to increase ISO if you are shooting in a darker environment. ISO of 800 may work just fine in low light environments and anything higher may show digital noise in your photos.

Turn on continuous focus mode from your camera setting, it will actively focus on your subject and will result in better image. But if you are further away form the subject then, something like a leaf or any small debris can distract the cameras focus. In such circumstances switch to manual focus.

5. Buy a Good Tripod

Lenses for wildlife photography tends to be heavy, cheap plastic tripods won’t be able to hold its weight. You need to have one made out of aluminum or carbon fiber or any other strong material. It will definitely be expensive, but it will be worth it.

Some photographers prefer not to carry too much stuff with them, they feel having things like tripods will add more weight. It is true but, you may need to stay in the wild at a fixed position for a long time, in such scenarios having a tripod will be ideal, as you don’t have to keep it in your hands all the time.

6. Learn to Work with any Light

You will find people who will tell to shoot during the golden hours, which is the period of time just after the sun rises and before sunset. Completely ignore this statement.

While it is true, you can get amazing shots during golden hours but remember, it is a wildlife photography not a lifestyle photography. A lot of actions happen throughout the whole day. If you stick with the golden hour rule, you will definitely miss the chance of shooting something great.

You might also need to shoot during the sunset as a lot of animals stay active during the evening period. As light will be low, you need to adjust your camera settings for that environment.

You will need to increase your ISO and decrease your shutter speed to let in more light. But keep in mind that with low shutter speed there is a high chance that you might get blurry image if your hand shakes or if the subject tends to move too much.

Definitely don’t use flash on any point of time you will be shooting. Animals will either run away or if it’s a carnivorous, you might get attacked if they sense your presence. Be very careful.

7. Learn the Lifestyle of Animals

You can predict what your siblings might do in the next few hours. Because you know who they are and what their lifestyle is. You should be able to tell what the animal you are shooting may do next. You don’t necessarily need to live with them, there are a lot of online resources through which you can learn about the behaviors of animals.

There is a pattern to how each animal behaves. Try to learn it. But only reading won’t make you a good photographer. You need to spend a lot of time and do research on field, to properly understand the animal behaviors.

8. Practice with what you have

You don’t need to go to any exotic locations to practice shooting. If you are just getting started then go to the zoo you have in your city. There are a lot of animals that you can take photos of. Zoo authorities even have people that can help with educating you about the animals. You can spend as much time you want and take as many photos you prefer.

After you have gained some knowledge, then try to visit the safari parks. You will get a feel of what is it actually like, to be a wildlife photographer.

9. Try the Rule of Thirds

There are some general photography rules for making better compositions. Using them can make your image more appealing to look at. One of the popular rules that you will hear often is The Rule of Thirds.

It is essentially, dividing the image into 9 blocks and then placing the subject in the intersection points of those blocks.

This gives a unique perspective to your image. It is very useful when you want to show some of the background of the subject.

If you are starting out then following these rules can increase your photography skills. But these rules will tend to limit your creativity. So, we would recommend that, once you have learned these rules, try something unique from your own and see what you can come up with. Don’t be afraid to break the rules.

10. Maintain your Distance

Animals can get scared easily. Any unusual movement or noise might make them run away. So, you will always want to keep a low profile. And if you are shooting any dangerous animal then for your own safety, definitely maintain a lot of distance.

You wouldn’t want yourself to get noticed by a bunch of hyenas.

11. Respect the Wildlife

Your presence should not cause any harm to the animals. Leave the forest as if you have never been there before.

Many people tend to throw trash in the forests. This causes harm to those animals living there. Some even do unusual behaviors just to capture something that will give them few days’ worth of public attention.

Remember if you can’t respect wildlife then don’t go there at all and definitely don’t create any sort of pollution. It will harm us as well as the animals.


Wildlife can be very daunting for many people. You will only enjoy wildlife photography if you love animals or if