Automotive Photography Tips – Fix The Retouch

Automotive photography tips

Automobile photography isn’t an easy job. You need to maintain proper techniques for this. Automobiles are always special to their owners. Branded automobile sellers and companies use various skills to click photos of their vehicles. To take a perfect and clean photo you must follow some automotive photography tips. In this way your photos will be sharp and clear. Exotic cars, motorbikes every vehicle has its own way of clicking photos.

If you have an automobile for sale or you want to start an online business of selling automobiles. For both of this reason you have to follow certain photography techniques to make your photo perfect enough and attract customers towards it. You need to take care of all the angles, proportions, lenses, cameras and other props to click a unique photo which can catch customer’s eye in a glance. So here are some automotive photography tips suggested by our professional photographers!

How much do automotive photographers make?

Automobile photographers are in good demand these days. As the number of this business is increasing automobile photography rate is increasing day by day. The national income of an automotive photographer is $30.367. The average hourly pay of them is $15.00. So, in this way we can see it’s becoming a productive business.

Camera for automotive photography

When it comes to any kind of photography the camera matters a lot. It’s necessary to always choose the best camera for the job. Automotive photography is difficult work. There are many cameras which are usable for this. Our professionals suggest these cameras more often. Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR camera, Nikon D3400 DSLR camera, Canon EOS 80D digital SLR, Sony a7 Full Frame Mirror less Digital Camera etc. are the best cameras for this kind of photography.

Lens for automotive photography

Lenses are quite efficient in automotive photo shooting. Automobiles pictures need to be clear and focus on different details of it has to be visual to the audience. Only a good quality lens can provide all these requirements. Even though there are a lot of lenses for this. But Sigma100-400 mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM, Nikon AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G, Canon EF 70-200 mm F4L USM, Canon EF 70-200 F2.8L IS || USM etc. are the most rated lenses for this job.

Automotive photography lighting

A photo needs enough light to look clear so that it can attract buyers towards it. You need to click the photo at the right time of the day when there is efficient amount of light. Light makes the photo look brighter. You have adjust the lighting well. The environment also matters in this. Choose the proper time to do this work. Choose a sunny bright day to click photos so that every detail can be visual on the photo. You can also use artificial lights for this work even though it’s a bit costly but it can make the photo look better.

Automotive photography backdrops

Backdrops are really important in any sort of photography. You need a large scale of backdrop to shoot an automobile. The place can be in front of a nice house or a popular place. You can also add your own backdrop. The vehicle color also matters in it. You can use white, black or grey backgrounds too. People also add transparent backdrops these days. The backdrop has to be good one because it will affect the automobile and also the whole image.

Automotive night photography

This may sound overwhelming however you will be astounded how simple and amazing this is! The greatest mystery here is to discover a spot where it’s totally dim, any streetlights or even a full moon could make life dubious. At the point when you have discovered this spot, set the camera up on a tripod. Set your ISO to 100, the shade speed on 30 seconds and the gap to f/9. At the point when the screen opens take a solid consistent light source and stroll around the vehicle ‘painting’ the vehicle with your light. A typical family unit burn (electric lamp) works for this. There are no guidelines here, paint the vehicle in various approaches to get various impacts; you will be overwhelmed with the outcomes!

Use different angles

So having set your vehicle up in an extraordinary area and made sense of the lighting. It’s currently time to really begin taking photos! Ideally you’ll realize the vehicle very well presently, however it’s critical to consider how you need to depict the vehicle, regardless of whether there are any highlights that you need to feature and in this way what edge to shoot from. Definitely, begin by shooting from eye level, however to make your shots stick out, you’ll have to abuse various edges and vantage focuses in the shoot. A specific most loved is to shoot from simply over the ground. This gives the vehicle an oppressive threatening look, however examination and see what works for you and your vehicle. When you’ve worked out which edges work best and show the vehicle in the manner that you need, have a go at moving the vehicle to differed positions to get it to function admirably in the setting. Ensure you maintain a strategic distance from interruptions behind the vehicle, for example, trees and telephone links.

Use Tripod for stability

One of the most advantageous purposes behind utilizing a tripod is that it gives strength to the camera. It additionally stays away from camera shake by the administrator, particularly in those circumstances where longer introduction times are fundamental. In the event that you are shooting anything from dusk to starry evenings, firecrackers or the moon, you will require the security that a tripod gives, especially to keep the camera in position.

Take long exposures

Long presentation procedure is ideal for evening time photography too. You can shoot star trails, light trail of cars, light artwork, or even firecrackers. These subjects require a long screen speed which permits the sensor to be presented to the light development. These themes, when doing right, can catch a lovely example of light in the last picture without any problem.

Take photo of the inside of the car

You need to give every detail of your automobile so that everyone can see it. Try taking photos from inside the car. From the front seat to the back seat, steering wheel, all the advanced systems your vehicle has and etc. use your cameras to take clear shots of all the features your car has. The seat mats should also be included.

Automotive photography editing

Photo editing has become an uncommon weapon for making the photographs look outstanding. You need to know some photograph altering tips and systems to alter photographs. Discussing the car photography tips, this tip of photograph altering is uncommon. At the point when you are finished with photography, go for photograph preparing. There are diverse photograph altering systems, for example, foundation expulsion, photograph modifying, shading adjustment, photograph control and so forth are in pattern. These photograph altering procedures lead you to convey some extraordinary vehicle photos. Hence this causes you to support the change pace of the photographs and can expand the deals also.


So, we hope these tips will help you to improve your automobile photography. We have mentioned all the important techniques you will need for this job. In this way you can click your photographs like a pro. All of these tips are highly mentioned by professionals who have done this for a long time.

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