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Background Remove tips and tricks

People are most of the times roaming around the internet searching for the best way to do something. Most of the beginner photographers and designers search for many types of photo editing tricks that can help them edit their images. But they get perplexed seeing different tutorials showing different method to do the same thing. Like there different methods that you will find as background remove tips. People show various ways of removing the background of the same image but which one is actually better? In this tutorial I’ll show you the two best ways how to change background in Photoshop. After showing these background remove tips I’ll give a final verdict about which trick removed the background perfectly. Then you can decide which you should use and which one is suitable to you. So take out your best photo editing software – hotoshop and follow me! Here is another article how to make background transparent in Photoshop

Technique to remove background of Image using Select Subject –

Open Photo in Photoshop

First step is to open the photo in Photoshop. There are two different ways of doing this. You can go to file > Open to open a photo or you can drag that image on the canvas of Photoshop to open it. Using both ways you can easily open a photo or image on Photoshop.

Choose a selection tool

Go to the toolbar and choose the selection tool. You can also press “W” to activate the selection tool. We will use this tool to choose the select subject option. That is the option in Photoshop which does the real magic.

Click Select subject

Now look on the options that appear above the canvas. There is a button named “select subject”. Drag your mouse toward it and click on it. It will automatically select the subject in the image. It has AI built in it so it automatically chooses the subject from the images

Choose Layer via Copy

Once you have done a selection, right click with your mouse on the selection. Then choose the layer Via Copy option from the menu you get. It will isolate the selected area of the image which is the subject and it will create a new transparent layer where the subject will be placed.

Hide the Background layer

Now just simply hide the background layer. To hide it click on that eye icon on the left side of the background layer. It will hide that layer. Now you will see that the subject doesn’t have any background and it is transparent. This way you can easily remove background using one of this background remove tips.

Technique to remove background of Image using Clipping path –

Open the photo in Photoshop

Using the same two ways I have explained on the background removal using select subject technique you can open the image here again. After you have opened the image on Photoshop, move on to the next step.

Choose Pen tool

In this method we’ll do the clipping path technique to remove background from an image. To do the clipping path method you will need a pen tool that will help you draw paths around the object. To activate the pen tool go to the toolbar and select the tool which looks like a pen. You can also press “P” to activate it.

Take a Path layer

Now to draw a path you will need a path layer. It is like a blank paper. We’ll draw an outline or path of the object using a pen on it then we’ll simply cut it out from the background. To take a path layer go to the path tab next to the layer tab. Right click on that tab and choose new path layer. You can click on that small paper like icon on the bottom of the tab to take a new path layer.

Draw Path over the subject

Use a pen tool to draw path around the subject. The pen tool helps you draw paths using anchor points. Anchor points help you to curve the path according to the shape of the subject. Using this draw a path around the edges of the subject and connect the final anchor point with the first one to finish the path.

Select the path

Now simply right click on the path on the subject and choose “make selection”. This will help you select the path you have drawn around the subject in the image.

Choose layer via Copy

Now right click again on the selection but make sure you have activated the selection tool using “W” before you make a right click. Now you will get a menu, choose Layer via Copy from that menu. It will create a transparent background of the subject on a new layer.

Hide the background layer

Now using the same method I have explained before Hide the background layer. This will show that the subject now has a transparent background and you have successfully removed the background from the image.

This is a comparison of the before and after image of our second background remove tips –

Final Verdict

So as you can see I have explained two different background remove tips in this article. Using these two methods you can remove background from any type of image. But I personally refer the clipping path technique. It is the best technique to remove background of any sort of image. It is more accurate than select subject. Select subject sometimes selects some unnecessary area from the image. Then removing that selection becomes a bit tough. The subject’s edge also doesn’t look natural after removing the background using select subject. You may have to use the refine edge or select and mask option later on to fix this issue. But using a pen tool and clipping path you can accurately draw what part of the image you want to be in selection. The edge also looks perfect after you remove the background using this technique. This is why I prefer clipping path over Select subject as the best background remove tips.

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