Best Photo Editing App for PC in 2023-Fix The Retouch

Best Photo Editing App for PC in 2021


The term photo editing is closely connected with the application or software that is used to edit the photos. As digital technology has improved and widely used, the use of software to edit photos has also increased. Every software comes up with some distinct feature that attracts the image editors. Some software is compatible with mobile phones whereas some other is for PC.  However, not all the software is good for using on PC. Are you looking for some recommendations about the best photo editing app for PC? If yes, then you have to read the whole article. Here, I have gathered some of the best apps for editing images on a PC.

1.  Adobe Photoshop

For many people, the term Photoshop means photo editing. It is easy to understand how influential Photoshop is from its popularity. The name itself has become a verb. Now doing Photoshop means editing photos. A standard photo editing software that is highly preferred by graphic designers around the world. No other photo editing app has had so much impact in the industry that this app.

2.  Adobe Lightroom

Another highly appreciated computer application for editing photos is Adobe Lightroom. Professional photo editors who work with color correction mostly prefer this application. Some consider this as the best program for color correction. Both Photoshop and Lightroom come from Adobe Company. If you are looking for editing sports photos, design high-resolution logos, or do portrait retouching then Lightroom will be the best choice.

3.  GIMP

Primarily you can use GIMP on your PC for free. However, the professional version comes with some amazing features which cost a little amount of money. Many professional designers consider this as a sole competitor against Adobe Photoshop. The features are color adjustment, noise reduction, gradients, cropping, some automatic tools, and customizable brushes. There are ample features for advanced users.

4.  Canva

Canva is one of the most loved image editing software for PC. Canva allows you to do more than just editing. Besides filters, shapes, text adding, frames, and effects, Canva allows you to choose different designs for numerous purposes. You can make text animation, create presentations, brochures, and many more. Canva is a multi-purpose image editing app for PC

5.  InPixio

InPixio is a top-class photo editing app for PC. It has specialized itself as digital photo retouching software in recent years. If you are interested in photo editing then you can choose this superb image editor. This app helps photo editors to delete or cut out unwanted objects, create photomontages, add a background, and many more. For high-quality color correction of your images, you can use InPixio.

6.  Luminar

Keeping the users in mind Luminar has changed itself a lot over the years. In this period it has kept the app interface extremely user-friendly. To enhance any image to a new level there is no comparison of Luminar. It has added smart contrast, smart sky replacement system which allows the users to use their freedom to edit their images.

7.  Capture One Pro

Capture One Pro comes up with everything you ask from an image editing app. If you want to add an image just for your personal use, then you can use Capture One Pro. Similarly, it is compatible with different professional image editing as well. Basic Color Editor, advanced color editor, true-to-life colors, color balance tool, skin tone editing, black and white tool are some of the core features of Capture One Pro. In short, it is an all-in-one photo editor.

8.  Ribbet

Ribbet is one of those image editing apps that brings numerous features to the table. However, the feature that made this app more renowned is selective color correction. Yes, you can select a color to correct. Besides that there is Crop, Rotate, Flip, Resize, Highlights, Shadows, ContrastLocal Contrast, Clarity Colors, Auto-Colors, Temperature, Neutral Picker, Saturation, Boost, Sharpen, Soften, Exposure,  and many more.

9.  Movavi Photo Editor

If you are a beginner in image editing, then Movavi photo editor can be the best choice. The interface will sure attract anyone for its simplicity. Even an unprofessional newcomer will have no problem using this app. It has an advanced face correction system that makes the face even better. Also, you can edit the eye with perfection using semi-automatic eye correction. Movavi Photo Editor makes background editing easy.

10.  Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo editing app is specially made for PC. You can work on pixels. Affinity photo editor allows one to develop RAW files. With the retouching tool, you can do skin retouching faster and more efficiently. There are ample options of adjustments for color, gradients, contrast, etc. You can edit pictures on layers. In short, you will be free to be more creative on this photo editing app.

11.  PhotoWorks

PhotoWorks is perhaps the most convenient as far as using this app on PC is concerned. You will get the latest and updated image editing techniques in this app. If you need to edit a particular area dedicatedly, then this app is the best choice. There is a very handy crop tool, and several brushes to use. You play with colors as well.

12.  PhotoDiva

To make your portrait catchy and beautiful this app is the right pick. You can edit the portrait effortlessly. PhotoDiva allows the user to remove unnecessary things from the photo. If you need to change the facial features you can do it on this. It makes skin smoother and elegant.

13.  Pixlr Photo Editor

Pixlr image editor is another extremely convenient image editing app. It comes up with hundreds of effects. You can surely choose the one you need. You can work in layers which means you can easily get back to the previous version of your photo. You have a lot of brushes and adjustments here. Different kinds of filters allow the user to create something creative. This also helps to do classy image retouching. Also, you can transform objects in this app.

14.  Paint Net

It is best known for its raster graphic editing. The interface design is intuitive so you can easily get what it is. You can edit multiple images at the same time. Has a layer option as well. You will get unlimited history. It is available in different languages as well. So, people around the world can use it on their PC. The app updates automatically.

Final Words

The number of photo editing app is huge. Every photo editing app aims to meet the target of the clients so that the most number of people use them. However, because of not accumulating all the features in one place, there is no monopoly. So, different photo editing apps for PC are popular for different reasons. The above mentioned apps are the top-notch apps for PC.

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