Here is Our Pick for the Best Wedding Photographers from the USA & Canada

Top 5 Wedding Photographers in USA and Canada

Ever wanted to know how professionals take wedding photos? Well, if you are a beginner in this field, then it is best for you to follow someone who already is a professional and has years of expertise in photography. To make your lives easier, we have searched for wedding photographers who are both professional and popular in their work.

These photographers have many years of professional practice in photography. As a beginner, it might be very overwhelming to see their work and think about whether you could ever reach their level or not. Remember, they have been through what you are currently facing. They were once at your level, but because of their dedication, they have reached the position where they are right now.

This article includes photographers from the USA and Canada. And the aim of writing this article is to help you set your goals and direction for your journey to becoming a great wedding photographer.

Cafa Liu

Cafa Liu is an award-winning wedding photographer based in Toronto, Canada. He is a really well-talented photographer; you can visit his website and will surely be amazed at the creativity. The photos he takes are really meaningful.

One issue with many photographers is that they aim at capturing the most good-looking moments. Although these looks good, in professional eyes, these aren’t anything close to being award-winning. Cafa Liu’s approach is different. He aims to capture emotion and people’s actions. His photos tell a story about what’s going on. You can look at his works and see for yourself. Cafa tries to also capture the surroundings and take photos that are related to the main event. This helps create a complementary link between photos and helps tell the stories better.

Except for the portrait sessions, all his candid shots are real. He doesn’t make people fake impressions to look good on camera. Looking for actual candid shots can be a tiring process, but this effort really helps to create a genuine photo shoot and is very rewarding if done right. Cafa has won multiple awards for his amazing work, see his website to know more about the awards he has won.

Christian Oth

Instead of an individual photographer, Christian Oth consists of an entire team of experts. They are based in New York, USA. Their works are often featured in magazines and are excellent in shooting editorial-style photos.

Christian Oth has a full management team, design team, and professional photographers. They are probably the right ones to choose if anyone needs wedding photographers from outside the USA. They will manage all the bookings for air travels, transportation, hotels, etc. This makes for an excellent hassle-free management experience for the client.

Because of having an entire team, their works are very synchronous and timely delivered. Clients can leave the whole responsibility of management related to photography and getting the final output to them. Another huge concern with wedding events is that, what if the photographers aren’t able to attend the event. It is possible that some tragic incidents might occur, but it is also true that wedding moments will last once. Once it is gone, you cannot repeat it back again. Christian Oth always keeps a backup plan ready. In case of any issue, they can allot other studio photographers for the event. Due to being present in this industry for many years, they also have good connections in the photography world. They can always send backups if needed.

Jimmy Bui

Jimmy Bui is based in Riverside, California. Switching from a fixed regular paying career to something different is a big step for anyone. But jimmy was brave enough to take the step.

He used to be an elementary school teacher for around seven years. But after figuring out he is well-suited for photography; the career change decision was taken. Being a teacher did help him to learn photography. He knew what it takes to learn something, so by putting in the effort and enough devotion, jimmy is now an established professional photographer.

His photos are very life-like and do tell stories. Jimmy made himself capable of conceptualizing ideas in his head and portray those in real-life work. For his incredible work, he received multiple awards and recognitions from renowned organizations.

If you are interested in the equipment he uses, you can visit his website. Jimmy has provided details of his main gears.

Lisa Rhinehart

Lisa Rhinehart’s photos are very aesthetically pleasing and are quite vibrant. She is a Shippensburg, Pennsylvania-based American wedding photographer.

She generally does full wedding coverage, small weddings, and engagements. Apart from wedding events, Lisa photographs portraits and a few other types of photography. When you visit her website and scroll a bit further down, you will be greeted with multiple client reviews. Looking at those will surely tell those clients had an amazing experience working with her.

Lisa is quite adventurous. As she loves kayaking, her house is situated near areas she could get easy access to lakes and hiking trails. There are about 20 lakes near her house and countless hiking trails within an hour of drive from her home. Her website describes her in more detail. If you are interested in her photography, go check it out.

Michael Anthony

Michael Anthony and Jennifer Loizzi are the founders of Michael Anthony. This studio was started in 2011 and is based in Los Angeles, CA. They are surely a popular one on this list.

Michael Anthony is a renowned studio that is known for its cinematic style of photography. Their client-first approach has made them who they are right now. They are extremely professional and have been featured in many popular magazines and organizations. Michael Anthony’s photographers are trained, even though they are professionals. This training is basically to get them in sync with the company’s schemes and style for consistency. This helps to deliver consistent and high-quality service for both small and large-scale projects.

Aaron Morris

Aaron Morris’s photos are very much focused on aesthetics and pleasing visual styles. He is based in New York, USA. With 10 years of experience in photography, he has won multiple awards for his amazing work throughout his career.

Aaron does wedding photoshoots worldwide. Till now, he has worked in China, Thailand, Mexico, and various other countries and parts of the USA. He has been respected as the award-winning member of Fearless Photographers, WPJA, ISPWP.

To learn more about his photography styles, you can check out his website. There he has a specific section for the wedding photoshoots he has done. You will be able to see his amazing creativity and surely will give you some ideas of your own.


There are hundreds of photographers that we could choose from to include in our list. But that won’t be very intuitive to include in this one article. This is why we have selected these hand-picked few that we really liked. They have something to offer that you can learn from. Don’t just attempt to copy their work. Use them as an inspiration and walk your way through the process. With time and enough dedication, you will definitely be a great wedding photographer someday.

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