Business portrait photography Tips – Fix The Retouch

Business Portrait photography tips for beginners


Business corporations need photos of their pupils for different purposes. These photos get published on the company website, annual report, various magazines, and newspapers. It helps the people to relate the people with the brand name. So the quality of these photos needs to be addressed.

With a view to having the best quality photos, the company appoints skilled photographers to shoot business portrait photos. That’s why the idea of a business portrait came and became a profitable niche in photography. Many professional photographers are striving to become a corporate headshot photographer. This particular article is about some of the basics that will help you accelerate your career as a corporate headshot photographer.

Business portrait photography Tips

Selecting Location

One of the first things that you should consider in business portrait photography is the place of shooting. You have to look for a place where there is enough light. However, do not shoot in harsh sunny areas. Extreme sunlight makes the face look rough. It’s better if you can find a place where there is soft light. If you are shooting indoors then ask an office member to help find the best place. The subject should feel comfortable in that place as well.

Get Acquainted with the Subject

To make the subject comfortable in front of the camera you have to build a good relationship with them. Especially, the new corporate officers do not feel comfortable in front of the camera. As they are new in the office, they have a shy feeling to stand in front of a camera. So, go and talk to them like a friend. Tell them how you are going to do it step by step. Instruct them and tell them to stay confident. This rapport will give you a better result. Always remember your photos will look better if your subject looks comfortable, okay, and relaxed in front of the camera.

Fix an Exposure

Once you get the subject standstill on the ground, find the right exposure. It may take you a little time. You may need to zoom in to get the right exposure. You must keep the focus on the face. In a corporate headshot photography shooting, you have to get the best look on the face. There should not be any extra bright things around the subject. Otherwise, it will grab the focus of the viewers. 

Work with Camera Settings

The one thing that you have to make sure is correct is the camera setting. Even before the shooting starts you have to check the camera settings. Keep shutter speed at 1/100. If you are going without a tripod then make sure you set the vibration control or image stabilization. Some cameras have this technology by default. In portrait photography, the background should look a little blurry. Besides this, you also have to keep your camera aperture right. Let me tell you one thing. A wide aperture gives an in-focus face and out-focus background. On the other hand, a narrow aperture gives an in-focus background and out-focus face.

Get Up Close

Close shots are best for business portraits. Because the main focus is to shoot the face. To get that you have to get up close. Take some photos getting closer to the subject. If you do not get enough space to get closer, you can zoom in. Be sure zooming in is not harming the pixels of the photo. Because that can destroy the whole look of the photo.

Wait for the Right Moment

Do not rush. For any kind of photography, it is my common tip. You have to stay calm and quiet until the right moment comes. As you are shooting headshots, you have to wait for the smiling faces as well. Keep patience for the right moment. Keep an active eye on the subject. Photography is all about shooting at the right moment. The greatest photographers opine that to be a good photographer you have to keep the timing right. Being a good photographer means shooting good photos. And good photos come at the right moment.

Shooting Indoors

One of the biggest challenges that corporate or business portrait photography comes with is shooting indoors. Because the business offices are mostly decorated with glasses and dim lights beside the walls. So, it becomes a little tougher to get the right exposure always. If you are also shooting indoors, you have to keep the focus on the subject. You have to deal with the scattered light spills. One more thing to add when you are shooting indoors is light. Despite there will be lights here and there, you also have to take some.

Group Portrait

Group portrait is always tough to shoot. You cannot focus on a particular face. Rather you have to focus on the whole group. In that case, you have to add extra light and the camera settings also should go with the location setting. The best way to shoot the group portraits is to shoot outdoors. You don’t need to worry about setting up the lighting.

Use a Tripod and Ladder

You have to invest in a ladder and tripod. A ladder will help you shoot perfectly when there is a large group to shoot. In a business portrait shooting, sometimes the client asks for shooting a whole team together. If there is a small space inside the office, you may face trouble getting them all inside the frame. In that case, a ladder can help you. And a tripod is always handy to shooting non-blurry pictures. It will help your hand stay fixed.

Set a Suitable Background

The background is always important in any kind of photography. Find a place where you have the best background. Try to shoot where there is no extra light in the background. Find a plain background in the office. Otherwise, you can always shoot using a backdrop. Buy a plain or simple color backdrop. That will help you a lot.

Final Thoughts

Last but not least. Stay calm. Don’t get stressed seeing the CEOs of the large business houses. Do not overthink. Just go with the flow and have fun with your clients. Do not get stuck with your own thought. Keep the focus on high performance. Keep calm and do what you need most.

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