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How To Remove Canva Watermark

Canva watermark remover is a tool that allows users to easily remove watermarks from Canva designs. With just a few clicks, users can eliminate watermarks and have a clean and professional-looking final design.

Including the ability to add watermarks to designs. However, there are instances where users may need to remove these watermarks. This article will guide you through the process of removing a Canva watermark easily and efficiently.

How To Remove Canva Watermark Easily

Watermarks are generally used to cover digital media from unauthorized use. They serve as an interference against content theft, icing that the creator’s work isn’t used without proper criterion. Still, in some cases, you may need to remove a watermark from an image or design. This could be because you’ve bought the rights to the image, or maybe the watermark is gumming important rudiments of the design. Removing a watermark from a Canva design is a straightforward process, handed you follow the correct way. It’s important to note that you should only remove watermarks from images or designs that you have the rights to use. The unauthorized junking of watermarks could lead to brand violation issues.

Remove Watermark Step-By-Step Guide:

Canva Watermark way is a useful tool for removing watermarks from images. It provides a step-by-step companion to help you remove watermarks fluently. First, open the oil watermark way. Also, import the image with the watermark. Next, use the selection tool to punctuate the watermark.

After that, click the spread button to abolish the watermark. Eventually, save the image without the watermark. Following these simple ways will allow you to remove watermarks from your images painlessly. Canva watermark way is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to exclude unwanted watermarks from their prints snappily and efficiently.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to remove a watermark from a Canva design:

Step 1: Open the Canva design that contains the watermark. ensure you are logged into your Canva account.
Step 2: Identify the watermark on the design. It’s generally semi-transparent and placed over the image or design.
Step 3: Click on the watermark to elect it. Once named, it should be stressed or girdled by a border, indicating that it’s ready for editing.
Step 4: Press the ‘cancel’ or ‘Backspace’ key on your keyboard to remove the watermark. Alternatively, you can click on the Trash’ icon in the Canva editor.
Step 5 Once the watermark is removed, click on the ‘Download’ or ‘Save’ button to save your design. Ensure you choose a format that retains the quality of your design.

Frequently Asked Questions On Canva Watermark Remover

1. How to remove watermarks from Canva?
You can remove watermarks from Canva by selecting the watermark and deleting it. However, remember that you should only remove watermarks from designs or images that you have the right to use.

2. Are there any online solutions available for removing the Canva watermark?
There are online tools that claim to remove watermarks, but their effectiveness varies. Also, using such tools may lead to a quality loss in the image. It’s always best to remove watermarks using the original design tool, like Canva.

3. Is it possible to remove the background from a photo in Canva?
Yes, Canva offers a background remover tool. This feature is available to Canva Pro users and allows you to remove the background from an image with just a few clicks.

4. How do I blur a watermark in Canva?
Blurring a watermark in Canva can be done using the ‘Blur’ slider in the ‘Filter’ settings. However, this will blur the entire image, not just the watermark. To blur only the watermark, you would need to use a more advanced photo editing tool.

5. What is the best free watermark remover?
The best free watermark remover depends on your specific needs. Some popular options include WebInPaint, Photo Stamp Remover, and Photoshop’s healing tool. However, these tools should only be used to remove watermarks from images you have the right to use.

6. Is Canva Pro Worth It For Removing Watermarks?

Yes, Canva Pro is indeed worth it for removing watermarks. If you frequently work on designs and need to remove watermarks, Canva Pro provides a seamless and efficient solution, making it a valuable tool for professionals.

7. Can I Remove Watermarks From Canva For Free?
No, removing watermarks from Canva designs is not available for free users. This feature is part of the Canva Pro subscription, which requires a paid upgrade.

8. Are There Any Other Methods To Remove Canva Watermarks?
Currently, the only official and recommended method to remove watermarks from Canva designs is through a Canva Pro subscription. Using other methods may infringe on copyright laws and is not advised.


Removing a watermark from a Canva design is a simple process if you follow the correct steps. However, it’s crucial to remember that you should only remove watermarks from images or designs that you have the rights to use. The unauthorized removal of watermarks could lead to copyright infringement issues. If you’re unsure, it’s always best to consult with a legal professional or contact the image’s owner for permission.

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