The Secret Techniques to Improve Cat Photography

The Secret Techniques to Improve Cat Photography


Animal photography is one of the most popular genres of photography. People around the world irrespective of race, age, class, status love to pet animals. It is one of their favorite job to shoot photos with their pets or to take photos of their pets. The cat is the most popular among the animals that people love to take photos of. People even hire a professional photographer to shoot their cat’s photos. If you are interested in taking cat photos, you also can get a lot of photo shooting orders in this sector. However, it is not the job of an amateur photographer. You have to learn a lot to shoot a perfect photo of your cat. You have to show patience, wait for the right moment, use your intelligence to get the best photo. Here are some core tips to take the best cat photograph.

Attention Is the Key

Expert pet photographers suggest that while shooting any pet you have to grab their attention. As you grab the attention, now you will get the best look from them. To grab the cat’s attention you can click your fingers. Drop a paper in front of you and the cat will walk toward you immediately. The look of a cat when it gives attention to you is the most valuable in cat photography.

Shoot from Different Angles

A cat is mostly a small animal. So, you will not get the whole view of the cat if you shoot only from one angle. In that case, you have to try different angles to get the best view. If your cat is your pet for a long while, you can look at it from different sides. Cats naturally tend to look at the owner wherever they look at it from. You can give it a look from every side. It will make the cat look at you as well.

Use the Curiosity to Your Benefit

Cats are one of the most curious animals you will ever find. Their face, walking style seems they are always looking for something. That also makes them cute. You can use their curiosity for your benefit. Use some made-up reasons to make them curious again. Make a little sound, drop something, they will give a curious look.

Get Closer

Getting closer to your cat will allow you to have close shots. Cats look their best when you get closer to them. Moreover, you have to get closer when you want to focus on the subject mostly. When you want to focus on the soft and fluffy body of your cat, there is no other way than to shoot closer. Not only this, you should take close shots to show their beautiful legs as well. Well, when you do it, maintain some special tricks. Move very slowly, avoid abrupt movement. Go closer very slowly so that the cat remains as it is. If you see your cat is getting afraid or giving a suspicious look, then stop. Otherwise, it will go away ruining your effort to take some close shots.

Don’t Miss Funny Parts

While you are shooting cat photos one thing you should be ready for is their funny acts. Their Yawning is the funniest act that cats do. Sometimes they shut one of their eyes, sometimes they look as if they are laughing at you, and so on. You should be ready to shoot this type of photo.

Try Continuous Shooting Mode

As a cat photographer, you have to keep your camera in continuous shooting mode. That will allow you to take all the poses of your cat. As cats are unpredictable about what they will do next, you should not be fool enough to run after them and try to take photos. Rather keep your camera in continuous shooting mode so that you do not miss out on any photo.

Have Patience

When shooting any animals especially cats you have to show the patience of the highest level. Chances are, you have to wait for long hours just to get a good picture. Or sometimes, they are not in the mood of coming out of their little space. So, you cannot shoot. On top of that, you cannot say or do anything to them. You have to have patience.

Focus on the Eyes

The eyes are the most amazing part of a cat’s body. Every cat has a unique color of the eyes which makes it distinct. Moreover, their eyes are two of the mysterious parts of their body. You can create a story by shooting their eyes with some close shots. With captivating photos of the cat’s eye, you can attract more people to your photos. So, always try to keep your focus on the cat’s eye.

Be Ready to Shoot

Well, as I said earlier cats are unpredictable. You cannot say what they will do next. So, you have to be ready all the time so that you don’t miss a single action. Readiness is the key to shooting perfect cat photos. Besides, be prepared to waiting for long because at times the cat does not feel like coming in front of you to have a shot.

Don’t Use Flash

Using flash may distort your photos. Sometimes the light is not looking good and we choose flash for better photos. This is not a good idea. Because it reflects badly on the fluffy body of the cat. This is one thing. On the other hand, the most disturbing matter about shooting animal photos especially cat photos with flash is it makes the cat afraid. For which it may run away. And your photo session will go in vain. Never ever use flash while shooting cat photos.

Set ISO Right

ISO settings play an important role in good photos. Set the ISO of your camera right, before shooting photos. Otherwise, your photos will not be up to the mark.

Final Thought

Shooting cat photos is at the same time a fun job but it throws challenges at you as well. The challenge of shooting at the perfect time, the challenge of focusing on the eyes, are two of the major ones. As a whole, you will enjoy the photo session. Without enjoying you cannot do the job right. You have to enjoy your work. Through this, you can produce some of the best looking cat photos for your client.

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