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clothing photography tips

Clothing photography isn’t as easy as other types of photography. Clothes are very sensitive material. So you have to be very careful about every detail of it. The photos have to be perfect and clean from every angle. All e-commerce sectors now days hire professional photo shooters for clicking photos of their clothing products.

If you have an idea about starting an online business like clothes and fashion products you have to be keen about your product photos. . If your photos aren’t professional or does not look like it has enough quality buyers won’t be attracted towards it. So here are some basic tips about clothing photography according to us. All you have to do is keep scrolling!

Decide the style of clothing photography you want to use

Every work has it’s in own way. So, you have to decide first about what way you will display your product to your customers. People who have become successful in this business have maintained a consistent style of displaying their clothes. Kick start your brain and think some innovative ideas about unique styles and methods. Merchants and high profile fashion designers have always used their own trend and that’s the main reason behind their success. People actually fall for things that usually don’t exist. So, deciding the style is the key to start a healthy clothing business.

Adjust you clothing products

Adjusting is one of the main factors before starting any work. I have mentioned before that clothes are sensitive stuff. One or two errors and they become worthless. Your clothing products have to be perfect. You have to be sure that it doesn’t have any scratches, torn areas, or areas which are discolored. Before collecting it from garments make sure that your workers have cut all those extra pieces of cloth and thread because people always notice even the minor things when they are buying clothes. After adjusting all of these you can get ready to click them.

Adjust the camera and lens

Camera and lens have their own adjustments. Find the perfect camera and lens for this job. Adjust them so that it becomes easy when you try to click a photo. Notice that your camera is taking focus on the clothes properly. If not! Then adjust the focus. Before you start the work clean the lens first. In this way you will be able to take clear and perfect photos of your product. Professional shooters always maintain these basic ways to adjust their camera and lenses before clicking any picture.

Adjust the tripod

Tripod is the triangular thing photographers use to keep their camera still when they are taking pictures. Tripod helps the photo from not getting spoiled. Besides, if you hold the camera with your hand then there are chances that photo won’t be clear enough to catch attention of customers. So, adjust the tripod first that the camera can focus properly on every inch of your cloth. Try to Keep the tripod in some distance from the cloths spot and adjust it on the right angle. In this way your photos will be perfect!

Adjust the clothing photography lighting

Light matters the most in any kind of photography. Try to keep the shooting spot with as much as natural light you possibly can. Avoid dark places. Use artificial lights like all the studios. If you want to take professional photos you have to adjust this light situation properly. Don’t use camera flashes as the cloth will look like the color of it has changed. Maintain consistent lighting on every angle of the cloth. It will make the picture look much clear. Use a suitable backdrop

Use a suitable backdrop

The backdrop fells a big impact on clothes. You should create or purchase the perfect and suitable backdrop kit before shooting. The area has to be a little bit higher than the camera spot. Professionals prefer clean white or green background as it doesn’t disturb the clothes color. If you are using mannequins or models then always try to give a shadow effect of it. Don’t use backdrops for clothes which have the same color. In this way buyers will easily not be able spot all the details of it properly.

Use unique angle

Every angle has its own way to display items. Try various angles when clicking your clothing product. Zoom in and zoom out, try focusing on different parts from the top to middle and then the bottom, rotate the view of your camera. In this way find a unique angle. The angle has to be perfect not to wide or nor to narrow. Adjust the camera lenses again and again and try switching the view or background and look for the perfect angle by adjusting the length, size and all the necessary measures. Try taking the photo in such angle that people will get the full view of it.

Try taking 360 degree photography

360 degree photography is the modern way of displaying your clothes. It’s easy for both the customer and seller. In this way buyers will get the full view of your cloth just by rotating the picture from every angle. If you have the certain gear to get 360 degree photo you should always go for it. But always adjust the mannequin or models height and size according to areas length before shooting. Because 360 degree photos calculate all the elements according to their size and then it creates an exact 3D image of them. It’s always a good idea to take 360 degree photos of your clothing product and get buyers.

Show all the details of the clothing

Do not miss any detail or any part of the clothes. Click photos from every angle and focus on every part of the cloth. The customers should get details from every inch of the cloth just by a glimpse of their eye. But do not over do the focus! Because It will expose rash parts of the clothes then.

Go for post processing

Your captured photo won’t be enough. We are humans and not computers. So after taking the photo let the computer handle rest of the job. Use post processing to enhance the images. In this way the details of the clothes will be more accurate.


Use these tips for your clothing photography and make your store look amazing! Your visitors will experience a highly innovative store if you do the photography in this way. All of these are mentioned by our professionals. If you want to hire any professional photographer or editor to do this job you can contact us anytime. We hope that our article was good enough to satisfy you!

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