Digital Photo Retouching Service price starts from $1.99

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Professional Digital Photo Retouching Service

Digital Photo Retoucher is either a person or a professional company offering photo retouching services to their clients. Often images don’t come out as intended and need to be retouched to make it look perfect. The problems an image might have is maybe due to bad lighting, spots, or unwanted objects persisting while shooting. These issues can easily be resolved through post-processing.

Generally, an expensive camera will be required to capture a masterpiece shot. But due to advancements in current editing software and skilled editors, even a photo taken from a smartphone camera can be turned into something amazing. Our editors at Fix the Retouch are dedicated to providing the best quality image editing services possible.

Digital Retouching Service Price

Capacity Price Calculation Total Price Delivery Time
100 100 * $1.99 $199 24 Hours
200 200 * $1.79 $358 48 Hours
400 400 * $1.59 $636 72 Hours
600 600 * $1.39 $834 96 Hours
800 800 * $1.39 $1112 120 Hours

What is included in Digital Photo Retouching service?

Professional retouching service required a lot of attention and precise selection skills. Our highly skilled editors have helped us with compiling a list of the services our clients commonly require. This list below is not the full catalog, rather a simple overview of our common services for retouching.

For Photos that include Models:

Photos without Models:

Body-retouching-service provider

Who needs our Digital Retouching Service?

Absolutely anyone! But ideally, the general clients who frequently require this service are Fashion Houses, Professional Model Photographers, and Wedding Photographers, Ecommerce companies selling products such as Jewelries, watches, glasses, etc.

Other types of clients we commonly get are boutique owners, flower bouquet shop owners, food photographers, etc.

Types of Retouching Service

There is a huge list of retouching services we offer, to see the full list along with the pricing, visit our main homepage. But here are some of our most popular retouching services listed below.

Our Guidelines for retouching service

Many companies take an unethical approach for their editing process, whether it be body-swapping or background replacement. They even claim to finish the project by giving clients an unnatural submission time that they can never fulfill. But we believe in being honest with our clients.

We don’t make bold promises. We always maintain our client’s preferences and do our job following all ethical and industry-standard approaches.

Our editing team will follow each step the client has instructed and the work will be reviewed by our quality checking team to make sure everything is alright before submitting to the client.


Why choose us?

The advantage of choosing us apart from the fact that we have a verified business page, is that we don’t only do retouching service. We are capable and have done all of the services required in the photo editing industry. Not only that; our client responses are also amazing. We have managed to create a solid understanding among our clients and established a name for ourselves in the market.

Here are the positive sides of choosing us:

Work with us now!

Spend your valuable time on something important and leave the editing job to us. We understand your business needs and promise to work according to it.

We are working in this industry since 2007 and have gained a lot of experience and have developed a unique team of experts that are dedicated to output the finest results.

Contact us for more information related to our services or get a quote here. We will be pleased to be your helping assistance for all your photo editing needs.

Trust Pilot Reviews

These are what our clients say about our top-notch deepetched services. This constant support and overwhelming reviews of clients is what fuels our team. See More Review


Go to google and search for Fix the Retouch, there you will find the company’s google verified business page.

The price for digital photo retouching service starts at $.17.

It depends on the complexity of the image. In general, around 1 to 2 minutes will be needed to edit a single photo.

There are many professional retouching companies in the market. But the comparing service quality, price, and customer support Fix the Retouch is overall the best online digital retouching company.

If you own a business then instead of getting an in-house design team setup, getting photos outsourced will save you a lot of hassle and money. If images are valuable for your company and needs professional support, then it will be the perfect time to outsource the images.

Yes, we offer all kinds of photo editing services. Visit our service page to know more.

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