Furniture photography tips

Top 13 Furniture Photography Tips and tricks for the product photographer. Online sales depend mostly on the product’s quality and picture. Whether it’s a small microphone or a big apartment a good photo can always attract big amount of customers towards it. For big investments like furniture, Photography can be a useful way to increase your sale! People now days buy online products based on their photos. So, many furniture stores now sell their products through online. They get online customers easily by just some quality clicks of their furniture items. Furniture photography means clicking some quality photos of your furniture in a way so that you can attract customers and sell them for a good price. It is a popular method these days among online furniture sellers. So, if you have an Old or New furniture in your house and want to get rid of it to clear your area or you want to start an e-commerce business you must need to take some perfect photos of your furniture. In this way you can easily get customers attracted towards it and expand your business. But you need professional photos as usual. Because it can not only maximize your sales but also help you gain name and fame. As we know fame is always an important asset for any type of business. In the following article I will be talking about some advanced furniture photography tips. So, keep scrolling!
Furniture photography tips

How to shoot furniture photography?

We basically use different type of tools, methods and techniques in order to shoot quality furniture photos. These methods are suggested by our highly skilled professionals. They have done this work for many year and they are best at it. So, you must keep scrolling to get more information about how to get quality photos of your furniture!

Best camera for furniture photography

First of all to click any photo you must need a good camera. Because a good camera can help you get professional photos of your furniture. Professionals use different camera and lenses for this purposes like Sony Alpha a600 CHEAP, Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark11, Panasonic Lumix ZS70/TZ90, Canon PowerShot SX420 IS etc. All of these are highly suggested by our professional Photographers Specially for furniture photography.

Furniture photography lighting tips

There are various sort of lighting sources that can be used to capture furniture photography. The best lighting is the light from the natural source. Sunlight is very much helpful to show precisely the shape and design of the furniture in the photo. If you’re doing furniture studio photography then I would suggest using some soft box for better and sharp shots.

Furniture product photography tips

Furniture products usually needs to be captured properly and needs to look attractive enough so that the client wants to purchase them on the first glance. There are lots of furniture products which needs a good backdrop and light to get a great shot. Use such lighting and backdrop with the furniture product photos.

Furniture photography setup

The setup you should have for furniture photography depends on the place you have for your setup. The basic things you will need for the setup are – A good backdrop, Camera and lens, Tripod, Soft box, Flash, Light source, Reflectors and some memory cards and batteries. Using them on the set of the studio will help you capture great furniture photos.

Furniture photography props

Props make your furniture more interesting and attractable to catch the eye of buyers. Professionals use props to enrich the beauty of the furniture and get a good photo. Props such as Flower vase, Paintings, Pen or pencil stand etc are most used for furniture photography. Newborn babies, toddlers and famous celebs are also use for props too. These props helps the photos look more natural are real.

Furniture photography backdrop

Backdrop is always essential for furniture photography. A perfect background can maximize your photos nature and view your product in a proper way. You have to pick the background according to the features of your furniture. Suppose, if your furniture is a wooden product than it will perfectly go with a white, gray or dark background and not with brown or any other color. If it’s an antique show piece you can add the retro black and white backdrop to it so it can look more natural. So, backdrops basically work this way in furniture photo shooting.

Tips for taking furniture photos –

Clean the furniture

To take a good photo your furniture must be clean and it should have no scratches, broken parts or any other negative issue. Every professional suggests using different cleaning products to clean your furniture before shooting. You can use stain removers, water and soap spray etc to clean the furniture. But if it’s old you must need to fix all the damaged parts and burnish it to look new and pure.

Find a good place for taking photos

Finding the perfect place to take photos is necessary. Your furniture should be placed in a spot where natural light can come through. You can also adjust artificial light stands for a proper photo. You can also set up your place like a professional studio to click perfect photos of your furniture. But do not select dark places as the photo won’t be clear in it.

Use the perfect angle

Selecting the angle is a tough job in any kind of photography. It is also known as one of the most important things in photo shooting. You must notice the angle before you shoot. The angle shouldn’t be much narrow or wide. Even a straight angle sometimes gets bad photos. Your furniture’s size, length should be taken under consideration. Only after calculating all these variations you will be able to select the perfect angle for your furniture’s photo. Only professional photographers can calculate all these variations and click the perfect photo of your furniture.

Use Tripod while shooting

Tripods are used to keep the camera stand still in the perfect angle. Using tripod will give you accurate photos. You can change the angle to take different clicks by using a tripod. Besides, clicking photos with your hand can often spoil it. So, it is always better to use tripod while furniture photography.

Take multiple shots

One or two shots won’t be enough to satisfy your customers. You have to take photos from different angles and views. Take at least 5 or 6 shots from one angle and select the best ones in the end. Switch the props and then take multiple clicks of your furniture. Then your customer will believe that your furniture looks good from every angle and be satisfied enough to buy it.

Go for post processing

Post processing or photo editing is an essential part for furniture photoshoot. This helps you showcase the furniture photos properly and makes it more attractive. You can edit them by yourself or you can take photo editing services from professional photo editing company. This will help you make the image of the furniture perfect for advertising.


Furniture photography is also an art but it is used mostly by businesses that are related to the buying and selling of furniture. Furniture photographers can earn a lot from such types of furniture businesses as they are constantly in need of great furniture photos. Using the tips I have given above you can also capture some amazing furniture photography and the clients will love them for sure. So go out and start taking furniture photos.