Top 10 Headshot Background Ideas in 2022

best headshot background ideas


Business professionals require to look formal and standing straight. To represent yourself like this, a headshot is the kind of photography you can adopt without thinking twice. A headshot will do not only showcase your style but also reflects your attitude towards your job. As a photographer, we get often a question from the clients that what is the best background for headshot photography. The answer I give them is “it depends” because it has no definitive answer. According to your need and the type of background for your headshot may vary. Here are the 10 best backgrounds for a headshot. If you are a photographer, you can also learn from this.

Plain White

This is a classic background for headshot photos. The basic white color is what most photographers prefer. To get a clean and fresh headshot you should go for it. As a photographer, if you shoot headshot photos with a white background it will keep the subject in focus. You don’t need to remove the background to make the subject visible. The subjects get the most attention when there is a plain white background.

Plain Black

If you are of the opinion that you do not want to spend money on post-processing, you can go for plain black background. Black is one of the most popular colors for headshot photography. There is one problem with a solid black background. The subject must wear another color except for black. The other color also should be something that will visible from far. If the subject is not visible enough there is no point in taking photos. In the corporate world, the headshot photos should be clear.


Grey is a unique and classy color that creates an eye-catchy background. The Grey background looks less intense to the eyes. Whereas a plain background makes the subject and the background harsher for the eyes, grey background is soothing for human eyes. If the color seems harsh, then it not create a good impression in the mind of the visitor. To attract people with headshots, you have to shoot with a smooth background like grey. That will allow you to impress the viewer.


If you want to add some extra value to your images then try textured background for headshots. Using texture in your photos will prove your creativity. To improve your portfolio there is no other option than to be creative. Many photographers fall into the trap that as headshot photos will be used for corporate purposes, there should be formal things only. You cannot use texture. Well, they are true that things should be formal in headshots. Using a textured background will not reduce the formality. Rather it will increase the fun and formality.

Solid Color

In most cases, we see that headshot photographers become entitled to one single color. They do not apply the thinking process. To be above others in this profession you have to use your wit. Do not get obsessed with one single color. Use another solid color as well.


The corporate officers are expected to stay in office for the whole day long. However, there are some kinds of professions that allow you to go outside very often. For those professionals, it is suggested that they should take their headshot with a woodlands background. Woodlands background allows you to have unique natural color. Natural color gives freshness to the picture. The subject also looks more professional.


This type of background goes with headshot photos mostly. Because the corporate job holders look best when there is a cityscape in the background. The urban area in the background looks highly professional. If you notice you will find that most western TV show host takes headshot photos keeping cityscape background. The city they are shooting in is shown in most cases. This type of background gives a corporate aura to the subject. Anyone can easily guess from the photo that they are corporate personnel.

Work Place

I recommend this background most of the time. To me, the best way to take headshots is to show the workplace you are doing your job. It is a great opportunity to show your workplace through headshots. It also grows confidence in you. Showing your workplace in the background will motivate you to go ahead in your career.


In cities like Mexico City, Sydney, New York there are thousands of murals everywhere. You can find a mural after every 100-meter walk. Taking photos keeping that mural in the background will be a great idea. For those customers searching for a choice loaded with shading and with a metropolitan curve, a vivacious painting is ideal. In the event that you investigate the focal point of your town or a portion of the popular neighborhoods in your city, odds are acceptable that you’ll discover wall paintings, all things considered.

Office Corridor

It another space that you can choose as a background for your headshot photos. Shoot photos while walking in the corridor or having a chat with colleagues. This type of background especially goes with the university faculty, students, or staff when they take headshots. Usually, universities have a gigantic corridor with arches. So, it looks classic and professional to have something like that in the background.


Taking headshots is really an awesome experience. You can use your 100% creativity as you think you taking headshots with a background that is out of the box. To look professional you have to think of nontraditional headshots. Because traditionally headshots are stiff corporate officers having a chat in between which looks lifeless. To bring the headshot photography to life, you can try these 10 headshot photography backgrounds.

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