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High-End Photo Retouching Service For Photographers

High-end photo retouching is crucial for the moments when a photographer’s best click needs some additional appeal. Many different kinds of photography require a little touch of high-end photo retouching. Portrait photography, Model photography, fashion photography, Fashion magazine, real estate, etc need high-end photo retouching to make the images look more attractive and eye-catching. This is the type of image retouching where designers focus on keeping the pixels of the image non-destructive. It retains the quality of the image.

High-End Photo Retouching Service

This type of retouching hides imperfection from the image like spots, dents, scratches, etc. Our designers analyze the image properly and then apply contouring, smoothness, dodge and burn and etc to the image and make it look highly gorgeous and eye-catching.

Advantages of this service –

• Removes flaws from the image

• Sharpens the image

• Removes stray hairs

• Makes the subject or object look shiny and bright

• Makes the background attractive

• Enhances the highlighted area of the image

This type of retouching consumes a lot of time and sweat but the fruit in return is sweeter than ever. It takes almost an hour to retouch one single image using high-end retouching techniques. The quality of the work should be worth noticing. This is why our designers give their maximum effort to keep the image flawless. There are different types of high-end retouching services we have to offer, each one is best for their specific purposes. They are described below –

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Retouching

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An HDR is a technique applied while retouching an image to enhance its realism. Light and Exposure plays an important role in this type of retouching service. It sharpens the quality of the image and distributes the highlights and shadows evenly in the image. This type of service is mainly used by wedding photographers, Real estate photographers, Real estate agency, etc who wants more clients and sales. Clients love this type of images as it looks highly attractive and breathtaking. If you want to showcase dynamic images for increasing revenue then this HDR retouching service should be your first choice.

Non-Destructive Retouching

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This service retains the originality of the image. The natural consistency of the image stays completely non – destructive. The tones, color contrast, etc are kept natural and the flaws like spots get reduced from the image. Fashion related industry that needs quality images of their model and their products use this service to show their clients the original quality of their work.

Photo color correction

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Color correction service mainly is for the images which have faded colors. These images need to have more saturated colors and ambiance. To make the images look more attractive color correction is applied. In color correction, we can change the color of different segments of the image and can enhance its beauty. E-Commerce businesses and fashion industry use this service to showcase their products and models and increase conversion. This service is best for correcting the color issue from the raw image.

High-end beauty retouching

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This service gets applied to the fashion portraits of models to enhance their beauty. Color grading, proper toning, skin retouching, digital makeup are some edits applied to this service. This increases the beauty of the model in the image. Many fashion related photographer and businesses are purchasing this service from us and are getting quality image edits in return. If you also want to increase the beauty of your image then this service is best for you.

High-end skin retouching

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The most regular order we get is this high-end skin retouching service. This service is used by many professional photographers who want the skin of their model to look flawless and shiny. Our designers with the help of Photoshop tools like Healing brush tool, color correction method, etc retouch the skin of the model in the image with perfection. They make the skin bright, perfectly toned, flawless of blemishes and highly attractive. This image increases the sales of the company and increases its demand. This service is best for a photographer who wants a smooth skin of their model.

Image background retouching

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This service is best for the model photographers and e-commerce industry. The main advantage of this service is that it changes the background of the image to make it suitable for the subject it highlights. In this service, our designers make sure that the background blends properly with the model or e-commerce product. This makes the image look clean and attractive to increase conversion. If you want to optimize the background of your image then this is the best service for you.

How we Work for our client

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Submit your test images and wait 40 minutes to get reply from our sales team.

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After approving the quote/budget, we start processing the job.

Download The Images

Once the job has been completed, we deliver to you via FTP/WebMedia

Make Payment

If you are satisfied then we will process payments.

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High-End Photo Retouching Services FAQ

Yes you sure can judge our service quality. It is your right to. We won’t rest until you are completely happy and satisfied with our photo retouching quality.

We use highly secured FTP (File transfer protocol) to upload and download our clients images. We also take images from web media like Wetransfer, Dropbox and Drive for our client’s conveniency.

This service will help you showcase your images to your clients and increase the conversion rate of your business. This is why it is important for you to get a well quality photo retouching service from us.

We won’t take any payment unless our client is completely satisfied with the images. So you can send us the work for revision as many times as you want. We won’t give up until you are happy.

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