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In this competitive era earning has become quite tough for the newcomers. They don’t know where to start. Getting online photo editing jobs is very tough. Everyone learning photo editing and planning to use this skill for earning but are mostly failing. The only reason behind it is that they lack in marketing themselves. They fail to reach their correct audience while advertising their offers. There are various ways you can actually reach the right clients and get orders easily. In this article, I’ll tell you the accurate ways to get online photo editing jobs from home. Save this page as a bookmark because this may be the key to the gate of your success.


First of all, you need to know about the marketplaces that offer such jobs to the designers. Here is the list of the best marketplaces and how you can get a job offer from them.


It is one the many, biggest and well-known freelancing site out in the world. With over 12 million freelancers and more than 5 million business waiting for you, for their works. It is said to have over 3 million working opportunities are posted annually. There are a few different categories making it easier for you to find the perfect/suitable job. Instead of photo shoots, most of the jobs are about photo editing.


It is the largest freelancing marketplace in the world nearly crossing over 21 million. Most of the works are in freelancing, are nearly half of freelancers do writing work, with 18% of freelancers listing writing as a primary skill, 10% editing/copy-editing, and 10% as copy-writing. 20% of freelancers listed their primary skills as design. Next on the list were translating (8%), web development (5.5%), and marketing (4%) According to 2012.


It is said to be the most successful for online jobs. Although it is not as big as the two biggest freelancing sites above, Guru has over 4 million freelancers. There are thousands of photo editing gigs to work with. Guru shows some serious concern about their payment dealing sector. They provide you with four different CUSTOMIZABLE AGREEMENT that both sides have to sign before working on the project. You can also see if the employee has paid for your work before handing the project to them.


It is the smallest from the list above, but does size matters? NO! They have shown others that size really doesn’t matter as they have a lot of photography jobs waiting for you. Those jobs include some practical works such as wedding/event photography, photo editing, tutorials videos, and many more. The listing is categorized by level, budget, and status. You can also ask for clarification on each job done by you simply by just commenting on its public brand. (no more jumping on a project with the closed eye)

Hub staff Talent

Hub staff Talent is a new platform for talented people to show their talents and it is also relatively smaller than the other listed platforms. Because of the new platform, many people might think that it is based on the short term, but it’s not trueHubstaff talent is more focused on long term run. This may leads to jobs both hourly to one-day jobs. Listing can be based on type, category, skills, experience level, payment-rates & budget. This was recently introduced to make it easier for freelancers to make it to their desired jobs.


Here you will just post your services and at what price. Employees will search through the site and choose their required services. The most important part of Fiverr is you need to grab employee’s attention. This might be a little bit of tricky but you can grab it by providing excellent services at very decent pricing at the beginning. We are not saying that you should charge $5 DOLLAR. While the platforms initiative to provide “five dollar gigs” but later, because of its huge growth and success, they included pricey projects in their lists. So what photography do you have in your pocket?

Design Hill

Design Hill will provide you with a reliable marketplace for graphs design, photo editing, logo design, banners & more. It provides a real-time interference between the buyer and the seller, buyers can also give you real-time feedback and ratings to your work. Customers can also browse through the top sellers on 1 on 1 basic and chose their favorite one. “We provide a great platform for designers to create portfolios, showcase their design works and avail great work opportunities. We also have a ready-made logo store, where customers can buy ready-made logo templates, customized for free within 24 hours. All the logo templates have been carefully curated, so our customers can get the best logo design for their businesses.”

Tips to make a professional profile on market place:

As I’ve told you earlier that to reach the right audience through the marketplace and social media accounts you will need to act like a professional. You need to present your profile in such a way to the audience that they get attracted to your offers and place an order at your door. The following tips will help you to set up profiles as a professional and maintain it for getting clients and jobs –

Make a professional smile photo

Yes, you will need to smile in the photo you will click for your profile. Your posture should also look like a professional photo editing expert. Because this smile and posture will make your clients imagine you as a friendly designer. They will think that you are a person they can trust their work with. So, they will obviously choose you for the job.

Make the audience clear about your job

If the audience who are checking your profile but aren’t clearly understanding what service you actually providing then that can be a very big risk for you. You may lose the chance of turning an audience into your customer. So make sure that you describe your job on the description box properly. Make it clear so that the audience understands that you are providing photo editing service

Build a professional portfolio

A portfolio is a very effective way of showcasing the best works of your life. This helps the clients to decide how much experience you actually are. It helps them decide whether to hire you for the job. This is why building a professional portfolio is very important. Make categories of your works and post images of your works that are attractive on your portfolio account. Dribble and Behance are the two best portfolio creation sites which can be helpful to you.

Upload more sample of your work

Keep uploading samples of your work on your profile. This will help you to stay updated and in a flow of the trends in this photo editing industry. Samples of your works will also strike their minds and it may persuade them to place an order or offer you a professional job. This is why upload your works and stay updated.

Tell them about your work experience

Experience is the first thing after costs that a client checks while deciding whether to give an order to you or not. Tell them about your work experience and how far you have come by focusing on this niche. A person with more experience always gets the client.

Get a positive review from known people

When a Client will want to offer you a work he’ll definitely check the reviews on your profile. A bad review may lose you a customer. So tell a friend to take a service from you and give great reviews. This way you will get reviews and work.

Hire a writer to make a professional profile

It’s not like you don’t know how to write a profile description in English. But, hiring a professional writer to write a profile description for you will let you present yourself as an expert to your future clients. This is why hire them.

Make some cheap photo editing offer

People love getting good services at lower and cheap pricing. The better you will offer the more they will buy. Therefore make some cheap photo editing offer to your clients. This way you will be able to attract more clients.

Make a professional profile on other social media

Social media is definitely the best way to gather a number of traffic to come into your profile and check what you’re offering. The chances of conversion are a lot of people come from social media to your gig. Therefore, open profiles on the following social media sites. These sites have the most responsive clients. The sites are –

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Printerest
  • Behance
  • Dribble
  • Quora


Finding an opportunity is what every designer thrives for. But why would you wait for an opportunity when you can create one yourself. As a photo editing expert, you can follow the above tips to get the best photo editing jobs online. These tips will also help you be a professional designer in the future. So best of luck!

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