How to start photography business as a Teenager


The world economy is accelerating at a rapid rate. The income of the people is increasing continuously, sources of income have improved. There was a time when the grown seniors used to earn for the family and kids used to play and study. Things have changed nowadays; everyone is earning, the elders, the youngsters, and almost every age group are earning. One of the most rapidly growing age group who are earning is the Teenager group. Teenage is the age group between 13 and 19 years. Nowadays these youngsters are trying different sorts of ways of earning. They want to be “Independent”. They want to earn their own living.

One of the ways of earning for such youngsters is the “Photography business”. Most of the teenagers are using their talents as a photographer and trying to sell these photos on different websites and media companies. Some are planning to start their own business but they are not being able to. The only question that arises in their mind is how do I start my own Photography business?


It sounds a bit difficult but nothing is impossible right!

In this article, I will give you ten very easy and surprising tips on initiating your very own photography trade. So, hold on to your PCs or phones! And let us begin this small little journey of scrolling this page and taking a step forward to your expansion in income.

Step-1 – What to do?

The first step is to decide which thing to do. Different choices are available in this sort of business. You can either take pictures in any event or you can take different types of random and unique pictures and can sell them to different media companies or online photo buyers. So, it’s all up to YOU.

Step-2 – Charging for Photos

After deciding what to do, it’s time for deciding how much to charge for these pictures. If you are planning to take pictures in events, you will have to bargain with the organizer about the bill. Try to charge less and keep a small profit, it will increase the demand for your business.

Step-3 – Persuade the clients

To get more events, you must show your previous work details and do as much advertisement as possible. It is not necessary to advertise your service in an expensive media, just focus on doing word to mouth advertisement as it is the most useful technique of advertisement. Grab the attention of your audience by giving special offers. E.g. – with 500 raw photos + 100 edited photos, an album will be free. Trust me, clients love offers!

Step-4 – Freelancing

The most widely used word nowadays is freelancing. In short, you can say it is the work you do for others. There are many freelancing sites, where different entrepreneurs are posting their pending works and hiring a person to do that job at a given price. Many photographers are searching for people to click some pictures that for some reasons they aren’t being able to take. So, they may hire some teenagers for doing it for them. Browse these freelancing websites, open accounts and bid for the jobs you can do for them, do it and earn.

Step-5 – Sell stocks

Another most common way is to sell stocks of a photo on various websites. Recently, many websites are providing opportunities to photographers around the world to sell their photos online on their websites. There you can upload the pictures you have clicked, they will pay you at fixed rates per download of your posted photos.

Some of the best websites that are doing such dealing are listed below:

500px Prime –

500px Prime allows you to sell your pictures through online trading. People following your profile can comment and react on your photos. They may even hire you for their events. They can also download your pictures by paying for them.

Shutterstock –

Shutterstock opens a gallery of your photos uploaded on their website and showcases them on their website. They pay you in fixed rates per download of your photo.

iStockphoto –

iStockphoto is the oldest website for this type of online stock photo selling a business. They also showcase your pictures in their website and pay you at a fixed rate per download of your uploaded picture.


These are the best stock photo selling websites so far. If you want to earn more money effortlessly then this is the best way to do it. Just click some pictures and sell them in stock.

Photography is an asset, it helps you to explore your imagination as well as use them to create your own business. It covers a vast market in this continuously industrializing world. Teenagers are being the root cause of this growth as they are active and focused on their work.

This was all the knowledge I had to offer to all the young photographers who are planning to start their business and become successful in it.
Now get up, take your cameras, plan your ideas, explore yourself and CLICK!

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