Landscape Photography Tips for Beginners

Landscape photography

Landscape photography is easily one of the most popular amongst other genres of photography. You can be really creative with how you want your photos to look.

You don’t need to be a hardcore environmentalist to become a landscape photographer. Neither do you need to be an expert in the field of photography.

You just need a decent camera and creativity to become good at it.

If you want to be a landscape photographer, maybe because you like travelling or you love nature, you are in the right place. We have compiled a list of some of our best tips and suggestions that will help you to become a good landscape photographer. First, let’s learn a bit about landscape Photography.

What is Landscape Photography?

Landscape photography is a way of capturing the presence of nature. After camera technologies have advanced and cameras have become more accessible to people, landscape photography has seen a massive rise in popularity. It is because you don’t need much experience for it, anyone with a camera can take landscape photos.

Countries such as Canada, USA, Scotland, New Zealand etc. has gotten a lot popular amongst tourists, because of their beautiful landscapes.

Plan your Location

Before you go out you need to do some research about the location that you plan to visit. Check how the weather will be like and prepare your gears accordingly.

We highly recommend that you check out your location on Google Earth. It is a great tool for travelers. You will get a real representation of how the place will look. You can also see what can be found in the surroundings of that place.

Also do some research on what time you want to shoot. Be prepared to shoot for any kind of weather situations that you might face. Don’t wait for the weather to get better. You can great shots with bad weathers. Some shots might only be possible because of bad weather. So, be prepared for anything.

Having a perfect sunny day or gorgeous evening skies can make for a great looking photo but something like heavy rainfall, snowfall or even mild sandstorm can show how strong the nature is.

Everyone wants to work in good environment but the ones who push themselves to the limit, can achieve a higher level of success and fame.

Have a lot of Patience

Not just in landscape photography, but in any other genres of photography, your patience will be the key to success. You might have to wait on a single spot for hours just to get the right composition that you looked for.

That being said, it won’t be nice if you are looking for a sunny day and ended up getting wet in the rain won’t be very pleasing. So, consider checking with the local weather forecast providers of that particular location and plan at what time you would be perfect for you.

Do Something Unique

Everyone can take photos. Anyone can go in front of a mountain and take good shots. If you want to stand out of the crowd, then take photos from such angles that will show your landscapes in such a perspective that no one has ever seen before.

Don’t rely on easy to capture angles. For example, try to reach on the top of the mountain and capture some views that you find interesting. It will take time and effort to go on top of the mountain and not many would try to reach there for taking photographs.

Be active, it will be very rewarding.

Come Back for more Photos

Just because you have got a good shot, doesn’t mean you should move to a new location. Come back another day or in different time of that same day to take better shots form different angles. Try to come up with new ideas and new approaches, you just might be able to get that perfect shot from your second attempt.

Because of the time and effort, it takes to shoot, photographers usually don’t want to come back again after they’ve got some good Photos. Don’t make this mistake, consider having a return trip.

Get Good Cameras and Lenses

You can do landscape photography with your phone’s camera or a normal digital camera. But it doesn’t provide the amount of flexibility and control that you would get from a traditional camera setup. For personal use it will be fine, but for professional use definitely avoid using these.

Consider using a DSLR or a Mirrorless Camera. Both are used professionally and will provide similar image quality. If you want to have compact setup, then choose Mirrorless camera.

Regarding lenses, having a telephoto lens is a must. You will need to have as much depth of field that you can to get detailed and clear photos. You will need to shoot at a higher f-stop number to get the sharpest photo. Something similar to f/16, f/20 or even higher.

When you buy lenses, try to get one which offers of optical stabilization. It will help to reduce shake and get a clearer shot.

It is also good to have a wide-angle lens for more broad view of the landscape. It works great if you are far away from your landscape and you want to show a lot of things at once. Wide-angle lens will make small things appear larger and closer than it actually is, giving a unique perspective to look at.

Consider having Lens Filters

Definitely have lens filters with you. Lens filters can do wonders to your photos if used correctly.

  • UV Filter: This will block ultraviolet rays from entering your lens. It removes haziness from photos. Even if you are in a good lighting environment, consider keeping it on always. It will block any dust particles from entering your lenses.
  • Polarizer Filter: This is probably one of the most popular lenses for landscape photographers. It can really shape the mood for any landscape photos. It can be used to reduce the sunlight and make the sky darker. It can add more definitions to the clouds.

These are just two examples, do your research and see which one would be appropriate for you.

Lighting is very Important

One of the most important factors to consider in any kind photography is the lights. It will define how your photo will look like. One advice that is very common amongst landscape photographers, is to shoot in golden hours, which is the period right after sunrise and before sunset.

The sun will be less harsh during those times. It provides the best lightings for any landscape photography. But also consider shooting in other times if you have any specific purpose.

Take a Tripod

This is a must for landscape Photography. It will keep your camera stable and allow you to get a better shot. If you are shooting with holding camera on your hands, then the image may get blurry if your hands shake.

Tripod will be great for low light environments. You would need to increase your aperture and slow down the shutter speed to let in more lights, so, it would be crucial to keep your camera stable at all times to reduce motion blur.

Shoot in RAW

Shooting in raw will give you more flexibility in post processing. You will be able to manipulate your image in greater details. The only problem with shooting in raw is that it takes more processing power, hence, poorer battery life. But it will be definitely worth it.


Landscape photography takes a lot of time, effort and patience to master. You will need to do al lot of experiments to see what works best for you. Learn from every mistake that you made and improve your skills. Learn new things and look for inspirations. The most important part to remember is that you need to enjoy your work, otherwise you can’t be a good photographer.

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