Outdoor photography poses for female

Outdoor photography poses for female 2020
Most of the fashion photographers I have met in my life have told me many special things about their career. One thing most of them told me which was common were that they all face problems with model pose. It gets difficult for them to decide which photography poses for female is best for the shoot. They become confused between female poses that might suite their model. Especially when it comes to outdoor fashion shoots getting a unique outdoor photography poses for female is quite a stressful task. Still I managed some great pose for outdoor portrait photoshoot from the fashion photographers and have made a list of the most trending and unique ones in this listicle. Hopefully you will like the article and the poses will help you in taking photos of the models you will work with in your fashion photo shoots. Let’s head on to the poses then!

Female model poses for outdoor photography -

Basic pose for female

This is the basic pose that every female model can give. It’s like simply looking at the camera with her hands on waist. Most simple pose every fashion model can give without any hesitation. A small smile and the basic pose of holding a bag or purse is a part of the basic pose for female.

The sideway look pose

This pose is pretty common nowadays but it is also suitable for fashion photography. In this pose the model has to look on any side not at the camera. This pose is referred as the sideway look pose. This gets highly liked by people who see them and this pose helps to show the fashion dresses properly.

Standing poses

There some other poses for female as well. In such poses they keep standing and give expressions either looking at the camera or looking away from the camera. There are lots of standing poses that women usually have like standing by keeping arms on head looking in the camera is a pretty cool female model poses.

Looking back pose

Another pose is to look back towards the camera. Your body will be on one direction and you’ll be looking back keeping your arms on your hips. This pose is one of the mostly used poses around the world by famous models and fashion companies.

Leaning on wall pose

In this type of pose the model leans her body on a wall. Like bending a leg and using it as a support on the wall or even using side of the arm as a support to lean on the wall. This pose is used and loved by fashion models a lot especially in outdoor fashion photography.

Hand support face pose

One of the best fashion pose while taking portrait headshot is this pose. In this pose the model uses her hands as a support to keep her face. Then the photographer focuses in the face and hands of the model. This is a great way to do fashion portrait photography.

Moving pose

Moving pose is also a great way to show motion is fashion photography. Many fashion photos in fashion magazines use this type of poses in their photos. Mostly fashion product sellers use this poses in their photos to show the products with the model in the photos. This is why moving pose is a great female poses for outdoor fashion photography. If you want your images to be engaging then make sure you use moving pose on it.

Sitting poses

One of the best type fashion photos and the iconic ones are those ones where the model is doing sitting poses. Sitting poses take the fashion photos to another level. In outdoor fashion photos sitting poses are really a great way of bringing the overall atmosphere in the photograph. There are various types of sitting poses you can use in your fashion photoshoot. But the best ones are when sitting on a garden or stairs.

Crossed leg pose

The crossed leg pose is pretty much unique and engaging type of fashion poses. In this type of fashion pose for female, the model stands and keeps her legs crossed one on another. The model has to keep her legs crossed and look at the camera with any expression. Fashion accessories look great with such pose. You can use this pose on your next photoshoot as it is very cool and gets highly liked by people. This is one of the best pose of fashion photography.

Candid pose

Candid photography is the trendiest type of photography nowadays. It gets captured by photographers all around the world. It has become a fun type of activities for everyone. People are taking photos of them and their friends like candids. Candid photography is when anyone takes sudden photos of a person when that person isn’t noticing and doing some activity. In fashion photography the model is told to be walking or doing any activity and the photographer will take photos suddenly without making the model understand when the photo was taken. This sort of photography pose for female is quite popular these days and is very much engaging.

Laying down pose

Some of the best fashion photos come when the model is laying down on green. In this type of pose the model lays on grass or any ground and the photographer takes the photo of her from a vertical angle. This type of photos from a different angle looks amazing and the pose also looks great when shot outdoor.


There are many pose for outdoor photography for female that I have not included in this article. They are good but are also a lot common. I have only given the most unique ones over here. These unique photo poses for female are exactly what fashion photographers need to take some outstanding outdoor fashion photos. If you are a fashion photographer and you need some retouching on such outdoor fashion photos then you should take photo retouching services from professional photo editing company like fix the retouch. They are great and also take fewer prices for their high end retouching services. So best of luck hope these are the poses that you were searching for.

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