Make PAYMENTS Conveniently

Payment Procedure

With FTR (Fix The Retouch) Payment procedure is completely hassle free. We provide easy and convenient method of making payment to our clients. The sole purpose for this type e of easy method is to help clients make payments in less time and without any hassle. We provide different sorts of world renowned payment gateways which makes it easier for our clients to make a payment to us.

We accept payments via Paypal, Mastercard, Visa card or Wire transfer. you don’t have to create any account or any kind of payment options to pay us. All you need too do is fill out one of our payments form where the client has to provide us with  their contact name, contact address, email, contact number and company information. We will send you an invoice as soon as we are done with your batch of work. All methods of payments will be included on that invoice and you can choose which one is convenient for you from there and then you can make the payments easily and hassle free.

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