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Photo retouching is simply the process of editing or customizing an image using image manipulation tools of Photoshop. In the image editing industry, the number of photo retouchers getting jobs has increased a lot. But most of the new retouchers are facing issues searching for the most suitable photo retouching jobs.

There are various kinds of jobs that are open for such type of newbie and strugglers. Finding the right job is a bit tough due to the competition in the market of graphics designing or photo editing. So in this article, I’ve dug up a few of the best and most flexible ways for finding the perfect photo retouching job online. But before I start giving you the places where you will find the correct jobs for you, I want to help you check that is it in your caliber to do such type of jobs. To check you’re ready or not start reading the next lines which is about the tools you need to start this mission.

What you need for Photo Retouching Jobs:

A soldier needs the weapon to start fighting for his country, a photographer needs a camera and lenses to start his career just like them as a photo retoucher or editor you also need your weapon. This weapon is none other than the photo editing tool and what could be better than Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom for this purpose. Still, there are some other things you may need to get the best retouching job online. These tools and skills will help you achieve your goals for sure.

Adobe Photoshop

Without explaining further I would directly come to the point that Photoshop is the most important tool a professional photo editor needs. With the set of various tools and functions on it retouching and manipulating any sort of image becomes easier and accurate. There are lots of photo editing techniques like removing the background from an image, make a drop shadow effect, masking a portion out of the image, retouching and fixing skins, etc that can be done is minutes using Photoshop. This is why this is the bazooka in your artillery of weapons as a photo retouching expert.

Adobe Lightroom

One of the Great software developed by Adobe is Lightroom. This editor is built mainly to support and enhance the work of a Photographer. Enhancing any sort of image is possible using this software. As a photo retoucher, you need this software for fixing or adjusting the color, contrast, warmth, sharpness, Hue, saturation, vibrancy, blur, etc of the image you will get from your clients. Then you can easily open those photos in Photoshop to retouch and fix the flaws from the image. So this is the best tool for editing a photo.

Proficiency in Speaking or writing English

If you want clients you should better know how to communicate with them. English is an international language which gets used by everyone in the world while signing huge contracts and deals. If you are good in speaking and writing English then finding and convincing a client will become easy for you. Improve your English by watching English spoken and writing tutorials on YouTube and read articles on Google. This way you can improve your English without hiring a professional teacher paying him/her a healthy salary.

Professional Skype account

There is a lot of difference between acting like a professional and actually being a professional. If you really want genuine long term clients then you better start being a professional. Think about the long run, today or tomorrow you may have to talk without clients on a video call or phone call in order to understand what they really want from you. For this ,you will need a professional Skype account. Skype helps you to access international numbers and contact with your clients around the world at very lower cost. It also creates a good impression on the clients mind about you. It shows how professional you actually are. So create a Skype account now and make it professional. Give your contact address, A good picture, a description about who you are and you professional experience. Trust me clients will make lines to give you their orders.

Reach photographer on LinkedIn

As a photo retoucher, your aim should be photographers of different genres. Photographers mainly use photo retouching services. But the tough part is to find such a professional photographer to reach out to. LinkedIn is the social website where you can find professional photographers. You need to find and connect with them and keep a friendly relation with them. Upload and share your work on your profile to attract them. This way you can find clients from LinkedIn.

Reach photographer on facebook

The most used social site of this generation is facebook. Photographers around the world use facebook to showcase their captures. They open various pages and groups. All you have to do is follow their pages and follow them through that. You can contact them from there and can make them your clients by showing your work. If you can reach from facebook then you can find lots of different photographers who want to hire a professional photo retoucher for retouching their photos.

Reach photographer on Mail

E –mail marketing is the most effective method for marketing. You will need to collect emails from as many photography websites of various photographers. You can find these websites and blogs using the Google search engine. Then using some extensions like email hunter in your browser collect emails from the photographer’s website. Then all you have to do is send bulk males using a mail server. Then you will at least find a number of clients to startup your business as a photo retoucher.

Make the retouching focus website

One of the most effective methods for getting organic clients is by using a retouching focus website. Websites help you to rank on search engines and get clients who actually are searching for a professional retoucher. To open a website you will need to buy a domain, server and a theme. Then decorate the website the way you want to. Using the blog and creating a landing page you can get 100% conversions.

Make a freelance profile on Marketplace

Marketplaces help you get genuine clients. Lots of companies and photographers are posting for job offers and projects on various marketplaces. Through marketplaces ,you can become a freelance photo retoucher and can take payments through any sort of online banking system. You will have to bid for a project or create a gig or offer then clients will decide whether to hire you or not. It depends totally on how you’re approaching them. These are the few freelance marketplaces where you can find a legit client easily.

  • Upwork
  • Freelancer
  • Fiverr
  • Peopleperhour
  • Indeed

Make a portfolio on different social media

  • Portfolios are a great way to showcase the projects you have handled so far or how many types of retouching techniques you have experience on. If you want clients to order you a work, they may need to know how good you’re in it. A portfolio will help you show them your talent and persuade them to place an order to you. There are various social media where you can actually create a portfolio of your own and can attract potential clients. 

These are the most important one –

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Behance

Make a tutorial on YouTube:

Many companies and photographers search for tutorials related to image retouching on YouTube. They want to learn these techniques to edit their own images. If you also create some Tutorials on YouTube then you can persuade these clients to check your profile and if they liked your video then it is possible that they might hire you for handling their work.
To do this sort of marketing you will need to open a channel on YouTube. Then decorate it by using a classy and attractive channel cover. You can also apply for adsense on YouTube. If your videos get viewed then there is a great chance for you to earn via adsense impressions. So YouTube can be a great way to earn money as a photo retoucher.

Focus on Telemarketing:

Nowadays everyone uses a Phone. Smart phones have now become a necessity for everyone. Photographers, businesses, etc are looking for expert designers for photo retouching. You can contact these photographers by collecting their numbers from websites or their social media accounts and using phone calls you can get clients for providing photo retouching service and get some cool photo retouching jobs.


Being in this competitive market is tough and dominating is tougher. It can be made easier if you don’t stop working hard for your goals. To get the best image retouching jobs you will need to concentrate on updating your skills and focus on the marketing techniques. You will have to invest your time and effort in it then you will surely get the sweetest fruit as a reward for it. Always remember, hard work never fails.

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