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Are you looking for a photo editing or retouching service that can provide top-quality results? Look no further than our team of experts! We have worked with individuals and different industries, different companies. And we are confident that we can meet your photo editing needs. Our team has extensive experience in photo retouching, cleaning image, Background remove, image masking, restoration and many more.

A professional photo retouching service is a valuable resource for photographers or photography industry people. It is also valuable for E-commerce agency or photography agency owner. By outsourcing this task to a qualified specialist, you can save time and ensure that your photographs are polished and ready for publication or presentation.

When looking for a professional photo retouching service, it’s important to consider the quality of the team’s work as well as their turnaround time. Fix The Retouch offer fast, reliable, and affordable retouching services for photographers of all levels. We are always transparent but You should also ask our team about rates before submitting any project.

Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

Our Retouching Services Experience in details overview - Fix The Retouch

When you’re feeling frustrated with your photos, it can be hard to know what kind of problem is causing the issues. Whether it’s an issue with the lighting, the focus, or just the overall composition of the picture, there are plenty of ways for a photo to turn out less than perfect. It might seem like everything was working fine before but now all these errors keep popping up! Luckily our team has experience in editing photographs and will help fix any problems quickly so give us a call if this sounds familiar.

Luckily, our team of expert photo editors is here to help. We’ve worked with photographers and photography companies from all over the world, and we’ve seen every kind of photo issue imaginable. We know how to fix them all, so that your photos look amazing every time.

We’re proud to say that we’ve helped hundreds of photographers take their photos to the next level. Whether you’re looking to improve your product photos, your wedding photos, or others photo. Now I will share with you what kinds of problem we solve them.

  • Spot removing or Retouching
  • Nose, eyes, cheeks retouching
  • Blemishes and stray hair removal
  • Stray hair removal
  • wrinkles removing
  • Body retouching
  • Background removal/replacement
  • Dodge & Burn
  • Face retouching or fixing
  • Breast enlargement
  • Cellulite removal
  • Airbrushing
  • Smoothing out wrinkles on the clothes
  • Fixing lighting issues
  • Making body curves slimmer
  • Making the gemstones look shiny
  • Reflection removal or retouch
  • Making metal surfaces smoother
  • Photomontage
  • Applying special effects or special Retouch
  • Deleting stains of photo
  • Make-up correction or fixing
  • Color correction,
  • adjustment and enhancement
  • Stylized color correction job
  • skin brightening
  • Skin smoothing and tone enhancement and airbrushing
  • Skin texture retouching job
  • teeth whitening
  • removing old photo restoring
  • Unwanted objects removal or retouch
  • Background editing
  • Clipping path or Background remove or retouch
  • Unnecessary props removal
  • Background enhancement
  • Editing out shadows
  • Ghost Mannequin technique
  • Noise reduction
  • Horizon strengthening of photo
  • Sky replacement or remove
  • Lawn retouching of photo
  • Window cut-out of photo
  • Restoring water-damaged areas
  • Repairing torn parts of photo
  • Heads/faces swapping

Our Work In Action

Different types of photo retouching service - Fix The Retouch

There are various types of retouching services near me around the world. Luckily, we are the only company that provides all of the photo retouching online that you need. Starting from Headshot and Portrait retouching to Wedding and Baby photo retouching, we provide them all. There are various types of photographers who concentrate on various types of photography, as a photo retouching company has been providing such photographers and businesses with specialized services that suit them the most. Below you can see all sorts of professional retouching services we provide and why taking those services from us is the most viable option for you.

skin retouch service sample

Product Retouching

Product photography is quite famous for sure. The e-commerce industry runs on product photographs. Thus, product photographers are in high demand. Product photos may also have some flaws like scratches and dents as they are sample products and they get carried from here and there so such flaws may come on these products. So, using our product retouching service you can remove all such flaws from the product image and make it look attractive and flawless. This will help you create a good impression on your online consumers and potential buyers. We are the best company to trust for your product photo retouching.

High-End Photo Retouching

The fashion industry needs a lot of model photos for its promotions. Many models take model photography services from photographers to use them on their portfolios. And model photographers take High-end retouching services from us to improve the skin tone, Skin texture, beauty, and gracefulness of the model in the image. Our designers use photo retouching tools like Clone stamp tool, liquefy, Healing brush tools, Gaussian blurs, and photo retouching techniques like frequency separation or dodge and burn to retouch your photos in the high end. We make sure your photos look astonishing and can attract people to keep looking at them.

Newborn Photo Retouching

Many newborn photographers are looking for a good newborn photo retouching company to retouch the images of the newborn baby. Many parents hire a photographer who is an expert in Newborn photography. They desire only one thing from the photographer which is to capture flawless and attractive photos of the baby. The camera captures all the details of the newborn. Most newborns have rough skin as they are new to the harsh environment. So, the skin texture and the spots of the skin of the newborn are visible in the photo. This is why newborn photo retouching is compulsory. This hides all the imperfections from the baby photo and makes it look attractive and memorable.

Jewelry Retouching

Product photographers and eCommerce businesses mainly need jewelry retouching. Especially those who are connected with the jewelry industry. Jewelry photos should look all shiny and glittery. This way it will be attractive enough to grasp the attention of clients for eCommerce businesses. Many eCommerce businesses need the help of jewelry retouching services to make their raw and dull-looking jewelry images into top-notch jewelry photos which are super attractive. It enhances the outlook of the jewelry and helps a company to develop conversion through visual marketing. We provide the best jewelry retouching service that no one else can provide you with. We also give free trials so that our clients can trust us before sending their works.

Body Retouching

Body retouching is necessary to make the body images of models look perfect and symmetrical. Through body retouching, one person can change the imperfections of the body and make it look better and presentable. This way it makes the people looking at it get attracted to it. Many model photographers and eCommerce dress photographers and businesses take body retouching services from us to improve their model’s body outlook.

Wedding photography Retouching

Wedding keeps happening almost every day. The demand for wedding photographers has increased a lot. Wedding photographers need a wedding photography retouching service provider to take care of the wedding photos they capture. In wedding photography retouching our designers make sure the wedding image looks beautiful and eye-catching. These wedding images which are retouched properly help the photographer make their clients happier. This is why wedding photography retouching is necessary.

Headshot Retouching

Many headshot photographers need a professional headshot retouching company. Headshot photos show a lot of imperfection of the model or the subject in the image as they are raw. These photos need a bit of retouching to make them look better and flawless. Our headshot retouching service is for those photographers who need to retouch their client’s headshot images professionally. We make sure the photo looks perfect and top class.

Model Retouching

Model Photographers are somewhat the most top-rated photographers. Models are being used in the fashion industry to capture photos for fashion product selling companies. This is why the model photos that the photographers click on should be attractive and shouldn’t have any flaws. Our photo retouching experts make sure the model photos are properly retouched and don’t have any flaws left in them. We do high-end photo retouching on the model images so that they can be used as printed catalogs, magazines, banners, etc.

Portrait Retouching Service

The very first context that comes under our retouching services is portrait retouching service. In a portrait photograph, you may get see a lot of flaws and mistakes altogether. All the flaws or the whole face or body can be fixed by portrait retouching service. Retouching a portrait photo is not easy at all. A portrait photo editor has to face a lot of difficulties while retouching a portrait photo. Because the color tone is dull, the lips are fat, having stray hair, ugly make-up, wrinkles, have pimples on the face, make-up is not fixed, having unwanted objects on the photo all of it can be fixed by portrait retouching service.

Skin Retouching Service

Skin is the most sensitive part in real and in photos. No one likes skin which is having spots and wrinkles. If you are using a portrait photo for commercial purposes, you have to think from a customer’s point of view that what would attract the customers? The skin has a lot of caulking that distracts the customers and will not get a better conversion rate. That is a loss for an individual or a company. So, the companies need to hire an image editing company or a photo retouching professional for skin retouching. By retouching the skin by a professional helps you to get rid of every kind of skin-related flaws like removing pimples, removing dark circles and spots, removing wrinkles, removing the oily texture, removing the dryness, hair removing, skin tone changing, and many more.

Teeth Whitening Service

It is not unnatural to have yellow teeth for a model. But it looks weird when you see a photograph that contains a model having yellow teeth. There the photo goes wrong and is rejected by the clients and customers. Suppose you are advertising a toothpaste brand and the model you have is very pretty. Sometimes it is to identify the teeth while photo shoots because of the light. So when the photo comes out, you may see the yellow tooth of the model. That is the moment of disappointment for the client when you are selling a toothpaste brand. You need not worry because our retouching service is there to make your yellow teeth white. Now you can take any model you want and let them pose freely with whatever teeth they have. We are here to convert the teeth to every type you want.

Make-up Enhancement Service

The right amount of make-up is like the soul of a glamour portrait photograph. You may see many glamour photographs which are having make-up flaws. The flaws like sore face, wrong amount foundation, overdramatic eye make-up, acne-prone skin, spreading lipstick, wrong adjustment of eyelashes, incorrect blush applying, tinted teeth and make-up overdo, etc. These make-up flaws and faults in a photo may cost a lot when you want to showcase outside. Your photos are going to get rejected immediately. Make-up enhancement service in our retouching service helps to adjust all types of make-up of a photo and put the right amount of make-up stuff on the face/body of a glamour photo. Even if your model is not wearing good make-up, we can make them wear perfect make-up by our make-up enhancement service under retouching services.

Unwanted Object Removal

A portrait photo can be a masterpiece. But this masterpiece can be ruined by a single mistake that is an unwanted object. A single piece of the object that is not suitable in an image is a turn-off for a client. It is rather disturbing while see a photo. People will get distracted when an unwanted object gets to be seen in the picture. Say there is a photo of a model applying lipstick but there is a laptop behind the model which came in the photo. It will be a complete disaster if there is an unwanted object like a ‘laptop’ in the photo. It is inappropriate. Our Photoshop experts are there to help you to remove those unwanted objects from a photo by our photo Touchup services.

Wrinkle Removal Service

In a face of the model, you may find many spots like dark circles, pimples, red-eye, etc. But the flaw which is the most identical is a wrinkle. Wrinkles in portrait photographs look weird. The model looks old and less glamorous. It is a big disappointment when a client gets to see a model with wrinkles. It has been very important to publish a portrait photo pasteurized a model without wrinkles. But how is it possible to make a wrinkled face wrinkleless? It is possible to do by our team using Photoshop tools and techniques.

Face Retouching

A face contains various things like eyes, nose, lips, chin, cheeks, ears, hair, etc. In a portrait photo, every part of the face should be well-shaped. Any of the parts which are not in shape is a negative point of a portrait photo. When you see a photo is having a model whose nose is small and tapped, lips are too thin or excessive fat, cheeks are like a skeleton, no eyebrows, big forehead, and many more complications can be there. Then your photo is not applicable to publish the model’s photo anywhere. You can get all the faults of the photo fixed by our photo touchup services. This is one of the main parts of our service.

Old Photo Restoration or Retouching

Old memories are not less than a treasure. Old memories are something that can be revived and relived by seeing old photos. Sometimes those old photos are damaged or torn by some accident or some other reason. Those old photos can be saved by an old photo restoration service. We work on old photos to get them saved and make a new photo restoring those damaged parts of the photo. Old photo restoration service is an important service for our photo touchup services.

How to find out professional photo retouching company online

The huge market of image editing resulted in thousands of image editing companies. Not all companies are efficient enough to provide the best services. Most of the company’s focus on some major services. Because of this, they become specialized in some particular areas. As a result, it has become tough to find a professional photo retouching company out of many. Well, you can make a judgment by matching the criteria of a good retouching company with the company you are going to work with.

Check they are authorized to their own country or trade license:

Getting your project done perfectly by a company does not make it a good and professional company. A professional company will have a business license. If the company has no legal papers, then you can get cheated somehow. Before choosing one, make sure the company is a legal professional retouching service provider.

Check they have an offer or free trial option:

 Retouching service is extremely sensitive and needs optimum care to accomplish. Only expert hands can do the desired job. So, there should be a free trial option so that you can understand how good they are at their job. Professional retouching companies will offer free trials. That is a criterion to find a professional retouching company. For example, Fix the Retouch is offering free trials to its clients.

Ask their ability to work

Ask them about their ability when you are about to deal with them for a project. If they can process more than 1000 images per day that is good enough. Fix the Retouch can process 5000 to 10000 images per day based on the image complexity.

Check their work sample

Before placing an order for work, you have to judge their work. One of the easiest ways to do so is by checking their work sample. Browse their website and see their work sample. You will have a good idea about their work after this.

Check out their payment gateway

A professional retouching company must have all the international payment gateways. If you don’t find the most popular and convenient payment gateways are not in the list of their payment gateways, it’s better not work proceed. Take the example of Fix the Retouch. They have all the popular payment gateways open for their clients.

Check their business page review

The company you have shortlisted to proceed with must have a good business page. Go and see the reviews of their clients. There must be some authentic reviews that will give you enough information about their client’s experience.

Why we are the best photo retouching company

Fix the Retouch now ranks among one of the most prestigious image editing companies. Because we have maintained a consistently better performance from the beginning of our journey. We also follow some business ethics that have kept us ahead of others. These are:

Very competitive price: We provide services at a comparatively low price. Our pricing policy is targeted at clients who are looking for excellent professional services.

Bulk photo editing capacity: We have a huge capacity to edit thousands of images per day. We have 3 separate teams working around the clock in shifts. So, there is no problem editing more than 10 thousand images per day.

Quick response and on-time delivery: we have a dedicated support team to respond to customer queries. We also deliver the completed project on time.

Professional retouching team with experience designers: We are proud of our expert team. They are highly experienced, they understand the customer needs immediately.

Multiple Payment Gateways: Our focus is to make the task of our clients easier. We maintain multiple payment gateways so that our valuable clients can pay according to their convenience.

How we Work for our client

Submit For Test

Submit your test images and our sales team reply you back as soon as possible

Approve & Process

After approving the quote/budget, we start processing the job

Download The Images

Once the job has been completed, we deliver it to you via FTP/ Web Media

Make Payment

If you are satisfied then we will process payments.

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How much to charge for photo retouching?

The cost of photo retouching is all about what you want. For example you are looking for skin retouch service, then expect to pay $1.99 per image but if high-end edits are in order and your budget allows for it – go ahead! However if your goal includes removing wrinkles or achieving other cosmetic effects then expect prices to go up significantly–depending upon how complicated any given project may require from start-to finish! Price might range from $0.50 per image up to about 5 dollars depending on what type of job is needed and how complex it will be done.

– Professional photo retouching for a low price
– Affordable photo retouching for everyone
– Compare photo retouching prices from top companies
– Basic or high-end, we do it all

Photo Retouching related Question and Answer for the photographer

Our clients keep asking us many sorts of questions regarding the topic of Photo retouching. And we have all the answers to the questions written below. These are the most highly asked photo retouching-related questions asked by all the photographers we have ever worked with. We hope these answers are helpful for everyone. Whether you’re a photographer busy doing photo shoots and need a photo retouching company to handle all your retouching issues or a photographer who wants to know how to retouch photos by yourself. These answers will help you find solutions to all your retouching-related questions for sure. If you still have any questions you can always contact us on our mail.
Answer: This is one of our top service where we make sure your photo doesn’t have any flaws. We remove all the flaws from images like scratches, blemishes, spots, dents, etc from the image and make it look completely flawless.
Professional Photographers, Ecommerce businesses, Model agencies, Magazine companies, etc who need to showcase or present their images to their audience and who need these images to be eye catching for promotional purposes need this service. We are the best only because we know what our clients demand and our professional retouching team is experienced and skilled. We have all the updated equipment to do a fine and top-notch retouching for our clients within the given time. This is why we are the best because we believe in quality.
Answer: Photo retouching helps a photographer hide all the flaws from the model’s skin, face and body. Such flawless images help to increase engagements and conversions.
We provide all sorts of image retouching services. The highly taken ones are Ecommerce product retouching, high end skin retouching, body retouching, Newborn retouching, fashion photo retouching, etc
This kind of service is best for both photographers and ecommerce businesses. We are the best company to provide you this service is because our expert team can actually make the image look completely flawless and gives a professional touch to your images. We do that at the lowest cost in this market and that too at the fastest time.
Answer: To start a photo retouching business you’ll first need a good team of photo retouchers, a good marketer to promote your services and a pretty good investment to buy all the necessary equipment for your photo retouching business. You will need a good-looking website and you need to promote good offers to your clients so that they place an order. Last but not the least is that you need make sure your clients are satisfied and happy with your services.
Answer: Photo retouching is a small word but it describes a lot of things. There is various type of photo retouching. The most basic type of retouching is to fix the skin tone, texture, remove blemishes and improve the color. Doing all these basic retouches require around 20 to 30 minutes per image if you are doing it manually. And high-end photo retouching may require more time. It all depends on the complexity of the work.
Answer: Photo editing can be of any type. Many types of various techniques using which a photo can be changed into a more eye-catching photo is known as photo editing. Where as photo retouching is just improving the tone, texture, dullness of a photo and removing all the flaws from it so that the image looks presentable.
Answer: It totally depends on what type of Photo shoot you are doing. If you’re doing Portrait photoshoot then you may need our Portrait retouching, Headshot retouching, High end retouching or Model Retouching service. If you are a product photographer and you’re doing product photo shoot then you may need product retouching, jewelry retouching, dress retouching or shoe photo editing services.
Answer: Adobe is truly a boon for the photography and photo retouching industry. There are various types of softwares built to do photo retouching by Adobe. The most useful software for photo retouching is obviously Adobe Photoshop. Lightroom is also a good software developed by Adobe to apply various effects on photos.
Answer: There are different methods you can use to do retouching on a photo. But if you want to give a professional retouching on photo then using the following methods will give you fruitful results. These are – Frequency separation, Blemish removal, Dodge and burn, Brush tool with new layer and Photo retouching plugins.


These retouching services are mostly needed by photographers, fashion industry, garment industry, automobile industry, and others. Photo retouching is one kind of a service which contains many other things. It is a very special service and rapidly taken by photographers and fashion industry since it mostly works on the faces. For those who need quality retouching services, we are here to serve you the best retouching services. Our professional photo retouchers are working 24/7 to satisfy all our clients with quality work. You will get our services at a lower price than any other image editing service providers. So, what are you waiting for? Come and experience our service.

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