Pro Tips for Shooting Travel Photography

Best Professional Tips for Shooting Travel Photography

Photography is a profession of passionate people. And everyone loves traveling. When these two mixes together we find travel photography. To be a good travel photographer or to shoot travel photos that attract everyone you need to be passionate as well.

The trick behind travel photography lies in visiting as many places as you can. Not all the places are equally photogenic. So, you have to visit beautiful places around the world in search of the best place for your next project.

However, It takes a lot of hard work to be a travel photographer. In this article, I will discuss some key ideas that will help you to take some of the best photos.


When you go shooting at a place, do a little research on the place. Try to find if there is any book about that place. Or ask someone you know who has lived there. Search the place on Facebook travel groups, Instagram, YouTube, etc. to know more about the place. By this, you can have a good idea about the places.

You can know what to do there and what to avoid. There are some places where taking photos is restricted. Remember one thing, you are going there to take photos, but you will do everything a traveler will do. So, take preparation just like a traveler and do your main job which is photography. Research before starting shooting will help you.

Wake Up Early

You must have heard the proverb: an early bird gets the worm. If you can wake up early, perhaps you are going to experience one of the most precious sights. That is soft morning light. No matter where you take your photo the morning light is incomparable. For great photography, light is the most powerful ingredient. The soft and warm light of morning creates astonishing pictures. To capture morning hours, you have to wake up early. Travel photographers cannot sleep long in the morning.

Stay Out Late

Almost the same as morning sunrise, sunset is also a good element to shoot when you can shoot some amazing pictures. If you understand the color scheme of the evening time, you can capture the best part of it. That’s why in photography the time before sunset is called the golden hour. Because the soft and warm light is what we see at this time. On the other hand, the hour after sunset is called the blue hour.

Get Acquainted with Locals Before Asking

Travel photography is not only shooting beautiful places. It also comprises the shooting of people out there. One of the purposes of travel photography is to show a particular place as a whole. While doing this, you have to shoot some photos of local people and their daily life. To represent their culture at first you have to get acquainted with them. Talk to them, buy some souvenirs, have a cup of tea, and get easy with them. Then ask for some photos. You can never underestimate the significance of the human element in travel photography.

Best Professional Tips for Travel Photography Shooting

Rule of Thirds

Well, everyone talks about the rule of thirds. Some people call it the classic style of photography. So, what it is? It means dividing the frame into nine equal rectangular parts and keeping the subject in the middle. So, the focus remains on the subject. Apply this rule while shooting photos. This will enhance the look of your photo.

Use a Travel Tripod

As a travel photographer, many do not consider taking a tripod with them. Holding a camera for a long time can be tiring for you. Take a tripod with you but take the lighter one so that you can carry this for a long time. Tripod will help you shoot without any shaking of the camera. The picture will not have any blurry portion. That is good for your overall impression as well.

Experiment with Composition

To come to a good composition with your photos, you have to do some experiments. You have to go through trial and error. Try shooting from different angles to come to the right angle. Similarly, you should try different distances as well. While shooting, experiment with the best background and foreground. Experimenting will give you a better result than shooting random photos.

Have Patience

While shooting nature, you have to wait for the perfect time. Sometimes you have to wait a whole day just to take a photo with the perfect angle, shadow, and light. Moreover, you have to pay extra attention to every detail. That requires a huge level of dedication. Stay patient and increase your consciousness about your surroundings.

Always Keep Extra Accessories

When you are outdoors, anything can happen to your accessories or camera. In that case, you cannot stop shooting. You have to keep some extra batteries, lens if possible. If you can keep an extra camera. That will help you as a secondary shelter. If something happens, you can choose immediately from your collection. A backup camera can be a great help.

Get Lost

There is a popular saying online that “not all who wander are lost”. You also have to get lost in new places to get the best output. Going to popular travel destinations and shooting the best photos may comprise only the most popular sights. What about the places undiscovered? There are always some places that are underrated even after being in a popular city area. If you want to discover those beauties, then get lost in unknown places. Keep your purpose in mind while doing that.

Keep Learning

Life is all about keeping learning new things. In travel photography, you also have to learn a lot. New places will come, new people, new culture, new experience. Traveling will leave you a wise person in the end. Keep those parts where you learned something new every time.
This is possible only through travel photography. If you can shoot the best travel photos following these tips, you can build your portfolio more professionally.

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