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The Toy industry is huge; It is estimated to be around 90.7 Billion USD globally. In the U.S alone it stands for approx. 27 Billion USD.

Companies consistently come out with new interactive toys every year. These toys need to be photographed for displaying and selling in various market places. They need professional photo editing companies to make their toys look fun and enjoyable. We are here to do just that.

In this article, we will be discussing why you need our service, what you will get, and why you should choose us instead of other companies for editing toy photos.

Toy Photo Editing Service Price

Capacity Price Calculation Total Price Delivery Time
100 100*$0.32 $32 24 Hours
500 500*$0.32 $160 24 Hours
1000 1000*$0.27 $270 48 Hours
5000 5000*$0.21 $1050 72 Hours
10000 10000*$0.21 $2100 140 Hours

What you will get in Toys photo editing service?

We have listed most of the common toy editing services clients usually need. We also accept special requests made by clients.

Toy Photo Editing and Retouching

We provide high-end toy photo retouching service across the world. Our team uses the best editing software that is used in the industry.

Toys come in different shapes and sizes. Toy photos often contain inequal lighting, spots, scratches, etc. We make sure to edit every detail of the photo. Starting with fixing the distortion and perspective of the subject; we gradually move towards making color corrections, color balancing, and retouching any spots and debris.

We offer layered PSD files if the clients ask for it. We can also work with and provide file formats such as JPG, PNG, TIF, PSD, CR2, DNG, and various others.

Best Toys Photo Cut Outs

Few popular types of Toys we worked on

We have worked with different types of child-related photos, which include retouching child photos, child clothes, and toys. The list below shows some of the types of toys we have worked on.

Tomy Toys Photo editing and clipping

Editing Guidelines for toy photos

While editing the photos, we always try to keep in mind the intention of use for the products. Clients give us detailed information about their projects. Our project manager breaks down the instructions and prepares it for the editors to follow.

If there’s any confusion with the instructions, we ask the client to clarify it and make necessary adjustments. All of our editing services are carried out ethically, so clients don’t have to worry about falling into any copyright issues.

Why hire us for toy photo editing service?

We don’t only provide toy photo editing services; we also offer other editing services related to children. Not only that we provide most editing services that you will find in the industry. Our most sold service is editing eCommerce photos. So, if you have any eCommerce project, feel free to contact us.

With quality output and affordable pricing, we have managed to become a go-to solution for many businesses.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Benefits of Toys photo retouching

Standing out from the crowd will ensure maximum sales for your products. Editing photos to look appealing is an easy and hassle-free way of achieving it. It will increase your conversion rate and help establish a solid brand awareness at the same time.
Toys Photo Cropping service for photographer

Why hire us for this service?

Having done thousands of client work has given us a superior ability to understand our clients and work as per their intention of doing business.

We can make images compatible with any platform you desire to work on. If you intend to sell on any eCommerce platforms, then we can compress images to have faster load time without sacrificing much of its quality.

Work with us Today!

Want a hassle-free low maintenance editing service? Consider us to be your photo editing assistance that can fulfill all our editing needs.

We care for each of our clients and cater to provide them with a quality service experience. We have worked with numerous companies and photographers over the course of many years. We know and understand how the market works and can give suggestions to clients in order to help them with their business based on our experience.

If you have any questions then contact us here. We will be happy to work for you.

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Depends on the complexity of the images. Typically, 500 to 1000 images can be processed in a day.
Companies owning a toy company or eCommerce primarily needs this service.
Fix the Retouch not only does toy photo editing services but also offers all types of editing services available in the industry.
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