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product photography types


As we have entered the era of online shopping the need for product photography has gone sky-high. You will find product photography everywhere. This is another content of Professional Product photography Tips for Beginners. From your home to the billboard sign ad, to the shopping mall. Everywhere, there is some kind of product photography. However, not all product photography is of the same genre. It is a crucial matter for the photographer to know about the types or kinds of product photography. That will make his job of taking product photos easier. Because he will have a clear idea of what to do in which type of photography. In today’s article, I am here with the types of product photography every photography should know about.

Studio Product Photography

When you are shooting your project inside a studio with all the setups, that is called studio product photography. In-studio product photography you need some basic things to start with. You will need a lighting setup. There should be enough lights and lamps. Moreover, there should be a lightbox for small products. If you are shooting small toys or something like that you will need a lightbox. Besides that, you will need an umbrella to keep the lighting balance right. Otherwise, lighting will go scattered. Studio product photography also needs some other stuff which makes it unique from another photography genre.

Plain Background Photography

The purpose of product photography is to show the products in the best light. The main focus is here to show every nitty-gritty of the product so that the visitor can get a 100% idea of the product. He does not need to see the product in hand. With a view to doing this, you need to use a plain or white background. That type of photography is known as plain background photography. Plain background photography allows the viewer to have a good idea of the product without even reading the product specification. 

Scaled Product Photography

When the visitor needs to get confirmed about the real size of the product you should give the size along with the product photo. The most trusted way of doing this is to add scale with the photo. That type of product photo is known as scaled product photos. Scaled product photos help the visitor to have a clear idea about the product size. Especially for the clothing products, you need to have a clear idea about the size. That’s why scaled photography needs arise.

Group Product Photography

Group photo helps the viewer to get a clear idea about the product category. At the same time, the visitor will get to know how many options he or she will get. The difference of the individual product can be the weight, ingredients, and fragrance. That is supposed to give the viewer an idea of the variation of the products. Especially women’s makeup items are shot like this. Another purpose of shooting group product photo is to show the variety of colors a product owner has. This time the size and quality will be the same but the color will be different.

Lifestyle Product Photography

This type of product photography is also known as contextual product photography. In this case, the products will be shown in the context of real-life use. That means, the product and its use will be in the same frame. For example, yoga dresses are mostly shot in lifestyle product photography style. Sports items, wrist watches, water bottles also come into this category. People shoot these products in context. The purpose is here to show the use, comfort, necessity, and so on. Lifestyle product photography has gained popularity these days. Most people prefer this because it guides the buyers about the use of the product.

Outdoor Product Photography

Yet another popular product photography. Outdoor product photography is where the product is usually for outdoor use or the product comes from a natural source. The purpose here is to connect nature with the product. You will find numerous products being shot outdoor. For example, herbal beauty products are the most common that takes outdoor places. Moreover, sports items and some other product owners also prefer outdoor shooting. However, outdoor product photography perhaps is one of the most challenging photography genres. Because you need some extra set of equipment for shooting. You have to know how to use natural light to the fullest.

Non-traditional Product Photography

Non-traditional product photography is not wholly product photography. Rather some products are used in photos to spread an idea. However, there is an indirect promotion of products as well. The photographer does not showcase the products in the first place. But the product is not specific rather there will be several products that will help share an idea. The intention here is to sell ideas instead of products. We use non-traditional product photos to do some other things. For business, it may be the promotion of theirs sales offer. Non-traditional photography can also be termed concept product photography.

Hanging Product photography

For apparel products, it is important to show them in three dimensions. That’s why the product owners go for image editing services. However, you can do almost a 3-D vision of your apparel products by hanging them. Hanging product photography is popular among apparel photography, wall matt, beauty lighting, chandelier, etc.

Final Verdict

To wrap it up, I would say that product photography will keep on growing and expanding day by day. As online shopping is spreading and the types of products are increasing there is a high possibility that we will be more types of product photography in the future. To date, we have these types of product photography which is currently thriving.

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