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Fix The Retouch International

Fix the Retouch International has been in the business since 2007. Even before this, the company founders are associated with related businesses like photo editing, photography studio, etc. Over the past few years, we have expanded our business to an international level. We are currently providing services to more than 35 countries around the world including the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, UAE, and the rest of the countries are from Europe. We cover the major cities of these countries. We provide all kinds of image editing services including retouching, background removal, video editing, 3D Modeling, etc.

About the Founder

Mr. Basar and S sultan jointly founded the company Fix the Retouch. The career of both the founder Molla Basar and S Sultan started their career as jobholders. After spending several years in the job sector, they shifted towards business. Initially, it was a small local business in Bangladesh back in 2002. CEO and Co-founder Molla Basar saw the people in his local community suffering from extreme poverty and unemployment. So, he wished to do something that would have a positive impact on their life. Molla Basar uncle, who was a pioneer in the industry, told him about the future market of photo editing. Molla Basar, along with S Sultan started a small graphic design business. They founded fixtheretouch.com in 2007.

The fixtheretouch.com of today provides a decent list of services, ranging from hand-drawn clipping path to the white background. We operate in a country and have employed 160 image-editing experts. Our belief is to provide training and employment to people who need it most, and in keeping a positive work environment.

Our commitment not only to the local community but also to our customers is what our success has been built upon. Our high-quality, affordable image-editing services enable our customers to grow their business

About the CEO Molla Basar

Mr. Bashar started his career as a Digital Marketing specialist. Working as a digital marketer for several years he started learning graphics design to something new. As planned, after learning graphics designing, he along with Mr. S Sultan started their business called Fix the Retouch International. Initially, he marketed the services of Fix the Retouch only to the USA and Canada. After receiving huge support and positive feedback from his customers, he started marketing Fix the Retouch International globally. He combined his graphics design skill and digital marketing skill to succeed in this business which is returning him well. Now his business has spread to more than 35 countries.

About our service team

We work as a team. The excellent services we are continuously providing to our clients are the result of teamwork. Let’s have a look at our teams.

Graphics Design team

With more than 200 designers working day and night in shifts we are one of the largest teams in the country in the current market. Our teammates are divided into shifts so that we can provide 24/7 service.

Photography team

We are not only providing a high-quality image editing service but also do photography in our studio. We have a state-of-the-art photo studio where we have a bunch of experienced photographers. They do product photography, headshot, and wedding photography as well.

Sales and support team

We have a support team working 24/7 to help the customers get the best services from us.

Web development team

Our website is always loaded with traffic. To handle them properly so that there is no problem with the server we have an expert team of web developers. To keep upgrading the look of the website we have some creative frontend developers as well.

Digital Marketing and content development team

Though our CEO is an expert SEO specialist and digital marketer, a team of digital marketers and content writers work under his guidance.

Ways We Work

FTR offers cutting-edge state-of-the-art technology of graphic design, an outstanding team of more than 250 experienced and professional graphic designers, and responsible customer service executives. Our secure FTP server allows our clients to send their files. Then we give them a price quote after examining their files. We maintain a strict, 3 step quality checking procedure through the workflow and the time frame that is required by our customers to complete our jobs.

Why we are very different

Our team works all year round to deliver quality service. Moreover, our customer support executives can be easily reached via email or over the phone and are always ready to respond. We guarantee you the highest quality work and you will never find yourself disappointed because we do not give baseless service commitments. Our belief is in working and our customers’ testimonials speak for us. We also have a strong belief in ethical business and contribute to several humanitarian works.

About our Company and services

Clipping path, image retouching, or custom editing are among the various range of services that Photo Editing Companies offer. Our highly skilled photo editors are qualified to deal with easy to extreme images. Professional photo retouching is the best service in our company.

Photo retouching service
Background Removal Service
Image Masking Service
Ghost mannequin services
Color correction services
Product photo editing services
Jewelry photo retouching service
Newborn photo editing service
Model retouching service
High-end photo retouching services
Headshot Retouching Service
Cloth photo editing services
Car photo editing service
Body retouching services
Photoshop clipping path services
Photoshop Shadow Services
Shoe Photo Editing Services
Sunglass Photo Editing Service
Toys Photo Editing Services
Wedding Photo Editing Services

At Fix the Retouch, We’re Dedicated to

Fast Service:

Editing large quantities of photos requires many hours of extreme focus. It can be quite a difficult task to spend all that time editing photos while dealing with a million other things — especially with approaching deadlines. We will contact you in 45 minutes or less and send you a quote, and your edited images can be provided to you in as little as 6 hours.

Affordable pricing:

Editing large quantities of photos requires many hours of extreme focus. It can be quite a difficult task to spend all that time editing photos while dealing with a million other things — especially with approaching deadlines. We will contact you in 45 minutes or less and send you a quote, and your edited images can be provided to you in as little as 6 hours.

High-quality images:

There’s a reason our score in customer satisfaction is 9.4/10. It’s because we provide our customers with high-quality images that are edited by hand. “Excellent value,” “perfect result” and “quality exceeded my expectations” are just one among many of the ways our customers have described their experiences.


Fix the Retouch International, one of the most experienced image editing and graphics designing companies that have been thriving in this market will continue its current endeavor in the future. Every team in our office is dedicated to providing the best service to the customers. To add new and convenient ways to serve the customers, we are always researching and developing ourselves.

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