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Companies looking to promote their products online rely on heavily polished professional-looking images. Adding a premium shadow for a natural and polished look is what most Ecommerce companies aim for and this is why our service becomes very important for them.

Natural shadow, drop shadow, fancy shadow, preserving original shadow, and whatever types of shadow clients ask for; our expert designers are here for that.

Not every company can create beautiful looking natural and polished shadows, but most will claim to be an expert in this subject. We at Fix the Retouch believe in showing what we can do rather than claiming our proficiency.

Drop Shadow Service Price

Capacity Price Calculation Total Price Delivery Time
100 100*$0.32 $32 24 Hours
500 500*$0.32 $160 24 Hours
1000 1000*$0.27 $270 48 Hours
5000 5000*$0.21 $1050 72 Hours
10000 10000*$0.21 $2100 140 Hours

What will you get in drop shadow service?

We always try to differentiate ourselves from other competitors. We do so by being responsive to our clients and if needed making suggestions based on our own market research about what we think will work better for them. Anyways, here are the common services our clients frequently ask for.

We are open to clients custom service requests.

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Why do you need drop shadow service?

A professional and consistent looking drop shadow can help your products sell better and help brand yourself as a well-established business.

When you are selling products online, people will solely rely on your product images to make their purchasing decision. So, it is necessary that your images look professional and high quality.

Drop shadow adds a sense of realism to product images and helps in the conversion rate. So, to increase the chances of growing your eCommerce business, definitely consider getting drop shadow services.

Types of shadow for product images

Adding depth and texture to a 2D image is the main goal for implementing a shadow to product images. Here we have listed the common shadow service offered by our company.

Guidelines we follow for drop shadow editing service

We always aim for an ethical approach for all of the services we provide. You won’t be bothered with any copyright issues that you might face from purchasing service from low-quality service providers.

For editing images, we use the latest software and techniques followed in the industry. The quality of the client’s images will be intact while editing and can be provided in any file format client ask for.

Instructions sent by the client will be followed first and then if we feel necessary, we will recommend the client about changes that might help them better.

Also, if the client asks, we optimize images for specific sites where they want to use it. No additional payment will be charged.

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Why choose drop shadow services from Fix the Retouch?

Authenticity is a big factor when choosing a photo editing service provider. Anyone can launch a site and claim to be an expert, but not anyone can claim to have a google certified business page.

Go to google and search for Fix the Retouch; you will see our verified page; that is our proof for authenticity.

We have been doing business for many years, and have understood how to provide quality service to our customers.

We understand your business intention and work according to your needs. We understand our service plays an impactful role in generating sales for your business. So, we are always keen on following an ethical and efficient approach for handling your photo editing projects.

You will get:

Work with us today!

We cater to provide each of our clients with a personalized experience to properly fulfill their requirements and goals.

Whether you want a batch shadow editing service or have some important images valuable to your business, feel free to purchase our service. We will ensure proper service and treat every client equally.

Not only drop shadow services, but we also provide all kinds of image editing works. Our frequent clients are from the E-commerce sector. Consider visiting our Ecommerce service section for more information.

If you have any further questions relating to our service, feel free to contact us anytime. We are available almost every day of the year.

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These are what our clients say about our top-notch deepetched services. This constant support and overwhelming reviews of clients is what fuels our team. See More Review


Drop shadow for a single image will cost $0.20. Batch editing projects will be charged $0.17 for each image.

Unless anything complex is requested, then around 1000 thousand images can be edited in a day.

Generally, e-commerce companies selling products require this drop shadow editing service.

Fix the Retouch specializes in drop shadow services. The company is capable of adding more context and distinction to product images that help it stand out better.

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