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Headshot Retouching Service For you

One of our highly taken photo retouching services is our professional headshot retouching service. We provide headshot retouching services to our clients all around the globe. Professional headshot for photographers, models, actors, corporate and many influencers around the world take our top class headshot retouching services. If you are looking for the finest and most affordable digital headshot retouching services then without a doubt Fix the retouch is the photo retouching company you can rely on. Our professional teams of photo editing experts are highly specialized in doing headshot retouching efficiently. We highly prioritize on providing our clients related to the headshot industry a perfect and fully satisfied service. We use Updated photo editing software’s such as Photoshop CCIllustrator CCLightroom CC and Wacom tabs to make sure the work we do is accurate and has no flaws. We tend to deliver high quality images to our clients so that they can use it anywhere while promotion activities.

We have various categories of our professional headshot retouching services. We have divided our services depending on the type of clients we usually get and their demands. We have all sorts of digital headshot retouch services for our clients. Whether you’re a headshot photographer, a model, an actor, a studio, a corporate business, or an online influencer, our headshot retouching serves all sort of standards. Below are the types of headshot retouching we provide –

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Headshot Retouching Service Categories

Basic headshot retouching

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In this type of headshot retouching we focus on keeping the photo of our client as natural as possible. We do some basic skin retouching like blemish and scar removal as well as fix the skin tone. We make sure the skin texture is even and has no flaws on it. This is most basic service related to headshot retouching that we provide.

Advanced headshot editing

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This is our most advanced type of headshot retouching service. In this service we remove scars, blemishes, acnes and all skin problems from the face. We use various skin retouching methods to fix the skin tone. We remove any shadows from the face. We apply digital makeup using layers to make sure the photo looks attractive and natural at the same time. We may do face reshaping and remove all sort of noise from it as well if needed. We make sure that this headshot looks high end and perfect without a single flaw.

Business and corporate headshot editing

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Many businesses and corporate firms tend to use professional business headshots in their profiles. They use such photos on their websites and other sites that act as a portfolio for them. They need their headshot to be engaging enough to drag more clients to their business through it. We make sure such business headshots of our clients look absolutely amazing so that it serves their purpose. In this headshot editing service we professionally remove all the flaws from the business headshot like skin issues, color issues, shadows and other problems in such a way that our corporate client is happy and satisfied. This service is mainly for clients who are involved in business and corporates.

Commercial headshots editing

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One of the mostly used headshot around the world currently is a commercial headshot. The main motive of this kind of headshot photo is to give customers a friendly vibe. This headshot conveys a trustworthy mood to person seeing this photo. We make sure that this headshot photo is properly retouched and all the flaws on it are removed. In this type of headshot retouching we fix skin problems, we change the background if needed, we remove all disturbing things from the photo, we do eye correction, whiten teeth and add brightness and contrast to the image to make it look friendly and trustworthy. People who want conversions out of their profiles basically take this commercial headshots editing service from us.

Models and actors headshot editing

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Each and every models and actors needs a perfect headshot photos to use them in their portfolios. They get casted on various films and Shoots depending on how well their profile is. So it is a must for them to showcase a perfect and attractive headshot on their portfolio. Our company professional edit such headshots of model and actors and makes them attractive and eye catching. We remove all skin issues like acnes, blemishes, eye bags, tone, etc from the headshot and give it a fine tone, smooth skin and natural color. We also do digital makeup to image the attractiveness of the model or the actor in the image. We also may reshape the face if needed or suggested by our clients. We will provide revisions until our clients are completely satisfied with our work.

Theatrical headshots editing

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In this kind of headshots the main motive is to express one’s role using expressions in the image. These kinds of headshots convey messages via image to the people. Our professional photo editing team has the ability to retouch headshots in such a way that the expression of the role you’re showings gets instantly understood by your audience. Such kind of headshot retouching mostly gets taken by businesses like ads and printing agency that needs to send message through their headshots.

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Background Removal Services FAQ

You can use various types of headshot retouching techniques on Photoshop to retouch a photo in it. You can use various tools on Photoshop to retouch images like a professional on Photoshop.
Basically headshot photographers, agencies, Ads business, business and corporate, actors, models, influencers and entrepreneurs need headshot retouching services.
Skin retouching; background change and proper color correction are the major editing done in digital headshot retouching service.
Headshot retouching helps to fix all the flaws on the skin in the photos, it helps to remove the backgrounds, fix the skin tone, and add colors, etc. to the image to make it more attractive.
Yes, headshot retouching service helps a person to increase the beauty of a raw photograph. It helps to remove the flaws from the face and also beautify it.


Fix the retouch has been in this industry since the past 15+ years. We have a special team of highly advanced designers and photo shoppers who are experts on editing or doing headshot retouching. We use advanced software’s and tools to make sure the work we deliver has high quality and can be used on any sort of promotional activities by our clients. We also offer the cheaper rates in this industry. You can take a free trial or send us a quote to get our professional headshot retouching services.

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