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Model Retouching Service For You

Model photography is very much an important part in the fashion industry. Businesses that are related in the fashion industry need eye-catching model photos for promotional purposes. Many models who try to get work also need some perfect and good looking model photos in their portfolio as well. Model photographers are the most demanded photographers in this industry. Fashion companies hire such photographers and also pay them a good amount of money. This is why the need for a proper model retouching service is needed for such model photographers. If the overall photos of the model doesn’t look elegant and eye- catching then getting successful in this photography niche is tough.

But, there is nothing to worry about because Fix the retouch provides the best model photo retouching services to its clients on the most affordable rates. We have staffs who are experienced in all sorts of photo retouching services. We assure you a high quality model photo retouch service that you won’t find anywhere else. We have various types of model photo retouching services that you can take from us depending on what sort you need. Our best and high quality model retouching services are provided below –

Categories of model photo retouching

High-end beauty retouching service

Basic model retouching

In basic model retouching we fix all the small issues from the photos like red eye, skin tone issue, remove blemishes, remove stray hair, etc. We mainly try fixing all the flaws that are visible in the image. We smoothen the skin of the model, do color correction, liquefy body if needed and do what our clients want. We use advanced version of Photoshop to do high quality model retouching and fix the basic flaws in this basic service.

Advanced Model retouching

In advanced model retouching we make sure the image looks high end and attractive. There can be many flaws in the photo that the photographer can’t fix. Like if the model has skin spots or scars we will remove them and we’ll make the skin smooth, do digital makeup, etc. And we’ll apply various types of advanced photo editing to it using dodge and burn, healing brush, layer masks and many other tools to produce a high quality model photo that can be used anywhere in the fashion industry.

Model Makeup retouching

In model makeup retouching our designers do a high end makeup to the model. We use our tools to create a digital makeup on the face of the model in the photo. We provide digital makeup service only to enhance the model portraits so that they can be used by our clients in all sorts of promotional activities of fashion and modeling. We remove blemishes, add makeup using brushes, and do skin smoothening using updated version of Photoshop and a Wacomm tab to make sure the work is accurate and of high quality and the makeup also looks natural.

Model Background retouching

Sometimes the model photography done inside studios doesn’t use a good background which suits the model photos. The background needs to be changed so that the model photo looks good. Sometimes there may be some unnecessary props or things in the background that needs to be removed so that the model photo looks better. We use Photoshop to remove or change such backgrounds replace it with something that goes well with the model photo. We call this the model background retouching service and here we deal with all the works related to the background of the model image.

Model body Retouching

Every model doesn’t have a perfect body shape that is symmetrical. It may have some flaws like spots, stretch marks and many other things. We use various types of photo editing methods using Photoshop to remove such flaws from the body of the model in the photo. We give the skin a good texture and we remove all the marks from the skin. We use liquefy to make the body shape symmetrical and appealing.

Black and white model retouching

In this model retouching service we convert the colored photos of the model to a fine quality black and white model photo. Then we use our retouching methods to improve the skin of the model. We also remove all the flaws from the skin and face of the model using tools like healing tool, brush tool, etc. We fix the contrast of the black and white model photo to make it look appealing and attractive.
Models and actors headshot editing service

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Model Retouching Services FAQ

We offer the most affordable rates for model retouching services. No other company will offer you such high quality work on such cheaper rate of just $1.99 per image.

There is no definite number of how many images we can retouch of the model but it depends on how many you order and how fast you need the delivery. It also depends on what sort of model photo retouching you want.
Yes, we offer free trial to our client so that they can judge our work quality and then decide whether to order our services or not.
Once you are satisfied with our free trials you can then go to the send a quote page to take a quote for the service you want from us. We’ll contact you as soon as we get the quote.


Fix the retouch provides the best model retouching services around the globe at the most reasonable and cheap pricing. Many professional fashion photographers and magazine companies has taken model photo retouching services from us. Our professional team of designers has been praised a lot by our clients for their splendid work. This is why we assure you we will provide you with a high quality service and we’ll not rest until you’re satisfied with our work.

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