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Have you ever seen the images of eCommerce sites? They look polished and nice, right? Yes, because these images have either a plain or single color background or no background at all. Businesses that want to sell products on their sites have to remove background from the images. Because sites like Amazon, Google Shopping, eBay, don’t allow the sellers to upload raw images. The image should not have unwanted objects, people, clutter, props in the frame. So, the eCommerce companies are bound to follow the rules. This is where the idea of image editing came from. Remove background is an initial part of improving the image. The purpose of Background removal service is to clean the background images. While doing this, a Photoshop image editor removes the unwanted objects, clutter, or people from the background using the tools and techniques of Photoshop. Edited images helps the viewer to focus on the subjects. This is why the Background remove service has become the most popular service in the photo editing industry. Fix the Retouch is the most advanced company that is providing top-notch photo editing service. We are here to provide premium quality service at a cheaper rate, quicker time, and in a more efficient way.

Online photo editing Service price starts from $0.25 dollar

One of our finest photo editing services includes background removal. This is the method to remove the background of an object from the image. It completely isolates the object from the whole image and changes the background. There are different kinds of ways to remove background or cut out a background from the image. The most efficient way to do this is by manually removing it using Adobe Photoshop or illustrator. The use of these techniques depends on the features of the objects in the image. We are one of the best photo editing companies in south Asia because we have some positive customer feedback on the Trust Pilot Suitable Period. We have also some positive reviews on Google my business page. Therefore, depending on the quality, attribute, style, and complexity of the object and its background, we have divided them into a few categories, which are as follows –

Online Background Change Service Categories

Basic Background remove

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This service is best for objects that have a few small and easy curves. These objects have few anchor points. Drawing a clipping path on them is easier. It only takes one path layer to remove the background of this object. These objects have basic shapes like a rectangular-shaped phone, an oval-shaped rugby ball, a round-shaped plate, etc. A few examples of basic shaped objects are – Vase, Table, Spoon, Ball, Ring, Watch, etc.

Simple Background remove

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This service is best for objects that have a simple shape and simple curves. These objects have a little more anchor points than the basic shaped objects. They take a few path layers which have simple paths. Removing background from these types of objects is also easy but takes a bit extra time than basic shaped objects. A few examples of this service are – Shoes, bags, t-shirt, shirts, wallets, etc.

Medium Background remove

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This service is best for objects that have medium shapes and curves. These objects have a little more anchor points than the basic shaped objects. They take a few path layers which also have simple paths. Removing background from these types of objects is also easy but takes a bit extra time than simply shaped objects. They have many holes and fixed clarity, so many loops need to be created. A few examples of this service are – Humans, bracelets, necklaces, a group of watches, etc.

Super Complex Background remove

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This service is best for objects that have super complex shapes and curves. These objects have too many anchor points compared to complex objects. They take lots of path layers that have more complex paths. Removing background from these types of objects is very tough and takes a lot of time. They also have many holes and even curve edges, so many loops need to be created. Professional designers handle this work and they use Wacom tabs for maintaining accuracy. A few examples of this service are – Hair, Fur, Trees, a group of watches, etc.

Multiple path services

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Clipping Path service has several sub-categories. Multiple Clipping Path, also known as multipath is a popular sub-category of this service. While doing multipath, the image editor has to do multiple paths on the image. Multiple path service is more critical than the other clipping path categories. As we use the Photoshop Pen Tool to create multiple paths, it takes time.

Multiple Path service is one of the most advanced types of clipping path services. It is especially effective for people doing online jewelry business. Because jewelry usually has many stones. With multipath service, we work on each of the stones and enhance the look. We turn an ordinary picture to look ravishing. Also for the businesses like brand shops, photographers, ad agencies, this service is highly recommended if you want to have the best output.

Multiple paths service helps work on each small portion of the images separately. You can improve every single part by changing color, gradients. It also helps to work on multiple images to turn them into one. To rectify image tone and shade multiple paths services are necessary. If you need to remove the background from multiple subjects, then this service is extremely helpful.

Background remove with retouch

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Background removal is an integral part of other services as well. Only removing the background will not do enough benefits if the image contains scars, blemishes, spots, wrong color combination, blurred parts, glare, reflections, etc that will make the photo look bad. People will not love the photo at the first glance. So, besides removing the background, we have to work on the images as well. We at first remove the background, then give a touch-up on the images. We enhance the image from both, background and the subjects. Fix the Retouch can help you do this at a low price without compromising the quality at all.

Replace people or products

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Sometimes, the photographer takes a photo with some unwanted things in the frame. Well, the purpose here is to make the photo look good. He knows that the image will go through some post-processing steps that will improve the overall appearance. Fix the Retouch is here to do this part of photography. We remove the background from images. In the background sometimes there are unnecessary or irrelevant people, products and props. The photographer sometimes takes the help of something that also comes in the frame. We remove those accessories as well. Besides this, we replace people, and products as well with something desired.

Remove Background with Masking

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This type of service is best and greatly suitable for objects that have transparent edges. It gets very complicated to remove the background of such objects using a clipping path. By using layer masking, clipping mask, and alpha channel masking technique our designers cut out the background from such objects. Examples of this service are – Hair, fur, transparent clothes, model photos, etc. We call this service Image Masking Service and this is the most important service every product or model photos need which has fur or soft edges.

Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Effects

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This service is highly used by e-commerce businesses and product owners who are related to the garments industry. In this service, we remove the background using a clipping path and sometimes image masking. Photoshop Ghost mannequin Services can also be called a neck–joint service because it gives a 3D effect to the clothing. Many anchors and layers are needed to complete this task so it is considered a complex type of service. Examples of such services are – dresses, jackets, coats, T-shirts, etc.

Before After

Unwanted Object Remove

This service is best for removing some unwanted objects from a photograph. Using Photoshop our designers remove these objects from the image. Tools like content-aware fill, clone stamp, healing brush tool etc are used to cut out such objects from the image. Professional photographers and corporate companies related to the real estate industry use this service. Examples of this service are – unwanted people in wedding photography, unwanted things on real–estate photography, unwanted dent on product images, etc.

Who Needs Background Removing Service?

Background removing service is a kind of service that almost everyone needs. From business houses to individuals, everyone may need this service. However, the core clients of this service are those people who work with photos. The photographers, eCommerce business owners, fashion houses, studios, shopping websites like eBay, Amazon, Ali express, Flip kart, Alibaba, will need this service.

eCommerce websites have a strict rule to allow only clean background images. Because they want the viewer to look at the photos and understand how the product looks like. Besides eCommerce firms, ad firms, model agencies, photography institutes, or any kind of digital marketing agencies also need this service to display their services. Fix the Retouch is here to serve every person who needs this service.

Why Fix the retouch is best for Background Removing Service providers?

Fix the retouch is one of the best image editing service providers worldwide. Background removing is one of the best of our services. Our expert team of designers has the ability to cut or remove the background of any kind of image smoothly with an accurate edge. They use clipping path, deep etching, image masking, and calculations to remove the backgrounds of your images as accurately as possible within the given time period. This is why we are the best for background removing services.

How do we edit photos to remove background or clean background?

We have expert Photoshop workers who have the expertise to edit images professionally. We follow the most efficient techniques and use the most advanced Photoshop tools to edit images. We follow several ways to remove the background or clean the background. We can remove the background in different ways but we do according to the demand of the customer and image pattern. We remove and clean the background using the below-mentioned ways:

  • Using pen tool: The Photoshop pen tool is an excellent tool to remove the background and make it clean. We select the areas we need to remove by using the pen tool. This is also known as the clipping path tool. It gives good results for plain-edged or simple-edged products or other photos.
  • Using the Lasso tool: we apply the lasso tool when the image subject has no plain edges. Rather the edges are uneven and moving from here and there. In that case, the lasso tool works best.
  • Using the quick selection tool
  • We also use the object selection tool of Photoshop
  • Masking tool: Another amazing tool that we use to remove or clean the background is the image masking tool. Highly recommended and effective for images that have furry edges. Model images with stray hair mostly need an image masking tool to remove the background accurately.
  • Brush tool: We also use brush tools at times to clean the background. When we need to clean something from the background we just brush it off.

Types of background remove service we can do

We provide diversified services that come under photo editing. Here are the services we provide that will improve your conversion rate. There are lots of photo editing job we had done for our previous client. Here is some example types of jobs. I hope that will help you get right decision. I hope that will also help you to know about us.

Shoe product edit

The shoe industry is one of the biggest industries in the whole world. The sales of shoes around the globe in 2020 were more than 20 billion pairs. The ratio is increasing day by day. To grab the market the businesses have to display their best shoe photos on their and other websites. There cannot be any clutter, unwanted things in the background. We do it on your behalf. We will remove, replace or change the background to make it groovier to the audience.

Jewelry product edit

Jewelry items are shine-dependent. Though it seems that jewelry photos mostly need retouching service, we assure you of excellent jewelry image cleaning service. Here, the most effective is multipath service. To enhance the look of a particular area of the jewelry, we have to use a clipping path tool. We remove the unwanted background from jewelry photos. We also remove the mannequin from jewelry photos.

Car photo edit

This type of service is best and greatly suitable for objects that have transparent edges. It gets very complicated to remove the background of such objects using a clipping path. By using layer masking, clipping mask, and alpha channel masking technique our designers cut out the background from such objects. Examples of this service are – Hair, fur, transparent clothes, model photos, etc. We call this service Image Masking Service and this is the most important service every product or model photos need which has fur or soft edges.

Eyeglass edit

Eyeglasses are photography sensitive. It reflects lights and the things in front of it. Sometimes eyeglass photos are shot using a mannequin. When we edit eyeglasses we at first remove the mannequin then remove the reflection. We also work on improving the background by replacing it with something suitable. To improve return on investment you have to use the best images. And the major criterion of a good-looking product image is plain background.

Watch edit

Wristwatches are at the same time a necessary product and a symbol of style and fashion. Watch sellers take photos of watches with some props, sometimes wearing them on hand as well. While shooting photos, props, or a hand comes into the frame. We, as your partner to improve photos, do image cleaning service for you. We remove scratches, dust, and everything else from the photo except the watch. It keeps the watch in focus. Our delivering service will increase the possibility of sales of your watches

E-commerce photo edit

E-commerce products photos are prone to editing. According to the rules of eCommerce websites, you cannot sell products without images. And the images have to be clean so that a buyer can understand how the product looks. We do all kinds of eCommerce photo editing. Our providing service is extremely necessary for eCommerce photos. To increase sales and get the maximum output from your investment, eCommerce photo editing can be very helpful.

Product photo edit

As the ratio of online shopping is increasing, the necessity of editing product photos is also increasing. Almost 89% of world shopping happens online nowadays. Online shopping is highly dependent on photos. People buy online products based on how they see the products on the website. If the product photos cannot attract the buyer, most probably the products will not get sold. We are here to relieve you from this pain. We will improve your product image look. As a result, your product will catch the eye of the buyer immediately. Therefore, your business will grow bigger and better.

Bicycle photo edit

Editing cycle photos is tricky. Some parts of the cycle photos are easy to edit. But some other parts are tricky. The spokes areas are extremely time-consuming to anchor with the clipping path tool. Our image editors do this job painstakingly, day and night. Besides this, we improve the color grading of cycle photos. Background removal plays a crucial role in cycle photo editing. Baby cycles are color-sensitive. To enhance the color of the cycle product we have to work on the color gradient as well. We do all of these professionally.

Food photo edit

Foods are the basic need of human beings. Because of the hectic schedule, people mostly don’t cook these days. Restaurants have become the last shelter for people. People who buy foods online basically buy based on how delicious they look. To make food photos look more delicious we do our part. From removing the unnecessary parts of the food photos to improving the color and food appearance. Our expert team members are working day and night to bring the best look to the food photo so that the foods people buy online look realistic and tasty.

Benefits of photo editing or removal background

  1. Make Images Clean and Beautiful: Background removing makes the image clean and beautiful. After applying background remove the image becomes presentable. The image seems eye-soothing for the viewer.
  2. Adjust Color with Subject: Sometimes, the background does not suit the subject. The color of the background mismatch with the color of the subject. So, the image editor removes that with the help of a background retouch and adjusts the color with something suitable. It enhances the look of the photo.
  3. Reduce File Size: The removal of the background reduces the size of the images. If you upload those images on the website, the website will be lighter. As a result, the website will be faster and that will also reduce the bounce rate. People will stay more time on the website.
  4. Makes Images trustworthy: Images with unwanted things in the background lack trust. People can’t rely on them. Moreover, the unwanted objects in the background distract the viewer. When the background is removed, the while focus remains on the subject. If the subject is a product, then the buyer can easily trust what he is seeing.
  5. Increase conversion: Products with plain background images attract more people. Increasing visitors to the site is not enough if there is no conversion. One of the major benefits of background removal is it increases conversion. It turns a mere visitor into a regular client.
  6. Increase Sales: The purpose of every business is to earn money. If there are no sales, then all the attempts go in vain. If you upload clean and plain background images for your product, it will help increase sales. To run a business, there is no alternative to increasing sales.
  7.  High return on investment (ROI): Investors hope for a return on the amount of money he invests in a business. As photo editing service will increase visitor, conversion rate, and sales, that will gradually give a high return on investment.
  8. Helps SEO: We have to run our website according to the Google algorithm. Otherwise, our website content will never get ranked. All the efforts given to improve rank on Google are called SEO. Clean and beautiful images help in the SEO task. If the image is light and uploaded maintaining the Google algorithm, then the image may get ranked in SERP. It means background remove service has a contribution to SEO as well.

Trust Pilot Reviews

Customer review for background retouch, remove or replace

Customer review for background retouch Our customer reviews are our asset. These are the feedback we got after satisfying them with our services. Let’s have a look at our customer feedback.

Andrew Robert: I was frustrated with my previous image editor about some color correction services. I did not get what I really wanted. So, I was searching for a company that can provide flawless color correction service. My friend recommended Fix the Retouch. Now I am a regular client of their color correction service.

Flip Toy: I am fully convinced that they are the most professional image editor in the market now. I got my project done on time. Their services are eye-catchy. One can easily understand the difference they have brought in image editing.

Neilport: I took an eCommerce product photo editing service from Fix the Retouch. They made a transparent background for my images. Now I can use them for my website, banner, and offline promotion as well. They are doing a good job in the image editing industry.

Sara B: I have a shoe startup company. I wanted to minimize cost and edit photos at a cheap rate. Fix the Retouch did an amazing job within my budget. They delivered my project very quickly

Robert Hay: They have a well-dedicated team as far I have felt. They understand what I need and did their job accordingly. I am quite satisfied. Looking forward to working with them more.

Paulina: Because of the poor background of my product photos, my products were not getting enough sales online. I searched online for who provides the best background retouch service and Google suggested Fix the Retouch. After receiving service from them, I believe they are really providing the best background removing service.

Kaiser Hing: I am a food photographer. I took a food photo background removing service from Fix the Retouch for my client’s restaurant. Now my clients are really happy to see the images. They will surely attract food lovers.

Detlev R: My online car showroom had no good photo to display though I was selling luxurious cars. I took high-end car photo editing from Fix the Retouch and I have nothing to say. They have done a great job with my car photos.

John Mular: I was in doubt at first. Because I have never worked with them before. When I sent them some sample images for free trials I got a hit of good service. I think I am going to be a regular customer of Fix the Retouch now.

Larypoyrt: I took jewelry photo editing services from them. The image resolution was not good enough and images had loops in them. They developed the image resolution and did a good job of loops. Now the images are looking clean. I can zoom in as well.

King Ching: I am a cycle shop owner in the US. I took a cycle photo background change service from Fix the Retouch. They did an amazing job. They applied multipath and made them a transparent background. I am pretty satisfied with their service.

Austin S: I took service for a small project. I at first thought they wouldn’t give it so much emphasis. But I am surprised at their customer service. They treat every customer equally.

Kinstin Kitte: I am a little picky when it comes to image editing. I believe, if the images are not up to the mark, then there is no reason to edit them. Fix the Retouch satisfied me with their editing. Now my images are really up to the mark.

Nazmul Shakil: I had some furniture images to edit. They improved the light, cleaned the dust, made white background. All of the tasks were accurate. 

Jennifer: I have an eyeglass selling company. My photographer shot photos that contained lots of reflection on the glass. I was searching for an eyeglass editing company. I found Fix the Retouch. They removed the reflection from the eyeglass photos.

Our Services FAQ or Quarries

Yes, we offer discounts on bulk orders from our clients. You can contact our 24/7 online staff and we’ll reach out to you about the discount as soon as we can.

We have several types of background replace or retouch services. Our top quality and most provided background services are Product retouching or product photo background removal service, image masking, photo retouching service, hair and fur masking, clipping path, jeweler photo background removal service, etc. We remove background for almost all kinds of images whether an eCommerce product or a photography model.

The best tools rather than Adobe Photoshop which is best for removing background is GIMP, Clipping Magic, Photoscissors, and Fotor.

Yes we offer discounts on bulk orders from our clients. You can contact our 24/7 online staff and we’ll reach out to you about the discount as soon as we can.

Before you place an order you can take a free trial of a maximum of 2 images. If you like our work then take a quote from us. We’ll send you a quote and we’ll start working as soon as we get your images. You’ll get the finished images within time and you can download them in any way that is convenient to you.

Select the picture that you want to remove the background in word. Select Picture Format > Remove Background, or Format > Remove Background. If you don’t see Remove Background, make sure you selected a picture. You might have to double-click the picture to select it and open the Format tab.


Background remove service is intended to make images clean. While doing this we do many things to make the photos perfect. We help customers to show their best photos online so that they can get more buyers for their products. They can use our photos for banners and hoardings. As a result, they will get more visitors on their site and increase return on investment.