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Sunglasses are becoming more popular day by day. It is almost a staple accessory for many people, for either carrying day to day activities in the scorching sun or any sort of outdoor traveling.

Sunglasses can also be considered as a symbol for style trend, and as there is a never-ending demand for sunglasses, companies frequently come up with new designs and need these to be photographed and edited.

We fall into the part where companies need their photos edited. For an online platform, images are the only medium through which companies present their best products. We cater to make them look lavish, alluring, and presentable by editing them using our best skills and expertise in image manipulation.

Sunglass photo editing price

Types of service Capacity per day Pricing idea Every Image pricing
Sunglass image background removal 1000 negotiable negotiable
Sunglass photo shadow effects 1000 negotiable negotiable
Sunglass retouching service 400 negotiable negotiable
Remove sunglasses glare 400 negotiable negotiable
Sunglass color correction 1000 negotiable negotiable
Sunglass image cropping or resizing 2000 negotiable negotiable
Removing spots and debris 400 negotiable negotiable
Sunglass Image composition 50 negotiable negotiable

What will you get in sunglass photo editing service?

Clients will receive all the editing services that are available in the industry. They can also request for any special changes; we are open to suggestions and requests.
Sunglass editing company

Sunglass Photo Editing and Retouching

Various factors need to be considered while doing sunglass photo editing. Glares are very common in eyewear product photos. Dust and other debris may also get into the glass frame while photo shooting. We carefully remove and retouch these defects by maintaining its originality.

Having backgrounds of pure white are also common for eCommerce companies. We make sure to make the earpiece/temple tip part of the frame visible properly enough to make it look real and unedited. We also clear out any reflections that may persist on the lens during photo shoot.

Types of sunglasses

We get to edit a lot of eyewear photos, and here are some of the favorite sunglasses that we feel are very unique and interesting.

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Guidelines for Editing

We are capable of working with all file formats supported by the industry. We make sure to be ethical and respectful towards the projects clients give us.

Each instruction provided by the client will be thoroughly revised and worked on. If there are any confusions, we contact the client for clarification.

All images will be provided by maintaining the maximum quality possible and will be provided in the format as requested by the client.

Why hire us for this service?

We don’t only do sunglass photo editing; we do all types of photo editing that you will find in the industry. We are very well-known amongst our clients for our eCommerce photo editing service.

Regarding price, you will get one of the most affordable pricing from us in the industry. Also, we offer a very high discount for bulk editing projects. We care about the intention of use, so if you, for example, want to use the photos for an online platform; let us know about the site and we will optimize photos specifically for it.

Here’s what we offer:

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Work with us Today!

With over 10 years in the industry, we have laid our foot on all sorts of image editing tasks. Understanding and supporting our clients is one of our key advantages.

We cater to provide you with the finest and polished image editing experience. Our reach expands across multiple countries throughout the world.

If you are interested to work with us or have any queries relating to our work, feel free to contact us here.

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The price for sunglass photo editing starts from .20 cents.
If you own a glassware company, an eCommerce company, or you are a photographer, this service is for you. Sunglasses are commonly available in the market and are in high demand.
Clients can get 500 to 1000 photos edited in a day depending on the complexity of the images.
With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Fix the retouch is definitely the best one for this service. Get all your editing needs fulfilled through one company.
Best company for sunglass photo editing
sunglass photo editor
Sunglass editing company
Sunglass photo editing service provider for you
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