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The ecommerce industry is developing rapidly. People are getting dependent on online shopping more than ever now. People are purchasing products online based on how the image looks. They are not being able to touch or check the product. This is why image is a necessary means of sales for any ecommerce business. People who are selling footwear like shoes and sandals also need an attractive image of their products so that they can advertise them on their ecommerce stores. This is why they hire photographers for taking high quality images of the shoes and then take professional shoe photo editing services from image editing companies.

Fix the retouch is the one photo editing companies on whom such businesses can without a doubt rely on for all sorts of show photo editing. We have a wide range of shoe editing services which are perfect for all sorts of shoe and footwear selling businesses. Our ecommerce photo editing services are on the best ones and huge client base have also reviewed about it on platforms like Trustpilot.

Shoe Photo Editing Services Price

Capacity Price Calculation Total Price Delivery Time
100 100*$0.20 $20 24 Hours
500 500*$0.20 $100 24 Hours
1000 1000*$0.20 $200 48 Hours
5000 5000*$0.17 $850 72 Hours
10000 10000*$0.17 $1,700 140 Hours

Who take our shoe photo editing services?

Online businesses mainly have customers online they decide whether to buy the footwear or not. This is why the photo of the shoe needs to be attractive enough so that the customers could feel how much it will suite them only at the first glance of the image and they click on that add to shop cart button immediately. And our shoe photo editing services gives such a great outlook to your shoe photos that will surely excite your online clients to place an order. So if you are few of the following type of businesses then our shoe editing is just perfect fit for you –

What types of editing do we do in Shoe photo editing or footwear photo retouching?

We provide various types of shoe photo editing services to our clients. We use all sorts of necessary photo editing techniques to fix all the issues in your shoe photos and give them an attractive outlook so that you can present them in your advertisements to drag clients. The types of photo editing services we offer for shoe editing are –

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Shoe Photo Editing Services Categories

Men's Shoe photo editing

In this type of headshot retouching we focus on keeping the photo of our client as natural as possible. We do some basic skin retouching like blemish and scar removal as well as fix the skin tone. We make sure the skin texture is even and has no flaws on it. This is most basic service related to headshot retouching that we provide.

Women's shoe photo editing

This is our most advanced type of headshot retouching service. In this service we remove scars, blemishes, acnes and all skin problems from the face. We use various skin retouching methods to fix the skin tone. We remove any shadows from the face. We apply digital makeup using layers to make sure the photo looks attractive and natural at the same time. We may do face reshaping and remove all sort of noise from it as well if needed. We make sure that this headshot looks high end and perfect without a single flaw.

Kids footwear photo editing

Many businesses and corporate firms tend to use professional business headshots in their profiles. They use such photos on their websites and other sites that act as a portfolio for them. They need their headshot to be engaging enough to drag more clients to their business through it. We make sure such business headshots of our clients look absolutely amazing so that it serves their purpose. In this headshot editing service we professionally remove all the flaws from the business headshot like skin issues, color issues, shadows and other problems in such a way that our corporate client is happy and satisfied. This service is mainly for clients who are involved in business and corporates.

Sports shoe photo editing

One of the mostly used headshot around the world currently is a commercial headshot. The main motive of this kind of headshot photo is to give customers a friendly vibe. This headshot conveys a trustworthy mood to person seeing this photo. We make sure that this headshot photo is properly retouched and all the flaws on it are removed. In this type of headshot retouching we fix skin problems, we change the background if needed, we remove all disturbing things from the photo, we do eye correction, whiten teeth and add brightness and contrast to the image to make it look friendly and trustworthy. People who want conversions out of their profiles basically take this commercial headshots editing service from us.

Why Fix the retouch is best for this service?

Fix the retouch is the best photo editing services provider for any type of online ecommerce business. We have the experience and skills you need for your photos to be presentable. These following are the reasons you should get image editing services from us –

Background Removal Services FAQ

Our designers have the experience of more than 10+ years of any sort of photo editing. We also assure high quality because we have a team who checks the quality of every sort of edited image before sending it to our clients.
Yes, you surely can get free trials from our free trial page. We won’t take any order unless you’re satisfied with our free trial.
Yes you can send us a quote. Make sure you leave a message on how you want your images to be edited.
We make sure you get the images edited on the time you need. It actually depends on the type of work and the number of images.


Fix the retouch is the best photo editing service provider for your shoe photo editing. We provide all the necessary editing on your shoe photos to make them look the best. You can easily get a great turnover using our edited images on your ads and stores. We are the best friend of ecommerce businesses and photographers for any kind of photo editing service. You dream it and we’ll achieve it for you.

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