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Wedding Photo Editing Service - FIX The Retouch

Wedding image editing company | professional wedding photo editing services
Fix the Retouch is the best wedding photography edit service provider that you should take services from. We provide wedding photo editing services at a very affordable cost and our elegant wedding photo retouching is perfect for any wedding photographer in the world. We provide various types of photo editing to properly edit wedding photos and turn them into a stunning wedding photograph. We have a special team of professional designers who concentrate on only editing wedding photos. They apply all the necessary photo edits on the wedding photos like color correction, basic retouching, high end retouching, skin tone fixing, changing background, remove unwanted objects and people from the background, image manipulation, adding filters and overlays and many more to make your wedding captures look flawless and wonderfully attractive. We provide our wedding photography edit service to various types of wedding photography. We provide it to wedding photographers who follow various types of wedding photography styles. You will find our different types of wedding photography editing services below –

Wedding Photo Editing Service


Traditional Wedding Photo Editing

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Traditional wedding photography is the most basic kind of wedding photography. These are photos taken inside wedding halls, church or maybe outdoors in the wedding venue. Such photos may require some basic retouching, color correction and maybe unwanted object removals. Our expert wedding photo editors edit these types of photos by fixing the colors, retouching the image, removing or changing background or removing unwanted objects and people from the background. They also apply lightroom presets on the wedding images to make them look more elegant and attractive.

Outdoor Wedding Photo Editing

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Outdoor wedding photography is quite a trend these days. Many weddings are taking place on outdoor venues like yards, outdoor halls, parks, etc. This is a type of natural wedding photography that people prefer a lot nowadays. Photographers who take such natural outdoor wedding photos usually use the natural white light as their light source. This may affect the white balance and the colors may not pop up that much. Even shadows also destroy the image. In this wedding photo editing service, we apply color correction service, Skin retouching service, and some basic retouching services to fix the white balance and remove the shadows. We make sure that the couple are on focus and they look perfect in the image. This is one of our highly taken wedding photo editing services.

Portrait Wedding Photo Editing

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This is the service where we edit photos for portrait wedding photographers who specialize on capturing wedding portraits and bridal portraits. While taking portrait shots it is a normal thing that the skin of the bride or groom can have some flaws like spots, acnes, etc. We fix these small skin issues and give the skin a good texture using our skin retouching tricks. Sometimes the colors or the background may also not suite the portrait. So, we also use our background removal service and color correction service to edit these type of wedding portraits. We make sure that the portrait looks flawless and eye catching.

Black & White Wedding Photo Editing

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Black and white wedding photography is also quite famous these days. Many black and white photographers are taking wedding photos using this style. Such photos may also need some exposure and contrast correction and some basic photo retouching. Our designers use various photo retouching methods to properly edit such wedding photos and make them look engaging and attractive. We make sure that the contrast of black and white is perfect and the skin frequency is also balanced in the wedding image.

Fashion Wedding Photo Editing

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Many fashion photographers and fashion magazine owners do wedding fashion photoshoot. They showcase their wedding dressing style concepts through these images. Such fashion photographers also need edits of their wedding fashion photos. The model may have flaws in skin, the background may have to be changed, Color probably needs to get changed and many other issues in the photo needs to be solved in these images. Our professional designers edit such photos and fix all these problems within the image. We make sure the model in the image has a fine skin tone and all the skin related issues are invisible in the image. We do proper color correction on them and also apply some premium lightroom presets to image to make them look more authentic so that it can be a perfect photo to be published in fashion magazines. Many fashion photographers around the world has loved our fashion wedding photo editing service.

Destination Wedding Photo Editing

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Destination wedding is the most trending sort of wedding photography around the world now. Exciting couples like to do their wedding on various exciting destinations like mountains, beach, forest, etc. Photographer who specialize on such destination wedding photography needs a bit of editing on the raw image they capture. The lighting conditions, backgrounds, colors may not be perfect on the image as the different destination has different environment. Our professional designers edit such destination wedding photos in such a way that it looks how exciting the destination wedding was. We do proper color correction, fix any kind of skin tone issues, fix the light issues, remove unnecessary things from the background, add overlays, do some image manipulation to make the wedding photo look completely stunning and exciting. The destination wedding photographers who have taken this service from us has highly praised our work.

Why Wedding Photographer Need to Edit their Weeding Photos?

There are various reasons why a photographer may need to edit their photos. But trust us without proper wedding photo editing the image looks dull. There may be many types of flaws on the image which editing can remove. These are most important reasons why wedding photographers need photo editing.

Wedding image editing company | Fix The Retouch

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Wedding Photo Editing Pricing


$0.20 per photo

Services applied:
  • White balance
  • Contrast adjustment
  • Exposure correction
  • Cropping
  • Straightening
  • Sharpening
  • Noise reduction
  • Matching your style
Additional Services: Culling – $0.05 per photo
  • White balance
  • Charging for all submitted photos
  • Deleting All damaged or duplicate images
  • Culling under the clients’ requirements
  • Marking of the chosen images with the stars in LR Catalog


$2.00 per photo

Services applied:
  • Basic Retouch for 2-3 Persons
  • Color/Light Correction
  • Exposure
  • Resizing
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Red-Eye Effect Removal
  • Eye Bag Fixing
  • Skin Tone Fixing
  • Cropping/Straightening
  • No Body Retouch
  • No Background Touch Up
  • No Portraits/Indoors Photos Editing


$5.00 per photo

Services applied:
  • Pro Beauty Retouching
  • Make Up Adjustment
  • Eye-glasses Glare Fixing
  • Stray Hair Removal
  • Face Wrinkles Removal
  • Clothes Smoothen
  • Dress Correction
  • Slight Body/Face Imperfections Removal
  • High End Skin Retouching
  • Dodge and Burn Effect
  • Following the Client’s Style

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This is why taking wedding photo edit services from photo editing company is also a great option for a wedding photographer. It will help you to save your time from editing and utilize that time only on what you do best which is taking wedding photos. It also helps you earn more and spend less. Our company provides the best wedding photo editing service in the world. We also assure quality work and we also charge very much less compared to other companies for our professional editing services. So, it is a win/win deal for wedding photographers to take services from us. We are available 24/7 so send us a quote any time or take free trial from us. Order when you’re satisfied with our work quality.

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