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Professional Photo Manipulation Services

Photo Manipulation Service is one of the unique photo editing services. When you are bored with same type of photographs and need a drastic change with varieties of effects, photo manipulation service is there for you. A question may arise that what photo manipulation is? Photo Manipulation is a technique of transforming your photographs from one to another. Now that every technology is growing high with the time, the photo editing services are also growing and adapting new techniques. In an easy language, a photo manipulation is the collaboration of two or more photos and effects. A manipulated photo can be of anything. It is not something predictable. Anything may come up after editing the photo in case of manipulation. Photo manipulation is not an easy task. It needs a lot of imagination power to make it happen. The Photographical talent is also needed when a photo is getting manipulated. The main aspect of photo manipulation is visualization. The converted image due to manipulation may come outstanding or gaudy. When you are editing photos for manipulation, you need to be careful about the quality of the photo equally with the type of photo manipulation. Hence, the quality is very important for a photo.
The main element after the great photo manipulation service is the designers. A designer needs to think a lot before giving a photo a different format. The designers need to create a concept on their head before touching a photo for manipulation. The designers need to know the requirement of the clients so that they can do it accordingly. There are few types of photo manipulation services that we provide. Here we are going to discuss about those services.
Photo Blending

Professional Photo Manipulation Services Categories

Background Changing

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Photo Manipulation Service is a really tough task to do. You will never be ensured if the client would like or not. Background is one of the main parts of any of the photo. When you look at a photo, the photo should look awesome and the background should look amazing due to manipulation. You can change the main background and take your object in an entire new location. Manipulating the photo is not only about changing the background; it is also about adding some effects with the changed background to give a magical look. In a manipulated photo, you can place a person from India to Norway, from river to mountain, from the ground to the sky. That is how the photo manipulation is done to change the look of entire photo and manipulate as per the client’s requirement. Color balance, lighting, contrast etc. are also important to adjust perfectly while changing the background.

Photo Blending

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Photo Manipulation Service includes many different things. Photo blending is one of them. Merging two or more photos together is called photo blending. We can make one masterpiece combining two or more photos together. Our professional designers can combine two different photographs and merge it in a way that it looks like it was never two different photos. The technique of merging the photos and making it one is exceptional. No one can understand if it was different photo or not. Layer mask plays a vital role out here to blend photos. By the help of layer masks in Photoshop, it makes easy to blend photos and create a brilliant photograph.

Photo Collage Making

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Seeing many different photos in one single photo is eye-catching. Putting two or more photos and making a single photo by those is called photo collage. A perfect photo collage is always seems magnificent to look at. Various objects, various backgrounds and various photos can be added in a photo to make a photo collage. It is important to choose perfect photos for creating a perfect photo collage. If you pick any single wrong photo the photo collage may look cheap. The designers have to pick some awesome photos altogether to make an amazing photo collage. Our professional photo manipulation service providers are very efficient to choose every photo to make the photo looks awesome. Photoshop and Illustrator techniques are being used by our expert team to make a perfect photo collage.

Adding Effects

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Photo manipulation cannot be completed if you do not add effects on the photos. Sometime the clients may want to see their photos using different effects like fire, water, snow, air etc. We add these effects on the photo as per the requirement. If you want your photo of the day time to convert into the night, it is possible to do by our photo manipulation service. A normal photo can look like a wonderland photograph by adding effects.

Adding or Removing Objects

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Sometime, a single object may ruin or beautify the photo. The object can be anything; it can be a human as well. Suppose, there is a photo which is showing a guy is walking but there are people around. The beauty of the photo is losing because of the people around him. We manipulate the photo by removing photo people from the photo to make the photo look better. On the other hand if you see a photo of a girl looking at the sky but the sky is empty. It would look great if the sky would have had moon and starts. Our professionals add those objects and make the photo look awesome.

Photo Morphing

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Have you ever seen face swapping? Face swapping means exchanging the faces of two persons keeping the body constant. This is a unique work inside photo manipulation service. It is fun to look at, but very hard to make that happen. Photo morphing is all about swapping the faces of two persons. This difficult job is done by our professionals perfectly that no one would recognize whose face is whose. You can make yourself a superhero or an actor by keeping your face in the bodies of your favorite superhero or actor. The demand of photo morphing is increasing day-by-day among the youngsters.

Color Mixing

Color Mixing service
In every single photograph, color plays an important part. The color of the photo should be perfect. Our photo manipulation service can put some exceptional color to your photographs that looks gorgeous. We also use color gradients and textures to give a different look to the photo. Our professionals colorize the photographs in amazing ways.

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Photo Manipulation Services FAQ

Image manipulation technique can be used for creating business card, greeting template or letterhead, postcard, product brochure, web template, etc. A designer’s creativity makes the outputs of this service more attractive. This service used for magazines, magazine cover images, product packaging & advertisements, book cover, newspapers, music, etc. Sometimes, this method is applied to express something comically or ironically.

We can provide high-end quality creative photo manipulation service with a very reasonable price. Our base price starts from 3.75 USD per image. Besides, you will get up to 50% discount on bulk order.
Photo manipulation is suitable for every sector. In printing and digital media, its outputs are great. The e-commerce business owners, photographers, magazines & newspaper, online news portals, advertisement agencies, and more take this service from us. The product owners take it for their product packaging. The publishers take to print book cover, calendar, business card, visiting, product brochure, etc. The real estate company can take this service designing their property. We are the best company to provide this service because of our experienced team of designers who have worked in this industry for more that 15 years.

We provide all sorts of image manipulation services. The highly taken ones are photo blending, photo morphing, color mixing, adding or removing objects, background changing, etc.


Photo Manipulation Service is mostly taken by the photographers to make their clients happy and to keep their demands. Since it is a very tough task, it is quiet impossible to get the time of editing and manipulating the photos. By taking this photo manipulation service, a photographer can get perfectly edited photograph in a lower cost and earn huge amount of money. Many other companies also need photo manipulation service such as e-commerce industries, printing industries, fashion industries etc.
We have been working and serving our clients with photo editing services since last 10 years. We know our capability and our client’s demand. We have our special team for photo manipulation service to make perfect photographs. Our professionals work day and night to put their best on the photos. So if you want your photo to get extra-ordinary look try our photo manipulation service
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