Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

One of the most important parts of a company is maintaining the privacy of both clients and the company. Each and every company should have its own privacy policy like we have. We use the privacy policy to protect the information and all other things that our clients do not want those to get viral. Our policy includes the way of communication and the ways of work in the privacy policy.

Image Copyright

When it comes on sharing images, some companies do not maintain the privacy of the photos and share them outside by mistake. It can make a huge loss of the clients. In our privacy policy, we maintain the privacy of the images by keeping the copyright. We receive all the images FTP account, E-mail or could server for the safety. Our clients get ensured by us that we will not claim the ownership on their photos. We also ensure them not to use their photos anywhere. We have our own server by which the images of the clients are shared with our employees for editing. We handle the images by our own server (online and local). We made a strict rule of not taking the images outside office anyhow in our privacy policy. Our designers are not provided internet connection so that they cannot share our client’s photos. You can trust us for keeping your images safe and sound. We keep the copyrights safely and we do not use the images without our client’s permission.

User Information Collection

It is important for us to collect the information of our clients when we get them. We keep the information for ours and for our client’s safety. Address, e-mail address, payment methods, files information, requirements etc. are collected by us. Our employees are not allowed to get any information about our clients. It is strictly prohibited. We provide the works to our employees but never expose the client’s information. We do not want to take any risk with our client’s privacy.

E-mail Policy

We collect the e-mail address of our clients. Though we collect the mail address, but we ensure you that the e-mail address of our clients can never get disclosed by us to the other parties without our client’s consent. We use the mail for making conversation, payment and other business talks with the clients. Whenever we introduce some offer, we let our client’s know by email.

User Browsing Behavior-Web Analytics

Photo Edit Services needs some important information before getting the works from the clients. We need to record the information of the client’s name, address, websites etc. We do not only collect information of the clients but we keep the records of the visitors too. It is important for us to do for checking the growth of our website. These information and records show how long the visitors were there on the website, how many visitors visited the site, which pages they are visiting the most. By doing that, we want to know what is more popular among the visitors. We have some specific time when we analyze the taste of our visitors. The information we record, helps us to know in what the visitors get more engaged in. That analytics then help us to make the website more interesting and user friendly for all the visitors.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are those small files that we send by our server to our client’s and visitor’s computer. Cookies help us to know when a visitor is visiting our website. By the notifications we get, we get to know what kind of pages you are visiting in. In future we then suggest you similar kind of pages to visit by using our traffic cookie.

Cookies help us to protect our client’s data and information. When we send cookie to the clients, the clients has to accept the cookie to get us access to their hard drive. Right after accepting the cookie, we can access the computer hard drive of the clients. It is on your hand if you want to accept or decline the cookie. Sometime if your hard drive is not customized, cookies get accepted automatically. There are different types of cookies. But we use traffic log cookie most of the time to get the idea about our clients.

Our traffic log cookies are used for getting the information about our clients as well as for the visitors of our website. When a visitor visits our website, a cookie goes to the visitor automatically. We do this thing for your visitors to know about their interest field. Cookies provide all sort of information.

Cookies are not harmful at all. If you do not want to accept cookie, and do not want to share your information, just simply decline the cookie. Accepting cookie doesn’t mean that we will have your information for lifetime. You can opt out and cancel the cookie anytime you think you do not want to share the information anymore.
Privacy Policy Updates


We change and update the privacy policy system eventually. We ensure that your secrets are safe with us. We never disclose our client’s and visitor’s secrecy. You can mail us if you have any kind of queries. We are there to help you 24/7.