Best Free Drawing Software 2020

Best free drawing software

Free drawing software and programs have come a long way from its starting. With time it has developed a lot and has become more and more powerful for painting or drawing on digital canvas. The world has become digital and everything works online nowadays. The demand of Paintings by hands has decreased and got replaced by drawing and paintings done digitally. This in turn has increased the demand of Digital drawing software.

Almost every drawing program works the same and offers a realistic representation of watercolors, oils, pastels, charcoal, and many more artistic methods. Using them you can carve out the best painting pretty easily. You can also do 3D drawing and modelling using some of the top free drawing software. You can use your mouse to do the drawings easily but using stylus or touchscreen helps you to do is more seamlessly. You’ll get all these without any costs at all.

All you have to do is see our updated list of free drawing software or programs 2020. In this this list you’ll find the most useful drawing software for amateurs, beginners and for professional as well. If you think it might be hard to know how to use them, then don’t worry at all because there are lots of Tutorials online to learn how to use such painting software easily. Let me help you choose the best free drawing software online at no cost at all. The top drawing software are listed below.

What's the best free drawing software?

I have to be brutally honest about this topic here, if I want to really help you decide which is the best free drawing software. And trust me I am being completely honest with you. There are various numbers of drawing software available online.

But here in the list below I have curated the best ones for you. In the first list I’ll tell you about the overall best free drawing software and then on the next list I’ll show you the other top ranked drawing software.

I’ll be telling you about the pros and cons of each of the drawing programs and will give you a small brief about it. Hopefully, this will help you choose the best digital drawing software to help you enhance your artistic creativity in your digital canvas.

Overall, The Best free drawing software

Before I start giving reviews about all the top drawing software, I want to show you the overall best free drawing software first. According to me and other top-class graphics designer throughout the globe the following drawing programs are the best.

They are used for high performance, great quality and flawless designs. If we talk about drawing programs then the conversation starts from this amazing software that are listed below –

Adobe illustrator is one of the widely used drawing software by all level of designers around the world. It has been one of the best tools to draw vector images without hassle. Adobe as known for its impact on improving the digital editing and vector designing industry has made this software to help artists become more innovative and experts in this field.

You can create Professional artwork, logos, banners, leaflets, portraits, etc. using Adobe Illustrator CC. Yes, it is partially free, it has a free trial plan for everyone for a month. If you don’t like it then you won’t have to buy their plan. It has a yearly plan of US$239.88/yr. It is expensive but it is also the best too. If you want to draw something professional and with a great resolution that can be printed well then using Adobe Illustrator is the best option.

  1. Pros
    • You can create multiple-layered illustrations or graphics
    • You can export your art in a variety of formats that suite high-resolution print and 4K screens as well as images personalized to small screens or the web.
    • Constant software updates that bring in quicker shortcuts and fixes.
  2. Cons
    • It is a large program which means it can take up a lot of space.
    • It can be a little difficult to learn if you haven’t ever used it before.

Adobe Photoshop is undoubtedly the best tool for photo editing and also graphic designing. It is also not that much behind Illustrator in case of drawing. You can use its tools like Pen tool, various selection tool, shapes and many filters to do various types of digital drawings. It is also one of the best free drawing program. You can use your desired colors, do oil painting, and create vector drawings and many more using this software.

It is also free. By free I mean Adobe gives you free trial of Photoshop for a month. If you like it then you can purchase it. All you have to do is create an Adobe account and then take a free trial for Photoshop. If you want then you can easily buy it from them by taking monthly plan or even yearly plan. Their yearly plan is US$239.88/yr.

  1. Pros
    • Ease of editing different image formats
    • A lot of unique and powerful photo editing tools are available
    • Designing graphics is ridiculously easy
  2. Cons
    • Beginners may find the interface difficult
    • It’s quite expensive for small businesses

GIMP is a great free alternative to Photoshop. And it is a very powerful free drawing software for windows 10. GIMP comes with amazing selection and collage attribute, different ways to retouch your images, cropping, noise reduction and color adjustment tools, customized brushes, unique gradients and many more. There is many other functions for the more advanced user, too, including layer masks, curves, smart filters and also an animation bundle.

It is free of cost and is an open source photo editing and digital drawing program. It is very easy to use and you can find lots of brushes to make a drawing that you think is not easy to draw. The professional output it gives is all an artist needs.

  1. Pros
    • It is a very light and multi-platform drawing and editing software.
    • You can work with different editable formats using this program.
    • GIMP has a great user community, from where you can take help from.
  2. Cons
    • It has an interface that can be uneasy and confusing for beginners
    • It has limited options for processing 3D drawings and designs.

Corel Painter is the best and finest tool made only for artists who wants to do digital painting with the best results. You can start your painting in a high resolution canvas with a set of artistic tools in this amazing drawing software. You’ll get a collection of world class brushes which will help you to draw whatever you imagine. You can also customize each and every brush and tools in this top – class digital painting software.

Though it is not free of cost, the pricing is set to $429.00/yr and if you take subscription then you will have to pay $16.58/monthly. But a good news is that you can download the software and take a free trial for a month. If you want to continue using the software for more than a month then you will have to either purchase or subscribe it.

  1. Pros
    • It has an UI customization, which means you can customize your brushes and even load brushes from other contents
    • It has built in media of flow maps, Textures, patterns, etc which means you won’t have Google them down.
    • It has a color wheel mixture, so that you can create a custom color palette for your digital arts.
  2. Cons
    • It lags while opening and closing sometimes.
    • The UI type size is small and makes it harder to read the words on the dark theme.

Top Rated Free Drawing programs

Now all the drawing software I have talked about above are one of the best ones that will give you the best possible results. The ones I am going to talk about below are also good and free but without a doubt the above ones are best.

These next free drawing software are also giving a tough competition to the market leaders nowadays. They have their uniqueness that is why. So let’s see why these ones are good too. Here they are –

A well organized and powerful drawing software developed by escape motions is this software called “Rebelle 3”. It is without a doubt a top ranking free drawing tool. It has all the sets of tools you need to do natural looking arts and paintings.

One of the best things about this software is the unique water color simulation that makes it one of the best drawing software for water color painting. If you are a CGI artist looking to maximize your skills then undoubtedly this is the drawing program that you need.

  1. Pros
    • It has multi touch which means you can draw using all your fingers on it just like you do in a real canvas.
    • It has built in stencils to make your painting unique and amazing by masking other unnecessary areas.
    • Advanced set of brush tools are built inside it which makes it more useful to do any sort of art.
  2. Cons
    • The software is not compatible with Linux operating systems
    • No mobile version available

Krita is an open source drawing and painting software. This is an open source software which means it’s totally free of cost. You can use it on Windows, Mac and Linux pretty swiftly. It has all the set of brushes and tools you need to draw and paint on digital canvas.

You can use stylus and pen pressure support as you do in Photoshop or illustrator in this free drawing program. It has few amazing features like all sorts of files are supported in this editor which makes it a great drawing application in free of cost.

  1. Pros
    • It is simple to use software and can be learned in a short amount of time.
    • This program gives a wide range of brushes and other tools that helps in processing faultless work.
  2. Cons
    • It misbehaves and shows error after an update but it gets fixed soon.


It is a painting and drawing software developed by 61Solutions. This is a great tool for sketching and making cartoons. It has an infinite canvas which makes it possible to zoom in or stretch out as much as you want to.

It is free of cost but there are some paid versions too. The paid ones have more special tools and brushes. But the free one isn’t bad at all. It is a great free drawing application for beginners who want to practice sketching on digital canvas.

  1. Pros
    • It is a free source drawing program
    • It has light weight and doesn’t lag that much
  2. Cons
    • Doesn’t have that many tools like the professional ones


This is another fast and easy open-source software for digital painters. There is a big collection of brush tools that you can use which will provide you better power to accomplish the style you are searching for in your digital painting. With the range of options you are able to create a more natural styled drawing. It is a lightweight software and has good stabilization.

It is a very simple software that even children can use. It is easier to use than Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and really has more alternatives as brush strokes, sizes, types of media etc.

  1. Pros
    • Too many collection of professional brushes
    • Easy to use interface
    • Free of cost
  2. Cons
    • It has some random glitches which affects the painting sometimes

Microsoft Paint 3D

Microsoft Paint 3D is a dependable, great free drawing program designed by Microsoft. The software is designed to help artists and beginners to test their creativity and bring imaginations to life. It’s a re-imagined classic paint software with an updated new look. Its mixture of brushes and photo editing tools helps users to create paints virtually with ease. Whether its 2D masterpieces or 3D models, Paint 3D enables you to structure your projects from all angles.

It is free of cost as it is pre-built in your Microsoft PC. You don’t have to buy it from any other source. Most of the new level painters start from paint to learn digital painting and then they jump to more commercial applications later.

  1. Pros
    • It has realistic Textures to give a great grungy look to your sketches
      Lightweight and already built in your PC
  2. Cons
    • For beginners only and not that much professional

Clip Studio Paint

It is a good free drawing application for beginners who are just starting to learn manga sketching and cartoon illustration. It has a great variety of tools like brushes, pencils, erasers, color wheel, etc. It has a good canvas which helps you create a sketch you want.

It is free of cost but has a paid version which is also not that much expensive at all. Using this software you can start to learn comic drawing easily and there are some good online resources to learn using this digital painting software.

  1. Pros
    • Powerful tools and medias.
      Responsive and accurate results.
  2. Cons
    • Lacks some important tools for publishing.

Artweaver Free

It is one of the best free software for digital drawing. It is equipped with all the feature you need to start painting on digital canvas. It has a collection of unique realistic brushes. The interface it has is very much user friendly. You can use different layers and even filters to create the artwork that shows your exact imagination.

There are two versions of this software one is the Artweaver Plus and other one is Artweaver Free. The only difference is that you will have to pay for buying the license of the paid one.

  1. Pros
    • Unique and realistic brush sets.
      You can use Stylus simulation.
  2. Cons
    • It lags sometimes if you create large files.

ArtRage 6

ArtRage 6 is an spontaneous drawing and painting software built for traditional and today’s artists. It is a reliable and stylish software that enables beginners as well as professionals to create game concept arts, picture book illustrations, scientific illustrations, and comic & caricatures.

The platform provides features re-mindful of the traditional painting tools, but its features are well at peace with the real-world traditional media. It is also free of cost and can be licensed if you take the paid version. The free version is also a great software to practice and improve your painting skills online.

  1. Pros
    • It has set of powerful editing and painting tools.
      It is flexible and easy to use.
  2. Cons
    • It works online so you will need a good active internet connection.

MediBang Paint

It is a lightweight Painting and drawing software for artists that wants to showcase their imagination on digital platforms. It has set of powerful tools that makes it easier for an artists to make his imagination come to life in the canvas. You can collaborate with the community and other artists on it too.

It is also a free drawing software for Mac and Windows. You can also buy the MediBang Paint Pro if you want more features than the free version. It is also pretty cheap compared to commercial ones like Illustrator and Photoshop.

  1. Pros
    • AI Snap guides to do proper alignment
    • Pretty lightweight so no lagging
  2. Cons
    • Too many ads show up as it’s free app

Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

Autodesk’s SketchBook Pro is a similar software as ArtRage, an app made to enabling you to get painting and sketching done quickly. Don’t be fooled by the name, this is not simple pencil/pen and ink, it’s a fully vane digital art studio, with a huge range of natural drawing and painting tools.

This is a free software and can be downloaded and used on any OS like Windows, Mac or Linux. It used to be pricey before but now it has been made free.

  1. Pros
    • Incredible UI so that you can get well finished editing and sketching.
    • Highly customized tools for flexible use.
    • Great brushes that are realistic for proper sketching and drawing.
  2. Cons
    • Works pretty slow on Mac and lags sometimes.


Inkscape is a vector graphics creation and free drawing application that’s free to download as it is open source and can be used on not only Windows and Mac, but also on GNU/Linux operating systems. If you are a PC-based artist, illustrator, a designer who wants to spend less on such applications, or you’re unable to invest in expensive software packages, then Inkscape might be made just for you.

Inkscape is open-source software, which means that while the authors retain copyright, they have freed the source code so that the general people can further the program’s development in collaboration. In fact, this amazing digital painting software encourages its big-shouldered community to invent and code function-improving extensions and add-ons, as well as to debug all the glitches without hesitation.

  1. Pros
    • It has a good interface and very easy to use by anyone.
    • You can save a whole template easily on this software and use it later.
    • It is open source and free of cost so saves you a lot of money.
  2. Cons
    • It crashes sometimes if you make a lot of paths or open very large files.

Ending Things Up

So these were the top and the best tools for drawing digitally. The free drawing software I have talked above can be used in both Windows and Mac. Some of them also have their own mobile version. These drawing software above are all being used by professional artists around the world.

Especially CGI artists are making professional use of them and making posters, animations, sketches, etc. To sum everything up I would love to say that make use of these free drawing software, practice and rank up among the best artists in the globe.

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