Professional Motorsports Photography Tips

Motorsports photography tips - How to shoot motorsports

Every genre of photography creates some unique kind of reaction inside the photographers. Some are bland, whereas some others are emotional, monotonous, or exciting. When we talk about shooting motorsports photography there is an instant thrill that comes to our mind. In fact, shooting any kind of sports event is exciting. However, Nothing can beat motorsports shooting as there is a thrilling point in every angle. If you are not skillful enough to shooting this kind of sports event, then your photos can look boring. I am going to share handy ideas that can make your photos look as good as the sport itself. Most importantly, these are easy to apply techniques. So, without further adieu, let’s get down the business.

Know the Racers and The Organizer

Building rapport with the clients always brings the best result. When you go to the track for shooting you should get acquainted with the racers and the promoter of the event. That will help you to get ready. Talk to the organizer about the start time, end time, and some other things. Treat them like a family member therefore you can shoot pictures easily.

Camera and Other Gears

Before the shooting starts, you have to get your camera and gear ready. Make sure you bring all the necessary gear. Take your media vest according to the promoter’s rule. As they might have their own vests to allow the photographers to wear while shooting. Now let’s talk a little about camera setting. In my personal opinion, I found RAW photo shooting to be more effective. However, it is up to you whether you will shoot RAW or JPG.

When we talk about camera settings, the most significant thing that comes up is the shutter speed. Shutter speed plays an important role. Because you are about to shoot motorsports. No matter if it is two-wheelers or three or four-wheelers, you will see cars moving fast in front of you. So, you will get a small amount of time to capture. That is why the shutter speed should be high.

Go with a Plan

Without a proper plan, you may mess up. Make a plan for how you will shoot the moving cars, the place you will stand on. Also, you have to determine beforehand how you will keep yourself safe. Talk to the organizers about the location, to the racers about driving cars. You will get a general idea of the motorsports event. It will help you to make a plan that will bring the best result.

Motorsports photography tips - How to shoot motorsports

Keep ISO Low

As you are about to shoot an event where there will be fast-moving cars, you have to keep the ISO at the lowest possible level. Not only for the fast-moving cars, but you should keep low ISO also because of the lighting. Normally we see this kind of event happens on a sunny day. So, you are getting enough light. If you keep the ISO level low it will help the camera lens stay safe from the light. As a result, you will get photos without grains and noise in the final photos.

Use Polarizing Filter

When you are shooting racing cars, you have to use a polarizing filter. It helps you in two ways. One is it will reduce the reflection while shooting. The car window reflects a lot. So, you can keep your photos safe from uneven reflection. Secondly, polarizing filters help improve color saturation. Above all, it will enhance your photos instantly. So, you can use a polarizing filter without giving it a second thought.

Keep an Eye on the Background

The background is one of the most important aspects of photography. If the background is not suitable, then the subject will also look bad. On the other hand, if the background gets more highlight than the subject that will also be a negative point for your photos. So, keep an alert eye on the background. So that the background cannot destroy the whole beauty of the photos. Yes, it is a bit hard for you to focus on the background in an event like motorsports as there will be a rush. However, you cannot ignore that part.

Stand on the Right Position

Standing in the right position while shooting a motorsports event is crucial. We all know, in an event like this, there will be hundreds of journalists, photographers, and many spectators. So, you have to find the best place for you to stand. It also has a significance to ensure your safety

Get Closer

Close shots of cars, car drivers are always good. Get as close as you can. If the place is not favorable, then go for zooming in. Take some photos of the driver’s face, the wheel, and some other parts of the subjects. That will give your photos a little more depth.
Focus on: When you are shooting motorsports, you have to focus on several things. These things are especially found in racing competition. These are

Speed: If you ask anyone, what is the most exciting part of any motorsports event, they will immediately reply that the speed. Yes, people want to see the speed in an event like this. So, you cannot ignore this big factor. Focus on the speed of the cars.

Action: Sports events are full of actions. In fact, as sports photographers, we tend to shoot those actions all the time. If you become sluggish for a while, you will miss something. Always be ready to face some exciting actions and never miss shooting those.

Emotion: Another important element of any sports event is the emotional part of it. When a participant remains in front of everyone, he and his fans cheer together. And when the race ends, the fans cheer more. They chant and all the players become happy let alone the winner. You just cannot miss this part.

Final Thought on Motorsports Photography

The final and most important tip that I want to share with you is get prepared well. Without proper preparation, no work brings good results. No matter how many tips and ideas I give you, it is you who has to take the onus to improve your photography. So, take in-depth preparation and go on to shooting this kind of event and see the amazing results. Wishing you luck

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