Couple Photography Tips for Beginners

14 best couple photography tips for beginners

Because of the emergence of social media platforms sharing personal life on those media has become a popular phenomenon. To join the trends couples are also sharing their photos online. So, there is a natural demand for good couple photos. Photographers are also taking this as a chance. However, shooting photos of a couple is a bit different from other photography genres.

Because the expectation remains high and there is a matter of expressing love and emotion. So, the photos should be up to the mark to create a story of the couple you are taking photos of. To get this done perfectly, you have to maintain some basics. In this article, I am going to share some practical tips to help you in taking marvelous pictures of couples.

Know Your Clients

While shooting a couple’s photos we take photos of two people in a relationship. Nevertheless, your relation with them has also a big impact on the output of your photography. This is one of the most important aspects of shooting a couple in love. As they will share their relationship with you, you will gradually know how they behave while being together. Therefore, you can get the best out of your work. You can have a potential client meeting keeping both of them in front of you. Then again, you should talk to them separately. That will help you to know how they feel, and see each other. These little things have a great impact on your photography.

Things You Should Focus on

Talk to the couple about what they want to see in the picture. According to their demand, you should focus on those things. If they have no idea then you should suggest to them how they should look for the best result. Generally speaking, you should focus on the things I am going to write now.


Every relationship has some unique characteristics. Some relations are naughty, whereas some others are shy, clingy, or loud. You have to focus on that part of the relationship. If you can display that part in the photos it will make your clients delighted.

To do that, you should let them enjoy their time together. A little period like that can cause some of the best moments for you to capture.

Smiling Face

You will never find a better subject to capture than a smiling face. And when people are with their partners, they smile every now and then. Your focus should be on their smile. Make sure that is not a fake one. The smile should look authentic. To ensure that you should let them spend their time as they regularly do. Make them feel easy in front of the camera so that they can behave as usual. That will give you a natural result. Keeping a natural look in photos is crucial.


Lots of couples feel free to get intimate in public. Whereas some others feel shy about getting intimate in front of people. However, intimate pictures of couples get more attention than the other photos. If your client has no problem taking intimate pictures, take some passionate intimate pictures. Intimacy doesn’t mean vulgarity. You can do it being within the limit.

14 best couple photography tips for beginners


When the couple is having a good time together, ask them to whisper something to each other. Take some photos at that moment. The whisper may be the declaration of love for each other or just normal praising of the look. Whatever it is, it will make both of them feel good. That feeling will be clear on their face which is important for good photos.


If you ask anyone about which part of the human body shows the true feeling of your heart, the answer will be eyes. Every emotion directly reflects on the eyes. Keep your focus on the eyes as well. Take some pictures of the glittering eyes of the couple.

Walking Together

Holding the hand of the partner and walking around is one of the most romantic parts of a relationship. The purpose of the couple’s photography is to show the sweet moments spent by the couple. So, tell them to have a walk holding hands. Then can come towards the camera or can go away. Tell them to have a natural conversation. That will make the photos even more meaningful.


Nothing to say about it. It is the most important aspect of any kind of romantic relationship. You just have to keep clicking every moment of this. Try to focus on the changes in the faces and the gradual development of the kiss. The blushing of the faces, then smash between the lips should in focus.


Sitting together can be a good option for shooting photos of a couple. You can tell them to have a casual chat and smile looking at each other. Another type of sitting is sitting on the lap. To get some romantic pictures you can tell the man to take his partner on his lap. That will definitely make her smile.

Body gesture

The bodily gestures of a couple show a lot about how they are with each other. If they are happy together that will reflect on their smiles, eye movement, and other gestures. Keep your focus on that. Happy couple’s best pictures are the body gesture they subconsciously produce.


Another romantic act of the couple is leaning on each other. Moreover, you can take some pictures of the couple when they lean on a tree. That will create a romantic environment.


When couples talk to each other a sense of love runs through the conversation. You can capture those moments in the frame. I hope the result will be amazing. Wait for the right moment. The talk may lead to a passionate kiss as well.

Help Your Subject to Pose

A lot of people do not know how to pose in front of the camera. In that case, you have to tell them where to stand, how to stand, how to smile, where to look at, etc. Make them feel comfortable while shooting photos. You can try different kinds of poses for your clients.

Final Words

I would like to end with an important touch on the couple’s photography. Remember one thing. You are capturing some of the sweetest memories of your clients. So, try everything you can to get the best positions to capture. Best of luck.

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