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Professional Photo Editing services

Professional image retouching service of our company is best for both a professional and beginner photographer. A professional photographer can save his time, by outsourcing the editing work from us. On the other hand a beginner can get his images retouched from us in such a manner that the images will look similar to a professional photographer’s image. We are providing services by the help of our expert designers who have an expertise on editing any type of image related to photography. Portrait, landscape, newborn, real estate, ecommerce photography, etc are the types of images our designers can take care of. Our services are very much affordable and protected. We make sure that the edits look completely professional and your order gets completed on time. Our designers are highly professional and have a great level of experience in this field. Do you have any images which you want to get edited? Then hurry up and contact us, we are always ready to do the work for you.

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Photo Editing Service Categories

Background removal services

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Background removal is the trick for removing the background of an object in an image. We are providing background removal services for all the photographers, ecommerce industry, real estate industry, printing and press industry, etc. this service makes the photo look more appealing so the companies that use such images has great conversions. Our expert designers use Photoshop tools like pen tool, masking, selection tool, eraser, etc to change or remove the background of an image.

Photoshop Shadow services

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This is one of the most important services for an ecommerce industry. They use this service to cast a shadow behind the product to make it look original. It helps them to capture clients easily. Our professional designers does Photoshop shadow creation using tools like drop shadow, shape tool, pen tool, opacity slider, etc. We make sure that the product images look entirely original and attractive so that conversions of our clients keep growing. Happy customer is our main priority.

Image masking service

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The method of removing or changing background of the objects that have too many details with transparent and fluffy edges is known as Image masking. Image masking comes to play when clipping path gets tough to be used for removing background. Our team with the help of Photoshop techniques like Layer mask, clipping mask, transparent masking, Alpha channel masking etc provides image masking service to our clients flawlessly. Wacom tabs are used by our designers to maintain accuracy while working.

Ghost mannequin services

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During promotions, different advertisement media such as banners, magazine and catalogs use mannequins as a substitute of human body for creating a 3D effect to different clothing images. These items or cloths can be shirts, cardigans, coats, T – shirts, dresses, Pants, etc. The technique of removing the mannequin from the image and giving them a 3D look is known as Ghost mannequin or neck joint service. Different companies or photographers related to the garments industry use this service to save costs like buying a transparent mannequin or Photoshop subscription.

Photo restoration service

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The process of repairing images which got damaged probably because of age, water or other issues using Photoshop tools is called photo restoration. Our team uses Photoshop tools like Healing brush tool, content aware fill, Clone stamp tool, pen tool, selection tool etc. to remove the scratches or dents from the damaged photographs. They use Wacom Tablets to draw the outlines smoothly over the image to give you a flawless service.

Color Correction Services

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Color correction is the process of changing or fixing the color of an image. In our professional color correction service we enhance, modify or change the color of the objects or the whole image. We fix the exposure, white balance, temperature, contrast using advanced photo editing software like Photoshop and Lightroom. We also provide color changing service to the E-commerce businesses who wants to change the color of a particular product in the image. This service helps to keep a constant workflow of our clients and reduces the cost of capturing photo of the same product with various colors. We assure you a perfect image with proper color correction that will enhance the attraction of the image and will help you improve your conversion rate.

Professional Photo Retouching Services Worldwide

Our company is a US – based Photo editing service provider. By providing services throughout the world since the past 35 years, we proudly call ourselves as the best photo retouching company in the market. With a splendid team of expert photo editors and graphic designers, we have reached to this much higher limit. Our major and most high-end services include Body retouching service, Jewelry retouching services, High-End Photo Retouching, Image Masking service, Ghost mannequin services, and Photo restoration service. Our designing experts process your images using our updated and equipped technologies related to image editing services.

Many clients ask us that in which countries we are actually providing our services to? For these clients we would like to say that our company is providing online services globally. Most of our clients are from USA states, UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Australia, New Zealand, China and Belgium. If you haven’t found your country’s name on the list then don’t wait and contact us. We would gladly like to shake hands with you and expand our services throughout the Globe.

Product Photo Retouching Services

The process of editing e-commerce photos using Photoshop is known as product retouching. Everyone knows that an image is worth a thousand words and to help customers to decide about buying a product an e-commerce site uses images instead of those thousand words. Our company is providing product retouching services worldwide. Our experienced and expert designers are using Photoshop to retouch product images. Tools like clone stamp tool, pen tool, layer masks, adjustments layer, etc are being used for doing color correction, dent or scratch removing, background removing, neck joining, etc to the product image. Wacom tabs are also being used by our designers to do the work as accurately as possible. We believe in providing best quality retouching for customer satisfaction.

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Newborn photo retouching services

The process of editing pictures of a newborn and enhance their innocence in the image using Photoshop is what we call newborn photo retouching. Parents who want to store any photograph of their children as memories and photographers who are helping such parents to capture such images use our newborn photo retouching services. Our designers use advanced tools like healing brush tool, spot removal tool, dodge and burn, liquify, etc to remove blemishes and flaws from the baby skin. They concentrate on keeping the baby skin to look soft, natural, glowing and spot free. They use special editing tools like pen tool and layer masks to change the backdrops of the baby photos if necessary or asked by clients. Wacom tabs and well-equipped PCs help our designers to do such exceptional retouching.

Body retouching services

The procedure of enhancing or expanding human body portions in the images using editing tools of Photoshop is called body retouching. We are providing body retouching service to the majority of the photographers and well-known magazines sites that face problems with the reshaping of their model’s body structure, face structure, Spots, Breast enlargement, muscle enlargement, etc. Our highly experienced designers use Photoshop tools like liquify, Dodge and burn tool, Healing brush tool, etc to do high-end body retouching, skin retouching, skin smoothening, etc. They use Wacom tabs and digital pen to do the work as accurately as possible especially to remove red eyes, face blemishes and clipping paths. Customer satisfaction is our main intention.

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Jewelry retouching services

This jewelry retouching services mainly does the modification of jewelry images by improving its color, shape, light, smoothness, etc. The process of editing jewelry to make it more alluring and attractive is called jewelry retouching. Our expert designers use Photoshop tools like pen tool, shape tool, healing brush tool, clone stamp tool, blending options, etc to retouch the jewelry. Adding duplicate shadows and spot removal is also a part of the jewelry retouching service. We use high-end processing techniques to enhance your jewelry images as nicely as we can. Customer satisfaction is a priority to us and we maintain this by giving extra fast deliveries during urgencies.

High-End Photo Retouching services

The process of editing an image with all the necessary Photoshop for enhancing the beauty or attractiveness of the object/model on the image is what we call High-end photo retouching. Professional photographers who also know the high-end photo retouching trick also take services from us it saves both time and costs for them. Even the best shot images need extra editing to make the image more attractive and alluring this is when our service becomes a necessity for professionals. Our specialized designers use major tools like Pen tool, layer masks, healing brush, dodge and burn, adjustment layers, Gaussian blur, etc to retouch the images. Color correction, Drop shadow, Spot removal is included in this service.
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