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iMyFone MarkGo Remove Watermark

There may be situations when you need to edit a picture or clean it up for adding to the website, donation, or other purposes. In that case, you need a proper tool to remove textbooks from images, watermarks, dates, objects, or anything different.

Thankfully, there are ways to remove unwanted objects through the use of tried and tested online and software coffers. That kind of software allows you to remove watermarks and objects of all shapes and sizes. Photo quality won’t be lost or compromised when unwanted content is removed, or certain portions of a print are changed.

introductory image retouching, editing, and omission of any print mars are some of the functions handled by utmost watermark junking software. These programs are incredibly easy to use, no matter your experience or skill position.

People with colorful requirements and professions can use those tools. One similar tool is iMyFone MarkGo, and in this MarkGo review, I’ll show what it offers, how to use it, and its pros and cons.

Uses of iMyFone

MarkGo can remove multiple watermarks, textbooks, and ensigns from images and videos. You can remove but also add watermarks. Its basics are simple enough for anyone to understand and use. Some of MarkGo’s features include

  1. Bulk or individual junking or adding watermarks in videotape and print.
  2. You can remove ensigns, textbooks, people, objects, emojis, etc.
  3. The AI algorithm will automatically get relieved of unwanted watermarks.
  4. further than one videotape can be edited contemporaneously when they’re placed in batches.
  5. There won’t be quality loss when vids are exported.
  6. Indeed large videotape lines can have watermarks removed.
  7. Supports a wide array of videotape and print formats.

It isn’t specs-heavy, and it can be installed on nearly all performances of Windows, including aged bones like XP


You’ll be presented with 6 options after you run the software. Those are Remove Image Watermark, Remove Video Watermark, Remove Image Background, Remove Unwanted Objects, Add Watermark to Video, Add Watermark to Image. elect an option that stylishly suits your purpose. Everyone can pick up MarkGo and start working nearly incontinently. Experts will also find it effective at removing watermarks and other objects. You’ll still have high-quality images indeed after those particulars are removed.

How To Remove Text From Image With MarkGo?

To remove the textbook from the image, choose the “Remove Image Watermark” option. Go to the center of your screen and click on “Add Image.” Once you’ve done that, you can also browse and add the asked image from your computer. Also, specify the section where you want the content to be removed. Watermarks can be removed either manually or via MarkGo’s artificial intelligence. When opting for the Homemade junking system, there will be several options like Selection Tool and Remove Mode.

Remove modes include

  1. Texture form Analyzes the color around the watermark area and fills the area with the most suitable girding color.
  2. Edge Filling Takes the edge color of the watermark selection box to fill in.
  3. Smooth stuffing – Removes watermark from print by moving the color horizontally and vertically at the same time.
  4. When you click on Selection Tool, you’ll have choices similar to Brush Tool, Polygonal Lasso Tool, and Marquee Tool. Pick one, and you’ll need to place it over the textbook that you want to remove.
  5. Drag the Selection Tool to acclimate its position. You can drag its corners to acclimate the size. However, you can click on the Selection Tool again, If the textbook is present at further than one position.

You can see that using Texture form mode I’ve successfully removed the textbook from the image. You can view the results incontinently. Reset, redo, and undo buttons let you return to the original interpretation or revert changes. In these cases, I had far further success with the homemade systems as the AI system isn’t stylish at removing textbooks or watermarks from images. At the nethermost right-hand section of your screen, you’ll notice the settings icon to pick where your completed train will be saved. Images will be exported to your destination of choice by opting for the “Import” option.

Watermarks and textbooks can indeed be removed in batches. Just click on “Apply to All” to contemporaneously remove the textbook from multiple lines. Watermarks and textbooks can be removed from over 100 images at formerly.

How To Remove Text From Video?

When you want to remove the textbook from the videotape, you’ll have 4 modes available to choose from

  1. Smooth Filling Remove the watermark by moving the color horizontally and vertically at the same time.
  2. Gaussian Blur Easily blurs for removing the object from the videotape.
  3. Color Filling descry the color around the watermark area, also get an analogous color to cover the watermark in the videotape.
  4. Matte Filling Copy the named analogous area and use it to cover or remove objects from the videotape.

To import the videotape to MarkGo, just drag the videotape to the interface or select the “Add videotape” option. In the timeline below the interface, you can move the clip to a particular section or acclimate the videotape’s launch time and end time.

Besides removing the watermark, you’ll also get some fascinating editing features to make your content indeed more pleasurable. Offering a stoner-friendly interface also serves your purpose more hastily than you suppose. The “Produce Section” option allows you to produce another videotape section. The watermark selection box will be visible on your videotape after you’ve opened the Selection Tool. Go to the watermark to drag a box around it. After removing the watermark, click on the Play button to exercise how the videotape looks. From testing, I can see that also in a videotape on complex backgrounds, junking of watermarks or anything differently will be hard and will substantially leave blur. Once you’re satisfied with your adaptation, click on the Import button.

Features of iMyFone MarkGo

Remove Image Background The process is the same as in the preliminarily mentioned cases. Then you’ll also have AI junking and Homemade junking styles.
Under the Manual junking for Selection Tool, you’ll have 2 options – Encounter and Eraser. Eraser is if you make a mistake while opting for an area with the Brush. Also, you can use Eraser for fine-tuning the selection area.

Remove Unwanted Objects For this, you’ll only have the Homemade system option. Under Homemade Background as a Selection Tool, you’ll have 2 options – Encounter and Abolish.

Add Watermark To Image & Video Then you can add either textbook or image as a watermark. But when adding a textbook, there’s no option to acclimate the fountain, textbook size, color textbook, set as bold, or anything differently.

MarkGo Pricing

The software is free to download and use, but more features are available in the paid interpretation. The free interpretation can be further than you’ll ever need for some. But if curious, you can also try the paid interpretation without solicitude as it has a 30-day plutocrat- reverse guarantee.

You can remove watermarks, get free updates, and access free client support with free interpretation. The paid interpretation provides you with features similar to removing and adding ensigns in batch, exporting vids without watermark in HD and 4K, and AI-powered advanced features.

The paid interpretation adds 3 different removing modes like Color filling, Mattle stuffing, and Gaussian blur. There’s also an AI mode to remove the watermark from the print automatically.


iMyFone MarkGo is simple to use as with many mouse clicks, you can remove watermarks, and permanently remove textbooks from images and other colorful content and objects from vids and prints. Images and videos can also have watermarks added and removed in batches. With advanced AI-powered technology, MarkGo is a good videotape watermark way in the software request. particulars can be removed without blur or deformation, and you can remove murk and wrinkles from faces, remove image backgrounds, etc. You can use the tool on Windows or Mac, and Android and iPhone druggies will soon have their own mobile apps. What’s the icing on the cutlet for MarkGo is that it’s free to try the software, during which you can check how well it performs and its seductive features.

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