Should you DIY or outsource your product photo editing needs?

DIY vs outsourceing photo editing service

Growing a company is not an easy task, especially if you are running a photography-related business.

While at the beginning of the journey you are able to manage everything all by yourself such as maintaining your website, planning, shooting, communicating with clients, and post-processing; but as you grow, there will be much less time for you to maintain everything yourself.

If you stubbornly stick to self-management and try to save too much money then there will be very little scope for you to grow and succeed in business. Competitors will simply knock you out over time.

If you’ve been wondering or confused whether you should outsource your image editing or do it yourself, then this article is for you.

We’ll be discussing the pros and cons of both outsourcing and DIY editing. We’ll also talk about how to choose the right service provider.

Do it yourself (DIY) product photography

The best control and flexibility you will get over your work is by doing it yourself. One fact that applies to every sector of business is that no one will care for your work more than you will. Sad but true.

There is a difference between someone else doing the work and you yourself doing it. If you are skilled; you will know exactly what you want and how to achieve it. But without proper skills, you will be out of luck.

So, here are the benefits and disadvantages of DIY.

Pros: You can get extremely creative with how the final output will be. You know your target audience and know how the products are shot. So, the images can be fine-tuned appropriately to match the requirement that is desired. Set up an in-house team that will allow you to monitor and instruct exactly how the images need to be edited.

Cons: While DIY or in-house setup will maximize control over the work, it tends to be very cost-inefficient. Over time, as the business grows, more employees need to be hired, which will add to the total cost. Efficiency will be reduced as each member will have a limited working capacity.

Outsourcing product photo editing services

The easiest way of getting almost any digital work done is probably through outsourcing. Especially for photo editing services, there are a plethora of great options to choose from; both cheap and expensive.

Same as DIY, outsourcing also has its pros and cons.

Pros: Outsourcing can save you a significant amount of time and hassle. You could be spending several hours if not days editing hundreds of images and not doing anything more productive if you choose to edit yourself.

Theoretically speaking, eCommerce sites requires thousands of product images. Hiring a full team of in-house editors will be very costly and cause you a headache managing them.

There are literally thousands of companies providing image editing services. Most of them focus specifically on eCommerce product photo editing, as it’s one of the most common one.

Outsourcing companies usually have a large number of employees divided into different groups, each specializing in specific editing tasks. They can edit thousands of images in about a day or two, depending on the complexity of the images.

Cons: The main downside to outsourcing is that you have less control over how your images are being edited. You might not be happy with the results and ask for a redo, and this is a very common issue people face.

Most don’t understand your business motive, resulting in images being unfit for your aesthetics. Communication is also a serious issue. The cheapest service providers are from Asia, and English is not their first language. You will consistently face with bad English while communicating with them. But that’s not to say that all have the same problem; some handful of companies hire professional speakers specifically for communicating with foreign clients.

Finding the right service provider

outsourcing images are great, but the main challenge most people face is finding the right service provider. There is no barrier to get into freelancing and no administrative body can effectively eliminate the unauthentic sources.
So, here are a few steps you need to follow to find the right editing company.

01. Ask for free trails; most will offer you free trials that you can use to evaluate whether they are the right fit or not.

02. Can they deliver on time? To check, give them a small number of images to edit, which they should deliver fairly faster than the given time.

03. Are they really professional? Check their social status and customer response. Also, check for a verified business page of their company on google.

04. How fast bulk editing services they can provide? 10 to 20 images are very simple to edit fast, see if they are capable of editing at least 500 images in 1 day.

05. Communication is also a big factor. Talk to them and see if they have a fluent command over English. If so, then they can understand your editing instructions and your business motive.

06. Customer support is also important. You may have queries on some work that you have given or just want to know something else; they should have a solid response time and should be able to solve whatever issues you are facing.


Sites like ours, which is fix the retouch, provides premium image editing services to most parts of the world. You can get bulk editing services at a very low cost than our competitors. All of the above that is mentioned goes pretty well with our company. If you want great product photography editing company, then choose us. See our pricing, and contact us for any queries that you might have.

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