Photography Hacks You Can Learn to Make Photography Fun

12 Photography Hacks You Can Learn to Make Photography Fun


Photography is a creative profession. The creativity of not only taking photos but also other things that will help you adapt to every situation. If you know some creative hacks of photography that will alleviate your photography skill to a higher level. Besides, it will grow your confidence as well. In today’s article, I will give you some amazing photography hacks. These are extremely cheap but you will be surprised to see their effects. You can make your photos look better and make photography work less costly. The most effective benefit of photography hacks is, they will reduce the cost of your photography career. You can manage many things despite having a small number of resources.

1. Create Your Own Lightbox

The most common and easy photography hacks that everyone will need. When you are shooting your own product for selling, you have a little budget. Within this budget, you have to manage everything. In a situation like this, you can collect thick paper and staple them together making it square. Now put white paper using sticky gum on 5 sides of the paper square that you made. Keep one side open so that you can put your products. Now use light inside this. You can shoot photos with perfect amounts of light now.

2. DIY Soft-Focus Lens Effects

You can surely create a soft lens effect using some basic things. Just make a big square of transparent plastic, elastic band. Now take some vaseline on your hand. Put that vaseline on the transparent plastic paper and take photos. See the photos are having a soft-focus lens effect. Everything is possible when you know the hacks. I think this one will help you a lot.

3. Shadow Effects With a Tea Strainer

Hacks mean using the most unimaginable thing in favor of your photography. Can you imagine that a tea strainer can be used for making your photos more thrilling? Well, you can do it. Just hold the tea strainer in front of the camera and shoot. Watch out the edges of the strainer should not come inside the photo frame. Use strong and sharp light so that the shadow of the strainer net can be visible on the subject. Otherwise, there is no point in shooting like this.

4. Make a DIY Flash Diffuser

You can make your own flash diffuser. That can be handy for you and as you are the maker, you can use it best. You will need a camera that has a pop-up flash, ruler, sharp blade, white film container, etc. Measure the thickness of the pop-up flash and Cut it at a measurement that you can insert inside the pop-up flash. Once the setup is done, you can shoot photos in a diffused mode.

5. Use Your Laptop As Background

This is an amazing yet simple idea to have. You can shoot small products by putting the product on the laptop. Keep the laptop open and keep something bright on the desktop of the laptop. Now focus on the product and see the magic. The laptop desktop has become hazy and the lights of the desktop creating an amazing background for the product. I think you can try this one.

6. Use Plastic Cup to Improve Macro Photography

Now I am going to share one of the cheapest hacks of photography. You can do it at home without buying a single thing from the shop. Take some plastic cups, your camera, scissors, and gaffer’s tape. Take the cup and attach it to the lens. Now make it secure using the tape. Now place the subject cover with cups. Then shoot.

7. Create Colored Lens Filter at Your Own

Another extremely easy hack for professional-looking home photography. Take out your lens cap and put it on a piece of paper. Make a round circle using your marker around the lens cap. Now cut out the circle you made. Now use this shape on a clear plastic sheet. You can attach this to your camera as well.

8. Create Your Camera Rain Cover

Your camera needs safety from rainwater. If you have no money to buy a rain cover for your camera make it yourself. Buy a zip-lock bag, gaffer tape, marker, and a pair of scissors. Measure the parameter of the lens and make a hole in the bag with the scissors. Put your camera inside it and fix its lens to the hole from inside. Keep the main opening of the bag to hold the camera. Now the camera lens can take photos through the hole and it will be protected from rainwater.

9. Create DIY Lens Flares

Some hacks are extremely easy and effective that you must learn to do them. If you have old dysfunctional CDs and a DSLR you can do it yourself. Detach the lens hood from the lens because it will prevent the flare of the lens. Flash on the CD from different angles and you will see there are reflections coming out of it. The flare will intensify the angles you can start shooting.

10. Aluminum Roasting Pan As Beauty Dish

Using just a lambency diffuser, a roasting pan, and a colored lid for the lambency diffuser you can create a beautiful dish. Take the lambency diffuser and attach it to the lid. Now take the aluminum foil and cover the whole pan. If you shoot now there will be light reflection coming back.

11. Make Bean Bag Tripod by Yourself

Though tripod does not cost much who buys it if he can make it on his own. Yes, you also can make a tripod using the basic things you have. We all know that carrying a tripod is a kind of hassle. By making your own tripod you can save money and prevent the hassle. You will need a pair of scissors, pins, rice or beans for filling, and needle and thread.

12. A Portable Photography Background

Well, this one will keep you away from diversified problems. You can carry this wherever you want. To set this up you should have two pieces of the whiteboard, tape, poster board, two metal brackets, and clamps. At first, join two boards at a 90-degree angle and take the white poster and attach it to the board at a vertical angle.

Final Idea

Photography hacks are meant to make your photography work easy and handy in any situation at any place. Just by applying some tricks and tips, you can make different types of hacks that will work at times. To innovate new hacks you also can shuffle different things to use them in favor of taking better photography with less effort and money. Remember one thing, the main purpose of these hacks is to save money and make photography easy for you. Best of luck.

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