Moving Car Photography Pro Tips For Master Motion And Camera’s Shutter Speed-Fix The Retouch

Moving Car Photography Pro Tips


Usual car photography and moving car photography are two different things. Different techniques and plans are applied for these two types of photography styles. The photographer has to take different steps as well to accomplish the photography session with some stunning photos. In moving car photography, he cannot change his plans while shooting. Whereas usual car photography allows the photographer to change his plan according to the situation. In this article, I will discuss only moving car photography. Because I have seen photographers struggling to take satisfactory moving car photos even though they have enough experience. As you complete reading the article, you will know how to take excellent moving car photos. So, without further ado, let’s get down to the business.

Techniques to Take Stunning Photos of a Moving Car

Because of wrong techniques Photographers end up shooting bad, unusable, and blurry pictures. While planning for moving car photography, you cannot make mistakes in techniques. It can be frustrating for you if you follow the wrong techniques for shooting a fast-moving car. So, here are some tips for you to make your car photography better.

Shutter Speed

Perhaps the most important part of fast-moving car photography is shutter speed. Maintaining the speed at the perfect ratio is highly recommended. At the start, you can keep the shutter speed and little slow. There will be no problem with that. However, depending on the car’s speed, you have to change the shutter speed as well. You can start with 1/30 second. Later you can go faster as the car is moving.

Moving with the Car

One of the best techniques that sometimes the photographer forgets to practice is moving with the car. While you are shooting a moving car, you have to keep in mind that if the car goes past you then the photos will be blurry. So, move if you want stunning photos. Well, you can do that without moving as well. Buy a tripod with a swiveling head. You don’t need to move your body. This will help you take stunning photos. Practice shooting with these tools.

Automatic Focus

A camera with an automatic focus can do a great job for you. An automatic focus camera tracks the subject automatically. So, you don’t need to keep the focus right manually. While doing this, keep the shutter button half-pressed.

Stay Focused

Well, even if you have an auto-focused camera you cannot be less attentive while shooting. You cannot depend fully on a machine. So, you should keep yourself focused on the moving car. Also, try to understand the motive of the driver. Once you understand what the driver will do next, it will be easier for you to understand how to keep your camera so that the subject gets the full focus. Moreover, being focused will ensure there is nothing unwanted in the frame.


To make photos more exposed and clear to the audiences, you have to use the ISO functionality properly. The photos should not be over or under-exposed. Learn about the moving car photography ISO setting. Change the ISO as your need.

Car Speed

Car speed is a deciding factor in moving car photography. Based on the car speed you have to choose the configuration of your camera. Also, the lenses you will use depend on the car speed you will have to deal with. Talk to the driver and tell them to keep the car speed average. 40/45kph is a standard speed that may not create problems shooting great photos. No matter what the car speed is, you have to shoot according to that. If there are multiple cars, ask the drivers to keep the speed the same.

Drive Mode

In this kind of photography, there will be many things that will go beyond your plans. However, you have to stick to your plans. Keep the car in high shooting mode continuously. Keep the shutter button pressed long enough to take a series of photos at the highest frame per second.


Aperture is another thing that you need to focus on. If you need excellent photos, you can use the aperture in your favor. From f/11 to f/13 the focus won’t vary too much even when the distance between the subject car and the photography car changes. In the car photography field, the depth of the field is an important factor. You can create a large depth of field by using an aperture.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

These were the tools and techniques you should use while shooting. Now you will learn about some things that you should keep in mind.


Shooting car photographers especially a moving car can be risky. First thing first. Take enough safety measures before starting the shoot. If you do not take precautions you might fall into a dangerous accident. Never ever overlook the importance of your own safety. If you need to move while shooting the photo, have a look around you then move.


Another important thing that you have to keep in mind is the communication between you and the driver. You have to keep continuous communication with the driver so that you can decide beforehand what will be your aperture, shutter speed, ISO setting based on the speed the car will get. As these all are dependent on the car speed you can not disconnect the communication with the car driver. If direct oral communication is not possible, make a communicative gesture that the driver will understand. Talk with the driver before starting the photography session. It will give both of you a positive understanding of your body language.


Location is an important factor in car photography. And when it is about moving car photography then it becomes more important. The background and foreground will affect the things in the frame. So you should choose a place location that will suit the photography session. Otherwise, the result will be upsetting and frustrating for you and your customers as well.


Moving car photography is one of the highest levels of Creative photography to date. The photographer has to work on aperture, ISO, shutter speed, etc. to get the best output. The advice or suggestions I have mentioned above and not Universal for every situation. You may search for more options online. However, the suggestion can help you to a great extent to take the best moving car photographs in your career.

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