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We are in an era where everything has become competitive. Here you cannot do business without giving something up to the mark. For example, you cannot drive your customers to your website through the RAW images of cars. Car photography is something that can be enhanced to a great extent by editing. You can either take a car image editing service or edit your vehicle images by yourself. If you are not expert enough in editing or need some help to improve as an image editor then this article is for you. Read it till the end to get some pro tips about car photo editing.

Follow the Basics of Editing

Editing any kind of photo will need the basic knowledge or expertise of photoshop or other tools of editing. Car photos are no exception. The basics will always be applicable to all the car photos. Whatever you do, the basic photo editing tasks like clipping path, retouching, blemish removal, etc. Don’t try something that is out of your ability. Just follow the basics and do your best. The rest will follow.

Color Adjustment

The color of the car is one of the deciding factors for the buyer. The buyer will decide to buy the car based on the color. As most of the sales happening online nowadays the picture should contain the exact color of the car. As the photographers cannot take pitch-perfect photos all the time, you have to keep in mind there is something to do with color. Because of the sunny day, the color may get distracted. Besides the color of the car, you have to work on the color of the sky as well. You may need a clipping path tool to correct the color. Increase the saturation to make the photos more vibrant.

Utilize Filter

The filter can be very useful for any newcomer. Filters have a default setting. So, it is not difficult to choose what you need. To make your car more attractive, there are many filters in Photoshop software. The major focus should be your car. Don’t overdo it. It might cause a loss of a natural look. Then it will create a bad impression.

Create Shadow

Creating shadows for car photos is highly recommended. Because cars should not look floating in the air. If you don’t give shadow beneath the car it will as if it is off the ground. To create a natural look, the basic idea here is to create a shadow. The shadow may be of two types. One is a drop shadow and another is a natural shadow. Shadows give car photos a depth that is extremely important. Well, creating a natural shadow is challenging when you shoot car photos in the studio. No worries, in that case, Fix the Retouch is here for you with some excellent image editor.

Customizing Background

The background in any type of photo is equally important. For car photos, it becomes even more important. To attract more customers or to increase sales you have to customize the background. You can either fully remove the background to make the photo transparent. The use of the photo will be different in that case. On the other hand, you can change or replace the background with something suitable. Customizing the background according to your wish may drive more traffic to your website.

Dent & Dust Removal

A car dent is something that becomes clearly visible in the photographs. One spot of dent can kick out your potential clients. So, you can never keep dents in the photos. Remove the dent by using the lasso tool from Photoshop. You can do this in another way. Just liquify the area where the dent is. Also, using the quick selection tool, you can replace the dent with the plane areas from other parts of the car.

Mirror Reflection Removal

ar photos that are shot with the flash on have a common issue. That is a mirror reflection. If you are about to edit car photos, you should keep in mind that you cannot keep the mirror reflections. As the body of the car looks shiny, the flash may reflect on the body as well. You have to remove that also. Reflection distracts the viewer. Moreover, the color also gets distorted if there is any reflection.

Sky Retouching

The sky is an integral part of car photos. Most car photos are shot outdoors. According to people’s needs, the photos are shot. However, the car may not always match the sky. So, you should retouch the sky so that it has congruence with the car. It becomes important especially when the car photo is taken in the evening. To retouch the sky you can increase the saturation. The vibration of the sky will increase. Also, you can replace the sky with another sky that is looking perfect. Sky does not behave okay all the time. So, you have to retouch it as you need.

Blur Removal

For moving car photos, blur removal is important editing. Because a moving car can have blurry parts in it. So, you should remove the blurry areas and make them normal. Blurry photos will not be loved by the audience. To remove blur choose the sharpen option. Then go to shake reduction. Your vehicle photos will immediately be improved and loved by the viewers.

Window Retouching

The window is the most visible part of any car. When shooting car photos, the window reflects the outside world in the glass. In that case, you have to retouch the window. Remove the outer world that the window is reflecting. You can also replace them with something better. The plain color looks best for windows. Try to keep the window color the same while editing.


Editing car photos requires a special kind of expertise. Because the body and formation of the car are not like other photos. The ideas I have shared here are applicable for only car photo editing.

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