Best Photo Editing Software for Beginners in 2022

Photo Editing Software


People who want to start a career in photo editing always have some confusion. Some of them ask where to start, while others don’t know which software to use. They are in a fix about which software will be the best for them as a beginner. Today this confusion will end. If you need some guidelines about the best photo editing software for beginners then you are in the right place. Here you will know about some of the best software that has gained popularity for being convenient for beginners in this field. So, here you go.

Luminar AI

Skylum Luminar AI is one of those image editing software that does its job faster than the others. If you are looking for editing your photos in a flash then this will be a great choice. With Luminar AI you can take your photo to a new level. You can play with your photos in terms of editing using exclusive filters available in it. You will surely love sun rays and Orton filters.


Photolemur brings the most updated artificial intelligence to the table. It aims at making photo editing faster and smarter. It believes you should not waste time editing images. You can do it just by uploading it on the app. The rest will be done by the app. You can improve your skin tone with this app. Moreover, there are some other editing tools like automatic blemish removal, teeth whitening, skin smoothening, enhancements, etc. You also can recover color, compensate for exposure on this app. All of these will be done with the help of AI.

Aurora HDR

Aurora HDR comes up with tone-mapping technology. You can create depth while editing in this software even if the photos were not taken with much depth. It allows the user to create more than 80 looks. It has some amazing features that help transform the photo instantly. That’s why professional photographers prefer this app. It can be called a stand-alone software or a plug-in for Photoshop.


A powerful and advanced AI technology empowers AirMagic. It can judge your photo do wherever the editing needs. It enhances the photo as required. Artificial intelligence helps it to find where to edit. This has many preset styles to make amazing photos. This photo editing software is the best for drone photographers. You can drag and drop your file here and edit it easily. Besides basic image editing features, it has many advanced features as well.


If you are a beginner you need software with basic features mainly. You can go for Inkscape. It has diversified basic features. You can draw on the image. Moreover, you can create calligraphy, change shape as well. There is a pen tool to make things easy. You can edit images on layers. Also, there is a grouping option that allows making a group of objects.

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC

Though this software is mainly for professional-level image editors you can start with this as well. There are many things that you have to learn today or tomorrow. So, start with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC. I am referring to this only because it is easy to learn. This software is best for color correction and smart searches. There are plenty of features in it. Advanced customization tools, watermark creation, presets, brushes, etc. are some of the many.

Adobe Photoshop CC

When it comes to image retouching there is no other software that can be compared with Adobe Photoshop CC. The graphic designers consider this as the best image retouching software. If you want to be productive and proficient in your work then Adobe Photoshop can help you. Actions, layers, overlayers, textures, brushes, too many editing tools for beginners.

Adobe Photoshop Elements

People who have no previous experience in image editing are the main target of this software. The features are simple yet effective. The AI-enabled system helps to retouch images automatically. There are some out-of-the-box image editing tools. However, the features are limited as the software targets only beginners.


Photo editing experts take this software as an alternative to Photoshop. However, this one is really amazing software for beginners. It is free software with all the customizable editing features. It comes up with regular updates. It makes this software more flexible for the users. Gimp is extremely user-friendly. It is not inferior to Photoshop in any sense. It can do most of the editing that Photoshop offers.


By Pixlr, you can edit images on your browser. There are superb editing options like image masking, editing in layers, numerous functionalities, and interfaces. It considers the user as an utmost priority. So, it offers editing images for free. You will find RAW file support in this software. Though it is not well synchronized with the browser, you can still give professional image retouching.


Amateurs image editors always look for something that allows them to do the maximum with the least effort. They also love those kinds of editing software that is easy to use. PhotoWorks meets that criteria. You will get many filters here and auto options as well. Just by clicking several times, you can change the background. The interface is so easy that you will not find any difficulty with finding different functions. PhotoWorks comes at a low price which is another reason beginners love this software. Not only this, graphics designers call it an alternative for Photoshop Lightroom.

CaptureOne Pro

If you are looking for software that will offer you a lot of options in a single interface, will not cost high, yet functional, then CaptureOne Pro is the right choice. It works faster and accurately. Photo importing is easy which makes image editing flexible. There is a keyword tagging tool in this software. You can edit images on layers which makes sure you don’t lose the previous version of editing. This software does not offer an online sharing system. However, there is no doubt that this is an all-in-one software.

Paint Net

For beginners, if the software offers the basic image editing tools that are enough. They just look for an easy interface. Paint Net has a well-designed interface that attracts beginners at the first glance. It is handy to use. There are many plugins that help perform different tasks more conveniently. There is a limited brush tool as well. You will not get any dodge effect on this. However, you can do amazing image retouching using this software. You cannot work on the RAW file format. But you can download the file as BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc.

Final Verdict

To be true for beginner’s user-friendly interface is more important than the number of features. They want flexibility, convenience, and software free of cost in most cases. The software I have mentioned above mainly focuses on newcomers in the photo editing industry. If you are a beginner you can start with any of this software.

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