Professional Product photography Tips for Beginners

Product photography tips for beginners | Product photography

The proverb says “a picture worth thousand words” and when e-commerce we say a picture worth thousand visitors. Because a picture can create a great impression. A picture is the expression of the aesthetic mind and professionalism of the photographer.

In e-commerce, a product photo has several intentions behind it. One is to increase the number of visitors by creating an impression, and the other is to increase the conversion rate. Photographers also have to take product photos to accomplish those goals.

To achieve the goal of increasing sales and generating traffic on your website I have brought some practical product photography tips. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Using Proper Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important parts of product photography. That’s why I would like to start with lighting. It reveals the real look of the product and it’s background. If you don’t use proper lighting, the background may become gloomy.

Or sometimes, the real color may not appear as it is without proper product photography lighting. So, put first priority to lighting so that you can represent the features of the product to the customers. Well, you have two sources of light. One is natural and artificial. Both work well according to the need.

If you are shooting edible items, clothing, and people then go for natural light. If you are shooting indoors, then artificial light will work.

Using Tripod

The product photography setup is incomplete without bringing a tripod. You might think that I am getting too nerdy about product photography. Let me tell you, without a tripod, it becomes hard to take a clear photo. If you shoot photos keeping the camera on your hand, without your knowledge your hands will shake. For this reason, you will notice there are some blurry parts at the edges.

To get rid of this kind of problem, a tripod is the best rescue. Not only this, a tripod helps throw light on every part of a product photo. No matter what kind of camera you use, a DSLR, or a mobile phone camera there are many convenient tripods for you. A tripod is a basic product photography equipment. You can never deny buying this.

Using Relevant Props

Props are always an auxiliary force. And when you are shooting product photos, props become a secondary force. The focus should always be the product. However, props can be used to brighten the photos. It is good for the viewers to get attracted to the product photos. Nevertheless, the props must be relevant to the product. If you are showing groceries, then the props should be related to it. Sometimes, photographers use irrelevant props as well. That is used for an aesthetic purpose.

Know Product Specification

The specialty of product photography is to highlight the products as much as you can. As a product photographer, you have to show product specifications as well. How the products look like, which part of it is more important, and many more regarding the product. To execute it right, you have to know the product specification. Otherwise, you cannot focus on the most important attributes of the products.

Product photography tips for beginners | Product photography

Get Inspired by the Top Brands

There is no doubt that the best brands are the trendsetters in the market. Most photographers follow what they do. You can also take inspiration from their photos. If you analyze their photos, you can get a lot of things from the top brands. As you have a basic knowledge of photography, you must understand the techniques they are using.

Know the Rule of Thirds

Most photographers consider the rule of thirds as a strong photography technique. Even photography teachers teach this as a basic course in their classes. According to the rule of thirds, you have to imagine your frame comprising nine equal segments. Now you create a well-balanced composition on your photos. To be creative in product photography you have to learn the rule of thirds. Using the rule of thirds you can manipulate people’s natural way of viewing anything.

Take Multiple Photos from Different Angles

Well, we take product photos for the customers so that they can have a clear idea about the product. The product photo should contain every apparent aspect of the product. Otherwise, the buyers will get confused and will not place an order. Take some close photos to make sure the clients can see the details of the product. If the product contains a subtle design then it should be visible to the customers.

To give your client a clear idea of the product you must take several photos of a single product from different angles. That will expose every aspect of the product. When a customer will get a full idea of the product photo, he/she might buy the product.

Take Contextual Picture

Anything contextual becomes more meaningful to the viewers. The product photos are not different. You need to make your products more contextual. Take product photos according to their use, place where they are supposed to be, etc.

Making contextual product photos will allow the customer to have an idea about the use of the product as well. Many customers don’t even know the use of the products they are looking for. In that case, if you take contextual photos that will help them.

Know Different File Formats

As a professional photographer, you may have to share files in different formats. So, you must have a clear idea about every file format. Get a firm knowledge of how file formats work, which file is used for which task etc. TIFF, JPG, GIF, PNG, or BMP are some of the common file formats. All the formats have their own specialty and use. As a professional product photographer, you must know about all the file formats and their use.

Edit RAW Images

No matter how much expertise you have or how dexterous you become in the field of photography, you can never say that all your photos are up to the mark and ready to upload. You have to take the help of professional image designers or editors to make your photo look as you want. To get any kind editing for product photography contact Fix the Retouch.

Final Thought

Any kind of photography genre demands hard work to bring it to perfection. You also have to endure toil and moil to achieve a certain level of expertise. Taking photography class, getting expert help & advice, working with seniors can take you a long way. But practicing yourself is the best way to learn product photography.

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