How to Take Product Photos Using Your Smartphones

How to Take Product Photos Using Your Smartphones

In recent times, smartphone cameras have developed tremendously. We do not depend anymore on high-configuration DSLR cameras to take photos. Even people who do e-commerce business tend to take product photos at their home using a smartphone. Do you wonder how do they do it! Well, there are some easy steps that you can follow and take professional-looking product photos using your smartphones.

Shooting product photos using your mobile phones are a part of smartphone photography. However, I am going to share some key ideas that are specifically applicable to product photography using your smartphone. Let’s start.

Choose the Smartphone

In today’s market, most smartphones are available with DSLR camera features. You can easily use them as an alternative to the DSLR. However, not every camera provides the same service. If want to buy a smartphone to shoot product photos only then you should choose your camera wisely. You will get hundreds of brands selling high-quality smartphones. I am mentioning some of those here. These are well-known for being used in product photography.

  • Apple iPhone 12
  • Samsung Galaxy S20
  • Huawei P40
  • Google Pixel 4

Shoot in a Room Full of Light

The location you choose should be open to natural light. The room should be well-lit. There should be enough windows. Take photos beside the window. That will help you take softer photos. By soft I mean the light will be soft and it will help the photos look nice.

Try to avoid artificial lighting at the first hand. Use a white background and make a set up beside the widow. Let the natural light come and use that as much as you can. Natural light is always forgivable if used properly.

Use Tripod

To shoot product photos using your phone, you need other stuff as well. For example, a mini tripod plays a vital role during smartphone product photography. Your phone may give you good looking pictures but you have to shoot that. Suppose you are shooting product photography with iPhone. We all know the iPhone has an awesome camera but to keep the phone stable you have to use a mini tripod.

Set Up the Backdrop

To get a consistent and clean background you need to set your white backdrop behind the product. It allows you to reduce distractions. You can show a clear picture to your audience.
Never use a colorful backdrop. Because colorful backdrops can reflect with the natural light and create a confusing color combination. Always try to use a plain backdrop. A white backdrop helps the natural light to have a consistent look. Not only this, it makes photo editing tasks easy. The graphic designers feel comfortable removing background from the photo.

Use Diffuser Sheet

When you are shooting in a room full of light, then you may have to use a diffuser as well. It makes the harsh light mild and creates a consistent flow of light. Otherwise harsh light will create an uneven look on the products. However, you can edit and have the color correction.

How to Take Product Photos Using Your Smartphones

Do Not Zoom

We tend to take zoomed photos while doing iPhone product photography. We think as to think that there is no problem in zooming the picture. Because the iPhone camera has a good resolution system. Whatever you say, smartphone pictures are not equal to DSLR. They cannot provide you with everything DSLR picture can. So, do not zoom in while taking product pictures.

Do Not Take Selfie

Product photos are meant to be uploaded to e-commerce sites. So, you need to be professional in manner while uploading a picture on e-commerce sites. So never take a selfie with the product. Taking selfies with the product creates distractions and makes it confusing for the visitor to understand what is the subject of the photo. So, never take a selfie with the product.

Keep Camera Lens Clean

Usually, smartphone camera lenses are very tiny. When there is dust on the lenses that can create a mess with the images of a smartphone. To get a clear photo, you have to keep the camera lens clean.

Turn the Flash off

Smartphone flashes are a mostly destructive element. When the light flashes are thrown imbalance to the subject and some parts get too sharp, some others remain in a little darker side. Turning ion flashlight is not a good idea while shooting product photos.

Shoot from Multiple Angles

The purpose of the photo is to show the product detail as much as you can. It includes product materials or ingredients, price, benefits, etc. It is not possible to show a product by taking photos of just one or two angles. To give a better idea of the product you have shoot photos from different angles. There are different angles that make the product better visible to the customers.

  • Eye level: This view allows the viewer to see it from a straight view.
  • High angle: It makes the viewer feel like looking down at the product from an angle.
  • Low angle: Shows the product like you’re seeing it from down.
  • Slanted: The viewer can see the product from one side.
  • Bird’s eye: You will feel like you’re standing over the product.

Fix the Camera Settings

Having a good camera is good for shooting product photos. But if you can use the settings for the betterment of the photos, then the best smartphone for photography is of no use. After fixing everything before shooting make sure you lock the settings. Otherwise, you may need to the same thing again.

Edit Photos

The idea of product photography with smartphone camera comes when you have no budget for photographer and camera. So, it is expected that you are going to edit those pictures on your phone as well. Many applications are solely dedicated to edit product photos.

Final Verdict

Using smartphones for product photography is getting popular day by day. Because the mobile camera is not far behind than DSLR in terms of quality. However, to get the ultimate benefit of shooting smartphones for taking product pictures you have to use a phone with good camera. Above all, you have to know the use all the features of the phone. Only then it is possible to take good product photos using your smartphones. I hope these tips help you.

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