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Real Estate Photo Editing Services For you

Real estate businesses are expanding very fast in this era. It is currently one of the top ranked businesses in this world. People are becoming real estate agents or opening up real estate agencies. They are selling houses that they own or someone else owns. Some become a broker and find clients for the person who wants to sell their house. People use real estate images to attract customers for their property. This is why either they take photos of the real estate property by themselves or hire real estate photographers for this work. No matter who takes the images, it will still have some flaws which might not attract customers unless they’re post processed before promotion. This is why we provide real estate photo editing services to all the photographers and real estate businesses so that they can attract more customers using them.
We have a wide range of photo editing services for real estate photographers as well as real estate businesses. Our Professional designers can do all sorts of real estate photo editing that our clients require in order doing the promotional activities. Below we have categorized the types of real estate photo editing service we offer, take a look at them and decide which one is suitable for you –

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Categories of real estate photo editing services -

Greenery attaching real estate photo editing

In this type of service our designers use Photoshop and its tools to add some greenery to your real estate images. These images are mainly used to show people or potential customers the outdoor view of the property and the environment. A good amount of greenery creates a good impression about the property it shows how natural and peaceful the environment is.

Sky attaching real estate photo editing

In this real estate photo editing service our designers remove the sky from the background of the real estate image and replace it with a much more vibrant and attractive sky. Such type of sky background attracts the eyes of the customers in checking out the image of the property and also creates a great impression about the view from the house of the sky. Mostly real estate businesses use such services to add attractive sky to the background of the property and showcase the image on magazines and websites.

Live people attachment real estate photo editing

Sometimes a real estate image without the sign of any live people looks dull and less attractive. It makes the photo of the property look fake and unnatural. Our designers can add live people of the real estate property image and make it look completely natural and live using Photoshop and its tools.

Furniture photo editing

A real estate photo of the interior view of the house may have some old furniture on it. Such furniture may have lots of spots, marks and the color may also be dull. Our designer use Photoshop and edit such furniture photos giving them a bright color and removes all the spots and marks from them. They enhance the overall furniture and decors of the house to make the interior image of the real estate property attractive and lovable by the customers.

Add or remove furniture from real estate photo

Some furniture may not go with the interior fittings of the real estate property. Some real estate property may have some space which may look empty without good furniture. Our professional and experienced designers can fix such problems for you. They can add or even remove furniture from the real estate image keeping the photo look natural. This helps you create a great impression on your customers.

Color change of real estate

This is one of the photo editing services for real estate photographers that we provide. In this type of editing our designers change colors of the wall, furniture, pillows, curtains, etc. They use Photoshop color correction technique to edit such real estate photos. Changing dull colors from the image and turning them into bright eye catching colors can attract more customers to see and buy your property. This is why our color change service is very much essential for real estate photographers and businesses.

Wallpaper editing real estate

Sometimes the wallpaper of the real estate property can be dull and such dull images tend to fail in convincing buyers to buy the property. This is why attractive wallpapers on the walls of the real estate property can help a seller or a photographer to make the image look attractive enough for buyers to make a deal. Our designers use Photoshop techniques to add attractive and eye catching wallpapers to your real estate photos so that it attracts more clients.

Clear the cutter from real estate photo

When you take a real estate photo of the indoor part it is quite possible that some unwanted objects like toys, Bed sheets, plates, etc may come in the image which may make the image a little bit unattractive. It will act like a clutter in the real estate image. Our designers can remove or clear such clutter from the property images and do real estate photo editing to make the image look clutter free and attractive.

Real estate HDR photo editing

HDR or High Dynamic range is quite famous these days. Hdr real estate photography has become quite famous among real estate photographers. People who see such images also love them and they create a great impression on them. Real estate brokers and businesses that use such images on their promotional activities get highly benefited from such images of the property. Not all photos editing Service Company can do proper real estate HDR photo editing. Only we can say proudly that our designers are all professional in doing HDR photo editing of real estate images and we also charge the lowest price for it.

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Yes, we provide discounts on bulk orders for real estate photo editing services.
We offer a wide range of payment methods for our clients to pay us conveniently. We take payments from Bank transfer, Visa / MasterCard, PayPal and Payoneer.

Yes your images will be perfectly safe with us as we keep a data of all your images stored properly.

Yes, we retouch the furniture in your real estate photos properly and make them attractive enough for customers to contact your business.


We provide the best photo editing services for real estate photographers as well as real estate businesses. Our real estate photo editing services are of high quality and come at a very low and cheap pricing. We make sure all your real estate photos are properly edited and retouched just the way you want them. We will provide unlimited revisions until you are completely satisfied with our service.

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