Wedding Photography Editing Styles for Photographers

Editing photos alone can’t get you what you need. Surely, it’s important, but the actual planning of taking wedding photos combining with post-processing is what makes for an eye-catching photograph.

There are literally countless ways you can capture wedding photos. Everyone has their own preferences and ways of planning wedding events. But there are some popular styles that are trending right now. We will be mentioning them in this article in a very concise and easy to digestible way.

This article is intended for photographers looking for different styles of wedding and how to approach them in both photography and wedding photography editing. Hopefully, this article will give you better guidance in approaching your wedding photography style.

Why do styles matter for wedding photography?

Styles are what creates the mood and atmosphere of the photos in front of the audience. The style and scheme of wedding photos are influenced by various factors. The wedding can be cultural, modern, religious, traditional, etc. It is also heavily influenced by people’s taste. Some want a specific dress code to be maintained, some ask for appealing and dramatic aesthetics to their photos.

Understand the rule of thirds

Framing your photos properly is absolutely crucial. The rule of thirds helps you properly guide and position your subject to achieve a focus point in the photos. This method is quite versatile and effective and is used by many professionals. Basically, the photo is imaginatively divided into 9 sections and the subject is placed in the intersecting points of that section. Doesn’t matter what type of photography you are doing; this method applies to all.

Traditional/Cultural Wedding Photography

If you want to see an example of this category, then look at Indian wedding photos and western wedding photos. You will understand there’s a clear difference in the approach and style of the wedding. This is mostly regionally influenced. In traditional wedding events, not only couples but also the surroundings are equally important. A lot goes into having a traditional wedding. Depending on your culture, for example in this case, for Indian weddings, there are countless sub-events that take place. But in western culture, the complications faced in weddings are very simple and straightforward. As a photographer, first, understand your client and their audience, and make your plan accordingly.

Natural/True to life Wedding Photography

True to life wedding means the photos captured will have the authentic colors as in the real environment. This is mostly suitable for outdoor scenarios during the golden hour. At that time period, the sunlight will be less striking and will produce very subtle and clear bright light. In any other times like shooting at night or mid-afternoon, the colors of the photos will change due to different ambientes.

In case the wedding is shot indoors, try to avoid using the flash. It tends to manipulate natural colors. Also understand the rules of shadows, mid-tones, and highlights, as well as light exposure if you want to be a pro at it.

Commercial & Editorial Wedding Photography

This category isn’t necessarily for capturing real wedding event photos. There are people willing to buy planned wedding photos for commercial use. For that, photographers set up a fake wedding event where everyone is paid to be a part of the photoshoot. Each identifiable individual will sign an agreement to allow their photos to be used for commercial purposes.

Editorial is slightly different. Here you don’t need to take any permissions of anyone to use the photos and uploading them to image selling sites. Editorials are commonly used for magazines and news articles. In case the couple is an influencer, they might decide to take editorial wedding shots for magazines or other publications.

Aerial Photography

You will need drone access for his genre. Aerial photography is getting a lot of hype lately. Couples are demanding to take aerial shots of them walking in beautiful locations. The best drones on market for such tasks right now are DJI’s lineup of drones. These are built especially for content creators and offer a Hasselblad camera setup mounted on them.

You don’t necessarily need a drone for it. Just be on a building floor from where you can properly take photos of the couple from a birds-eye view. Aerial wedding photos are best in outdoor scenarios, there you will have a large space to adjust your positions.

Vintage Wedding Photography

Shooting vintage wedding photos will require both photography and editing knowledge equally. Regarding the actual shooting, look for classical things and dressing styles. For example, having a 50’s dress code and a late 90’s G-wagon will be an excellent combination. Regarding the editing, the picture should look kind of faded in the darker color shades. The picture should look very rustic and give you nostalgic vibes. You could use modern dresses and elements in the picture, just be sure to edit it properly to have a faded and classical look.

B&W Wedding Photography

Black and white are excellent for capturing timeless photos. Black and white wedding photos put emphasis on the subject and removes clutter from the picture. These are popular amongst couples due to the simplistic nature and pleasing minimal aesthetics. When you are shooting, just make sure to include less clutter and only keep the subject and other complementary objects in the frame. This will make the post-processing part much easier and more convenient.

Portrait Photography

The main purpose of portrait wedding photos is to capture the emotion and aesthetics of the couples. It is basically a close-up shot of the couple, probably showing their emotions to each other. When shooting this type of photo, aim to capture the details both in terms of the looks and emotion of the subjects. Avoid having any unnecessary clutters in the frame as it can easily ruin a beautiful portrait.

Destination Photography

Destination wedding photography is another trend that’s been around for quite some time. Couples plan their wedding locations in exotic or untraditional places. These locations can be anywhere; in mountains in the Himalayas, in the great canyon, the great wall of China, or even in the Sundarbans of Bangladesh. Having a landscape type picture is common in this genre. The event takes place in either a beautiful looking background or in any popular place.

Light & Minimal Wedding Photography

A lot of couple wants simple yet visually appealing wedding photos. For this type of photography, the background needs to be very clean, clutter-free, & easy to understand. It doesn’t necessarily need to be either portrait or landscape. Any scene that makes the subject in focus while maintaining the simple and minimal rule applies here. Images are usually edited to look a bit warmer. It should be very sharp and have some depth of field for better focus.

Final Thoughts

The points discussed above are just some of the styles you will commonly find on the internet. There are obviously more. As we’ve said before, it all depends on personal preference, which is influenced by various factors. As a wedding photographer, you need to be very adaptable to different types of scenarios when taking on a project. Make sure to keep on learning new techniques and editing styles. The most important skill as a wedding photographer you can learn is the ability to effectively communicate with people and understand their goals.

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