wedding photography equipment

Weeding photography equipment

Wedding photography has become quite popular these days. It also has a great demand in the photography industry. Wedding photographers are currently earning a lot because of this demand. Any photographer who has passion can grow pretty fast in this niche of photography. Beginner photographers are choosing the wedding photography sector to start their career. Getting clients for wedding photo shoot is easier than searching clients for other kinds of photography. But everyone knows that in the beginning of any business it is necessary to invest the capital in the equipment’s you’ll need to run it. A beginner photographer like you will also have to invest your capital in purchasing some wedding photography equipment for beginners as well.

I know that there is lots of photography equipment for beginners, but I think most of them are overpriced and as you will have less capital to invest on your photography business, it is better you should buy some good photography gears that are affordable and produces good results. To know what photography equipment you should buy first for your wedding photography business you won’t have to go anywhere else. Because in this article I have listed the most cheap and affordable wedding photography equipment for beginners and I am sure you will not regret buying this to kick off your wedding photography career. So take a look at the photography equipment’s and decide which are best for you. Have fun!

What equipment does a wedding photographer need?

A wedding photographer basically needs the equipment’s that will help him take perfect photos of the wedding couple. It might be cameras, lenses, tripod, lighting equipment’s, etc. These are mainly the basic equipment’s the wedding photographer should purchase first before he begins his wedding photography business. A wedding photographer basically needs minimalist wedding photography gear.

How much does a beginner photographer charge for a wedding?

Wedding photographers have taken over the photography industry more than anyone else. There are various classes of wedding photographers. The professional wedding photographers charge around $1000 to $5000 per wedding and the beginner level photographers charge around $300 to $500. A photographer’s portfolio mainly decides of he’s a pro or a beginner.

Best cameras for wedding photography

There are lots of cameras out there available for every class of photographers. You can do all sorts of photography with such cameras. I started my career with Nikon d7200 wedding photography. It was affordable to me back then. Now there are other highly exceptional cameras which you can use to take wedding photos pretty easily. One of the affordable and best cameras for wedding photography is –

Best lens for wedding photography

Lenses and camera should always be of good quality as they will be the asset that will benefit you the most. Only their efficiency will help you take better wedding photos and bridal shots. This will help you impress more clients for your business. These are the best lenses for wedding photography that you should buy to blast off your wedding photography career –

Tripod for wedding photography

Tripod is necessary equipment for any kind of photography whether it’s wedding or landscape. It gives stability to the camera. A stable camera helps to capture sharp photos. Specially in wedding photo-shoot you as a photographer cannot always carry the camera on your and keep taking photos and shaky hands may also destroy the photos. This is why a good quality stable tripod for camera is necessary. These are the best tripod for wedding photography that you may need –

Soft Box

Soft box helps a wedding photographer to make the lighting softer from the flash. Soft boxes are available in the market of various prices and they are also of different quality. The best soft box I have seen so far are listed below –

Umbrella soft box

Umbrella soft box are also useful specially for taking bridal portraits. This soft box focuses the light on a wider angle and helps to focus the bride properly in the wedding photo-shoot. If you are a beginner I would suggest you to keep at least one good Umbrella soft box. These are the best umbrella soft box you should get –


A flash is one of the most important equipment for wedding photography. It is without a doubt minimalist wedding photography gear. The best flash for wedding photography Nikon is that one which one helps you to produce a good controlled amount on the wedding couple and the wedding stage. Few of the best and must have Flash for wedding photography are –

Mono lights and Reflector

Mono lights are powerful flashes with worked in displaying lights, and the units incorporate at least one heads in addition to reflectors and battery pack. A few picture takers utilize at least two monolight AC units for formal representations, or to illuminate a move floor. LEDs are adaptable persistent light sources that can likewise be utilized for stills or video, and have the special rewards of being vitality proficient and cooler than hot light sources. The Impact Venture TTL-600 Battery-Powered Monolight, is a genuine model. Likewise, the Profoto B1X 500 AirTTL Battery Powered Flash is a fine decision because of its quick execution, high yield, and TTL reconciliation. A case of a strong LED pack is the Genaray SpectroLED Outfit 500 Bi-Color LED Two Light Kit, which incorporates two battery-or AC-fueled LED boards, stands, and cases.

Memory card

4K video is currently the standard alongside ceaseless shooting rates more than 10 fps, which means you are going to require quick, huge memory cards to make sure about that information. For SD cards, the most widely recognized arrangement; we would suggest UHS-II cards evaluated for U3 speeds on the off chance that you shoot stills. This guarantees the quickest compose times and makes it quicker to move to a PC through a card peruse. Video shooters will need to focus on another arrangement of appraisals: V30, V60, and V90. This ensures information rates for nonstop account, explicitly video, and however V90 is the quickest it is likewise the most costly. Try to get a card that your camera maker suggests. CF, or Compact Flash, cards are as yet sticking around, and those haven’t changed such a lot. Go with UDMA 7 cards for best execution.

Spare batteries

Make certain to pack in any event one additional arrangement of completely energized batteries or a force pack equipped for fueling each battery-controlled gadget in your unit including cameras, streak units, lighting hardware, remote remotes, and electric lamps. Force packs additionally give quicker reusing occasions, a major in addition to when shooting activity. Try to pack the best possible links for every battery pack.


Wedding professionals utilize a wide assortment of techniques for conveying gear, including focal point sacks, cases for streak packs, light stands, embellishments, and various sizes of undertaking focused cases, camera shoulder packs, and knapsacks for conveying what they need on the spot. What works for you to a great extent relies upon your work process, the scene, and whether you’re working with an associate. Here are a few recommendations.


While the models recorded in this compact wedding photography equipment’s guide have been deliberately picked and are quite certain, every one likewise speaks to a gear classification, so please don’t hesitate to make replacements dependent on your own needs and inclinations. Having the correct rigging close by will give you an edge in the profoundly serious, quickly growing field of wedding photography. It will likewise make it much simpler for you to hold the activity to the exclusive expectations that set your work apart and bring you individual fulfillment. So best of luck!

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