Full body portrait photography

A full body portrait is different than the typical portraits that most of us are familiar with. Full body portrait photography have a variety of use cases. For example, it is often used in corporate businesses for their websites and other advertisement Medias, lifestyle photography also often involves full body portraits.

There are quite a lot of demand for full body portraits, so knowing how to do it will surely be useful for any kind of photographer. Let us first know what full body portrait actually is.

So, what is Full Body Portrait Photography?

The name itself is fairly self-explanatory. It is essentially capturing the whole body of the subject and no body part is cropped. The subject doesn’t necessarily need to be standing. The subject can sit, laydown or have any other poses. What makes a good full body portrait is that, it should catch audience’s attention as soon as they look at it.
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Full body portrait photography lighting

Light is the most important issue in any kind of photography. You know that light always maintains a straight route. Directional lighting is the motivation behind why remaining before a light source will make the subject dull and barely noticeable. Correspondingly, having a light source to the side will make a large portion of the subject light up and the half in shadows. For a completely lit picture, it is additionally simpler to stand confronting a light source. The imaginative utilization of the sun as a light source in open air representation photography can deliver shocking outcomes. A decent picture taker ought to have the option to utilize the accessible lighting furthering his potential benefit.


A perfect Background will always highlight the photo. Try finding attractive spots for your photo. Locations which are popular and famous among people are the best. Manage the color issue properly. Dark and dull background looks unwise so always avoid them. Coloring backgrounds which has natural light is the perfect option to choose. Only choose backgrounds which suits best to your outfit and photography accessories. If you look through the internet you will find a series of backgrounds which will suit you the best.

Use Tripod

A tripod is one of those body portrait photography extras that you never consider you need it. However, when you are in a circumstance where you need it, having one helpful is significant. It’s a typical confusion that tripods aren’t important for representation body portrait photography or that you just need one for making grand efforts without individuals in them. Be that as it may, that couldn’t possibly be more off-base. A tripod is a significant bit of hardware for the representation picture taker. If you use a tripod while portrait photography you won’t have to move at all which is an important rule of portrait photography.

Maintain Distance

You need to maintain a proper distance while portrait photography. This is an essential full body portrait photography tips you should follow. To make a more fascinating picture, we abstain from shooting representations in mid-run in light of the fact that the pictures look excessively conventional. A large portion of our representations are taken shots at 200mm or 85mm to make excellent picture pressure that a 50mm would not have the option to create. The pressure won’t just compliment your subjects with less element twisting; yet taking shots at a more drawn out central length will likewise make increasingly sensational foundation obscure (bokeh) and carries the foundation closer to your subject. It might be increasingly hard to speak with your subjects while taking shots at 200mm, yet the distinction will be evident and well justified, despite all the trouble. Our answer for this issue was to have one of us collaborate with our couples at short proximity while different shoots from a separation.

Capture Expressions

Full body portrait photography is tied in with discovering feelings and articulations in portrait pictures. Getting your subject to act out is more difficult than one might expect. Ensure that you stay away from counterfeit grins and devoid looks. A veritable shimmer in the eye, a black out grin, a sure articulation – these are the plans for making representation shots that will sparkle. Work with your subject and give them an opportunity to get into the zone. Compelling or rushing this procedure won’t work.

Use Different angle

Level and Vertical framings are by all account not the only alternatives with regards to shooting pictures. While getting your pictures straight can be significant in when shooting in these organizations holding your camera on an increasingly inclining edge can likewise infuse somewhat fun into your images.This kind of surrounding can include a feeling of fun and vitality into your shots.

Use some Props

Adding props to your body portrait photography is an extraordinary method to include a scramble of shading, enthusiasm, and effect on the shots. Utilizing props imaginatively can totally change the idea of the photo. You can build up your mark style by exploring different avenues regarding shapes, surfaces, shades of props.

Click Candids

There is nothing all the more fulfilling then catching your subject in an extraordinary unstaged second, so consequently the fly on the divider and casual authentic methodology is adored by numerous with regards to picture. A 50mm focal point is regularly a decent decision when taking pics in a hurry as the edge of view impersonates what our eyes see. Hence, you can be quick when watching and creating your shots. It’s a given yet to get an extraordinary real to life catch you should be completely attentive, yet in addition attempt to anticipate your subject’s developments. On the off chance that you hit the nail on the head you’ll make certain to snap a definitive second.

Always shoot on RAW

By shooting in RAW configuration you will have more scope for modifying the presentation and White Balance if fundamental. Be that as it may, by following tips #4 and 10 over, your pictures ought to be truly predictable right through your whole photograph shoot. That will make it simpler for you to modify one picture in post-preparing, and sync up the settings over the entirety of your pictures.

Do Body Photo Retouching

Photo retouching is very much important especially for full body portraits. Using Photoshop you can easily do Body photo retouching by yourself. I mostly suggest taking body retouching services from professional photo editing company. They’ll help you do Body reshaping, and skin retouching pretty easily.


One angle that you shouldn’t overlook is that there is nobody ideal approach to catch a depiction. It will consistently change from picture to picture. It’s anything but an automated, conventional procedure. Body Portrait Photography is an imaginative procedure that blends craftsmanship and method to make capturing visuals catching human feelings and articulations. We trust that these 10 full body portrait photography tips have given you thoughts, bits of knowledge, and motivation to ace the craft of catching dazzling portraiture.